THIS DAMAGE IS DISGUSTING! Shiva Solo Gameplay (SMITE Conquest)

Down detector steamfun steam games for couples SMITE® gameplay Music Applause Music hey whats going on guys this is mast and welcome back to some more smite conquest today were playing shiva in the solo lane because people forget he exists and i want to not forget that he exists um ive been noticing lately man i dont know if im tripping or not so many of the recent i feel like especially physical releases um i i think just dont really get played right now oh were going against the sweaty lane huh going against the meta uhler solo lane all right all right i missed archers like a bot thats not going to be good i didnt the middle one of all of them too you know the middle ones the one thats the farthest back it makes no sense hang on hang on baby poke its actually not too bad we got the warriors proc well be building a little bit funky going a little warriors axe not something weve been building lately because its just its really not meta its really its its normally not the best right now but i think its kind of fun to mix things up and its something that does tend to feel really good on shiva because you can just like to to initiate and get that bonus burst on somebody thats got a lot of damage potential to begin with uh you gotta chill my man you gotta chill are we not jumping ever dude these minions are body blocking like crazy right now man my god so youre gonna come back and eat a little poke for me only a little bit so i was thinking i thought wed be against a rat what is what is their team do they actually have double jungle or does support just want to go bumbas what what is happening right now i see a rama i see a rat okay its rat support got it yeah i thought wed be going against rat solo thor jungle and having to deal with double dunk and that wasnt gonna be a good time i dont think but dealing with uhler and then just thor dunks occasionally i feel like well probably be okay they do have a crazy amount of burst potential though we dont have beads or anything so i might get a little bit dumpster well have to see yeah the build were looking for is gonna be warriors axe eventually were gonna go sundering with that then were going soul eater first item into pretty normal tank build just getting like cool down and props and stuff getting a glad shield and whatnot trying to go we can on him here i need yall bully man i thought he would thought he was gonna go and grow i thought we could actually do damage to that by the way one thing to note since we dont see shiva too much right now dude shiva dash absolutely slaps and its easy to forget it when you havent been been playing them oh my god this thing hits so hard early game look at these numbers 65 twice thats 130. its so hard level one it literally hits harder than his two or his one thats assuming you hit both but its not too hard to hit both as long as theyre not running away like cooler has been yeah im gonna assume he actually has a jungler here so im not gonna go hard otherwise wed be running a face right now see do i get to do all this i really want to grab totem real quick because man is good we like mana on this channel oh no my blue buff xp i gotta go get it damn it man getting trolled by dodgy i had it all worked out too where like she was gonna start doing camps and then i was gonna have time to do totem and then id come down and clean it up nope nope everythings in shambles whats he building by the way its building normal so far doesnt have a tp or anything see if we can force him back a lot we do kind of have the tp advantage to work with or i can uh force him off a farm but then i can tp back to lane and he cant tp back to land plus were gonna have sustain as we get soul eater online so its gonna be a lot easier for me to stay healthy and stay in lane so ill have to see how this lane goes normally i feel like the thing that stands out is being able to follow up our burst with more and more stuff and uh just having a jump in a movement speed stim is gonna make it really hard to stick to him so i dont think this is gonna be a great matchup but well see what happens i think its gonna be pretty tough to do too much oh but he is spooked though look at this and he doesnt want any of it right now even though can you not minions please cooperate yeah even though hes honestly fine he doesnt need to worry at all right now yeah like what are we gonna do i have no mana i actually think were ulting wave hang on hang on give me the boost we just we actually get a clear wave this way thats nice i guess we can grab a totem too enemies in the right jungle oh does that mean im about to be dead no theres a thorn left were good whos even i guess its mid i guess mid may be rotating uhler please i swear to dont dont play these games oh my god he is playing these games why what is wrong with you do you just want to fight because my olds down it doesnt matter you dont win this right right i dont think he does dont jump this can be right back i dont know why i thought that would do anything for one thing i didnt mean to like i didnt actually mean to death straight in the wall i was going to try and angle myself around the wall i should have just tuned and hoped it reached what it would it it actually might have been maybe i could have killed him there i doubt it probably not yeah ive been because i havent been playing shiva lately ive played him a little bit to warm up today originally i wasnt even gonna do a video ive just been having fun playing him um and i made somebody rage quit thats always a good sign to do a video is is getting a rage quit without whatever