NEW MAGE BUILD! Poseidon Mid Gameplay (SMITE Ranked Conquest)

Steam new big picture modefree steam games for 10 year olds SMITE® gameplay Music Applause Music hey whats going on guys this is Mace and welcome back to some more Smite Conquest today were playing some Poseidon up in the Middle Lane uh I dont honestly know if we have great matchups for this originally I picked it for a fender even for Fender its not inherently a good matchup I legit just forgot what I wanted to play so I just I just played Poseidon I wanted to play I I still dont remember what I was gonna play actually I was like I had this thing ready on the big screen I was kind of like meme picking meme hovering Ganesh who ironically this guy this guy picked uh I was meme hovering Ganesh and then I legit forgot what my plan was then I just like all right besides okay so Im playing this I only get I dont think we played him super recently I feel like Ive played him in season 10 at some point but I dont play a ton of Majors so honestly that doesnt even mean that mean that much and Ive played a lot of Mages compared to what I normally play so far yo this might this man might just be dying this mans looking a little lost okay zuku through but it is what it is we got the beads we got them low tsuku did choking super hard thats okay thats okay suku I still love you who is the suku flood Force yeah weve been in uh been playing some cues oh thats uh thats an invade right there been been playing some cubes we have a nice ranked you going right now man Im on the main right now because its actually like a pretty good queue oh we didnt go into it that sucks and he actually got the Scythe on him oh we do get fan of beads than a Merlin beads honestly pretty huge relics I dont know if we actually get to do that much with them like getting beats is good I want to do those mid so bad I maybe get a dumpster those mids and actually still get my wave Im not sure because Im Poseidon normally just not happening Im Poseidon maybe you gotta do it yeah I really want to record the uh the last game man it was gonna be a banger of a game I was playing discordia mid and I was blasting with discordia rude with discordia mid but we also were winning so hard I just stopped recording um we started like 14-0 14-1 something like that and we did end up having a little bit more difficulty later in the game it was mostly just a general stomp but its annoying because I was like I was popping off you know it was it was a good game popping off with a gun I dont play felt pretty good like Ive played her before but shes not like a god I remotely really play you know so so I was excited for it and I wanted to run it back but I didnt feel like it was going to be good in this team felt like felt like most of this team was gonna do some dirty things to me so I didnt try risking running it back and the Poseidons gonna be a little more comfy for me yeah eat that Whirlpool damage take none it cause its ass ume almost got interrupt his one there that would have been nice oh youre gonna eat some poke you gonna eat it hell yeah eat more eat more Im gonna try and not be too greedy we dont have to worry about than old or anything but Ill try not be oh oh he thinks he gets to do this he does he does well go to redness act yeah Im coming oh no oh I trolled a little bit I thought Id clear that faster Im coming Im coming dont clear it dont clear it please I need farm he is level two he needs farm you think I need youre trying to split Buffs out here you think I need it you need it oh my God you know Im level six almost Im close to level six is it time what uh uh okay okay so like am I hmm am I wrong in thinking that literally just hit him because I feel like that actually just hit him and that that getting the beads mattered but that high-res was like nope and then it didnt hit him Am I Wrong do I do I gotta Replay that because I think what happened and once I actually just got like crazy ghost hit or I really did just miss and I dont know any better I think he technically got knocked up over it and it didnt even look like it and it didnt even look like thats actually what happened that like it should have hit but then like I got trolled I think I dont know I dont know that really feels like that should have killed him you know Duo is not going good terrible things are happening in this dual Lane right now Im gonna see if I can rotate late and clean this up I can oh no way no way let me do it let me do it let me do it damn it man they actually know they know I was so excited for my little moment right there and now I miss Farm over it it is too bad its a tragedy all right do do random gold nope mine huge L for Ganesh um he was telling me to get out I think hes still gonna get us to get out well grab Kronos pennant who needs pots I got lost man I dont know what I was talking about dueling going a little rough hopefully we can do something about that soon oh Merlin Russian book of Thoth huh no tablet Rush no respect for the tablet yeah Kronos pen and Poseidon should be pretty gross right now booketh often tablet got big Nerfs those those gods that abuse them inherently a bit worse right now oh thats too bad um and then theyre just like generally not super important so somebody like Poseidon who can get a lot of value out of cooldown should be feeling pretty good right now I think should be pretty strong in the current meta his book of thoughts been Opie as hell for a long time its just straight up like