South Park The Stick of Truth - Part 6 | ABDUCTED!

Steam game recommendations reddithow to find game files on steam SOUTH PARK™: THE STICK OF TRUTH™ game top of the morning to you laddies my name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to south park the stick of truth Im on a roll with these videos just cant stop playing it I got a crutch off Jimmy I wonder can I use it level 4 crutch of weakness and now its weaker than what I have I also got a new off cap adds one armor reducing enemy attacks came one pp on bow attack I dont really know I prefer to have a lot of armor than something else what else what do these do yeah I will take those as three armor bow attacks inflict 10% more damage and ranged weapons attack attack range weapon attacks inflict more damage freakin nice and Im going to put uh 25 extra HP when healed no Ill do a PP thing cuz I have one for health there we go I should do whats upcoming ready to leave so douchebag okay hurry up this Inn is no longer safe for okay I want to look around a bit I want to see whats in here oh theres nothing in here okay well I guess I am ready to go cuz theres nothing else to do so do lets go back to Koopa keep the stick of truth its back where it belongs great job man douche bag for your heroic deeds and valiant self-sacrifice at the great battle of the giggling donkey I hereby make you an official member of the kingdom of Koopa he just did it KKK hahaha its getting late the grand wizard needs to go night-night okay mom thanks for pointing out bedtime for everyone its a school night hon you and your little druid friends need to not dress mad were  __  lawyers and wizards oh thats it youre going to bed the rest of you better get home to oh man I cant keep playing its weird though because this is my first time my first day in South Park in this game I didnt know I go up here oh cool look at it all its so pretty stuff popping up on screen ruining it okay so I gotta get home go to bed cuz its Nate am its getting late I just use this no cant you see me cuz Timmys gone come back to bed see you later its late hon your parents will be worried yeah they will probably wondering why Im coming back with a big metal helmet and a flaming stick my house is the one with a big red for sale signs on it right this one yes um hes a bedtime well there he is you make any new friends sweetheart Oh a lot say huh what a surprise its late sweetie go on up to bed and Ill be there to say good night okay see you later boss thank you is my room yes what a  __  room me to style it up yeah I wont put anything in there cuz I dont have a weight limit apparently so lets just go to bed progress the game good night little man I hope youre as happy as we are everything is going to be better now that were in this quiet little mountain town Ive killed people today q the aliens haha we  __  knew it soon as I heard that music they had to show up eventually hey dudes moe moe moe moe moe moe moe moe moe moe moe Im having the dream again okay dreaming what happening yeah oh Jesus Jesus Christ oh can we try the big silver one again Oh am I gonna get a satellite up my ass Im clenching whoa will not penetrate me there we go Im super powerful hey you Jesus is this your first time getting probed oh hey Randy Haines but this is the kind of stuff you put up with living in a remote little mountain town at least we dont have to deal with traffic hey you broke free kid you have an incredible control of your  __  good news too you can use your newly acquired alien probe to teleport hold and choose I can teleport Wow look at that you must have broke off part of the probe and now you can control it with your sphincter muscles pretty ah so thats what that was where do I go where do I go choose the location you want to teleport with left to right and then press right trigger again Im surrounded by some kind of force field go find a way to shut it off when you break free I can show you how to get off the ship alien helmet ooh can i teleport in there no I can okay so thats what that one was for I got a big giant dildo again uh so I teleport back ouch and down here nice so Im gonna equip that thing that I got the helmet oh I can just equip all my stuff thatll do nice so Im fully geared up again Im gonna go kick some alien ass Ill be back Randy just to hold on five minutes Hey what uh-oh theres a thing here hey guys its fighting time lets go fight some aliens MooMoo I knew theyd do the move Im gonna Dragons Breath all yall I can only do it on two okay thatll work Reagans breath awesome I kill two of them on one try that block normal attacks or magic attacks magic Im kicking some ass like my character victory got an alien Raygun jeez so lets equip that ooh this is gonna be strong isnt it well a modified which deflect 10% more damage when you block as 20 gross damage Ill add lightning to it okay so Ill equip my thing wait check this yep good lord oh hey there you are oh yeah yeah thats the lhomme de containment block take that elevator next to you the probe in your  __  should interface with it okay there we go thanks Randy good youre looking for a security console should be one above you in probe maintenance