youre playing but um hang on do one of these maybe upgrade this real quick get a little shorter cooldown yeah one thing ive been running into is threeing towards a wall i keep thinking its gonna be i dont know why man i guess i get this with shernabog too because theyre kind of the same thing um when it comes to interacting with walls but like i assume its gonna slide along the wall like almost every dash in smite and instead it just kind of gets like  __  blocked by the wall and it just trolls me really hard and im never ready for it bing all right so were gonna max the one because it just kind of scales up harder with damages it doesnt actually technically do more damage than the two but its got a lower cooldown and you get more per level on average which is kind of funky like at level one it sort of sucks it only does only thats 65 but then it does almost the same once we max it plus we get the fire damage which is kind of good even though normally the fire damage does almost nothing doesnt tend to get too much value i guess ill zone try and bait him into hitting wave and then him with one of these yeah see he needs that tp doesnt he okay well he gets one creep but hes still missing archers poke yeah as long as were not eating too many tower shots its actually fine its still going to be a little while before we get to actually kill him dude i am going to zone as hard as i possibly can right here Laughter its poor guy man he really should have just banked yeah if he wants to push up for a wave theres a pretty good chance we just gotta combo him see let me actually get this blue timer i dont know what it is yeah shes got so much pressure man like we dont even have the soul eater stacked right now so my sustains still potato and my damage is still potato because soul eater scales up so hard from getting the snacks done uh at least build wise its still potato but from these levels were starting to hit so hard its crazy its actually crazy to me how much hes fall how much hes fallen off in terms of popularity he got so much love right away and i think it might have just been because hes op and then right now i wouldnt say hes particularly op fine dude i did the thing again okay well as long as we dont get ganked again we should be chilling and we did oh dude i wish we got a rotation back man that sucks theyre just like i dont know i dont know theyre like enemy missing and they just kind of sat bidden i dont know how he escaped from the double dunk that came for me right there oh no does dashie get forced off to me and now we dont even get our blue buff i can tp back but its not going to matter if what is kept doing why did cap go left lane oh my god that sucks man yeah we got a little out rotated right there thats okay hang on do we get it what psycho you psycho please i cant believe he really wanted that blue buff man i bet he heard the tp2 it just like  __  his pants i bet he heard that coming greedy boy well ill take that we died a three-man gank but we get free kill on uhler when we come right back its not too bad it does suck were not gonna have a blue buff for a while thats gonna be really miserable one thing that is an issue for shiva look at these mana costs man they are so bad normally normally i feel like with anybody youre playing um being around the 80 mark is where the mana costs are high um and then it varies based on the god like whether or not you spam cooldowns a lot and whether or not you have a big like cycle of cooldowns that you use quite frequently because some characters youre really only using one or two cooldowns most of the time and then not even necessarily using them very often whereas shiva like if were brawling were using all of them a lot and just constantly running them if we dont have like blue bluff plus totem so it is gonna suck a bit oh my god theres a thorn nearby again man i just want free blue buff what are the odds theres not a rat here i tried i tried i didnt want to be too greedy and like full commit so i just kind of went for a quick little yoink because i do think we might get dumpstered by a thor gank im not sure do we actually go mid i dont really have man up but i may be gonna do a thing hey buddy okay all right i guess i guess you saw the shiva gank and just wasnt having it i dont know kind of surprised kind of surprised he dipped there i feel like there are plenty of people he still i mean he could have gone on me right surely im not gonna just murder him for it why would i do that thatd be so rude look at that that little baby fire tick oh it did some stuff you kill him dodgy oh well shes dead as hell okay that sucks ben she does get to clean him up at least yeah the stupid rat rotations right now the the quotation mark rant support thats building full damage and out fragging the thor jungle oh god i wish we could kill him it sucks we dont really have a good way i just kind of have to like guess and hope we interrupt this dash there for us to have any chance dont really do too much can maybe oink a blue but we do run um trying oh what when did what okay all right im a little confused i guess ill just bank give me this oh my god do we get a blue buff is it possible i mean weve literally only lost one right its actually just been two minutes im pretty sure dont you dare no he wanted it man i know he was coming for it oh my totem nice well we are actually managing to beat the euler solo up which is good because absurdly obnoxious in solo right now this man is on 24 stacks hes so behind right now all right well my mana pools gone we did bloop off we did a wave i think thats it its gone does that add up it actually does add up