WHAT IS THIS? | Spelunky 2 (Episode 8)

Can i get steam on maciron with steam SPELUNKY 2 hey everybody welcome back to another episode of uh northern lion i got all tap here for a moment blaze is a little spelunky too you heard of this game spelunky too we had a great run last time not so much on the golden goblet but you know what theres kind of an arbitrary delineation between those two i think were ready what do we have in our back pocket that makes me so confident i finally understand the power of thanksgiving the turkeys are some of the most overpowered hey look what i can do some of the most overpowered uh creatures in video game history you can ride them they give you hp hes going down dude hes going down hes fine hes fine hes but hes only fine for a second you can ride him they give you hp they give you a yoshi jump i mean you can basically theyll say it they slice they dice they make julian fries so expression when i was a kid you couldnt go two steps without hearing somebody go like its slices it dices and wouldnt you know it it also makes julian fries i dont know if ive ever heard the expression julianne frys since like maybe the year 1994 but im telling you there was a period when you you couldnt escape it like so the thing is why would you even like its fine were totally fine but why would you even confront the bat you could just leave but in my head i was like maybe i could get that ruby you know what well well learn lessons itll just take a bit like you gotta admit that was pretty cool now this would be nice if it were a minion how cool would that be i am im looking at this and im like you know what oh we dont we may be able to use a rope instead of a bomb oh dude but we really want to use a bomb here yeah yeah this is all right because we got shopkeeper strats on this floor did we find a secret room did it go very careful there you go there you go i wasnt afraid at all um i have i dont want to spoil it but i have found a secret room in this game so to hear that sound it almost it almost got me oh no thank you um ill take the crab juice so we can get a torch very useful if its also a turkey floor as weve established a hundred thousand times very short succession here i gotta be honest when you see a uh when you see a shop and the shop has a gun in it you start to think start to think about what it would mean for you to have a gun and i think i mean it would mean we would i need to use a rope now dont i monty oh my god just chill well dude it has a shield okay i mean we got to show off shield tech right it has to be done maybe this is an enemy we can bounce up okay maybe stop doing what youre doing and instead be smart instead of dumb okay so i got i got plays i got plays what you do you go in here you grab this praise baldo hello praise baldo um now we dont want to crush things so what you do is you grab this present and you just walk it away then honestly you grab the web gun and you walk it back so that he has a reason to move back then you pick up this metal shield and you just squeeze it and it it does destroy uh the web gun we also got almost nothing out of that but it is what it is so the oh we got to be really careful about shooting randomly here because uh screw this dude um because we could accidentally trigger the ghost which would be very bad we also want to take the torch with us if possible because its insanely overpowered and amazing at giving us hp so the gun is great dont get me wrong theres another weapon shop down there dude theres a power pack in there theres no way that power pack lives you knew there were turkeys coming the shopkeepers dead maybe not maybe not why am i trying to you know why im trying to get up there because there could be turkeys up there we got plenty of time just dont waste it im gonna say no im gonna say no okay decisiveness can be very important at a time like this is he coming all the way out id rather he didnt i would rather he didnt just needed a couple of pellets to get in there we did blow up oh dude the bomb box live thank god we did blow up the power oh pack think he died i think he got hit by something monty like theres dont get me wrong brother im im interested careful the shotgun blast is no joke anymore hes not dead he he do be getting hit though just just walk into those things see you look maybe not the best way to do it but is the way we got it done why would you even try this right like so we got spike shoes we got a ton of money with no reason to have it um we got 27 bombs we got a shotgun whats the trade-off well there there are problems i dont know why you would even bother like thats such a that play is such a flex for no reason were like so close to just murdering monty for what a single gold bar doesnt seem like high value but i will say hp is always value all right good place all right what are you doing brother look we have the uh jedi i would rather go the black market path were going the right path you know why because it was there plus i dont really know what goes on down there on the right side you know its still kind of a mystery to me theres that big underground drill i didnt baby you just told me so in the main series im actually like feeling pretty good about my spelunky play lately been a lot more consistent um you know po buddys nerfed dude but were doing a better job uh now which is what youd expect but were doing a better job now than we were a week ago you know four days ago whenever these videos started the flow of time is distorted in lordran its all about learning the patterns i dont want to shoot monty accidentally so its all about learning the patterns you know rome wasnt built in a day its going to take a little bit for you to understand what youre doing in this game and thats thats fine so i basically hate this you know this is when 27 bombs you know you got to just not be dumb thats thats my advice to myself there we do need to kill the shopkeeper thats the challenge here the monty is totally screwed for the record hes mad huh well i there goes the element of surprise see it wasnt even scary wasnt even scary you hear the sounds of metal clanking so thats new um all right so we got like a george lucas like uh attack of the clone sort of thing going on here ill be the first to tell you hate that um so dont take too long to figure out what your game plan is here i do love the idea of getting on top of this rock dog dont drop dont drop dont drop he is dropped but thats okay okay so now we are we have a mount the stallion that mounts the world so i dont know whats going on with you abraham lincoln but ill be honest for a bomb why not continue the mystery right i have no idea whats going on with this freaking metal we cant even go through