Playstation vs. Baby? | Spelunky 2 (Episode 106)

Electric steam pressure washerbest steam games rpg SPELUNKY 2 hey everybody welcome back thanks for sticking it out in the spelunky two series were gonna get there okay its gonna happen its like that you know i think its the theme song for party of five didnt see his face its going to be a six more weeks of winter uh isnt it i think its a theme song to party of five am i talking to anybody is this a wendys drive-through sir i told you please stop talking about 90s television programs in the series the only people who watch them now work at a bank theyre not watching your videos Music you get you gotta start making references to like the sweet life of zack and cody and drake and josh and stuff like that i i mean i understand the references to drake and josh i i dont you know i didnt live through them so its kind of stolen valor i suppose youre the next contestant on getting shot by an arrow trap come on down Music this is a bit of a gauntlet no doubt about that um i understand that uh the references to drake and josh its always like uh you know wheres wheres my shopping cart drake uh its right there do i see it i i understand its like somebody screwed up i get the joke okay i dont need to explain to you that i get the joke i get the joke i get jokes all the time its one of my one of my primary skills is at least understanding humor even if uh i cant make it myself which is kind of one of the great ironies of my existence i suppose um no nl youre funny oh that you didnt have to say that thank you anyway um spelunky i hope you enjoyed the last episode we talked a little inside baseball um its a good time im im excited for you know the changes honestly like i dont know you know we dont need to go into it too much yet again because i know youre like shut up and im like i know i wish i wish i knew how um i guess that was the bat huh what if we just did this and then that and then youre not dead all right so were gonna wait on that for a second theres no way were getting turkeys to yang ill tell you that much um im excited i i really you know maybe theres some you know bias in here in here i really dont think ive ever made like a a major content change that you know weeks later i looked back and i was like actually thats dumb well there was one time we did gaming news on the nlss for a while we opened the fir just not a smart move we opened the first hour of every show i mean the nlss went through some changes right like who there was a time where we played isaac to open every single show a very small percentage of people but a percentage nonetheless are out there right now go and like bring that back well maybe when they release new content in that game uh for the first time in 20 years we might consider it thank you um but uh im not you know what i guess we should take a turkey with us theres no reason not to take a single turkey with you cant take two turkeys with us obviously um but yeah definitely like i was like hey you know what if we want to be like maybe we could tap into this kind of like desire that we have to be you know so-called like gaming media and we could uh you know do some gaming news on the show not uh i mean its just its a natural kind of evolution right um eventually i just realized wait a minute its like way more fun to just crack jokes and occasionally talk about the gaming industry than it is to f um i do want to come over here um than it is to like be gaming journalists like im not looking down on the profession at all um if anything its almost the opposite i actually feel like gaming journalism is kind of like a noble profession because you deliver news to people and they dont always want to hear it like i i just cant imagine like youre in kind of like a consumer advisory position youre one of the first like 100 people on planet earth to play a video game and then when you say like im sorry to tell you but its not very good people are like go die Laughter before theyve even played it which is just crazy to me but anyway um yeah its just not the space that i i feel most natural operating within anymore lets put it that way so i uh you know that that was that was a programming change that kind of immediately we were like eh this isnt really what this what this show seems to want to be about but you know you figure it out as you go it is not a vault let me let me look here okay because like a ghost pot is very very makeable here um oh yeah i like it i i like everything about this area over here its like that three days grace song i like everything about this i sure do love this three days grace more like three days uh ace you know what i mean aass anyway sorry i you know is one of those bands actually fairly well liked uh amongst people in my age group so i apologize so you know im trying to delete it etc etc um then we just wanted the bombs otherwise i actually feel like were pretty content here we got quillback coming on the next floor clowns to the left of me quill back well to the left of me and also to the right for that matter i do i dont know why i tried to do that in time with the music oh okay sorry turkey that was you almost took a shot to the head like t-pains love interest in the song drinking partner its not like you know shes not taking shots to the head like like bullets but like you know like tequila i mean you know you know t paynes brands yeah okay ill admit i look i like t-pain what do i like most from t-pain well um his guest spots ive never really been like a main t-pain stand sort of guy um but like his guest spots for example on uh you know the good life i mean he sings the hook on the good life by kanye west and then i can live with this dont forget as well um singing the hook on uh international players anthem by the underground kings featuring andre 3000 and big boy i will reiterate featuring andre 3000 and big boy not a traditional outcast jam they chose to be separately built theres like a hyphenated last name okay i respect that i choose to respect that um i didnt hear a bottom on