too this is like 180 man i use these both twice or ill tease them both once and then 360 to use them twice and that actually it does do support i guess i shouldnt have trolled i guess i should have done a little bit more i just i thought it was funny how spooky got i dont know im assuming based on the old that his dash was down otherwise otherwise im really confused what the uhler we missed the knock-up man thats so troll all right youre pretty dead yeah im gonna go out on a limb youre kind of dead thanks all i took was him diving tower for some reason given given im pretty sure he thought there were gonna be minions i really i dont know why he did that i feel like its kind of obvious that there was a blue man just running out of the jungle i feel like that stands out extra right let me smack this up okay do we level the old we level the three because the three does kind of slap do we have both on him there yeah look at that this things not even leveled and it did 200 damage to hula right there wait is that my old thats my old never mind it did 70 damage when we hit it once but still okay still 70 damage twice would be good let me see whats the scaling on this pretty good okay were probably leveling all dont worry champ oh oh getting kind of murdered over there i think we need to beat this game they actually have a lot of cc thor combo rat combo ruler stun i dont know maybe not that much cc overall these two just have like the potential to one shot you very very easily so i think well try and get beads for that otherwise blink could probably be good and not getting whooped for two seconds is kind of helpful sometimes you know whats happening right now wait was that is this a classic hang on hang on is it is it adc complaining about jungle being bought by adc hasnt done anything but die i gotta see yep with salt what a name what a name zero four heim with salt instantly goes to junglers not a person well hes literally not been a part of a kill and is only fed oh the classics man the classics hey i think were just going to mostly stay on far mode right now then it really its looking like fights just arent going good across the map so even if i rotate i think its going to tend to just be baiting the team into taking bad fights when we should just farm up so i think ill try and farm up too if we can if were allowed why why all right we got sparrow bunny i can just tp mid i think lets do that i dont need to do anything mid we might as well yeah from here were basically just building tanky by the way like we started with the soul eater we got glad which glad does damages we stack it up uh warriors warriors act uh i guess not warriors x but sundering axe gets boosted similar to glad whereas we build more prop from items we get more damage out of it slash more sustain out of it so yeah well look forward to that and from here were just kind of building tanky boy are you kidding me i think he might have a ward i think he might retreat and even show face and hes just instantly dipping yeah let me get this timer yeah if we have to run up this far its going to be kind of hard to uh push and not get far by ganks i think were just going to start yoinking cams if theyre going to let me get this much pressure oh do we actually get to do anything his cooldown should be pretty good by now yeah hes got 20 plus probably 30 with blue dude every time hes already got jump up god damn it man yeah uber cooldowns a little bit wild its almost like his passive is maybe the best in smite its almost like it they really do need to nerf the  __  out of it man its crazy that uhler is as meta as he is right now and theyre nerfing bumbas but theyre not nerfing uler passive which is literally bump is in a passive but you dont even have to auto you can just button mash your keyboard its really crazy its im not even saying this in a saltway because i think bumpers deserves the nerf its just its genuinely crazy because its the same thing it legit does the same exact thing in the same way that it does a second on on bumpers and thats getting nerfed it should be a second getting nerfed half a second on uhler and then the ulremains will tilt but they deserve the tilt okay theyve had it too easy too long i dont think we need to do  __  bull trying hey freya oh man i was all ready for the i mean we got a kill so who cares i was all ready for the cc moon with old and shes dead i dont even ill even need to immune the whoops shes just dead as hell all right um fourth is in a freya we have a spirit robe freya im assuming its gonna hit hard in the meantime i think were gonna keep working on physical defense though i could go cad is cad that good probably not whoop whoop do i go anemian anemia might be how does nemian work with freya autos i actually dont know im pretty sure it sucks so oh you know what might be good maybe we go which stone that might actually be really strong its a little bit late for this item so i dont know if were going to keep it here or if well go neemian or what but knee means really get into uh because his auto cancels are super fat thor should have really fat auto since hes building please no please i want my okay did i not i knocked him up and it just didnt matter right i think right i gotta look back at that i actually like just tripped out i didnt even process man i figured i would get a freely combo and i did not get a freely combo like my only question was do i do enough damage to secure the buff in time and then you just kind of stunned me anyways while i was trying to actively ccm hey buddy yeah so the trades arent going the best for uhler right now i do hit pretty hard see thats whats fun