and another below you in the atmospheric processor yeah I know this stuff cant remember which one you want though been a while since I did this why do you know this stuff Randy I dont get it I got an alien armor thing alien suit gained a shield that blocks two hits at start of combat that might be really handy it only has one slot to modify though now ask her that uh fetish and up there there we go come on interface with these ones whoa I just fried a dude I dont know how okay so tries to do something else back down here oh this one its just out of reach oh no I know down here press this again here we go nice thats what that was yeah lets lets fight it out lets Duke it up MooMoo mmm space Taser why are you just a policeman almost kill them in one hit my guy is strong now hes dead from fire damage give me all your  __  all your space  __  Im starting to run out of like space for items thats when you know youre getting really strong great youre there what do we do keep going I think youre on to something there we go I know I could trust you keep it up I hate stuff like this Im still stuck better try the other console oh okay well no I dont think that was supposed to happen ah can I go there the screen says 404 like a server problem hell does all this stuff to aliens aliens did Logan Ill go to meaningful thanks to my record other than Rory oh hello oh lets find a way off this ship oh god theyre coming why am i standing here making an audio lock I dont have time for this leave me alone what other console was he talking about I cant get down to the other things can I get down for this oh okay lets try the other console god I hope this works that makes sense which other console though so one down here somewhere dato so hungry Ive searched for food but the only thing I found are other peoples annoying using this audio dogs why did they bother when they clearly were in terrible danger each audio log I find is more irrelevant boring than the last I must keep looking for a way to survive hes making fun of all the audio logs that people leave in stupid games when theyre clearly in trouble there was a thing down there Mandy said use the other console I dont know where that is Oh interface with this thing though oh okay I dont know Ill find another way oh jeez thats disgusting dont burn me thank you because theres nothing around here maybe you do have to go back down this way this is kind of confusing ah we need to see that console there before something down here yeah lets fight for our right to party MooMoo shut up stick to the face  __  now die of burning damage Momo Momo nice super easy okay so to this and do this it activated a fan oh I think that was supposed to kill the dude if I were still there oh well that didnt work now watch ah if you just go through this okay lets read it lets listen to the center audio long can see what he says huh squish eyeball Ive looked everywhere but I cant find anything to eat or a clue to get me off the ship just more audio logs everywhere for some reason I listen to every minute of every one of them thinking thered be some useful information but its like theyre just filler useless jitter theyre filler thats driving me to madness okay Im a bad memory Oh coffee club come on try again ah come on gonna be the turn give it all you got sorry Randy what I believe in you Im guessing Im supposed to fail this there we go oh geez okay that one doesnt work either head back towards the elevator panics so I needed this basically is paid electricity I needed this thing back in the town thats why I I saw all those things I was wondering how I interface with them so this is how you can try in that room across the bridge the alien who works there is really tough so be careful and remember to use electricity shut up and use electricity if I want this thing as electricity damage doesnt it okay didnt really do much mooo tired see the freaking thing because its light colored as well okay Ill use a cure potion first I think I should use this you know its only on the first guy maybe I can kill him in one go yes nice thats a lot to dodge nice going little dude I need you to heal yourself though I dont have butters now feel lost without my little buddy okay well try it under fire guy there we go and hes pissed oh I could have counter attacked the other guy before and I didnt okay Ill just kill this first guy then there we go he will die next time were not how am I supposed to dodge that I need a cure potion but Im gonna use a health one first can you die ah its hurt see the the counter thing because Im all its all white nice hes hurtin oh thats really hard to block theres a lot of attacks in that hey one more you should be dead oh whoa that was close that was a good fight I like that one okay thank you guys Anke alien gloves whatd they do gain one pp when you want to screw that here we go Randy hey that did it whoo force fields down come on back and we can get out of here got it Kenny its another Saturday night feeling all right feeling okay doing good Randy whats down here last audio book okay I did find one audio lock it was mildly amusing a woman trapped on this ship left an audience with him some paper