IM ABOUT TO ERUPT! Pele Mid Gameplay (SMITE Conquest)

Steam download stopping and startingpersona 5 strikers steam SMITE® gameplay everybody Music Applause Music hey whats going on guys this is Mast and welcome back to some more Smite Conquest today were kinda in for one I think our team might have cared a little too much or sorry not too much a little too too little I dont know how to say this oh my God this is so scuffed come here and tank this Im dying oh my God tank the buff I know youre like scuff jungle but still man oh okay yeah this isnt I didnt expect this stuff but yeah so were playing Pele mid thats not what scuffed we I dont know if people even realize what roles they were people just started trading stuff I wasnt involved okay I was just kind of there I saw it as it started happening yeah people just started trading stuff we have a Janus jungle I dont know if he intended on being a Janus jungle it might have been in the plan even if it is normally my experience Janus jungle absolute trash um best case hes good and just doesnt suck is normally very rare that Janus jungle goes better than okay normally it just goes bad right but I dont care that much so well see what happens Im hoping Im just hoping he plays kinda decent as long as he can play it kind of decent I think can you not slow that why does that slow so much I I feel so slowed you better quit it Merlin nice and then we do yeah yeah yeah yeah I did tell them that Im technically mid um the thing I really dont want to Jungle on this account straight up so Ive been just straight up not jungling ever even people swap for it like dont care I dont care about my yellow on this account I just want to be good enough the matchmakings okay hello oh get me in there oh is this really all we get to do wait huge Janice jungle Chasm oh okay Im Gonna Leave You with her Im Gonna Leave You with her dont care dont care dont care thats fine I should have popped my three there I didnt want to uh actually that was dumb right it doesnt does it end my autos nice fat Janus jungle cleanup right here check that out one more one more check it out okay she got out too bad yeah overall overall good one death two deaths um Two Dads about like three deaths for them worth I feel like I feel like its not too shabby anyways I dont remember I was saying before all this Janice kind of popped off were playing Pele mid Pele made pretty fun we did do a Pele game earlier in the season Im gonna assume it was not in mid and then it was in Jungle I dont even remember now and I know she went crazy in that game actually what should I why am I going yons why did I get into what in that last fight or uh did I really just get an achievement for nothing what does that achievement mean I dont know you guys here cleana just like huffing and puffing in the jungle it sounded a little suggestive I dont know if you could hear it very well in the video though oh yeah you quick to erupt palette I gotta stop Im sorry Im sorry I got a snob I gotta chill a little bit in this one oh my God we doing this no were not doing this are you telling me a Merlin early game doesnt want a death Mage really all right we got Johans money if we need it um which would be good but also just gain credit Lane its its about time that we gained the right lane who cares about me Janice stop unless he gets old off this and then Im trolling in my bed does he get on top of this he is just straight up dying to those mids oh my God he is actually dying to the mids he just got old although if I split he might not hello oh hang on hang on a little scuffed little scuffed boom boom boom ice do not yeah you do not take that from me Janice after all the work I put into it yeah I think servers are dying I lagged super hard in that fight and then people are pausing I think servers are dying its not why I missed alt or anything I just I literally just thought that would reach its been too long I thought I thought he was just in range but uh yeah after after that part it did actually kind of lag out that play that got really weird it got messy so yeah what do we build on Pele right now I feel like hydras Pele potentially good but it totally varies very very situational when its good and when its not because if youre really going for those big like combos on people with your core kit its really strong normally with alt I think it feels a little underwhelming is my experience plus Crusher recently nerfed we dont need that as much it was really good before now we dont care about it as much I dont know anti-hill is going to be really good huh because they have Serta roller and cleaner so probably just a Brawlers rush and then from there we can kind of figure it out an erudite would be fun I could do that I dont know well figure it out cool down good you Owens did just recently get nerfed um its actually a decent Nerf its only five power but that actually matters quite a bit oh yeah I wish I had old man why do I have to gank Duo laid off cooldown why cant I kill my Merlin why do I do this to myself uh you trying to set up like a not so cheeky gank because its just obvious or are we actually going right here clean up is she in the walls is she in the walls huh okay Merlin I dont care dead not dead not dead be better Im kind of just dying now please no clean a gank oh yeah thats adorable now shes dead all right well we got clean olds is it kind of cheeky that I just sit in between I feel like its a little cheeky right maybe a little bit of mental impact off of that possibly do I go Soul Eater I want sustain right now I dont think Soul Eater pays itself off at all but I do kind of want it right now yeah its probably not worth it all right