Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 (PS5) - Part 1 - THE BEGINNING

Calories in steamed green beanshow to review a steam game SNIPER GHOST WARRIOR CONTRACTS 2 game i might have got away with it all right lets get sniping 97 meters oh here we go first bullet cam of sniper contracts two ps5 lets take his whole head off oh my goodness hey everyone welcome along to sniper ghost warrior contracts 2 on playstation 5. yes this brand new elite edition has been released were going to get into the beginning of this game so here we go then ive completed the tutorial under the greater that were heading into the zindagh province where weve got the long shot contract eliminate antoine zaza captain ronald payne colonel fired and novikov and sabotage satellite antennas we should do this straight away raven im sure you know the record for the longest sniper kill belongs to a canadian special forces operator during the iraq war he hit a target over two miles away todays mission wont need you to hit anything that far but its still going to be a challenge this operation is designated cold bore zero were dropping you onto a plateau located within range of all three targets your window of opportunity is small so hit and move the first target here is antoine zaza rashtras favorite warlord and quartermaster the zarza clan are arms dealers alongside other criminal enterprises eliminate him and the kuamari government will struggle to equip their militias your second target is a disgraced sas officer captain ronald payne hes in charge of the armys tactical training and currently stationed at one of their boot camps your third target is colonel theodore novakov a russian gru agent sent here to control logistics and supply removing these actors from the board will seriously hamper rashidas plans stay sharp ill be in contact when you arrive on site this has got to be overwatch point control its raven im in position above the port copy did not see him your shots carefully zarzas likely to run if you miss so no alarms well not before zaza is dead at least right then binoculars mode zoom in what have we got three there where is zaza so were looking for that says in a lot gate control box there have a guy in the tower okay there are a lot of people here but where thats a sniper wheres my guy oh that could be fun lots feel around alarms but i dont see Music our main target annoyingly control our very primary at this distance its not going to be easy even with all this fancy new gear agreed but the basics dont change get him stationary to improve your odds ill line them up somehow good luck send when ready here we go then where is he going raven were tracking a vehicle on approach right side thanks for the heads up its the same maker model we spotted earlier its the seller ill make sure he doesnt leave all right so this is another key target happy days oh hello thats not so good though the dealers on site focus on zaza hell head to the meeting point okay then this is where it all counts see i think we need to shoot that gate but lets see what happens lets play this through dont want to spook him too early theres the shot theres the shot okay hes inside now bullets gonna be dropping now ive lost visual on both targets maybe theres some way to get the hangar doors open lets see what i can do here we go that should that should open the door oh it has here we go we have successfully tapped his phone you should be able to hear them talking now for once are you calling me a problematic client no no no no far from that im just saying your uh i contribute to your growth then good and you contribute to the quality of my forces alright lets take it out Music dealers running down impressive not the record though not this time besides this off is off the books nothing come on you can claim put yourself put your head up you might want to also take care of the dealer since hes already arrived im going to if i can find him zarza is down so i might not be able to locate the dealer no i can see the deal by a big warehouse right side right in front hes right in front of me hes literally here somebodys sniping me are you seriously having a see good later buddy this is where the sniping begins was that him was that on him why is still down can i get him through that oh i can get it through there this could be the sneakiest shot we have done so far straight through the ribs was that hit yes okay we need to get out of here now were taking out what we need to take out were getting away from these mortars actually you know what thats a bit of fun while were here my friend goodbye well take a couple with us okay we should be able to get away from them now and move on to our next target control its raven im approaching the overwatch for paynes training camp roger raven do this quietly if you alert them youre going to be knee-deep in hostiles pain has sniper training too so expect the worst yep its always tricky without a flanker guarding my back do it smoothly and you wont need one okay so were here at point two all we now need to do is find our target there he is i have eyes on the primary do you have a shot negative hes moving too much i keep losing visual hard to hit a moving target at that distance yeah i need to get him in a good open position preferably not moving any thoughts not yet im working on it wait copy that raven hes out in the open now were doing it okay lets zoom on in Music 24. listen in do i have your attention army of freedom we will be the liberation of this forsaken country surrounded by enemies since the day it appeared on the map its high time we end its oppression can i get a shot at the question do i risk it oh weve risked it weve risked it why thank you on to the next lets get out of here control its raven do you read me loud and clear that might do it or at least get him to look out of a window roger good luck raven you need to disable both antennas were still picking up data streams from the facility novakov cant work without power roger ill see what i can do all right so we are now looking for our final target plus we have to take out the towers raven you can further sabotage rashidas supply chain if you disable this comms facility acknowledged there are multiple power transformers left side mark 1 1 and 1 2 and right side mark 2 1 and 2 2. do you have visual roger control looks like theyre hooked into the satellites no power no signal all right lets take out the power first we know roughly were looking at a thousand meters so lets up the scope to 24 again push this up to a thousand well thats mixing between those two though thats surely not right is it lets take it at 900. im presuming thats thats there oh well lets find out yeah thatll do it looks like i disabled the first antenna good work this should get novakovs attention keep an eye out for him Music the second antenna is down okay now we need to do we need to find our conversation here we go the time has got to be now are you joking me hes literally stood right behind the heavy armor guy just need to stand still doing it i think ive got him through the heavy armor guy what shot confirmed novakov is eliminated one of my better shots ill add that to my dope book days are on previous engagements yeah useful if im shooting under similar conditions again this is going to be mission complete mission success sniper ghost warrior contract 2 elite edition ps5 big thanks to koch here in the uk theyre sending me through the code i very much enjoyed this hope you have too if you did give it a like let me know down below in the comments which was your favorite shot and ill see you again very soon in the next one samsung superspeed steam vrt plus Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Elite Edition PS5 gameplay walkthrough part 1, the beginning.Huge thanks to Koch Media UK for sending me the copy of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Elite Edition PlayStation 5. 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