Baer Plays Spelunky 2 (Ep. 16)

How to close a steam game that won't closeyuzu on steam deck SPELUNKY 2 game lets do someone else play a little man for today sounds fun smokes also coming from the wrong end of the cigar yeah its heres a few things ive been wanting to update for a little while all right lets go i paid for the overlay jackie ill be paying for the new one too Music i like paying artists though makes me feel good to pay artists paying it forward to the creatives Music first run hype yeah lets go lets go get the energy back up again huh manfreds got some successful runs on the way all right here we go got him okay thats gonna be easy enough cool and a crate here too okay Music no i didnt lose our save i havent lost any progress we would have noticed on the campsite for sure still got the same stuff going on dual shotgun bill yeah there we go hey crash crash you have been a problem today do you mind what does it say would you mind leaving no im not gonna say that Music hmm oh  __  free gloves lets go i still need to use a rope here sadly sorry for whatever i did he just been happening at the most inconvenient times for us unfortunately theres no altar down there theres one sweet im gonna have to cook that arent we god damn it all right that was perfect holy  __  that was so good anonymous gifter thank you very much welcome to the pile to crash god damn it Music god damn it holy  __  okay good god um we need to i need to bomb out his shop from underneath him thats like the best play for sure ah  __  i think yeah we gotta the best play easily is to do this and then get him to go crazy that way he should be aggroed im pretty sure whered he go uh oh god um there he is oh  __  you got a man for oh there he is okay cool if you had to choose bear would you play as mole or yellow lizard id be mole then i could go through the  __  dirt thatd be dope be like cheating all right i need anything besides that i need ropes and bombs i should have been more specific oops im gonna try to use that as a bomb actually okay well i can probably get this turkey theres another crate over there  __  oh no i really want that damn it i really want to get a kapala too i think im gonna do it yeah im gonna do it you almost got me holy  __  oh my god okay there we go hell yeah good stuff beautiful okay we gotta go cant get the crate cant get the crate sadly if i had a single bomb id totally be able to do it i can still totally do it it was so worth it but i cant get out man  __  oh that would have been so good it was so worth doing i just take i took a little too long if i hadnt hesitated there god damn it man oh well i know its such a good start oh well Music friggin heck dude oh what do you got thats pretty good thats pretty good ill just take those that doesnt work you cant just take those come here buddy ah  __  Music damn it get down here ah jesus fine one more try Music god damn it all right oh my god thats just garbage thats just thats a garbage shop hes selling trash theres our altar though yeah this is a garbage run yeah no good no good there we go i cant whip that see the chest i guess there we go oh found a way to buy rocks from the caveman yet now i feel like most of those caveman shops are just like actually just have to like bomb in the right place to find them but ive never gotten that lucky i guess thats a pretty good looking shop youd be surprised one tile arrow whips are really easy in this game really i guess i havent really just tried that much give it a shot Music okay six bombs seven ropes for science i guess yeah might as well especially early on although i do have something going here now especially with the eye but wed like to find an altar here too that was dumb hover pack oh  __  thanks there we go cool there we go this is easy enough i think there might be an altar on this stage im not gonna bother oh damn it Music im gonna get out of here dude goodbye thank you oh there it is yep ah maybe maybe lets go look if it takes one bomb to get through there to get the thing i should probably do it okay fine fine Laughter hover pack i blame hover pack oh yeah get up there damn it i might have something in the back well do take a peek its connected to there oh cool and this is damsel oh  __  dude hell yeah thank you thank you for the monty totally needed that yay i wonder if i have another one all right we cant bring those things through there god damn it i forgot thats kind of a bummer sacrifice her now now i dont think i can get away with that that never seems like a very good idea so what the heck am i going to do then i guess i just cant bring these bodies through unless i want to bomb again seems like a bit of a waste oh but theres so many bodies to sacrifice dude i think i have to do it god damn it oh im out of time never mind im done im out of here im out of here 16.50 for a month yeah dude thats a deal we we take every time even if were just gonna bring him to the doorway its pretty goddamn good no kapala unfortunately i think well get one later though im expecting another jungle altar to show up at some point well all right i thought id grab the uh ladder there but guess not guess not Music oops jesus there we go yeah we can blame the hover back there why not we got a scapegoat another key i guess im doing