that thats scary oh i should have got the putt um but yeah okay i when it when it comes to t-pain i mean that the tiny desk concert is kind of in a class of its own you know its been a its been a long time since a tiny desk concert came out but i still think you know what i said when it came out holds true which is like you know t-pains uh breathless juvenile nature can be kind of uh it can seem vapid or or even tiresome in a top 40 context um but in the context of almost like a 1950s crooner um his commitment to hedonistic debauchery takes on a little bit of a melancholy vibe that actually gives it like a smoky backroom confessional quality that i i think and and lets not ignore the fact that that the man just is is an incredible entertainer and has an unbelievable voice like you know if you havent seen the t-pain tiny desk concert you probably have because it came out like six years ago and the internet moves at like an unbelievable pace youre probably like uh come on grandpa i saw that 100 years ago when it came out two years ago i understand on the internet you know everything on the internet kind of ages like milk in the sense that it ages insanely quickly right do i have to use a bomb to get past i guess i have to use a bomb or a rope you know what im going to use a bomb and im just going to do it this way so at least we get the ruby out of it and were going to forget the dog were going to forget the ghost pot for now and im going to caffeinate by the way hope you had a nice holiday season if youre still in the holidays i hope you continue to have a nice holiday season um i like i like a friday christmas i know this is like its a self caricature but friday christmas and then saturday being uh you know my traditional day off i i honored both of those i didnt take all of friday off but i i only worked like a little bit in the morning to make sure we had the bare minimum rations moving forward well who needs gold anyway um and saturday like didnt work at all which means honestly like as an adult when you i i dont know like im not trying to adultsplain to anybody but you know typically when you when you got a lot of responsibilities with an adult like ie having a child um when you have a day off its not really like a day off its just a day on of different stuff so but you know youll learn the you learn to take some some pride and some uh pleasure out of doing like you know a bunch of laundry doing the dishes cooking a particularly fancy lunch or something like that okay this is spicy spa dice okay here we go very important its probably just a parachute because apparently like its always parachutes down here theres ropes thats not so bad but yeah it was nice i uh you know just spending time with the with the family hope you enjoyed your your season again if its still going then more power to you i always like christmas new years is so interesting because like you always because like literally new years day is always one week after christmas its always like you do a little holiday and then its like practice for another holiday right like a week later youre like alright lets do it again lets do it and do it and do it and do it and do it and do it you know okay i knew that there was a bear trap every nerve in my body just switched on there for a second that was i knew there was a bear trap i just didnt know uh i was like am i landing on it am i landing past it do we know is everything okay i never had a choice oh yeah just run right into the spikes uh interesting interesting decision to say the least um anyway hows this run its actually not that great right now uh we you know i dont want me to suggest that its frustrating because i dont really see it like that um and this will help honestly i guess the bear trap only triggers if you actually manage to to whip the the activator in the center thats a nice touch um but uh what was i saying oh yeah like its its a bit of a its not bad especially now with the the boots and a couple of more bombs but um we definitely do look at this and were like we havent seen an altar so far were not exactly crushing it you know financially and hp were doing just fine but its you know nothing to write home about just yet we also i guess we didnt get a child of the forest on that floor which means we are not going to get um 10 bombs or 12 bombs sorry 12 bombs sorry sorry im trying to delete it um oh and this is our black market floor but thats okay like honestly we got plenty of time um you know were not gonna pick up a whole heck of a lot from our shop and from our black market in all likelihood it is always nice when you have an altar that seems like should be pretty realistic to to get it where we want it to go did i say an altar you know what i mean of course i mean an idol so i think were going down we might be able to buy like i mean to buy a cape would be nice no verticality is also a bit of a bit of a whiff okay but we do have paste paste is of course extremely great probably get a little bit of money on the way down here and its i mean you know you you play the runs youre given i dont think weve really left too much on the table i dont think theres been too many situations where we were like oh like we missed five ghost pots or something like any of the ghost pots we havent gotten ill just hit you with the classic like i i wouldnt say were missing them bob danke donkey so theres a lot of stuff id love here um but most of its not gonna be plausible to get were gonna have like uh maybe close to 20 but not quite 20 000. i uh its its tough right i think we we can always skimp on bombs they they can show up later we should get some even if we dont get a bunch um from the children of the forest i think you definitely want some form of verticality and then typically like i really like climbing gloves um as as utility items theyre probably not strictly necessary on the other hand there they are um but we cant afford them um so another thing that i would say here is just like you know we have more time Music we have more time so theres no real rush