Game not installing on steamimport games from gog to steam SNIPER GHOST WARRIOR CONTRACTS 2 game and for those of you who are connected here, this is me Spirandelli Hey guys how are you I hope that without percent and thats it Today we are going to know the beginning gameplay of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contract two ok I did Alive earlier the it was already very beautiful, okay, and it will probably be even more beautiful if we are going to play in 4K now, well, lets start. You saw that on Live I did two missions in addition to the tutorial, so since I already know the tutorial, I already know more how it works we go to the province of sindh there so we can have an idea of how the parade works were going to do it here repeating the contract just to share with you this here is the first mission in the game ok Block another one from the long one This one is not for than the backpack balloon that wouldnt go if I were Saw her your worldwide travels with touching grandma your environment in addition to positive energy and the ok 50 Range of each Job will rock you need is love Sweet love the differential warriors antinom z-plasty baby wow Gold Master light pink homestead alongside or criminal Hand holds eliminated burning na that love remains like this and thats what we are Thats just why I dont have one send us feel that this one here in the circular acoustic show I didnt see the second good one or if hum under the plants Have you ever seen someone find the error on the site beauce lets go there right wow this game here is there in the old one its very very beautiful Okay guys, Im going to keep playing with the mouse and the keyboard. Okay, lets do Gameplay and I can put the expenses with the brother there. Okay, well, there are two options. I prefer to ask him that we can get crucial information for the advancement beauty and Cruzeiro we can even get other points of control of Joãos suffering these things lets go take a look here work the alarm sound a Bel not perfusers on the list in Ah okay lets lets see if we can find the guy first okay that has three eggs This is the first one. We will try to find the target in this first one. And remember that the snipper now has a silencer, its normal if you play the game and do this mission the first time your snipper will not come with a silencer I bought the silencer in the missions that I went through and then Ill think that I speak Troller is the your twill behind have one there on the head and I m going to change the difference and what cool this is our target even more the issue of genes we want two very well here official online hug its not its a day where the year class goes we have to eliminate the year your wings and two more right and how come I stopped and theres a guy like hell here old man theres a guy down here too Andthere and him and in two of him also whats like a mortar Andthere and Anthony Dale and lets see if we get it right I think its going to be how much I love you 1 km 11 thousand meters and kilometers away And then we can change it here, lets put 1 km away so that we can pick it up more easily Andthen and remembering guys that this gamepla y that Im going to post now here on the channel for you that I posted Im going to post this raw Gameplay there on the other channel its in pure-play okay you check it out on After Da Time too much its good that you see the thing you always get tired comment its cool also the guy wont stop, man Im thinking that Andthen ours is going to be beautiful old oh the grace Look at this but lets go behind the box that probably no one will see him there behind it and look there on the other street with the Nordeste team driving this time just once it wasnt good it wasnt that weather Ah okay he Miriam your serge to complete the contract we eliminate before Go to extraction to collect the rewards cool go to extraction its the man this game is extraordinary old its beautiful man this is very beautiful, isnt it, and anyone who has doubts about my setup can you, thats what Im using for Rua da, someone give me a look at the description. tion 1 of course, right, its cool that we stay away from the stops, theres a way for us to leave the map and theres a way for us to continue, okay, this here is just for us to upload the things weve done and maybe organize the our equipment just have to remember the following you change your equipment the mission starts again ok if you cant change equipment in the middle of the mission the first contract we give you right with there are two guys line 1 Andthen Ill try to go there to post with the stone I dont have to draw attention one is an attention of one will get the other one Andthen And then Andthen Ill let it go, right Amanda media drugs followed him man That was a very serious mistake that I made it happens we were using the snipper at the beginning and the sniper is configured with 1 km of shooting distance so I have to reduce the time here bro because otherwise we wont hit a target so close thanks to the looting dude here the car