that  __  i dont think im even gonna get him just gonna leave him there spend a rope to leave him behind oh there is an altar up there okay let me change my mind lets go see where our door is its gonna be right there hey bud lets just do that i can actually make it back up this time look at me go hit me uh can i do this no i cannot damn it um oh  __  cool that was convenient there we go god dammit oh jesus didnt even know that was there okay use a one rope to get up this way i really want to go get to get to the altar here id have to cook two bombs or bomb through there twice or if i get really lucky i cook one perfect bomb lets try it i  __  dropped it ah fine whatever perfect bomb one perfect bomb just a straight  __  shot to the door what the hell that was weird cool ah  __  okay please dont crush me thank you god damn it i needed those though raise your hand if you heard me say that before before immediately blowing them up while i had spiked shoes on damn it i didnt see them come here bud come on come on please please come over here please be mad god damn it whatever  __  you i did it ah jesus thanks for switch prime another alter holy  __  welcome to the pile enjoy your badge nemos thank for the support bear hugs if you got them dont need to use a rope there i do have boots oh im dumb god damn it all right um i think it might be worth it to bomb to this altar even then that would mean we wouldnt be able to get to the black market so probably not ah this is a bummer dude i wish i had a torch somewhere i wonder if theres an i think theres an outpost up there there is i cant get there without a bomb though damn it man i wish more torches showed up with the amount of things you can burn in here thatd be nice all right hes probably dead i dont really care lets murder you hes gotta murder you just gotta murder you just gotta murder you you did oh its right there oh im so dumb  __  damn it dude such a big stupid see really the truth there is i just saved myself from accidentally putting the dog in the doorway by killing him clearly that was by design you can get to the campfire with a torch yeah thatd be convenient right all right this hired help ought to get us there hey dude easy money probably worth it to go ahead and get this guy too and my mind ill avoid this extra damage here that down there 250 on the clock you got it was there a torch there too god damn it all right cool were on to something here moon challenge certainly itll be good this time certainly itll be worthwhile this time oh my god dude its so bad Music theres nothing the bow always spawns in here yeah every single time there oh no god damn it god damn it all right whatever and found the crate goodbye Music gotta find the uh oh actually i did find the second layer just then im pretty sure we didnt see one but i can look here too i guess hey parsley huh okay definitely no black market here uh i really dont want to use our last bomb to get in there so lets not and uh maybe hell get bear trapped there we go all right were doing good i still need to be collecting more blood though Music we got four hp lets do a little bit of that action there we go looking for a second layer here not finding any anywhere though theres one go check that out oh im dumb no no no no no no no no god damn it  __  blips here too son of a  __  where is it i cant even bother me i hate it i hate sacrificing a whole run to the ghost jar man god damn it that sucks such a bummer okay oh well no im not going to restart theres still stuff we can do and still push for a w i still want to win at least id say i try other stuff yeah just at this point unfortunately theres not anything i have specifically in mind to try besides well no i guess we could look at that ruby in the olmec room thats something we were thinking about you piece of crap ah there we go hes done it hey good i wanna go look over there but  __  it no need  __  ah Laughter jesus there we go out of here yeah we got zero bombs here this is a this is a bad situation not good hoping that its the uh sisters maybe help me out a little bit here run manfred what do you got what do you got bomb bag thatll start us off no cape here either gotta be careful there lets see if i can go for a quick ride and check out the top all right nothing else no good all right were gonna have to do quick strats thats probably not it oh never mind were good good nice all right honestly were probably safe to just drop down there in those instances too but i just like to use the rope to be a little safer okay here we go oh man stretching these moments we take the chance its been fun streams lately man good streaming time the last couple weeks here for sure get fully hydrated too no not yet jakey i think its gonna be a year or so before anyones even close to that and the stream reward by that point ill delete it and well forget it ever happened right right everyones okay with that im sure theres a little dance id rather save up for chubs can thats because youre a pure soul unlike these other hooligans all right lets do it got him yeah i got him to sit there is what i did  __  all right wait for it i think im actually just gonna ride it out to the next section here and then drop down on that little platform we got there and kill him there missed damn hey