here lets lets go through with this you know lets get our uh lets get the bow back here i feel like were probably kind of tapped like i dont think were gonna get too much more wow um suffice it to say that definitely appears to be true i dont know would i rather have spring shoes or like six bombs its a really tough question one things for certain we are pretty much good to go um you can always blow some stuff up of course and like you know theres always ghost pod potential i suppose but um 8 000 huh is there like is there an easy ruby somewhere that we could we could pick up i dont think so man i dont think so i i mean you know give me verticality sometimes a little scary for me give me give me a couple more bomb bags and then well just leave i think um could have gotten the gloves dont give me the gloves have a theres a lot of value there i would never dispute it i wouldnt i like him Music 3 300 bucks im like just just get me out we weve done our part here the olmec fight is probably going to be a little bit touchier than usual and i can i can live with that i mean really like our stats are not bad theyre just maybe not as not as stellar as you might expect oh well we can still do it its not our first rodeo now am i saying were going to create a little uh an army of of eggplant type minions to go along with the this whole thing no i dont think so i think you know youre gonna have to maybe uh look at bear taffy for that kind of content which uh tv slash michaela fox im more of the uh hope and pray we make it to the exit sort of channel thats its more my lot in life at this point and im okay with that by the way i i stand by it this is gonna be very scary Laughter hello um i just like you know its not a great place to be trapped because youre right next to the whole yeah like the bees and what have you um but i think i should be able to like this i dont mind go ahead sting me sting me coward they they stung now we need the jelly i need my arrow we dont need our arrow what am i talking about yeah yeah yeah yeah come on up come on up he came up he came up saved um just just highly saved and you know the arrow is is done just let it go just let it go so i think that was well worth it because i understand like basic principles of arithmetic um so like on a literal level it was worth which is nice you dont get that many like objective uh plays in spelunky right i mean sometimes youre like uh i guess it was objectively bad when i like die yeah that tends i mean unless youre coming back with the ankh oh my i dont mind dont mind i get bye my favorite uh my favorite of the rock band presents songs you guys know that one honest bob in the factory to dealer incentives its a great song i think you know a lot of the if if youve never played rock band they were like i dont want to say real songs you know what i mean there were popular songs in rock band and then there was also like kind of indie songs in rock band most of which were somehow related to the developers themselves i get by that was a that was a classic notice your record collection is very uh meat and potatoes oh thank you that means theres not a lot of surprises in there i think were okay here i mean you always take stock of your run at olmec you know were 19 minutes into the episode we got nine hp always nice to be able to get some royale uh were not for that we definitely would feel a little bit more pinched were gonna need to use some ropes were probably gonna use a few bombs to get through the olmec fight move to the left please was interested in the idea like what if you used olmecs own bombs against him that was always like the height of video games im not scared that was always the height of video games was when like whenever you would play a first person shooter with your friends in like the late 90s one of the first things you would test is can you pick up a grenade off the ground and throw it back or can enemies do that to you and if they could do it to you you were like what this is the most incredible feat ive ever experienced in my life i dont know what we want to do here i mean like i think were just going to have you fall and youre not going to fall through but i think this is by doing it this way i think were going to spend a bomb um but save many bombs in the future that was so close to disaster we just need the ropes so we can actually escape because we dont have any uh any height on our jump unfortunately now like i got a i got a new years resolution for olmec my new years resolution for olmec is like dont die just due to stupidity if possible i this situation by the way just see it reeks of like were gonna eat it and feel bad so lets use another rope there you go im a little offended but thats okay if we got to use a bunch of bombs here then we got to use a bunch of bombs but first lets lets scout like did we make we made like no holes anywhere um okay well lets uh lets just spend our bombs man thats what were here for um and we might as well put a rope up because we know were gonna need it but um yeah i think like i i i no longer want to die on the olmec fight just because im like well you know 15 bombs is good but 14 bombs youre never going to make it you know also believe it or not youre going to hate this but i think we use another rope there just to kind of guarantee ourselves some safety moving forward should work yeah i think its gonna work just fine my others my other new years resolution i have had like um less actionable new years resolutions in the past not necessarily bad stop doing that um but uh like you know like uh be more patient thats like a good one dont get me wrong its a good i still should continue to implement that i think i have become a little more patient over the last couple of years um my patients you know when it comes to stuff like you know hey could you get into the lobby a little faster on the nlss my patience has been i would say punish rather than rewarded with people just instead taking advantage of it by taking even longer to accomplish the simple tasks but you know what