let me read one more wave I wanted to kill Merlin so bad there man I wish I could have I straight up couldnt I wanted to make it happen I blame it the oh I blame the Assassin Nerfs even though it may could it possibly I dont think it made the difference right I dont think it could have all right uh maybe maybe one Ward not not too much just a little bit why do they pause for like five seconds earlier what did they get out of that whats their game what are they plotting here thats why its so goofy my way my farm how could you thats why its so goofy man s Ganesh Islands Janice portal theres so many annoying ccs in that fight its a good thing most of them are on our team you gotta love it Goombas kumbas got I think every annoying CC okay while all or adult exists my bad I forgot about that for a second other than that every annoying CC on their team Music by the way Goomba should be absolutely terrifying into uh into Pele really good and not even because of the recent buff where you got a because that literally doesnt matter for me but just straight up he has a root he has a mess he has his old its easy to just walk up and do it I dont really deal with the route at all its tough oh yeah I used to eat it hes dying fine should be good okay okay Laughter cleaner really she just had to let it out man I dont know sometimes sometimes stuff just gets a little pent up and you just gotta let it out all right well throw down the ward yes yeah you see this why would I farm mid why would I ever Farm a mid when I could be sprinting at this man in the duo Lane whats good no stop he really thought I held the beads a little bit there I held him just a bit camel hover just a tiny bit just in case he needs it and then Ill be Ill be on my way not even to base because I need I need more money I need my Brawlers money you know why couldnt Brawlers get the Divine treatment how messed up is it Divine gets an absolutely absurd passive it gets ability chain lightning with good scaling and divine gets a little circle that nobody cares about its like an ornament after a fight its like its there you can see it its there maybe it looks a little bit pretty maybe its nice you dont do anything its not cool you dont do anything with it its just like hey look somebody died here its just a little Memorial thats it cosmetic buff realistic nerve hang on she is dead as hell she dashed hello oh didnt need to do that to her oh do you not have old oh let me swing on him nope my kill so close is Merlin really gonna try it he kind of looks like hes gonna try it portal me Daddy portal me oh he didnt oh I wanted him to come over so badly man you have this foreign I thought I might have seen him blink uh at the fire Diane so I thought it might have been down a little longer but I dont think I did I think I just saw him all right Candace youre scaring me Im joining all that farm for myself because Im greedy also you know what I deserve it Ive done good uh more Awards I guess well just buy more words Im gonna go Erin die next hydras isnt seeming too important so far so I think well do that eventually Im probably gonna go hydras but Hydra is definitely an item that just kind of scales up throughout the game internet feeling a little better although at some point I need proper pen too so that might be tough to fit in because I really want to go the greedy blood forage late game I dont know if I gotta do that I swear if Kumba plays aggro with me this game gets wait never went off before oh I dont know my second too I was gonna bully right there I wasnt gonna kill him but I was gonna just poke him real hard and make him back although I might get to do it in a sec anyways never mind I thought hed get greedy and he didnt hey kuba yeah do do your wave King no no let him do his wave let him do it its so hard for him I thought youd better stop goba Mike we dont get to kill him because theres a tower and all but I mean we get the Ganesh oh my God chill I dont think we get to do this man we actually gotta do it my bad my bad Goomba no longer King Stanis Ganesh is King status yeah you see this little this little bait right here they think that Im just paying zero attention Im about to farm me a cleanup come on wheres that clean again oh theres a Pele up in mid got no Wards well you have one word but they dont they dont know that Im really Im just not gonna get ganged am I I am baiting so hard man where is she whatever well go farm powder found her in Solo all right probably bank right here we get Relic we get um oh I literally cant see her on the map so I thought he was like better than he was there he might be getting a little doe right here in a sec are you good no hes not Im coming oh Im coming oh well I dont think I catch him but it would be cool if I cant him yeah I dont catch him oh Janice what a legend man this guy this guy is one hell of a Janice jungle portals on point right now but I do want him to start portal in me places I want to do some dirty things with those Janus portals all right we get air indict we get I dont need Aegis I wont get one shot by a cleaner Merlin that would that would never happen yeah I might regret that but like were Bailey come on you kind of need its so its so awkward not having a uh a blink on Pele she kind of needs it its been a fun game man Janice really has popped off oh I didnt quite get the blink off there were still at Sage the game where Merlin doesnt do that much so I dont really care too much if he go what the what the hell give me the beads I just missed that one man I maybe could I maybe not no I think I gotta kill them if I hit the one I dont know how much damage it does because I had one more to go I just didnt