she had left in an alien cabin and she told me the code was 776 that was kind of cool because I didnt know the code before that though when I opened the cabinet there was only some kind of power up I didnt really need okay hi hi no nothing that is that it I cant do anything oh there we go I have to fight him why is he German alien conspiracy hobo hey Im fighting Hitler Im not paying attention up shut up ow ow hey stop crying it okay I need a health potion before I need the cure potion uh attack him again but doesnt do as much damage lets kill him so digit you Livi now Im burn Jesus does it take to kill this  __  there we go easy there Jess thank God you syringe broken bottle health potion and a tinfoil hat which will let me do what at six armor ooh reducing enemy attacks minus 25% damage taken from aliens equip that it  __  up son there we go that audiobook stuff is one of the best piss takes of games that Ive heard so far in this game I would that was funny I like that great you made it okay use this panel here we can all go home can we you message from our officer Barbrady dear diary spell dear wrong oh yeah because by officer Barbrady cant he cant read ask the fire to was out guys they spent 250 million on it its got to be awesome dear diary today I made friends with a new kid he was really nice I hope he likes me too one time done please thank God Oh oh you did it what does that thanks kid I dont know who you are or if youre real but consider me your friend yay until we meet again how did Randy know all this stuff yeah how many friends do I need for a new perk 3 whats this thing white power crystal enter the alien cockpit which is where I have no map of this thing I need to just go around and guess I didnt see a cockpit before is it through here maybe theres another audio log I found something that looks to be food its some sort of green fluorescent Coulomb Im gonna have to try any thumb its not so bad its tangy and nutty but probably go well with it hey whats happening to me what I got - keyboards coming on up this thing makes a weird noise and I get underneath it can use like the white crystal on this something no okay oh wait oh I can turn that off good to know Im glad I could turn off the x-ray make no sense so where the hell is the alien cockpit I actually have no idea oh maybe its this way because I couldnt go this way before I got an alien probe as a weapon there we go nice perfect there we go Im gonna land a spaceship its only been my first day in South Park and Im already a genius at everything you gotta give him credit for the art sign in this game its phenomenal hey MooMoo nice to race you kick some ass oh ah you guys seem strong I dont like that with these dragons breath and both of you I cant use it on both of you I cant use it on that cuz its immune so use it on one of you mr. straight woo that did fuck-all oh crap ow ow ow not doing well okay I need to attack that alien defense matrix but first I need to heal its resistant so what do I have to use on it my gun yeah its weak against this good awesome rule what are you doing to me who the  __  jeez thank God they dont get a lot of like attacks in turn attack the matrix its almost age that wasnt perfect okay one more and it should be dead what whoo I press the button it didnt work ah crap hed heal ox I cant press a with this thing its X only so bad so now can I use this on you guys no it did  __  all the first time anyway oh these guys dont like electricity right did I do that right I dont even know press a when wires touch okay Ive got to be ready for this this time yes I blocked it thats a powerful attack I dont like that one oh we cant do that thing again we dont have enough PP  __  lets just do this his defence went up like three times so I got to bring it back down again and go again I should be using I should be using items during my turns like to bring up my PP cuz I get I got a free turn with this anyway PP potion large is a redbull Im gonna take that full here we go yeah so zap your target blah blah press a when the wires touch I just keep pressing a loads of times and I think it worked moo moo okay this thing again I gotta be prepared yes I did it youre going down alien  __  yes Im gonna kick your ass hmm one more hit right yeah yes difficult battles oh whoa oh  __  green goo is never good yes at what location how many people in the town oh my good get in there and cover it up this could change everything get everyone moving weve got another UFO crash okay I thought he was gonna be there oh my good kind of guy this is exactly like an episode of the show this is awesome dude do you remember anything well I guess he doesnt remember anything weird well maybe he does but he doesnt talk anyway but Im gonna leave this episode here thank you guys so much for watching it if you liked it punch that like button in the face like a boss and high-fives all around whoosh whoosh thank you guys I will see all your news eagle eyes and Jack dont care if you are not another well I got some deer regions in deerskin steam marketplace If you enjoyed the video, punch that LIKE button in the FACE! 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