South Park The Stick of Truth but im 6 years late

Steam deck charge timeobscure steam games SOUTH PARK™: THE STICK OF TRUTH™ you playing South Park the stick of truth me playing South Park the stick of truth oh oh I shouldnt have done this this was a mistake so South Park the stick of truth one of my favorite games of all time and definitely something that any South Park fan can appreciate being a depressed teenager who never went outside or attended school was actually something that worked in my favor when this game released I completed this game playing it four times over with every single class 100% in it and getting every single achievement anyway thats enough flexing on you guys about how good my teenage years were lets get into the game now when video games give me the option to customize my character I tend to have a habit of taking way too long so I thought this time round Ill just stick with the first idea its my head and naturally the first idea to pop into my mind was an 80s TV show runner with a serious coke habit I whack some time appropriate glasses on him and its just really complete to look he goes from being a slightly greasy well-presented guy going for a job interview to full-blown to sexual assault charges and here we are we start our new life in the great town of South Park in what the  __  Im so sorry life George has no boundaries being introduced to my parents and the first thing that I notice about both of them is they are both brunettes which is quite weird considering Im blonde were only about seven minutes and 34 seconds into the game but Im getting some serious adoption vibes not that theres anything wrong with being adopted youve just got to accept the fact that they wont love you like a real parent would he doesnt remember he doesnt remember at all thats good thats good he doesnt remember yep definitely adopted so now after finding out that I was adopted it was time for me to go outside and make some friends something that I definitely dont do in real life before going outside however its always nice to smell good and know that youre not going to  __  your pants so with that being said I take a singular fat log in the toilet and have a shower despite having a shower though if my hair is still very greasy unfortunately thats just something youve got to commit to when you decide to be an 80s TV show runner with a serious coke habit no matter how many times you shower that hair will always be greasy go let you in on a little secret here when making friends the best thing to do is just find two people fighting split up the fight and then punch one of them right in the jaw now sometimes the kid will go home and tell his mum this isnt the outcome that youre aiming for what you are trying to do here with this right hook technique is actually just completely lay them out that way the kid will be scared of you and therefore will be friends with you and if that doesnt work well at least you made friends with the kid that was getting bullied and one of the many good things about being friends with the kid thats bullied is that theyre used to being left so eventually when you get more popular you can just cut them off without feeling bad but as then takes me to Cartmans house to introduce me to the wizard king there was the King welcomes me with open arms and decides to show me around his kingdom the first friend that I make in the beautiful kingdom of Cooper keep is Scott malkinson the kid with diabetes my track record so far isnt looking too great the bullied kid and the kid with diabetes in this game no matter what name you enter you will always just be called a douche bag so I decided to be one step ahead of the game and just call myself a douche bag unfortunately though I spelt douchebag wrong I had one job one  __  job and I spot it wrong so now it was time for me to select what class I wanted to be and after giving it a little bit of thought I come to the conclusion of why Im an 80s TV runner with a coke addiction and lots of money clearly Im Jewish the relic which human and L are willing to die Music the kingdom of Cooper keep and the stick of truth who are on the threat so it was time to beat up some 10 year olds the others would have to wait a few minutes for my help though because this girl that once said hi to me uploaded a slightly saucy picture to Facebook and it was time for a FAP and cry fortunately I have a little bit experience here and there dabbling in beating up ten year olds so this was easier for me that it is for a bulimic girl to get viewers on Twitch its God what the stick of truth the hells got it with the stick of truth now gone it was my time to go find Craig token and tweek and let me know about how serious the situation was I was really looking forward to getting out into the wide open world of South Park because having just moved here today it was time to find me a new dealer on my way out I made friends with mrs. Cartman and I thought she might be sending me some signals but then I remembered Im a white Jewish boy Im definitely not her type like any good friend before leaving I decided to go upstairs and snoop through Cartmans house I do often just invite myself into peoples properties and it was a bad example set to me by my uncle who often invited himself into me speaking of my uncle in mrs. Cartmans room there was a draught that looked very similar to a list of things that my uncle used to give me instead of pocket money his motto was always make it last try