i think i got him i feel like i got him im just gonna wait a little longer all right were good there he is well just do this to make it easier cool all right where do we need to go that looks promising i dont know if you can fit in there already no not quite oh  __  oh god we made this tough didnt we hes stuck oh hes gonna sneak in there hes gonna sneak in there aint hes a little sneaky boy oh  __  um youre too thick dude i guess we just bomb this all right there we go then we only need to use one more bomb to clear out that other side this section wont be good well be good only one left obviously a bit of an issue but should be fine for now anyway there we go pardon me hes done it limited resources this time man but still getting there still getting there hey you dont mind if i do actually i need the blood thank you not too worried about the money here definitely need that parachute though oh god damn it extra blood yeah definitely gonna go tide pool here because we dont have the head jet for the temple theres no way were gonna dump anything off with wibble flips unfortunately oh i forgot about dude i completely forgot about the ruby my bad scene maury i completely spaced my mind in here once i got in here i got into gamer mode again i had to take care of business wasnt there this time okay well theres that i guess Music all right yeah okay off to the tide pool lets do it this is indeed tunnel man hes a playable character in this one isnt that awesome go my beautiful water flow i wonder if you could cover those spikes with water and therefore make them less dangerous whoa jesus dude Music oh its fish out of water you can just fly why arent you just flying dumb dumb Music oink you do be flopping just gonna leave them there to flop eternally everybody do the flop madame tusk hello madam Music so good to see you i do feel lucky tonight ive learned where to throw the dice so you dont get mad at me okay come on now i actually did it right and the freaking thing still glitched dont even need those Music turkey did shopkeeper cool okay yeah ive been having a glitchy experience with madame tusks too i dont know why thats happening so much its very weird i did toss both tossed one and then the other nothing happened when i tossed the first one well i im not i shouldnt say that nothing happened when i tossed the first one i should say nothing happened when i uh when i uh triggered the uh event when i put the money in the station i dont think i want to risk our last bomb on that crate i dont think im even gonna bother with the star challenge i mean theres no reason not to i guess i get a clover out of it give it a try got the pictures made too maybe ill be able to be able to have a little bit more luck hey theres that nice did that right ah god come on that really hit me piece of crap i did it i won yay fun gun all right all right time to do some freaking science Laughter science she blinded me with science and an arrow that was part of it hmm well theres definitely two of her now that totally worked thats funny lets get them poison arrows dude theyre terrifying im gonna get this gun well she hit her friend shes just like reloaded immediately there we go okay wait for it wait for it wait for it wait for it you can get back down in here maybe not there you go goodbye im dead i gotta keep my clone gun dude oh  __  oh no oh well that was fun Music sad we couldnt keep that going in the proper way with the black mark but oh well oh well Music i actually need to go this way yep out of here there we go pretty im pretty much happy with getting a damsel out of 1-1 thats usually all im going for ah come on theres a goddamn bomb bag in the bomb or in the in the present and blew up the bomb box god damn it oh well thats fine i guess im just gonna go speed run speed run oh jesus i actually want all that Music theres our door okay so were gonna try to bomb out from underneath him here well cook a bomb for that oh my god oh my god pm Music thank you very much for the uh subscription twitch prime appreciate it give your badge and emails buddy Music oh  __  i guess im just bombing him you need to get back up and get another uh oh  __  i forgot that works i guess there we go Music i would i would implore you if youre gonna be pogging that youd be bear pogging i implore you to bear pogba Music hey buddy caveman shop dude i got 11 bombs lets find the door lets find this freaking doorway were getting in there just destroy the whole level if i have to wheres it at wheres his damn door wheres the door where is it theres no door huh like i know the shop is right there but im looking for a door into the shop we dont just bomb here and hope that we get straight into the shop Music i cant do that anymore yeah damn it damn it sorry dog well i looked didnt find it i just have to use a rope to get out of here now oh well zero ropes and no climbing uh items to speak of that is gonna be a bit of a sticky situation oh man oh i need those i should use the bad im dumb damn it well i guess i could just use a bomb to get to the bones theyll probably just blow up though maybe if i do it like right there hmm yeah i think if i do like right there itll do it god damn i the bat again i could have used the bat again god damn it im so dumb hmm uh well thats fine thats