about shiva man thats what im saying i cant believe people arent playing him at all right now and and its funny to me that ive kind of forgotten him and i think for me it might be that a lot of people are doing what ive been doing or i have stopped playing some of the recent releases because they still in my in my head theyve still been op even though theyve been nerfed up already trying to just zone do i actually get a reach its looking like a no dude if she turns to whoop she might kill herself or if she does that okay never mind i should i actually should have altered man we maybe we couldve got her oh we got the dash and the body block this man just got farmed can you we dont get here in time do we oh i tried i tried josh hes going to defend right ill just stay mid were dipping yeah let me actually get anemia man i think thatll be pretty decent one thing i was gonna say before i had to start beating peoples asses and i got a little sidetracked is um yeah i guess well just tp back in the mid i think niemien into freya is a funky interaction im pretty sure it doesnt mitigate her two or her one damage what where did that go oh i tried to whoop immune and we didnt time it right i do just kind of mostly got a guess at it dead almost dead yeah i dont know if she just doesnt have old or she just keeps thinking shes not going to need to hold because she didnt need to hold with the whole dying thing right yeah im pretty sure her 201 dont get mitigated by neiman i think it does properly count them as abilities which makes sense um so were only reducing her actual technical auto damage which isnt actually that much since freya is basically just like ability using abilities off of her autos those are still going to be fed and shes just going to do mage things but the rest of the physicals itll be really good like rat should actually hit hard on autos literally everybody else on their team should have strong autos that you mean will be nice against but if freya consumes anemia stacks its going to kind of suck all right let me actually farm up for 20 real quick if we can get a little sundering axe going i guess well probably need more money than that too are we coming back at all im still probably salty other than that were not doing too bad i think dojis kind of struggled a bit overall in the early game but to be fair it probably does hurt not really having not really having an adc right now just having adc getting farmed and other than that were okay like zeus is killing capris died a single time hey buddy okay thanks should be a thorough i really i dont know why you went for that one god its like so we dont have any more birds there oohler i definitely dont have a juggler over here i almost got body blocked off for a sec that would have sucked please nice okay i dont have  __  hopefully we dont get punished i do want level 20 though can i get the level 20 real quick nice oh my god i want to kill him i physically cant we dont have the man up but i do want to kill him though give me this how long has it been since weve done a sundering game its funny ive kind of been forgetting this existed an item um its not meta right now in all fairness its not particularly worth its probably not even worth it on shiva ive just been liking i started the day with it i played a couple shiva games so far and i thought it was fun then so ive just still been building it because its really satisfying man his two feels so chunky when youre getting the warriors axe procs early game and then the sundering axe procs later in the game and hes somebody thats already got healing so its just kind of more satisfying to get that extra boost even though bluestone would probably be at least as good uh rama i mean there go the beads do we not gonna kill you i guess not means a little too zoomy i need a golden blade we need some move speed right now you think he does one of these oh i really thought he might come on over oh i brought minions over nice huge play from the solo laner oh my god please the buff yeah im like super you know what im just gonna tp over thats going to get pushed if uhlers there hes going to be able to push it i really dont want to lose the tier 2 tower theyre on fire yeah they do kind of get to do it that sucks literally our entire team is on the left side of the map and we have no vision so yeah thats kind of a free fire and then nobodys around for gold either even though theyre on the left side of the map so we dont even get an objective back yeah its too bad whats funny i dont even think they had rama for that even had to rotate so far i think they basically just did that with the other four of them even though ramas gonna be most of their fire damage but no wards is kind of a big deal dude how long can you sit in left lane and think its gonna still be okay i guess he can just waste the super long tp used relics for that yep that was super greedy all right do i aint ta you aint gold are they not even oh okay if theyre not going for gold i guess if theyre down we can actually maybe force this are you kidding me she really just ran out that sucks please thank you oh were pumping out damage oh were pumping out the damn it oh he actually okay i didnt expect him to actually get pulled i mean nice we actually get some wipes right there cooler dont do it no stunning i still cant read shes gonna run out of range hang on hang on can you not slow me im trying to murder your team what dude what is happening what is this bug its only freya too does she get like some sort of  __  hitbox diff i actually do not understand men i really dont i gotta look back at these because it was freya before right