not to blast after assessing the situation in mrs. Cartmans room its looking like I might not need to find myself a brand new dealer in South Park after all all I need to do is just shoot her a DM and Im sure she could hook me up I leave an absolute solid one in Cartmans toilet and decide its time to take my sex toys and drugs and get the hell out of it elves are everywhere out here in the open world of South Park but these ones have caught me in a bad mood I havent popped sniff or anally inserted anything since Ive moved to South Park so to come down right now is hitting me harder than an abusive stepdad well how she really sounds like gold I said I was gonna go have a fap and cry too earlier in my quest to collect everything in the game that we then come across some homeless people and I thought Id take this time to just really inform maybe some younger viewers who are watching this if youre not rich this is what happens when you take drugs so just remember if theres 20 quid in your bank account and the choice is food or drugs always go with drugs I visit the customization store and make a very very questionable decision on some of the things I purchase and then continue to equip to my character this was a mistake butters and I arrived at tokens house and realized that theres a security guard just standing there making sure no one comes inside so I approached him expecting him to shoot me because well this is America after all but he just pepper sprays me in the eyes so our solution to the pepper spraying guard outside tokens house is something that I really should have thought about before making these changes to my character hey why why did that it just makes it ten times worse why do they have to be a gas-mask help everything it could have been Oh No gas masks five years ago would have seemed like a completely silly ridiculous idea but I went on the tube two weeks ago and saw a guy wearing one so I think eighty years on from World War two theyre finally coming back into fashion nowadays the first thing that I do when Im tokens property is still one of his Chinpokomon I really hate racial stereotypes so I thought Id flip the script a bit here and show that white guys really do steal things from black guys too thank you for that message trailer I shall make haste to Koopa keep mom can you drive me to Erics house so weave token recruited it was now time to go and get tweek and on my way there we met one of my favorite South Park characters its me Al Gore now obviously Al Gore goes on to tell us about manbearpig which is important in its own right but right now the stick of truth is the priority butters and I make our way to tweeks coffee shop making sure we knock before we enter because not knocking before you rent to a building is to stir up rudia tweets dad then tells us how their coffee is a perfectly legitimate pure blend of coffee here right to ecstatic thats like me saying to you that my YouTube subscribers are perfectly legitimate real people we find a tweak in the back making the coffee and looking like hes working his ass off and to me this kind of looks like child labor but dont worry mr. and mrs. tweek I wont tell on you as long as you dont tell on me child labor is sometimes necessary to help a free up tweek schedule so he has enough time to come to Cooper keep butters and I decided to go pick up one of the packages of their pure 100 Coffee blend all these years of being an avid coffee drinker and I always thought the best blends come from places like Colombia Italy and America but really now Im just finding out the best blends come from a rednecks garage which also by the looks of it doubles up as a meth lab I mean hey praise to them for doing two businesses at once thats not easy meth addicts beaten up I mean not it was very hard all you have to do is just sneeze on them and they just turn into a pile of ash and tweaks special delivery secured so finally now eight week schedule is freed up enough to find his way back to Cooper keep and fight the elves to reclaim the stick of truth yep thats good  __  tweek and token down the only person left to recruit was Craig so we made our way to his house to see if he was ready looking for Craig well he cant play hes in detention something about flipping off the principal back at Cooper keep we delivered the news - Cartman of Craig being in detention and there was only really one thing on the drawing board I do SH bag would have to go break Craig out of detention but I couldnt do it without first learning the most powerful spell a kid can hear since Jeffrey Epstein said come on my plane and give me a massage the dragons shout my god that was incredible so with the dragon shelter now in my back pocket literally in my back pocket it was time to go and break Craig out of detention please let me know guys if you do want to see more self apart the stick of truth I always have a blast playing this game as I said its one of my favorites of all time I absolutely adore it and I hope that you guys - Id love to make a full series on this and then move on to the fractured butthole but as always guys leave your feedback in the comment section down below do like the video if you did enjoy it and subscribe to you are new around here and enjoy the content thank you very much for watching I really do appreciate you all and I will see you in the next one bye bye Music steam deck play xbox game pass South Park The Stick of Truth. 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