ive fine out on bomb bags before whats the one chat rule everybody all together now whats the one chat rule thank you thats paced i thought you all said different things yes thank you very much thats what i was looking for Music thats worth it in my mind the paste all right anticipating no market here just bail on this i think there we go damn it damn you piece of crap okay here we go do not like this darkness not a fan i think we just go ahead and get out of this level too i dont want to  __  around in here too much oh my god you got to be kidding hes alive hes still alive when we have blips hes right here thors right here oh  __  oh my god okay were doing it wow what a weird entrance oh my god ah ah ah god damn it  __  you thats dumb welcome to the bear pile patterns thanks for the sub welcome to the pile appreciate you enjoy badging emotes appreciate the support whoa that works that works i dont know if i fixed the bug yet well have to get back to neo babylon to find out could be worth it okay nothing here oh jesus that was close i need to stick around very uneventful stage and the moment i say that of course is the moment i find the altar gotta get the damsel good god damn it that got me  __  i hate that they can like hug the corner like that thats some  __  Music lets do some experimenting here so they say one tile whipping is possible wow okay sure enough okay new science baby yep now of course take the stupidest damage possible lets see whats over here this is the door okay theres the key cool looks for me oh sorry geo maybe itll be later in the day or something oh my god its not even worth it i lied i lied the  __  mole dude i dont even know what happened i i actually dont know what happened there im just im just dead i just lose you lose good day sir god damn it devil star there you go dude thanks jd thatll take care of your subscription problem its a great drop really well played im mad mad at these moles now tell you what im gonna come at you with a hot take i think the moles are  __  not a fan of them dont like them they make me mad Music i want all that so im gonna take it the bomb doesnt blow up the bomb box its such a crazy thing to me its such a crazy thing to me man im happy about it lets see if we cant get up here and find a key somewhere i dont think its up here though yeah its gonna be down further okay strong box Music heres our key i think i might bomb this i should have even done that oh well there we go just clear out everything else why not okay leave the doorway use our last ropes to get back up oh if only id let that thing well i couldnt let it drop anywhere else i guess i was gonna say i could use the spider bounce to get up you can also do this see hit me all right were doing something we got bear bongos 16 bombs a compass some specs it aint nothing but it aint much maybe we go you know what lets go volcano  __  it lets go volcano this time im feeling it hell yeah there we go a little bit better thats just fun to say thanks to you found out what spelunky was all those years ago triple ghost video yeah played a lot of spelunky because you died nearly 3 400 times total had a blast and cant wait for this four days for the pc release lets go thats a very generous tip that is reverb yeah thats not really an echo youre not wrong but youre also being pedantic thank you for the hundred bits not 100 bits way better than hundred dollars thank you very much thank you thank you volcano i havent been here in a minute i get to hear the volcanic jams i was wondering what would happen if he went in there now we know bye there we go havent been here in a hot minute ah nice indeed these are like one-way roads man one of the more terrifying parts of volcano you know apart from it also being coated in lava is kind of bad having one hp in here is no fun either pretty tricky dude just hits his button thats great hey buddy im getting you sorry there we go no alters here either you know i actually probably should invest the bombs to get him its probably pretty worthwhile at the moment hey rex whats up man we have had really unfortunate experiences with the game crashing today have you had the game crash on you and neo babylon at all like ever because its happened for me in the same place three times now and its very frustrating youve never had a crash oh man thats all right well i did reinstall the game and reboot my ps4 so im hoping im hoping that does something its been such a bummer i will say uh were beginning to uh speculate that the reason its happening is because of something im doing i dont necessarily want to say much more than that because i dont know what where your status is on that particular thing but i think we might be causing it to happen by virtue of my play Music i love this track this gets in my head all the time well after the streams done ill be singing the moon challenge song in my head Music all right b-rex is definitely ahead of you on that particular secret okay cool well i can probably say it then what ive been doing is oh my god im very glad we got that damsel that would have killed me uh what ive been doing is uh we get the ushabti like i i pick up what i assume to be the correct dushopti and we uh we sacrifice it on an altar which has been just giving us like turkeys and companions