almost every major building book of Thoth first item for a long time and has finally nerfed enough that Kronos pennant makes a little bit of sense mostly looking for the counter rotation here if they go for it we good its looking its looking like were probably good oh spotted oh I wanted to thats too bad I wanted to do it to him if I could have gotten there a little bit quicker we could have done something oh theyre looking for it might get a Merlin rotation off this yeah it might be I mean does it matter its Merlin early game man who cares lets be real hes gonna do two damage and then Im gonna come in and Im gonna do Kraken damage and thats like at least three damage Im pretty sure like thats more I want to rotate but they all seem to want to back really showed up for half as I could have just like gone but just gone from the map what a rotation I probably dont get to do that much here I do want to Zone him off if I can I think he passed smart though is he back yo rude oh uh oh uh oh I was just lucky that wasnt even that wasnt even that good of a joke you just choked yeah I didnt get old I really this man just died on a blue buff I did not think he at all I thought we were chilling right there I dont know if that fight would have gone any differently I dont know if I would have done anything different whatsoever I just kind of got Dana ganked um took a lot of damage now what did I take by the way Dana played the game Merlin did a tiny bit Merlin did Merlin did that two damage I was talking about mostly than I played the game and I went in to execute thats too bad but we live with it we get away with it get that nice RNG right there I dont cool down off this yet right no yeah soul gem is going to take us to Max cooldown eventually were gonna be over camping cooldown with pendulum with the soul gem uh dont dont really care pendulums op really all there is to it man um hypothetically if you want to go Gemma Focus thats fine especially on Poseidon moose beats nice but realistically just pendulum generally is a near 200 power item even if you get zero cooldown out of it its just good like its just its just an insane item okay we are absolutely rotating on that I dont know if they need me though try and let him know Bach is on the way getting kills too oh he thinks he gets out okay we might be cranking I dont know I think he has flop okay well now he doesnt I had so much faith in my Heim T why would I oh I just have pure faith in my I really didnt think he had all there I like I probably should have just crack and I assumed he had dumped stuff earlier because it seemed dumb that he had maybe it just came off cooldown I probably shouldnt have played games and I should have halted that whole time I was like staring at himself while I killed Bacchus like I dont need to hold this right I should have just done it man oh he thought he gonna crack it out of that adorable you know it you know what his head hes like oh Im beating cranking on this trying to spam that three the moment my Whirlpool goes off I dont care what was he doing the build no hes not doing the build damn it man I thought he was doing the fun ass golden blade build for for Fender solo the max 2 just stupid build oh no dont care dont huge L for fan up did I get silenced man hes one HP I tried to uh I mean like I dont think I could have gotten silenced I tried to one and it just didnt go off I dont know what happened there thats okay he dies were chilling stop hes starting to run at me Im not liking it one bit oh okay okay I thought I could maybe not quite I guess not split the uprights I dont know what you call that what do you call the opposite to split the uprights because its not hit the uprights because thats just like one side because I know football and I dont mean soccer for you Europeans bing bing not even Europeans for you non-americans thats thats mostly it thats really thats really about it I dont know they call it soccer in Canada I think they call it soccer in Canada the man just dead oh we got the suck damn cant believe he got sucked after like that all right is Soulja about to be popping well that did 28 so I dont know I dont know if its about to be popping if that Whirlpool is better we maybe kill right there by the way I was ready to crack and it was just a bad Whirlpool so I didnt commit we needed all the damage but I dont know if it kills anyways they have just like a ridiculous dual Lane right now what is happening over there youre constantly dying on both sides like not just not just our team just fight after fight after fight uh Merlin for one thing is stop out farming me while losing dont do that can we get a little blink out of him stop the little blink out of him youre dead now you like being dead huh you like that wait guys kill him wait guys thank you thank you yeah beads for than all that we need Im trying to not be all the way out there but theyre going really hard apparently apparently this is good I didnt think they got to go that hard my bad my bad Im sorry dead I dont know if this orange shirt does anything but Im gonna try and make it do something it did something nice it did something we got that double out do this oh dude I was not trying to troll and call Big FG I always I actually dude I need I need food I need food holy man I was staring at the map so hard and like not my I think and not my screen I dont know I I did not remotely want to do FG and I just walked into FG I meant Pyro I actually dont know what happened