there how does that make any sense all right so by the way get ready to be yoshi jumped i cant shoot fire and have the shotgun active simultaneously oh you know what im just gonna level with you we still got a minute and a half so i i think im still doing good here dont break did not break why am i trying to double jump without the mount ladies and gentlemen were safe dont uh dont talk to me ever this is a little spice is a little spooky okay we only got 45 seconds left on this floor and i feel like i moved like two steps and we still have an angry shopkeeper hes right there thats exactly where i wanted it im so good hes dead oh if you duck you can still shoot fire you know what thats good for sorry sir sorry you know what thats good for shooting torquies also hes fireproof so were like much more powerful now dont kill monty you know there was there was good ideas there there was the genesis of good ideas there we didnt follow through with good ideas but thats okay we do have five hp we ever see any turkeys we know were safe the moon challenge my favorite and dude i dont know what it is pretty proud of myself in uh non-golden goblet episodes in golden goblet episodes highly disappointed thats okay um certainly seems like somebody just exploded outside sure hope nothing happened to my uh my mount while i was in here guess we should have taken it in with us sorry getting the clover is beautiful especially because the clover doesnt even expire can we oh yeah dude good staircase good staircase like the clover stays active even after you leave which is amazing call me the master of the moon challenge pride always comes before the fall brother thats not how you do it its not this isnt how i go okay more ropes always happy to see all right well be leaving then took three damage no it took two damage okay well hopefully we didnt lose our mount in the process because that that would sour me somewhat still got our gun though she might be mad if our mount hitter though oh theyre all fine something blew up but that had to be done you cant climb ropes when you got these things going so there was definitely like an explosion out here were not sweating this is what happens when you got fire around you know things explode sorry the rock dog took the damage help new strat dont get me wrong still want the rock dog still very very into that idea but if it cant be done it cant be done thankfully oh no i dont know we got like an extra minute maybe okay um so in the most bizarre way you could ever imagine that actually went insanely well for one bomb we did kill the shopkeeper so whos the dummy now i ask you quite simply whos the dummy now now this this rock dog is getting real light on hp i promise you that thats scary for me i do like when my shoes go spring a lot of people have said a lot of a lot of people are saying it that i am something of an unappreciated genius and honestly i would be inclined to agree based on my performance thus far thank you for not being bombs which probably would have killed me when i shot fire at them i had to make a decision i think i made the wrong one you cant cook a rock dog you know thats not gonna work out for you maybe you could freeze it i dont know do they freak theres a turkey dude now we could just get another rock dog im kind of like and im gonna get another rock dog um im gonna ask it not to jump into the into the into the fire hes all right dude dont be a baby yo the shopkeepers dead dont even get me started on this this cheeky son of a gun right here i dont even know what to say about this guy oh hes dead hello well i could if theres why would you do like youre really going to do this to get one hp from a turkey like does that really seem like a an astute idea its kind of an interesting one but i dont think its wise hold on dont dont take me to the next level yet tomo is looking for uh he looks to get out of the room hello okay weve returned on on a pretty decent run of spelunky theres a downside three hp were actually like really light on items as well just just cool it like we we only have two items but were doing well on bombs just im im 100 focused really a boomerang you shouldnt have what the heck is going on down here thats all right he can take it so i got plays they look like this i would oh i was gonna say id like to save the dog my rope ah hes gonna fall in the lava eventually he the eventually was right away so i know theres a monty here there he is im gonna give it to you straight i would not go back and sacrifice him but i could certainly be persuaded to just drop this dude off apparently we dont have the clover anymore so ive obviously ive been under a mistaken impression i mean youre gonna make me say it arent you i you know what i was gonna get the ghost gem and i was like this will be funny im very glad we did not do that just chill for a second you just want to see whats up here and to be honest im not that impressed so were gonna make a run for it nothing special dude nothing special nothing special cant get through here i know whats up with that we cant get through here um so ill level with you much like last time i feel like i have a very simple task and my task is to get to the next level im more interested in seeing what comes next then i am interested in like you know unraveling some kind of greater mystery that i dont really have the ability to figure out right now i should have brought the dog down here because okay i mean with the jump we can actually make it now it also could have simply spent a rope but wheres the fun in that nothing huh all right um well were definitely like less well equipped than we were the last time we were down here but just to get down here two times in a row i thought maybe we could have some cooked crab its something what do you want this time a cute rock dog i mean im gonna be honest you can have it but its mostly because in my head im like its gonna be so hard to get a rock to get a rock dog down there so im actually just gonna consider myself absurdly lucky to have brought one by accident its easy all right weve never made it out of this world do we have to use did we find ourselves in a situation where we are forced to use bombs or is it like im just you know im just scared of this path okay yeah thats oh lets go you cant climb these right still dont really know like what is this like a shopkeepers guild or something two shopkeepers dead thats incredible news you know those are spikes ev everything at this stage of the game is im second guessing it do you think this shopkeeper is going to be mad or do you think this shopkeeper marches to the beat of a different drum because ill be honest with you i wouldnt mind gambling and hopefully picking up some items