The WILDEST Spelunky 2 Run Youll Watch in 2023

Steam instant poti hate this game steam SPELUNKY 2 game hey were back playing more Spelunky too uh last episode Cosmic ocean this episode daily challenge today on uh January 22nd 2023 Cosmic ocean lets do it lets do it Im Im excited feel like I have a brand new stock and spelunking my my brain is is wired to lunk right now and its only downhill from here thats my own personal opinion heres what I would like to have today now I have no idea anything about the daily I would love to do a vladscape scenario today okay it would be top of the line to you matey if I did not run a jet pack and instead I just did uh a nice little happy vlads Cape good time okay I its its all I want but in order for me to do that it means that I have to get paced before we go there Im not going to Ill take this bike boots Im not going to uh thingy Im not going to to Vlad without already having paste so thats the plan hey heko thank you for 21 months in a row much appreciative many many months what the hell this is the key for really where the hell is it I mean I know the keys here but where the hells the door I didnt even see it am I losing my mind where the hell is it dude it had to be up here oh its over here aint you ah frick me okay um thats fine we can make it happen Im the master of the spelunk now I have no ropes though no ropes is problematic but its a beautiful start I will not be dying on one tooth much to the Chagrin of many of my fellow Compadres where were doing completely fine were gonna get a little Music a little money from the ghost pot were chilling were chilling on on one three then dont even I want that turkey I got four health Im not sweating for health its fine Im not Im not angering the shopkeep for a jet pack in the wall theres theres no shot Alexa Park thank you so much for the gift and subscription to Jesse nonetheless so kind so kind thank you okay a lot of good stuff going on here a lot of good stuff gotta think about how the good stuff is gonna manifest okay start like this this is going to anger you but I dont mind that Im gonna drop that down were gonna re-pick up the turkeys the intention is were sacking them then that did not go according to the plan like not even a little bit I dont have a lot of Health Music come on come on nope okay I dont have the ropes to to make this happen give me climbing gloves parachute is not gonna work so next on my list is take this go to here its a very delicate procedure that were doing right now then you go to here ideally dude I need the ropes I needed the ropes thats terrifying you know thats thats uh thats the sick twisted world thats a sick twisted world the the daily challenge has never been its never been my my strongest uh my strongest for you okay instead we we go regular map were chilling just a regular map were chilling some sometimes its its right after you have the success that you its right after you have the success that you lose the success right its just its just how the the cookie damn crumbles why do you think they called it crumble cookies which by the way uh are not that good theyre not that good hey uh same prolap thank you so much for the uh the 100 bits much appreciated thank you okay this all good chat its all good were were living in a state of close to no fear my my fear is over exaggerated oh God okay were gonna were gonna do that immediately actually probably one of the sickest plays Ive ever done in my life anybody else see that and think it was extraordinarily swaggy okay theres my key that was pretty bad okay very good ate this hate this but we we can figure it out he aint coming in here thats for sure at 2hp the only swag youre gonna have is death I will not be dying on this run much to the Chagrin of anyone who uh believed in a different being than me that makes it sound like its very religious okay here heres the problem this run has a phenomenal start still need paste okay still in dire need of paste I need you to turn around my guy dude the wanted poster for my character is so freaking funny its so funny I laugh every time pay out the doubters please whats your problem Music we aint even we aint even there yet Music wasnt even really what I wanted to do but at the last second I changed my mind fam one to eat honestly good for him Compass is not what my ass was looking for okay I got no bombs I got one rope its not exactly ideal problematic oh yeah okay one more one more well give it one more and then well play some slay the spider okay this ones going all the damn way its going all the damn way Music Im Im not Im Im gonna I I could set up the prediction I could do yall want the prediction because Ill set it up I got you foreign choose prediction outcome will he make it out of dwelling I did not complete prediction manage prediction start prediction will he get out of dwelling start prediction okay year and a half already pickled poet thank you so much happy 18 months in a row thank you thank you okay Music very easy very easy super smooth we got a nice happy little exit right here we got ourselves a calificus Altair a very exciting situation whered where that dog at though he all the way up there Im not gonna get you out safely my guy okay thatll do it can I get to the Cali altar or do I got a bomb my ass got a bomb thats okay Ive used all my bombs again but I get myself climbing gloves huge play very huge play Music I would like to see as a child I would like to set this off its the goat shop its actually the best damn shop to ever do it Im not gonna get the cape Im gonna tell you we dont need it right now were okay were okay Music okay heres the thing and I know that this is gonna be the worlds most unpopular opinion um even if we dont get paced my ass is going to volcano I understand the value that pace provides for me I understand that I I quote unquote need it no I have faith I have faith no okay if you were a frog what do you think tasty that would be the tastiest bug and how would it taste I got news for you that frog dont know what anything tastes like okay