so far but i think that might be what is causing it oh did i just spoil something for you my bad i thought i thought someone that said im ahead of him on that oh sorry my bad thats good Music yeah sorry dude ive been trying to everything too obviously i didnt spoil well i dont even know you didnt really okay cool good um this is definitely a situation where i want to use bombs to clear out a path to get to a shot here but the only problem with that is ill more than likely just blow up the bombs so maybe if i do this hell just put himself in a position where i dont even have to worry about it that actually kind of almost helped lets see i might have a way to do this there we go good stuff okay hey thats awesome nice thats really good Music go ahead and sack that shopkeeper maybe be on our way to a kapala here i respect that obviously you got to do what you got to do man keep yourself spoiler free there we go i wish you could use those to dig through the indestructible blocks thatd be kind of cool but thatd also be probably pretty game breaking oh man no kapala yet really damn it um i dont think its worth exploring all right lets go hoping to get to hell this time actually because we learned something else too but now im definitely not going to say that one because i dont know whether or not rex has found that out honestly im pretty damn certain rex is further ahead of me in basically every respect so im not too concerned about it maybe you want to be careful anyway that worked pretty well actually nice okay i could probably use a rope here and lets see dont do that we do have okay weve got an opportunity here though oh thats different now okay got him i think hes dead how the  __  there we go okay were good i havent even seen the drill yet must be on 2-4 okay yeah no drill here pretty damn sure all right oh the compass shows us both doors right okay so thats how we know cool alter lets get a nice little convenient path up here i guess dont worry about the altar being destroyed we got a rope going up there too thats convenient lets use a bomb for that oh i was wondering what happened to them after they fall off their thing thats kind of fun they just flutter down wonder if they can still do stuff it just flies around thats cute ooh could be good stuff in here not really a few bombs or a few ropes is fine i guess Laughter they went all the way down all the way down dude which is unfortunate because i wanted to sacrifice them oh well lets go find the damsel definitely need to get that i might not get the damsel damn soul oh well  __  it lets just go i think thats a good idea Music take it nice and easy nice and easy here theyre dead good ones dead anyway we should be able to easily kill him too oh hes gonna have a guard here though there we go okay oh im running low on time i gotta go get that clover oh  __  god damn it that was so close that was so close oh my god clover time love the music in here too man so good lets get our hired help army out see if they can do anything useful theres one dead Music just do that to make things easy oops  __  thats okay no crates thats a bummer all right so my strategy when ive gotten in here now has been ignore vlad get the crown and were totally doing that again because i am so scared of getting telefragged where the  __  is the cry oh my god i thought i hired help took it or something oh jesus okay bye im out of here oh  __  yeah i can try for that weird all right well there we go got the crown off to olmec b-rex have you gotten any of those weird second layer doors thats the second one ive gotten today that was just kind of bizarre like i got one in the jungle too that led us through to the other side of the black market and just showed us like all those tiles for some reason its very strange nice all right yeah im not gonna see any of the sisters here of course not that kind of run im gonna have to jump for the top to get that arent i player entrances that are just like a small empty space yeah exactly exactly theyve been very uncommon but confusing occurrences all right i think were done stretch break oh lets see if the hired help survives this i kind of doubt it he hit him he threw a bomb back at olmec what a god holy  __  oh there he goes that was incredible good time to see if you got any bounties no kidding huh if only i werent also simultaneously trying to create youtube content hi youtube everybody say hi youtube they cant see you but theyll feel it theyll feel the energy and well probably go ahead and shoot him from that little platform he created for us there youtube tell bear we need the boys you havent seen enough of the boys trailers huh dude we got a few of those over here too youve seen enough over on that channel its become a freaking meme nothing but the boys just just pay me to watch the boys its a good show id do it there you go i can see that hi youtube he did it okay one more one more little cycle here ill just land on this little platform almost missed my god youre just so stubborn arent you i dont want to go down he says i want to stay up here forever oh no rex memes are our memes absolutely and vice versa we share we share a meme pool i think i guess ill just do this tweak a high youtube dono train im not gonna say no i dont think i can actually shoot