bother chucking it because hes probably gonna back off that I do have all Im kind of Im kind of lurking oh yeah dude I need to land anything right now oh my God I need to lay it actually so easy yeah I see the way I played her like a fiddle right there see I tactically missed stuff so she would no that sounds pretty bad what yeah holy man Im too distracted I care I I think I care so little right now but Im not even Im just not even looking at where I am Im just kind of chucking buttons I should probably care a little more man I wanted to stare down I thought I could get a little get a little star down out of Merlin there foreign its kind of funny so in the Thor ADC video um I got a bunch of comments about the stare down we had with Thana and Thor and Rama all up in the air its really funny when it happened at the time like I thought the moment itself was funny because it was just like such a weird little interaction I actually didnt realize how much it genuinely was a stare down I didnt think that was really funny I hadnt even caught that at the time because I was mostly focused on whether or not he was gonna land okay can I can I thank you hello please I want to play the game I want to what that was unfortunate I did not know that there was a Janus portal right behind me thats too bad man oh no I didnt want to tank that I thought the baby would get in just a little bit sooner I actually just want to play the game I really just want to play the game oh no not to Kill Em oh I didnt get the body block I thought I was Haley might need to gain some weight you know what Im saying I really thought that I uh I thought I was a little thicker you know around the sides I guess not we need that yamoja build for that body block you know what Im saying huh get him oh missed again that is hell oh fine we can do objectives I guess they might have six theyre not down very much theyre down 3K thats fine Im Pele mid so Im gonna while this guy can fall off its kind of weird we agreed we intimidate it worked wait stick on it though oh I guess were kind of low I didnt realize everybody was so low thats too bad oh we hit him with this oh my bad I did not I did I thought maybe he was doing camps I thought he was doing camps I did not know that I backed on him as he got gay but maybe that was maybe its just timing um you have a lot of hits with a Schwarzenegger line Ill be back kind of badass hey what if we dont rotate and I do speed buff and then I rotate itd be good right could be kind of decent theyre late came so terrifying man this game their late game is absurd this definitely might not be over well didnt go where I thought he would why is Immortal even a thing because were Gods I guess some of them arent I guess some of the Gods arent are not the gods but like some of the characters in the game arent immortal youre like you should only get it on those ones right because then its like youre you I guess theres Godlike though and then thats like your your God yeah what are the dude the Commendation this game are actually dumb as hell I got beef with high-res over it okay I do a little ending I really thought that she would not go light speed my bad for some reason I didnt think Kalina too straight up took her to light speed and I should have known I really should I mean I have Diamond clean I really should have known oh yeah you think beads helps can we stop running out of and do the gold we need to actually do the gold I think its so funny that Im farmed right now we have been booking it at their team off of cooldown diamond time and time do we gonna do this this is like so bad if Im out of Tanks I cant tank it man Im scared as hella tanking it I want to get in there so bad but theyre not coming up whatever yeah get in there baby mess em up he says he banks now what if I took a real turn right here and what if I just pushed up left lane took some Towers got some farm and just started dumpstering I feel like that might be a bit of a play right now I mean I could maybe just do it I dont know maybe I can just do it in mid just just actually take a moment to farm because the pace is good I am five levels up on Merlin man is added very Rob but were kind of just like running around too much I dont know okay I dont have beads but I dont think I need them I dont want him Im trying to get my blink up oh my God I do so much wait be dead what the hell man die to this are you kidding me hang on we do a little hinting for Kumba passive hang on guys hang on Ill be there in a sec Ill be there in a sec my bad my bad I needed that credit you know oh actually in a little trouble over this am I though because Im kind of zooming on them oh yeah Im in trouble oh nice we got a really good turn there though we got the two into the Janus too and just kind of deleted her thats okay thats so troll man did you guys see how slowed I got by olorinol I actually couldnt kill him I thought that I could be greedy and he would die and then he didnt die and then I altered and then I remember what happened with the old I dont remember I think its like Kumba block into Ola what was so slow I couldnt get the konado to kill him and I was gonna kill him with the konado that was such a weird fight but next time next time I know he messed up he messed up he saved himself that one time and now I know I am playing zero games with the Oller and cringe God I hate that old so much do I need pen I probably need pen I really want blood Forge more though certain is disgusting into Pele hes a lot because I dont have a slow immune so the movement speed reduction actually so I mean do anything with third or three Im trying to it is moving speed reaction right not a slow I