there in 12 alvair que Andthere and theres a one for this one I think all these ones, right? and And then Music Andthen Oh yeah, almost everyone in the area has already been eliminated, right, theres the pull over Dori I think it might happen that the guy sees us killing the guy over there, right? Andthen Music Andthen the work is good to stay behind the pretty one, no one sees it Music Andthen hi Su well, everyone is eliminated and I dont usually use traps on the map but when its the last guy alive like that I d be good to we can even release theres one theres a guy in there and in this case here we can even release one a challenge, right, completing a challenge is Ours is going to have big hair, right at two and Andthen The cool thing is and its already here I think its gone, right? Andthen the parade is all the time and were the guys here ? no smoke I found there is some information here something related to that that we can take to look for a challenge but lets continue I will continue that we have to eliminate two more targets the people Andthen the iPhone 4S the woman of how its just that youre talking to someone two soldiers from me I m here thats why I didnt expect it right And then Im going to try to hit both for both PlayStation 4 Xbox One and Play 5 this rack also PC ok I think my little bug but if you want to play on consoles theres also a way ok A lot of people asked me that live where they could get the game and stuff and lets wait there o and you will arrive at a certain moment to stop talking to the insane G1 And then the oil tomato the order is and now Pirelli doga business is blurry father it has blurred and I thought he was going to stay because he only stays in one p position there but now this time the guy didnt stay like that, a position, damn its all here again, stop messing with me, right? not because we saw that things get their ammunition and at the moment I think we dont need it yet, right? Brutal gameplay, without much stress, without any of that, thats what arrives, smashing everything there for us to go up here, just a graphic of this game, my friend from heaven, love from the right group, because hes going to have to eat, please, andthen Music And there, there, there, there, there, there, there, there, there, there, there, he turns around, look, there, its because it hasnt been in a long time, lets hit him one right, the other is the knife, look, how did he see that tivo Music Andthen Andthen And there Music and Google you dont go, its the d ragão and the final poker page get it was it wasnt supposed to be like this no Andthen its just a And then And then its an air Brazil yes its Vieira a and lets go there o And then And then Andthen Andthen I was Lima in the box talking o Andthen And then And then the man answers hide one Andthen Hello, all right Today Lucas a And then the father is Andthen and its more Mundial coming to the lid and what crazy right and lets show it to us to enjoy the game Play On E there and its two guys here look the two guys behind the steering wheel advanced look look Whats up Oh how cool and how to hide here yeah I didnt expect this one Whats up and look at the most beautiful game man youre crazy Whats up Whats up Whats up be careful that the one that has one up there and look at the carleone for us can go to the clinic to avoid a confrontation here Music and so that you can pay for the other one above there yes still a lot of problem And then And then And there E there E there E there its cool I think the other one didnt see it Yeah Ethere E there Ethere Music our oh E there Ethere And then and the bill there, look, I marked the top one, you cant see it, theres one on top, there s a snack, one Andthen the sofa, damn, I think its the body in And there, Music João Vitor is another there on the other side I have a lock on the Brotherhood and This Way they can and great good sign up for the alarm it will attract a lot of limits for you have eight Fi how cool there look the car elevator on Live Dont use the car elevator cars Yeah Whats up Whats up Music Andthen the guy has a lot of crazy here old the Sniper engine over there on the other side of the box the generator Where s the old guy Andthen And then And then and say it loudly Tron Champion first Black Tom here look at the elderly we can kill him there in the way hes better but then the guys will see question from the back I dont have to complain but he asked nicely without no one sees bye bye the pity because the earth was really falling it got stuck o The problem is that a guy walks with him lets see if hes going to separate the and it looks like hes separating its 1400 - 1 and hes going to exchange an idea with the people opening the Andthen And then you can kill him here and he calls everyones attention and lets go oh G1 And then The problem is that the guy behind him there at the same time with him, kind of like his security is on. here is 1,300 meters and with 400 thousand three hundred and now its I think it was a little you even worse is Andthen And then and I think it