him here oh god oh  __  please please be kind be kind do you smash you dont down smash anymore okay not actually that dangerous to be underneath him hes in the lava i heard the splorch lets go lets go one hp in a dream a nominal fitness from the raving masses hi youtube there we go he done did splorched it i just dont die to a skeleton or a bat in the back of olmec please that would be heartbreaking there he is nice and easy nice and easy you can get in on it one upping them man thanks for the three bucks you dont gotta give me anything come on man youre giving me the gift of your friendship these other  __  though they gotta pay up no im  __  with it or am i c-rex my penguins youre right i cant tell you what to do you got all the power here friend thanks for the bits Music wait bear just wants our money no i also want your attention its different and your validation and your time all those things if you could just go ahead and give me those id appreciate it i guess im doing this Music apparently im doing that all right have fun with my stuff waffle floss yeah whatever  __  it all right were going tidepool i forgot because we have the crown yay welcome to the oh this is going to be weird then i wonder if im even going to be able to use wobbler im pretty sure i can yeah im pretty sure its the same thing i think i go through ice caves anyway i think all the runs go through ice caves in fact armor ant give them another sub now with vitamin r welcome to the file and geminis money and attention you saint thank you very much oh it actually does have a crate on him i was wondering Music i want to trigger this just for fun that doesnt do it really at least you have to walk in like the middle of it or maybe its only if you actually hit the thing oh well hey you okay look its broken its absolutely broken i hit the thing and then no arrows show up thats sad i kind of want to kill them im gonna do it oops  __  wrong way well thats probably easier anyway there we go why youre a nasty piece of work oh boy hes gonna find his way up i think we let that happen okay okay Music i wish shed chest bumped them thatd be hilarious uh oh watch out madam watch out madam goddamn right the dice do damage the best way to do damage here it comes get ready for the dice throw oh  __  hold on i gotta do this properly um i have a crate down there sweet i love this music so much there they go 221 is elapsed already thats concerning we gotta move were gonna use our extra bombs here oh good never mind yeah lets just do it anyway thats easier all right lets go too scared of sacrificing them alive hmm theyre so adorable i feel bad murdering them oh damn it there we go hey bud nice there we go weve been looking for that looking for that one sadly not a lot of blood in here though youre in the tide pool Music yeah still one hp too Music im worried about that like blood where we can though here we go yeah this music in here is pretty terrific man i really like it about you lets see theres our excalibur all right so i think nows the time to test the theory of whether or not madame tusk will maybe uh allow us entry now that weve got the crown and excalibur if not well we got excalibur so thats pretty cool i guess i did kill her yeah so thatll probably make it harder um go go there we go this would be a good test for that right come on over yeah all right were good love the sound it makes when you pick it up schwing no god damn it oh well man all right i deserve it hes not expecting a threat over there hes not ready for it excaliburs still there and youre still here hey buddy whoops that oh god im so glad i didnt whip the sword into the lava pit there that would have been terrible oh thanks babe its nice uh i guess im getting out of here okay no im too im too scared to do the lava door i just feel like id die im pretty sure the only thing back there is an idol head too its not really worth it in my mind theres probably something else stands to reason that theres more to it than that Music you were going to be a pain in the butt arent you there you go lets see chad what the hell is going on calm down ah damn it all right oh i got the health back anyway were good pardon me i think were better off just aggroing them here because theyll probably shoot each other my goodness oh  __  me they can do that okay i might get him sweet thanks for the gun Music okay wait a second and then boom hell yeah totally expect him there we go okay good those spider jumps are weird in there okay get our sword go get the money maker yeah were good oh yeah we could have done this right didnt think about it oh well not a big deal ill do that eventually the eggplant does indeed still exist in all its beauty get it the exact same way maybe well be able to find waddler Music that was dangerous jesus i dont even have spike shoes here this is a little crazy there we go thanks dude see you later die Laughter oh man that was good the music just stops i know thats so terrible where was this key go man the  __  is this for why does waddler have a key very strange maybe you should ask waddler yeah Laughter its the key to his heart oh poor waddler didnt deserve it whoa hail to the queen whoops bit of a goof oh well Music out the door oh they eat you oh yeah maybe eating what bad that was just wow