maybe it wasnt maybe im tripping and in my head its freya i dont know thats the second time where ive max range two and unless i just cant see properly which to be fair uh maybe i cant um yeah it looks like were hitting the two i dont care if the knock-up misses i dont but let me get the damage high-res when we hit the cone and the whole cone is supposed to do damage am i missing something all right do we actually get this i would like to knock it dumpster by oh my god boys boys and we dont even boys okay youre kind of greedy though hang on can anybody hit him i guess ill do it to be fair zeus hit him but zeus is also one hp so i feel like the people that are a little healthier should be the ones doing the work you know oh my goodness i got a back oh you land any thats fine yeah i thought theyd be out of range right there anyways yeah i think we go um a little which stone i think thatll actually be good where the hell is it which blade oh nice now she cleans them up guess they got a little lazy huh got caught lazy backing or something i dont know yeah maybe maybe i can science this i bet its just some sort of funky interaction where its just bugging the hell out but maybe ill start like doing like if we do the minions right here and theyre in this or maybe its something where like it looks like it goes somewhere but it doesnt maybe im flicking and like it doesnt actually track with the animation i dont know like what if i do that everything hits i dont know i really dont see if we can group up and actually get some stuff around fire we can probably actually like threaten them off of it right here weve been getting some good fights lately and that was when they had fire it seems like i think theyre just falling off really hard right now because thors gonna be running out of damage and uh rats gonna be running out of damage so theyre like down a front line and then their assassins are falling off because they dont scale as well as other assassins come here please man enemies behind us that sucks okay we get a blue buff thats gotta be worth one thor right can you chill damn i do some damage to him i think this might be a dead freya oh my what book of the dead dude this items so stupid i really i could not comprehend what sort of non i want to wait what why are you guys fighting me no im busy winning man you guys kill him though right surely they clean it up right right one one two nice okay im happy im happy were all good that was such a funky fight i actually dont know why they thought that so aggressively there if ruler dipped to begin with i wouldnt have even chased and we just would have disengaged but the fact that uh actually like didnt uh jump all the way away right like im pretty sure i dont think im that zoomy i think he just didnt jump max range he kind of wanted to stay in it we just kept going oh god its getting a little bought by minions down there isnt it yeah its honestly its crazy what shiva can do man are olds actually starting to fall off really hard right now too because uh this is a very as you can see by the numbers here this is a very base damage dependent ult um unless were going full damage which is really not the play because then i just die like 24 7. yeah 40 scaling its its like almost ten percent on this ones its like five so yeah or alt doesnt get the biggest boost right here see i think we just do this actually getting the beads upgrade it might be really clutch yeah lets do this okay can we actually group up right now im hoping we can get uh get heim over here see if hell help us out or you or you know start there we go there we go buddy just gonna start doing the camp hello man just a tiny bit out of range that sucks why do you have to be so speedy that probably wasnt even it oh wait hang on hang on wait a minute no i dont think mimi actually did that much oh were spooking them off and i want to say attack fire giant i dont think we can yet well thats some damage and apparently thats some damage wait wait do i not know who im fighting right now oh she got pulled didnt she i got so confused i was like wait why is the person i was just hitting over there though oh that didnt really trip all right oh my dude that thats a combo right there we get the big range with our damage stance in the dance and then we just straight up like chunk him with a thundering proc oh no all right i dont know if i get to fight the rat im probably we got a sundering proc were probably fine oh my god where could he be i dont know yeah thats kind of awkward my stupid dash done man get back here give me the cooldowns are you no no thank you see look at that i was saying i think the beads might come in clutch getting that extra cool down and sure enough it did yeah that fight was a mess that really didnt go well enough i cant remember im pretty sure uh zeus no maybe not zheim i think heim got one shot by thorel right yeah i think he legit just insta died all right lets back its really good so far freya is not having too much of an impact i am trying to specifically bully her but its actually going to it should be really hard for me to bully her because i have so little magic defense so if she keeps not having an impact then our builds ridiculously strong against the rest of them like were slowing off at tank speed were getting niemien procs i have max pro in in for physicals right its just freya can potentially delete me a bit lets try and work back up again since weve already got a century on this i think well do this hey buddy what dude i dont know i think the server chugged super hard that was really funky my one came out crazy late and then whatever the hell that was for