in my brain and Im a little bit scared there really arent that many choices Poseidon theres really not were gonna go a little anti-heal I think fan is gonna were gonna win into Hill versus Anna we got Aussie we got fan air live steel should be pretty decent um eventually we probably a little bit nerved from Merlin oh wow wow oh its like that huh oh hes lucky Im not stacking a tablet or like I think Im lucky Im not snacking a tablet weve been in some gross early game deciding with this build I feel like a lot of this early game wouldnt have been able to happen as much if it was a different build which is nice I love that we get like more revitalized builds right now dude this Merlin is so much more aggro than I feel like he gets to be my game did lag the hell out right there so that almost got bad I just like stopped moving because hi res its time to blame high-res that was dumb though about that time of the video stop tableting he actually is right yeah bro why does he tablet for this hard when he has zero Stacks he doesnt literally have zero Stacks but he doesnt have that many men got clapped oh I didnt quite get the whirlpool in diamonds too bad although it might not matter oh my God please kill him yo sukus getting a little hes getting a little sidetracked on these targets man that was free as hell if he went one by one thats too bad yeah if you wanted to focus the same targets that uh then I was going on then we just get to kill them all but thats okay so well keep working on Divine Merlin was not ready for that Kraken man thats basically the only reason I crank it in there is he was so focused on dumping cooldowns and my Whirlpool is down that uh I figured he wouldnt be ready for it and we could get a decent cranking which did seem to work out hell of a strat right there hang on pause not working lets see if we get the rare Paws working or not shes dead oh no Bach is old get back in the whirlpool nice so uh all right Ill come back after the pause Laughter all right well were back I think Skippers still AFK my Diner Tower Laughter I love having these dumb little interactions man its like Ive had so much fun messing with my teammates a little bit lately just like I dont know I dont even know how much of its messing a lot I dont know I feel like its so offbeat to just like actually I dont even know how to say this I really dont you can talk in a certain way and like just I didnt like any game it doesnt have to be Smite you can talk in a certain way thats very offbeat it doesnt have to be like trolling exactly its just weird Ive had so much fun with it man like I literally I asked them hows it going right I said how is it going he said he got into Masters and I said Im not talking about the game of smite Im talking about the Game of Life and he said hes put on muscle thats huge look at that I love that man why dont we why dont we have more wholesome Smite game chants like that huh I wanna know whats going on in their lives not in their Smite lives all right this guy might be dead as hell as he dies yeah he did get sort of a fat dont care run it though okay didnt want to go on Bacchus but kind of had to Morse oh didnt get the more CC didnt do the thing that poor guy never had a chance youre doing a little little bit of this and then I put it on him then he has to deal with it okay I do have cranking for hypothetical secure but Im not gonna use it because I got that and theyre also probably doing Pyro theyre probably just not remotely over here and theyre gonna try and get something else back right be careful see if we can uh get on over there no nothing I guess they just like backed super hard I dont know all right let me dip what what are we doing over there Federer tell me he does not somehow get away with it tell me he does not gonna do something murdon I cant afford it whatever I want to beard it in my life I cant have it I got so excited for a second I was gonna go chirons coin and then I remembered beardens op is Hell on Poseidon and I just got really excited but I cant even buy it Laughter yo big dude bill is talking his damn damn hes doing him like that oh oh theyre trying to play these games with me huh yo theyre trying to play these games stop it you dont get to play these games with me bro they just centuried me do not do it again dude what yo what sort of op Ward does he have right now what sort of absolutely broken Ward does he have right now I dont know if we really get here eventually theyre not dying to their like attempt at a setup was pretty good it makes us a little late but it was pretty good dude I thought thing was dead hey guys man I wanted to line that up all cool like hang on drunk cracking gameplay we got both relics thats fine yo drunk Kraken was kind of gross right there absolutely dead absolutely killed it oh hell yeah I knew he was gonna no uh uh he knew the whole time I dont know how Bacchus did that after he tped so far in advance but I guess I guess Bach has probably didnt have the angle that I had to see that that look troll as hell but it probably wasnt as obvious for him Boop you know what awarding ever again the last time that I tried to Ward I got kind of trolled by their Bonkers Im not doing it ever yo look at that matching Stacks I bet he did that on purpose I bet thats the Strat the OCD compliant Strat right there 23 of each all right lets go again greatly and havent been to right lane it might be nice to visit do I get a visit hang on dead okay can I have the kill