think so how does that work because I feel like I dont know I remember seeing it work on anybody that would have been slow immune but maybe I dont know questioning everything right now and we do a little red buff yeah hes gonna be really annoying his CCs really good against me asserters whole thing hes very osiris-like with uh with his playstyle for the most part like honestly I can totally see certa being basically an osiris-rework in terms of just kind of what he does as a character so so super controlling when he gets to you if you dont know the mobility to get away if you dont have like that jump teleport whatever and I definitely dont so hes really rough to deal with oh let me get in there let me clean this bad boy up oh he thinks hes gone dead I dont yeah I dont think we get old on her it seemed like shed probably have the dash oh they know dont they I think she actually went in the wall though thats too bad I wanted to do it all right I think well go get Bluestone youd better not I was kind of worried they could have brought a whole team for me right there I think they didnt know I was there though they could have been so grouped and looking for blood apparently Vermont is looking for blood too because he just kind of tped into everybody I respect it go big oh I need to do a vamana video man trying to remember I think I tried to record one the other day and theres a DC or something Juan is actually really fun right now hey Merlin okay all night surter speed is wild the fact that he caught up to me there thats thats pretty nutty man thats a lot of stuff on me its really tough right now so koomba is starting to go absolute peel mode for for me whenever he possibly can and Its tricky because even if I burn the beads and get a good beads initially Kuma has so much CC that he can spread out that its literally not enough so a lot of time I just got to eat that stuff and look for a beads where I desperately need it Im gonna take speed I think here so we are good at that point in the game the Pele falling off and starting to actually get properly countered and so its rough like my damage isnt as crazy at the moment well have to see what we can do Im building super greedy I should maybe have gone to magized or something I dont know hello thats really not that much damage hes a tanky boy that is that is not that much damage thats what its gonna be like without getting more pen all right do we get to finally do gold because I think I can just face tank it okay maybe I dont end up turning this into a uh into a blood Forge should we go should we go the uh the last item Soul Eater somebody did that in one of my games the other day I thought that was really funny talked so much about that with my team the sixth item Soul Leader naturally did not work out probably not the biggest surprise oh I want to be able to Blink on him there oh we do a little ending okay we get a little sweaty with this call if we can reset go FG thatll be really good Ill upgrade this thats such a weird fight I dont know why they took it it was really bad it was a really bad fight to go for they were like very caught out to begin with and they just kind of kept doing the single filing thing very classic when it comes to Smite fights gone incredibly wrong so often its that thing of people just like they dont just let people be dead you know they keep trying to go in especially clean at the end that was so greedy man that was just straight up dove into the entire team and hoped we gotta deal with it are we good our secure is not very good here unless Janice secures it which he did that was really good genius secure actually if I ultimate nevermind he does that let me let me get to him let me get to him oh oh Im sorry sir Im sorry we just attacked the fire Giant and then we did it again really he really saw scuffed FG fall and then didnt immediately run for it like were not certified fire giant killers oh I didnt get the knock up on his Dash that would have probably been a kill if I got it if you dont take it okay maybe go ahead and take it Im sad the stupid all around what theyre older and ALT there huh nice got the timing on it all right well we should finally get a push Im about to get ultimate single file God if I got it any sooner I kill that Merlin wait thats too bad what happened to the baby the baby oh hang on hang on excuse me man when pale Autos do more than her ones I am pretty sure thats actually the case right there I could be wrong uh this guys dead oh these guys are both dead people trying to feel it he didnt get to it okay Pele the game is actually popping off a little bit still theyre not theyre not dealing with it well enough they definitely can oh no I just want to end man I got scared nice headsets I dont know that last word would just not Place itself I dont know what happened oh now its gone so that was that was something man that game I expected to go terrible because this guy just really wanted to play Janus and we swapped all the rolls around I dont even know if if they knew what they were doing I think they just kind of made it work like once they got in the game theyre like I guess well play these roles um so when went shockingly well all considering Janice went 9-122 obviously the Pele mid popped off too yeah he did a lot of damage man damn but anyways thank you guys for watching hopefully you all enjoyed the video and I will see you all in the next one Music say say my name and Ive been trying to write my own story in the search for fame sitting hearing this empty room walls keep tumbling down steam crave titan rdta oooooo im gonna erupt ooooooWhere To Follow Me! 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