mueller happened too uh thor oh i wanted a stupid hammer man that sucks okay we kill him right okay yeah i dont know what he thought was gonna happen there i really dont yeah i gotta try and go on zoning mode ramas in mid what is happening oh wait a minute wait a minute do that and they are struggling on this fire right now frank come here please know where im at okay hes still mid all right i think we get to actually just kill her at the end right well thatll do it thats too bad hang on you want to smack this no okay its okay i got it im big and strong i wanted this it would have been so nice whats our scaling on our other abilities yeah not that great it really is crazy man shiva is so capable of doing so much damage while building not that much i guess were getting pretty good big uh glad impact though right is helping a lot as well okay i dont really care thats fine i think 34 minutes in its honestly maybe worth getting rama old for a gold period like early game thats bad at this point who cares man we all have so much money oh murder him okay well were not yeah if he was a tank we dont get to but with him being squishy it actually would have been really good if they just followed up hard there i dont think theres any weight he literally doesnt have beads they could have done like heim could have altered thats too bad guys we have a trebuchet here hang on i gotta go murder mode they just stack too hard i cant help it im gonna get that boost are you kidding me why did that do so little you know i am just bopping right now oh my god hang on i just realized i still need to do this okay let me try and not eat all this oh well i guess were just gonna eat it thats okay we took him away from mid at least nice give me that fat detonate come on fat he has one charge doesnt he yep dude we only got one phoenix out of that i dont know what do i have to damn that didnt thats so unlucky man actually hes got a border on zeus hes got to be so used to that  __  i feel like that so easily should have uh should have bounced because he hit the two one and they werent very far away they were like a tiny bit outside of the ring but but it didnt bounce and then you know did literally no damage with like his main kit so hes just inherently dead i dont know what you do about that man that sucks yeah i dont know i feel like these fights should be a lot better than they are right now were getting things done so it kind of works out but i feel like that should have been a game winner like we should have picked rat that didnt happen then hes able to kill me later on because hes still alive and then i had a two-man 2-1 combo into nearly killing freya but we got no follow-up so she lived for a while and then and i think we literally did kill uhler and then like i got a shitload or killed thor too i dont remember ben did a lot of stuff in that fight but its not quite enough right now by the way we can actually probably sell soul eater um maybe i should the thing is normally normally i think itd be a good idea to sell soul eater right now i feel like i need to do a lot of damage and i dont think we meet need magic defense and theres just not an important fizz defense item because we dont get the prop like the best thing i could do is go a uh a spectral but were gonna just absurdly overcap our fizzy so its not that good like were legit wed be selling off soul leader for a new passive is actually what it would be im struggling oh oh boys careful oh never mind kill them never mind good job yeah we werent too grouped for that ultimate try it oh he wants to try it off come here i did some damage to him jesus nice we got a body block oh thats too bad any boys no okay okay no we dont need boys whatever he killed thor trying to get my cooldowns back like that like this bopped nice boys we can legit 4v1 end either way i dont know why were doing pyro he gets a little bit late to be trying to pyro right now yeah everybody except uh is going to be dead for 40 seconds this should be pretty easy unless uhler gets to pull off some stuff we should just get an end okay no getting one shot okay good good and then we should just get end right here nice finally we finally had the fight the point that i actually wrapped it up yeah i think she was still kind of good the amount of damage given like this is a game that very heavily i dont know how much it would have mattered for me but it would have mattered for them winning the fact that like rat early game did a ton on his cheesy full damage rat support late game they really needed a front line and they didnt have it that made a big difference but but shiva man oh my god do we pump out damage and sustain a shitload it does fall off once we get super late like you could see when i ran at them at the end with old i just started getting murdered if i didnt get follow-up so yeah like you do your old does fall off really hard the scaling on its almost non-existent but the two the one the three those are so good theyre so disgusting and yeah i think doing 56k on just a normal solo build while also having crazy self-sustained like we actually mitigated a decent amount man is uh its pretty decent its pretty decent holy capri took no what was kepri doing man capri took no damage this game kemper he took less damage than anybody thats not what you like to see but anyways thank you guys for watching hopefully you all enjoyed the video and ill see you all in the next one ive been seeking for the glory say say say my name and ive been trying to wrap my own story in the search for fame im sitting here in this empty room walls keep 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