Spelunky 2 Low% Sunken City Speedrun (6:59.150)

Fall guys steam decknightingale steam SPELUNKY 2 Music oh Music so Music Music uh Music Music Music Music Music uh Music Music Music Music oh Music Music Music Music Music hey hmm so so Applause stupid Music so Music oh uh okay that barely got sub seven um and i dont think it deserved it because i played kinda yucky in a fair few parts but whatever ill take hey hey Music trippy games on steam While not as good as some of my other attempts that beat Hundun, Im still glad I could get the first sub 7. Excited to improve this further, theres plenty of room for a better bubble skip and Sunken City.Watch the streams live: Public Discord: Main channel: Patreon: steam clue 3 how to sideload steam games on oculus quest blue steam train games that are not on steam can you transfer steam games to oculus quest 2