my blood pressure stays lower and thats good um my my real actionable new years resolution this year is to stop wasting i dont know somewhere between 5 and 20 minutes a day on twitter by like openly but its great banter fodder i gotta admit um by by like examining trending topics that i have no awareness or interest in and then just seeing you know how elements of society that i you know i dont have any friends that really fit into that kind of cohort how how they see the world if that makes sense um what do i mean by this well like you know hold on maybe we can get monty here like news about popular um singers for the most part like i i dont know who person x person y are um i know maybe like one song that they did right im probably the smartest man of all time here um but like i was looking the other day and there was there was big news so iggy azalea had a child um and the father is playboy cardi who as i understand it is a uh is a pretty famous rapper um and its just its a sad news story but its also admittedly humorous right um while she was having the baby in the hospital apparently playboy cardi opted not to go uh and be there for the birth and then uh you might say what did he have to do do you have like an extremely important gig or something like that um well even still probably worth considering canceling at least um you know it is the birth of your child uh but then also and and well obviously gamble a little bit here um it turns out nah he was just playing playstation 5 with lil uzi vert and you would think like theres a lot of replies that are like le mao which is to some extent like im theres some sympathy you feel for the for the mother of course but also you are like really man like youre youre skipping the birth of your child to play 2k on the ps5 um but then there you would be amazed we do appreciate that you would be amazed at the number of the replies that are just like just cause he wasnt there for the birth doesnt mean hes gonna be like a bad father i mean what is he supposed to do at the birth just like hang out like really seems like he could have uh used his uh time better elsewhere and youre like what are you talking about like there was one guy who was like and you gotta recognize okay that these are like 14 year old kids probably i hope um but there was one guy who was like honest question so dont be mad if if im wrong here but honest question but like do you really need to be there for the birth like im kind of grossed out by by that sort of stuff maybe i you know maybe be better for her if i wasnt there and everybody was like nah you should like really be there and theyre like oh you really want me to go throw up on the operating room floor or whatever youre like not dude like its just its more like what are like first off you got to like do some real responsibilities like as a father you know you got some unpleasant stuff by the way if youre gonna like throw up in the nobodys like oh sweet Laughter theyre gonna you know chop open my wife and then pull my baby out of her intestines you know its like nobodys like no normal person at least its like this is gonna be great you know theres always some weirdos out there who are like oh this piques my intellectual curiosity like i i get that but you know nobodys stoked for it but secondly you gotta do a lot of gross stuff when youre a dad you know you got to change a lot of diapers doesnt bother me but apparently like theres i mean again youre talking about probably like a little little kid but still like he was getting ripped up in the comments which is completely fair for the record and then he was like also because i cant help myself he was also like tweeting not in the comment thread but like just to his just tweeting in general and he was like man you cant even like really ask an honest question these days without every freaking time without twitter like tearing you apart youre like man like youre not suggesting like you know hey can i go out with my friends for like one night uh when the kids like a little bit grown you know youre actually like hey i know youre like going through like the most pain youve ever gone through in your life but itd be like kind of gross and like maybe even like a little inconvenient i promise ill be there for like the little dudes life im gonna be like a good dad or whatever but just like this could you give me a break on like this one thing thats like arguably uh you know like should be one of the most important days of both of our lives like what do you what do you have to do uh thats more important than being there for like the birth of your child like i just im not even like mad im just like did you think about it for more than half of a second before you made this tweet honest question but like do you think like the you think um my wife would be mad like if i didnt show up for the birth of my child nah dude probably like if shes cool youll probably youll be fine im sure shell understand when shes like you know 10 centers 10 centers 10 centimeters dilated pushing your kid out should be like oh i name you nathaniel daddy cant be here right now hes playing spider-man miles morales but dont judge him i promise hes gonna be a good dad he just really needed that platinum trophy plus he gets a little bit grossed out by all this stuff so just dont get poisoned anyway its just like so like my new years resolution is to do less of that but it might also be like to do more of that so like im just im still figuring it out i guess like maybe do more um because i think it does make for for good content well this is a its a pickle just want to be safe rather than sorry i always want to take a look right anyway just like itll boggle your mind i want to believe that its like a 12 year old whos like just like trying to use facts and logic in a situation where they cant understand that they dont fully apply like i dont want to be selfish but im not doing anything at the birth anyway im not delivering the child so do you really need me there like i could be uh i could be getting