though please yo my man got done so dirty by Red buff oh my God get out pockets yo this guy I am so sick of his kill him no kill him kill Tower kill him I dont care I do not I want him dead okay I dont think were gonna kill him I am so tired of this guy in his wards fine I guess we can I was gonna do I was gonna do a little banksies but whatever its not dude its not what is this call thats it Im bming Ganesh Im gonna do it Im gonna ruin the mental Laughter no no no no I would never do my elephant like that wait now they do oh my God was I just paying zero attention and they like didnt we decide not to do it am I tripping on that I dont know I feel like Im in and out sometimes right now not like the burgers but like mentally now ironically the burgers are not in and out theyre always in it just doesnt miss Ive had it like three times I dont know I dont know if theyre that reliable or not the little bit in and out I had was actually pretty good way better than normal fast food way cheaper than normal fast food has been my experience but its not its not local here so Ive only had it on vacation not like not like restaurant quality you know not like its super good but I like pretty good not bad sorry I I honestly think like its been so long since Ive eaten and I need that much this morning Im probably actually just like low blood sugar being weird I doubt people really care much Im just Im just saying that might might be why it seems a little off right dead oh okay fine Ill let you guys that would have deleted a little bit lets go into the skipper keeps just big in that small camp ruining everything for him nice all right well do we do a little fire perhaps I dont know if we actually get to honestly they got a couple dead and theyre dead for a while but I dont know if we actually got to do it yeah this might just be throws if we try and do it especially I dont have my upgrade yet I dont know man I really want to do it it might be pretty dumb Ill just try and not over commit or whatever I think its just I think its too bad yeah because if we had Hyme theyre still going if we had Heim I think we could have done it behind wanted to split um and its fine ideally he would have rotated but we should be fine I think we just missed too much DPS without the ADC adcs ADC is such a massive chunk of DPS for fire Giants might rotate to this though I want to go Ward up FG but like maybe someday maybe someday I get there as they all rotate in wait can I hit him with the Aang oh no the minions man damn unfortunate on oh okay okay dont care okay okay more CC got the beads dying no hes dying not not Im dying okay drunk State way too op I had to beat the drunk you guys feel like being dead here wiggled wiggled wait wait trolling oh I did a Merlin rip I missed a little bit that I shouldnt have but they got really farmed but I farmed him so hard in that fight oh my God yo Merlin Merlin was about to do Im so dirty okay fire giant could maybe be good if they uh if they wanted to do that they dont seem to want to do it yeah objectives objectives would be neat we are going to lose this game if we dont start doing them objectives would be cool as the kids say all right what else what else am I building here pen is good Soul Reaver is probably good this guys not all that healthy though so probably just this right just more pain over over this whole Reaver Polly would be fun but I dont think I did I dont think I get to do that as fun as it would be wait I straight up like brought this up earlier but in case anybody missed it because I feel like Im still gonna get questions this over camps by a lot I dont care it doesnt matter we built Chronos pennant for power Spike we will eventually sell it okay we will eventually sell it but we built it for early game I will literally like Soulja Bearden I buy these items anyways if they dont have cooldown it doesnt matter theyre just that good on me that you can lose the cooldown stance its fine okay we need we dont have damage for this we still dont have high man hes gotta rotate someday Im trying to not fully commit my cooldowns right here if I can avoid it okay that was very coincidental absolutely huge Kraken in play they just got so unintentionally farmed I mean the Kraken was on purpose but Laughter oh my God man please oh it works oh it works oh he juked it though all right well thats probably game because were awfully grouped for this and a lot of them are dead for a while oh and the bomb and we got that bomb chasm padding stance oh I want to do it to him oh I want to do it oh no thats kind of bad oh psych oh he has dude be dead stop it nice so Poseidons kinda good why why care about a cool down Camp when it just when it doesnt matter why care were in so disgusting on Poseidon man the fact that you instantly get mirrored and damage on Kraken is just so op theyve nerve mirrored and I dont care I am building in this on Poseidon every game in its so good bonus damage on cranking when it already deletes crazy and then it also applies to a bunch of your abilities normally but anyways thank you guys for watching hopefully you all enjoyed the video and I will see you all in the next one Music um and Ive been trying to write my own story in the search for fame didnt hearing this empty room walls keep tumbling down 7 days to die xbox game pass and steam In a world where you dont have to build Book of Thoth first item every game...Where To Follow Me! 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