I mean he literally has no clue what the stuff tastes like that frog Im gonna tell you I dont think that frog actually even knows hes alive I think frogs got got negative brain cells okay fireflies would be spicy no they wouldnt it just tastes like any other book you little freaks yeah but you are the Frog yeah its literally Im eating it so I dont die animals dont they dont go to I went to a very fancy restaurant the other night Anna and I she got a promotion in her job treated her to a nice dinner out one of the first times weve eaten out in the covet era the food was phenomenal never once during the meal did I think if I was a frog what would the flies taste like its just its its not how the rest of the animal kingdom functions it is eat or be eaten so they eat they need the food to physically survive I know its a tough pill to swallow that Timon and Pumbaa aint real but they aint sorry for ruining your childhood yo hey Anonymous thanks for buying the pyramid uh pyramid things hey they allow you to take the ghost pot in here now what the heck what a change I dont need the money you always could it always blows my mind when I find things that have been in the game for forever Music really wish you had paced my guy but thats okay I forgive you where are you okay um Im gonna tell you right now I dont think Im getting up there well I mean thats a lie I could probably get up there he never cease to amaze me a butterfly would be cotton candy are you guys okay Im bound I literally made a whole video making uh what each Isaac character would be if they were a fruit and then arguing that Isaac is a mango and even thats more sane than this conversation come on dude okay youre way less sane than this thank you Ive not seen that video but Isaac is not a mango watch the damn video okay watch the damn video and then if Isaac is not a mango come back and tell me but I will not accept this slander unless you give me one extra view on that video foreign okay um this run is kind of booty but were at least making it happen Okay um lets do this David joins the damn Fray ready for his miraculous Mission return thank you extra Moolah very nice David is David okay Isaac is basic not a mango watch the freaking video okay I literally I give the the complete explanation dont dont try to smack talk my opinion when you havent given me the one View okay uh Davids been secured this is where we would love this and this a lot of ropes is great I would really like the bombs though I mean there are some problems with this run right no no Pace right now pretty bad no no no bombs pretty bad and a lot a lot of question marks doesnt mean that were were not going to get there how the hell are you here twice dude Frick me okay mistakes have been made dude mistakes have been made would have been really nice to have the dog here and also to have sacked him properly okay um lets do it video has been watched I have been convinced Isaac is a mango thank you who taught you how to write okay Ive Ive talked about this in the past I write kind of Frick though they tried to teach me how to write properly but I never really I never really understood it and got it so I write a little fricked up and I Im Im happy to admit that okay I mean my my writing is its obscure dude Im Im honestly ready to go are my fingers okay it they do hurt after a long time writing its its true but its just its just how I learned okay no no Im not like this its just how I learned how do I hold a pen book this would take so much effort to show you right now Ill do it in a second just send it that hit multiple explosive rocks yeah thats gonna suck a lot okay um another Cali alter theyre trying to give me the good run I dont know what to do if Im honest I I actually have no idea what to do because heres the problem my ass gotta find the dog now too foreign go lucky what can I say more bombs dude this is my third Spike boot you gotta chill I dont need any more Spike boot like paste would have been would have been a sick one I know its a little twisted to ask for it where where is the dog huh not pissed not paste I must leave for my people need me uh okay the one HP is very scary here the lack of the dog also scary I cant find the Isaac mango video um search Isaac fruit what the frick no Im Im out man Im out are you obsessed with pace so much I dont know because its like super useful howdy lanky howdy funky uh I know that youre not gonna believe this but we were at 7 15 like 20 minutes ago I know that thats like uh a wild concept but Im Im pretty pretty sick at the game hes an apple or a blueberry come on why did why do you write like that Ill Ill hold up a pencil here shortly its just how Ive always written Im sorry okay Im very sorry I didnt mean to but do it I watched the video I still dont really think hes a mango thats okay everybody can be wrong sometimes its a shame that youre wrong so more than anybody else have you talked to your therapist about that oh theres a lot of stuff that could get caught up in in therapy involving YouTube it all started when I uh thought I was going to be the Yogscast in 2010. and then it all spiraled from there whos a mango uh Isaacs a mango Turtle Mountain good to see you this could be me and you Turtle melon just just happily uh doing the Olmec fight having a grand time Tylers brain is a mango yeah thats the fair very fair this could be bad I do make some some questionable decisions I do forget that the Olmec fight is not as easy if you dont have uh the jet pack I hate how you do Olmec me too brother me too this will be fine though its all good its great this is so great you were showing how to do it properly yeah and your parents were not disappointed in you at some point things change things change okay my parents are very proud of me thank you very much Im glad to hear that that makes one of us okay okay I stopped malding at Tylers Spelunky play and now others are doing it for me thats a pretty fricked up world isnt it this is a problem thank you just kidding it wasnt fine it went it went so fine makapaka hey thank you