just make sure dont dont let the dice leave honestly i dont know what i did i i think maybe i was tricked maybe theyre not actually offering a service in that shop at all hello just chill you knew it was coming like whats going on is this just one of many doors to leave here thats wild man what im very scared of here is bear traps theres bear traps oh my in some of these locales i really dont want to get poisoned dude god hes good shields so you got the stars challenge im just going to let you know i dont think were getting all those torches done but you know it costs 25 grand its not like were using our money for anything we get another clover it seemed right it seemed right ladies and gentlemen weve done it weve done it weve done it what the heck is even that i think were in new moon record territory as far as like quality of the run as well i wonder if you could use the crossbow to set up so you dont have to spend so many ropes clone gun a one-of-a-kind prototype the technology required to build one is beyond any civilization what the heck do you do with this im assuming it creates another one of you i just im very cautious about where we fired it broke you can climb those okay you know honestly the fact that it broke is probably the best thing for me right now its probably for the best im very okay youre fine youre fine okay then in that case we dont really want to drop down but we do want to blow this turkey up we could blow it up later but hear me out this ones gonna blow your mind we could also blow it up now probably just about the worst possible location nope nope that ones worse okay sure okay you got me there you got me there all right turkeys going straight down no bear traps so thats excalibur you could you could pick it up i ive seen this i dont know where i saw it maybe it was in it was on stream i think im very worried that itll kill me like maybe ill be unworthy i appear to be unworthy i cannot pick it up i wonder why maybe you need to hedge it or something okay we will be leaving we will be leaving that area uh immediately and going into okay goodbye this is not the exit sir this is an arbys youre gonna make me kill this enormous fish search your feelings you know its true youre gonna make me kill this fish thank god for the clover is the first thing im going to say i see an exit over there climb climb the rope i dont know are you drowning its higher to help i think we killed the fish dude okay thats fair thats fair i i created that situation bro i just want to leave i just want to get out of the floor this isnt like normal water this is moon water explains why were not getting hit what the heck is even that dude i dont know you need excalibur maybe see this seems bad theres like a lot of bubbling going on down there its right there i was out of ropes um things got mighty touchy there and yet here we are incredible plays me thanks me you killed a turkey okay theres lava dude i dont know this is like this is a landmark were on 4-4 it had to be done im sorry it had to be done search your feelings you know it to be true weve really done very well for ourselves on this run weve had almost no hp or not almost none but weve weve picked up very little over the course of the run weve really just managed to and with just bombs the shotgun spring shoes spike shoes and a small loan of a million dollars pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps here and i mean this is something a little special so i would like to sack monty is this not the way is this the oh yeah we can just come down through this thingy hes gonna come hes coming out theres one dude i got big plays on this floor i wonder if the clover only prevents the ghost from spawning past like whatever minutes one time or something how did i get over here i mean dude this is a one a one run spelunky video i im like surprised we dont know what happened to the shopkeepers body thats scary davey jones locker he probably got crunched by the clam dude well dude if were not gonna get the sack the ghost comes in 30 seconds im gone im gone you need for your 50 grand go ahead take it what ladies and gentlemen we are on 5-1 and its a its a long-awaited friend the ice caves what the heck do you think is that i dont know if i want an l i dont know if i want to know i mean dude this is exciting this is exciting stuff those still work i dont want to know whats up with these flies dude they might just be ambient there might be something much more much more sinister it smells like wet fur in here squam city i mean we gotta ice them you know you know the deal look at that its the first games damsel brought back in a position of relative strength okay so we gotta murder this guy its gotta be done dont stand in my way yeti queen the queen of the yeti is whichever one can defeat the king in battle delightful i dont know man we got 12 ropes take me it do be smelling like wed fur in here yeti king the king of the yetis is whichever one is biggest why does this sound like cool summer you were just frozen in the ice oh this allows you to walk on the bottom okay so i mean you know what my play is here oh okay okay im so scared though its so slippy im also a little concerned about the shopkeeper dont need to kill him dont start nothing wont be nothing you know the rules there must be something further down in that what is this look i may be a coward but if you dont fall on this things head to try to get inside of the mech youre the king of the cowards this alien is gonna screw this whole thing up for us isnt he get him out there it has to be done okay you know what well be leaving but also that was really cool what i i dont know what to say um certainly seems like a dangerous place in here any cooked turkeys down there there is a cook turkey down there dude i dont know i dont think the hp is that important i think its more of like a you know you either got it or you dont um you know what its a little whack but just to have some safety here oh its an arrow trap its just its just its a super powered arrow trap but it seems to get stronger over to what is this it seems to get ammo back or something what is happening dude you can get it you can get it dude you can get it you dont no panic okay okay okay i knew it as soon as oh no the pellet bounced i must have bounced off of another force field well for now ill do it i mean thats an incredible rum for now thanks for watching if you enjoyed it click the like button if you did thanks for your support ill see you next time see ya steam rollback game update Spelunky 2 is out on PS4 now: and on Steam on Sept 29th: I got pretty good at Spelunky but Spelunky 2 is a whole different ball game. 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