i didnt even get a chance to reset i just died good lord okay that was a quick one that was even like a worthwhile shop up there i was considering robbing from it Music oh well oh come on why are you gonna do this money gotta do that give me the access to my things when oh snap okay hmm i dont know how to do this can i im gonna have to buy the bombs first maybe i just take this now oh man oh i forgot the eye yeah  __  it who cares well just go black market and find it ourselves no problem the eyes just extra i should sacrifice i really should but i dont think im going to ive only got two ropes no mobility items at all huh oh they might have ropes they might have ropes i almost got it i was almost in there i nearly snuck away with the w okay back to four ropes yep right on back to four Music hey bud oh jeez i thought he was standing still theres our altar Music da  __  ah no  __  ah come on god damn it my dog no  __  ill take those not a turkey no dont do oh god hey you im gonna take all that thats all mine its all my stuff now Music about to be see ya sack time lets go get our gun back and kill yang that is indeed paced this ones coming together real quick hey yeah fine whatever come on come on there we go oh my god i got it yay and well see whats back here why not garbage trash garbage oh my god never mind what the  __  what the  __  ten thousand dollars dont mind if i do holy  __  thanks lady its all 10 oh the royal jellys 10 grand too dude i bet i could get 10 grand hang on hang on a second and i got a jet pack thatd be pretty easy grab that oh i got 20 seconds though hold on i got to go quick Music gotta go quick dude what a freaking bargain i know oh ghost gem might do it the ghost gem will do it okay lets do it uh well lets not send it that way though hang on oh im gonna get the ghost anyway double ghost time ah no god damn it now whatever i dont need royal jelly were good okay theres our key another alter hell yeah hell yes just set that off to be safe get all the blood that off here we go awesome definitely want those boots give me some jelly ill just shoot him i guess there we go oh yeah just make sure thats been set off there we go kali is pogged up for real huh shes feeling good all kinds of goodies come on come on now you can pick up a mole you can pick up a mole buddy there you go its better than climbing gloves two climbing gloves absolutely of course okay still got a live one here i gotta be real careful just kidding just stick him because youre a god okay cool hell of a condition to be leaving one three in lets go get that uh jedi key there first go might be like one or two more bodies around too you might want to go for that lets see yeah i think thats about all yeah this is going really well shouldnt be randomly stopped by a spider or anything like that anytime soon hit me at me at me im in the game thats me im the bear im the bear im in the game thats me here we go this will be a jungle run for sure were doing way too well not to go for the jungle this time bearbon go this way dude this way dude nice that went well something set off good goodbye im out of here i am out of here man were doing well really well here okay nothing considering bringing a hired help just in case i try to dunk him lets go excellent oh god nope get off i forgot no dont do it dont do it  __  that really sucks i think i think that might be the heartbreaker i think that might be the one that does me in today that was really good god damn it  __  man i was doing so well oh good Music its getting to the point now where i see the altar and im like i dont even want to do the work its so tedious Music uh yeah i better go if im feeling that way i probably just better call it for now Music yeah i dont even wanna i dont even wanna make a new one happen lets just get back to camp do some stargazing call it a day i dont know why it does that why does that huck me three miles off the spawn in here just to rub in the paint i guess all right man there we go thats gonna do it for today some really solid runs though for a five-hour session honestly im pretty s im pretty satisfied with the progress we made today it feels good also nice thanks so much for watching everybody really appreciate the support today is a great stream steam games that are fun Spelunky 2: Playlist: Spelunky 2 is here and it is perfect. Ill be uploading all of the VOD from our Twitch playthrough of Spelunky 2, and will be recording the Daily Challenge as often as possible for YouTube. You can also expect plenty of multiplayer Spelunky 2 content in the future! Thanks for watching for all these years! Im so excited to begin this journey again. Taken from a live stream on ___ Live Stream - Email - baertaffyYTatgmaildotcom Twitter! - Join the Steam group! - Hi! Im BaerTaffy, but people usually call me Baer. You can be people, too! The main focus of my channel is gameplay walkthrough videos, or Lets Play videos as theyre more commonly known. I also do multiplayer videos with my pals fairly often, and you can find me live streaming over on Twitch! Thanks for watching my stuff, and consider subscribing if you like what you see! how can i get my game on steam removed steam games steam deck internal storage how to enable steam family share how to play steam games on android tv