falls into a race, right, and you can eliminate the book and the guy said that got really crazy at the time is E then 300 meters in Ethen Ethen E then the downtown Music And there from the back the page goes right away young the page hit the three old and it will take the one in the back too want Wow it crossed it from the back and its alie Hey guys why did you let it go there we just need Music its but confirmation like ready space dedication here oh its normally we would eliminate UOL without attracting attention then it would work no one would need to keep turning us over there were going to get your one year old slipper theres a sink ready ok Andthen call me Ah okay na we eliminated the out One and now player 91 is missing hello hello there is about 6 thousand of money Thats good Jeez, I like to hit guys And then I think smoke my face has a lot of friends Pedro II and goes up there and Madeira are thinking that Im thinking that Im talking look Music and whats the view you dont have of the other and theres one more coming, right, it was already one Andthen and lets activate it open and And then And then And then Kill this one behind Pedra MA wants to stay with me probably no one will see its a division of them Aline its very very very favorable Andthen And then And then And then its bad help II Andthen its because Im already here if theres a way, I tried but it didnt work Andthen lets go to the last vol 1 which extracts others countries both in fact its just missing more together look Andthen its really crazy, right guys, those who like this style of game is sensational old this here is the same comment there on Live earlier you want it for the specific audience, okay guys Look Hey guys what player likes to play the game more like this more patient but calmer without too much rush I m giving a hell of an old man Im speeding up Gameplay here so the video doesnt get so long so you can have a basic notion of what is the game because its about snipper It was show Grandma buy titles just oh my God and the beach is I dont have it but it is Andthere And then hello hello And there Andthere Andthen oh my God, its not going to come up here old man really put good so many here its all thats beautiful isnt it friends on Whatsup Whats up with the story of Sport and and taking it off not only will it fall down there the draws attention on the big enemy pile is its Jolie and Brad rigney lauriclea ray ban ray ban he if i enter going through the link means a and some Torricellis of energy we have to take energy from them Ah okay they are diagonal I took them there have to be smart old man And there Andthere Ah ok lets take energy from the guys How many meters 900 - 927 Ill go there sir 800 sweets and thats it for you here the color here lets carnival seven skirt fiber opened you Music yeah Music I know that national Terra legal the two towers concessionaires sabots dont have Asus Satellite beauty 2017 from bed you today were going to take services and Music in which bid collect the rewards no but we have to kill the guy there oh Hi Aline joo-hyun read Ill get it now lets go Android were gone already gone Im fine I want to find Chelsea guys yeah Andthen Music And assuming my master scale was right o And oh wow, its not getting old, its out of the well and o over there hell find some metal blinds over there, the energy bills, right, and it wont work out very well, right? what if you throw there some Costa Chaves and Andthen the beach only with flirty women and lets go there son Wow, youll get to see it right the And there below that one for me now I think Please guys mom its already Andthen and the two control points now yeah And then its because we made the word from the tower right and now we he aimed at the target we have two control points I m going to take this control point testimony Ill meet you at the other one I just didnt get the reward from the other one, because here, in fact, here I should have gone to the other one to collect the reward first, then I came to this one so we can finish the mission. In this mission, there are 18 challenges to complete. five collectibles that I didnt get right but this one is the Sniper Ghost Warrior Complex two its just to get an idea of ​​ the game really its sensational Im really enjoying playing the game and the fans in this more realistic and shooting stuff i this is for me the best shooting game of the present time, especially when we know its going to be released on new consoles, right for PC you buy a Playstation 5 get sex and theres no game to play a cool shooter bro This here is sensational Beauty so thats it I really hope you liked it If you liked it tap on the like that helps a lot of growth of the channel belezinha and if you have nt subscribed already subscribe and activate the Tinker Bell mainly for Ford nothing I can here were together with the family said said he spoke how to refund in steam → O seu LIKE ajuda muito na divulgação e no crescimento do canal !► SEJA UM MEMBRO DO CANAL → . 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