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Steam veggies in a rice cookersteam cleaner rental near me SNIPER GHOST WARRIOR CONTRACTS 2 game im just letting it im just gonna let it fly all right oh wow his arm fell off thats amazing this is not what i signed up for whats going on here guys i think i just blew the mission right here sloppy gameplay if this was real mission the mission would have been done welcome back gamologist richard minus here i have nine years active duty military service cheers in the sniper section two years doing diplomatic security and today im taking on sniper ghost warrior contracts 2. im not a gamer but im about to be lets check it out right its go time guys lets do this lets see its time to get familiar with your weapons tactical guys dont be making fun of my gameplay all right here we go so guys this is the first time i would ever be dropped off alone by a helicopter i did rappel out of helicopters quite a few times but we always had a team oh yes sure why not thank you oh all right here we go guys lets check this out lets see what i can do here im a horrible shot man that was crazy all right here lets try this again guys my weapon guys it didnt have these distances on there it didnt have these ranges but it did have the mill dots crosshairs with the mil dots to figure out this range i am missing all right here we go lets see lets see if i can take out somebody lets go in the prone in the prone guys youre going to have the more uh stable base its a lot more effective to shoot in the prone position you can utilize your bipods youre using a lot less effort in maintaining that stable base if possible take all your shots from the prone position youre going to be a lot more accurate oh why isnt that guy going down whats his problem all right lets see here okay all right im always going to be shooting center mass i dont go for those head shots theyre a waste of time i mean the only time you really need to do a head shot in real life if youre a swat or something like that and youve got hostage situations which ones l3 all right guys so notice im going to take this shot now i realized how to control my breathing and actually stabilize my weapon and i dont know why he didnt go down oh he wants me to give him a headshot all right but we train all the time on how to observe identify targets or things that are out of place because thats what this is so im going to be looking for glare something sparkling obviously youre gonna be looking for movement and any kind of thing thats just out of place you know its practice and its pretty interesting for me i dont know for you guys but its its good for me beautiful thats a tough shot though from that distance in real life guys especially when its people theyre moving around a lot take the easier shot center mass wow this is intense i like this details details okay so hes got 400 meters hes using the binos and its giving him a range 391 meters is like a chip shot guys i mean hes moving though so its a little bit difficult right there you go you notice hes drifting this way i give him a little space i just try to time him down a little bit take that shot allow it time to travel um and then impact all right a swing and a miss now this is fun i think i just want to fly the drone i remember in my days i was playing atari but when nintendo came out i played commando that was about the extent of my gaming days wow that was tough oh its still not done with my training what is going on this right here is very stressful im trying to play it you guys are trying to watch it and if my gameplay sucks then you change the channel and im not trying to have you do that all right whats an op guys makes you comment an op is uh observation point and thats exact right terminology so i just walked on to an enemy combatant i thought i was going to be long range this is not what i signed up for whats going on here guys lets see i think i just blew the mission right here sloppy gameplay if this was real mission the mission would have been done as soon as you take those shots instantly youre going to be called for backup and youre going to get pulled from their real life if im playing right i want to stay below those windows high the corners all right its clear now id run through this looks like an ak-47 dont quote me on this all right all you gun junkies out there you dont want to just start firing on these guys kind of want to see whats going on here first and see if you know what the situation is you know he might have a lot of people right there oh learn how to walk on top of a bridge now typically i want to do that right you just blow the mission oh yeah you just stirred the ant pile i dont know if this is the right way to play this game but uh im just letting it im just gonna let it fly all right oh wow his arm fell off thats amazing notice guys im not in the road if these guys are already oh shoot already alerted and im just gonna defend a position where i know im secure at im gonna pie it and try to get one at a time keep your silhouette small as possible oh grenade i think i would be dead in real life but uh hey so hes still moving from here now im gonna check this area and im gonna scan with the scope and see where theres anybody on the overwatch always guys when youre approaching a structure have your weapon system at the ready in real life youre not gonna just run into something because its the end of your life so youre going to take care in every move you make because theres no restart you run through that open area stay as low as you can stop take a minute reconsolidate scan and im going to move again all right so im going into something i dont know whats on that other side this is where you start to move slowly be ready remember a combat zone its 360 degrees so youre looking up youre looking down its not just right in front of you or the side of you you know its all around well i guess im just gonna die here guys i fell in a hole and i cant get out whats going on here i made it wow its a miracle i thought it was gonna die there hug the walls guys hug the walls check the surroundings and then make your move oh that was cute in this situation guys when youre in the desert you would be probably honestly in a ghillie suit a lot of people they think like when you wear your ghillie suit that it youre trying to look like a bush or youre trying to look like a tree or anything youre just trying to look like nothing strive to be nothing all right in this kind of environment what do you think guys i should try to take these ones out i dont know if thats part of the game but uh 1145 meters im not gonna say its an impossible shot because those shots happen but uh very difficult its not even worth your uh effort and your time on that at that point taking those long range shots and stuff yeah theyre great and to talk about the trick is to make every round a death shot and that was the mission oh whoa movies and entertainment for snipers it you know the games and stuff they look exciting but ill tell you one thing its a lot of sitting around going crazy youre literally just watching an area for one to two days typically sitting in that hide sometimes your mission might just be to observe but then other times if you see an enemy combatant like we would overwatch roads so wed sit there in that position and watch for days weeks you might not see nothing and then one day all hell breaks loose so these guys are just chilling so they got lazy complacent and now theyre gonna die all right lets put the sniping to use oh heck no and this is why you guys just dont take random shots because they get away like that oh that was cute oh is that artillery i got sloppy careless and now look at that and this is where the playbook gets thrown out of the window guys and youre just going now im at a disadvantage i like to clear a perimeter first i dont see anybody now im going to start working my way in oh shot you dont want to run like that but oh whats going on here im out of ammo no oh my i got sloppy and you know what since i died get down and do push-ups until i get tired cant believe i died all right guys i just finished playing sniper ghost warrior contracts too i made it through the training which i desperately needed but i got onto the mission and i ran into a gun fight with no bullets can you believe that i got slaughtered in the end but im ready to get back into it so ill see you guys next time for more videos like this be sure to check out gameology on youtube and facebook channels and ill see you guys on the next one take care im completely suck at it but were gonna check it out and see what we can uh this looks like an ak-47 dont quote me on this all right all you gun junkies out there loving the tactical uh shoot Music you rockstar games launcher steam link Our Sniper Expert, Richard, is back again for more episodes of Experts Play! This time, hell be playing the game Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2! Today he’s telling us about repelling out of a helicopter, whether he ever did it alone or with a team, and trying to learn the mechanics of this new game.So we’re learning and being entertained at the same time! Tune in to watch how much Richard has improved and let us know if you’d be interested in seeing more! Taking place in the Middle East, Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts 2 is a modern warfare shooter. The single-player campaign lets you play as Contract Sniper Assassin Raven, taking out a range of targets. Get ready for the most challenging entry to the series yet with extreme-range shots exceeding 1000m. -------------------- Follow Richard Maynes on Instagram: -------------------- 00:00 Intro 00:36 Training 03:58 Mission 1 09:23 Outro -------------------- Check out some of our past videos! 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