trophies right now a tall servant of gold tall gold eye tall golden eye tall golden eye pierce brosnan tall golden eye help me okay were so low on hp like ill just tell you straight up first off we shouldnt have lost that much hp on the uh monty we shouldnt have lost that much hp on the fight on top of that um i dont know like i dont i dont see us beating the sun challenge with our current set of parameters um thats gotta be waddler right here if you see a special block its almost always waddler what did i tell you we will drop off excalibur because excalibur is actually like super useful um genuinely super useful very lucky um on the sun challenge that was one where i was like is it really useful and then it turns out the answer was like yes extremely um so i was thinking about doing wet fur you do get ropes and you do get spring shoes neither of which at this point in my life interest me enough to risk it all instead we will take the cowards way out we will go to neo babylon immediately um i certainly think this is a below average neo-babylon run no kapala and and poor hp is is pretty nasty its not to say it cant be done um i dont really love the idea of doing this but its what its here for more or less so were just oh my god thats uh thats a powder keg waiting to go off then like we we i guess we can take this elevator down um theres two competing elevators theres our exit huh that i mean obviously it could have gotten monty but also could have just gotten bodied okay not not smart i thought we were i thought we were in the clear though tall goldeneye tall goldeneye tall golden eye how i didnt do any something went wrong with that mech well kiss your kapala chance goodbye i would say um tall gold eye so i i you may not love what im about to say i dont know if my hand would have gotten crushed there i need these gloves are you tall or are you simple youre simple okay thats tall gold eyes right there lets go um i this may not be the most popular uh sentiment right now but i feel like we should actually just embrace the fact that is very unlikely like like mathematically its almost a certainty that i will die on the sun challenge so i im actually i feel like its just sensible to just try to kill hundun you know to just live long enough to maybe uh get get to hundun and then try to get some practice at fighting him that seems it seems right to me perhaps a touch spooky here Music so that thats my play right now i think it would be i think that would be more actionable i think that would be good good for us and even thats like very far from guaranteed heres what i will say now that i think about her hold on i might actually go back on what i was saying because were gonna get a ton of hp right here we go up to 11. this one goes to 11 hp um we dont care so much for the altar or the idol obviously um i would love to do some sacrifices there but we gotta you know use use your brain just trying to avoid lama su so lamasu doesnt like anger the bodyguard well i i actually like i go back on what i said now i i feel like uh we actually stand a very good chance oh my god i think we actually stand a very good chance to do the sun challenge now so were going to go up thats dude its very exciting that thats all it takes is is a little access to the pleasure palace very very very nice very nice almost threw it away very nice though very nice and well go up delightful that was that was good man that was good okay i mean this is its a fantastic run i cant be negative in the in the slightest about this one im having a great time laughing in the sunlight dancing in the moonlight and having a wonderful time now the other thing is of course there that was not very good but theres the sun challenge but before we do the sun challenge mommy sorry i had to try to delete it glunk heavy glunk energy we also if possible and i think it should be possible if possible you want to get wadley dont come back to life dude like if waddler exists and hes hes reasonably close just trying to peep dont see him uh if waddler exists and hes reasonably close we would love to oh there he is right there just dont dont panic on these and also i do acknowledge the existence of that spear trap what we need both we can just get excalibur for now i have no idea why thats asleep i have i honestly beats me okay so the sun challenge again theres theres a method to doing it you know i i i i feel bad i i still have not looked it up okay like i know i should theres another method though that um honestly i subscribe to and the method is called just being good um doesnt work for everybody not today not today not today not today im alive im still alive oh my god im like super alive it wasnt even close um just watch out for the barney i told you like honestly its kind of easy its actually like embarrassing how easy it is so what would i do now um i mean it was sure like it would be nice to get monty or whatever suppose that would be a little prudent we have like no time we just gotta go man like the ghost is here this is how we die probably um so were just gonna keep it moving im gonna try not to get too freaked out terrible chill that runs up your spine or whatever and were free look at that i dont uh i dont see us winning um with no hp this seems like very scary yeah certainly like you know its probably gonna be a bit of a challenge um let me in Laughter just give it a sec theyll crumble theyll crumble theyre all coming down dude and then theyre gonna fall were gonna be okay great shot great what i did not know that was the life cycle that didnt kill him oh my land thanks for watching i hope you guys enjoyed the episode if you did click the like button so the great deal of course subscribe if you want to see more in the future that considering the circumstances i thought we did really well im not mad ill see you next time see ya bomb defusing game steam Spelunky 2 is out on PS4 now: and on Steam on Sept 29th: I got pretty good at Spelunky but Spelunky 2 is a whole different ball game. 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