so much for the the 10 months in a row resubscription thank you now the time flies also went fork knife uh there will be no Fortnight for the foreseeable future however orbital Alexa nonsense will hopefully become one strong world again as soon as Thursday of this week if all goes well now all will probably not go well but if all goes well Thursday of this week the video probably wont come till the weekend though did I ever played Deep Rock Galactic um I I have played The Rock Galactic not on YouTube the rare game that I have played offline with a friend what about war zone 2 there is a zero percent chance of my ass ever plays war zone 2. I I I have so little interest in a Call of Duty br oke okay the prediction should really be right now is Tyler going to kill himself with a thigh because I think that the answer is a higher likelihood than you think really looking for paste really looking for paste were really really looking for okay that sucks okay get the dog we dont have the the kapala Music Music anything in here come on man will I try to do the ox skip without paste yes will I successfully do it almost certainly no Music I did do it with paste earlier Im telling you fungi Ive been proved okay this is our our last ditch effort for for paste duping the things here momentarily clean not that I really had any fears about doing this okay that there for right now I I absolutely hate I mean most of this I think is the correct word but I I do not like being in a position where I have one HP in this area foreign whats going on in here uh honestly that is HP look its pretty fricked up I know you dont have to tell me but I made my decision freeze ray wont work in water thats correct yep that is correct shout great Shout you have so much money pretty freaked up on me I didnt think he went all the way down dude I didnt think he went all the way down and I also didnt realize that he hits for more than one okay well we all know what this means unfortunately uh it means that I have to what the hell are you doing down here brother this does mean that my ass has to successfully Ox skip or else I also have to somehow kill this guy yeah Im skipping with no paste dont well we might we might get pissed though there is a chance this is unfortunate okay Music stupid ass little stupid son of a freaking okay um its all good its all good this just means that my ass has to learn to successfully Ox skip I dont know what to do here I guess Im leaving the dupe gun behind I kind of have to yeah I kind of have to I mean just a lot went wrong there theres no denying it Music okay Now or Never ladies and gentlemen hope youre ready for freaking chaos okay so its Rope Rope sitting right here hang on its different because you have MIT okay skip no paste pictures mitt okay paceless Ox get pitchers Im watching a YouTube video okay foreign Ill show you okay Ill show you all right you ready for this make sure no porn on the screen we good okay this is what were dealing with right now my ass gotta put ropes all over the damn screen apparently it seems very easy honestly I just dont necessarily understand the nitty-gritty of what were doing with it I dont think well make it boss just just chill for a sec and right over the drip we go all the way down and then we just go up I dont know what oh those ropes are for me to jump to Ah thats smart thats very smart okay okay I mean look but lets try right but lets try Im just gonna leave this up on the other monitor for right now so then we go I already screwed it up bear in there there and there and then we line up okay okay and right over the drip one two three four we go down we wait we go up and over the drip okay hes kind of goated okay hes kind of golden who said he was bad who said he was bad at the game foreign Im very scared right now okay okay look were the run is still ass okay like let lets not get it twisted we need a lot of stars to align on this one but just please come on you gotta work with me a little we we need a lot of stars to align but you know what the the stars are aligned enough at the current moment foreign okay yall yall never Music you never give me the credit I deserve Im Im out here doing the best I can my best is not the best anyone can do but its at least okay this is an interesting situation okay um Im gonna be real I would kind of like the compass but not enough to go kill that guy so this is where we say goodbye to our wonderful Excalibur and where Tyler leaves okay its a beautiful day damn Bam Bam bound down let it get away okay um fantastic this is a huge huge situation Music this is the most roller coaster run of Spelunky holy frick okay um I mean at this point I technically dont need paste right we weve done all the things so its just like a fun and dandy situation right now thats so huge dude Im so freaking huge can I slip in here real quick fam paid out the wrong people wow betrayal I think its hilarious dont worry Believers the next ones on on me Music okay I leave command fam that is a pretty low point in your modding career fam oh Jesus dude Frick this guy who are you okay were still just out here kind of vibing kind of not having a Time whether its a good time or a bad time I havent figured out yet but its a Time just leave just leave where is the room where it happens is right there incredible bit of activity okay lets see what it is lets see what it is smiling Clay Eye smiling clay I am smiling Clay Eye smiling Clay Eye smiling clay I smiling clay I smiling Clay Eye Clay is white right I always think that the Onyx should be not Onyx and should be clay instead because Clay is a dark brown color oh okay foreign Onyx is black though yeah but like if you didnt know that Onyx was the color at the start okay love it look it happens from time to time it is pretty bad if it was just an accident itd be one thing but fam literally just had zero faith in my abilities that that part is a rough pill to swallow for me but okay kill the walrus dont even why why what was what happened there what happened there my dog not my dog its not like this not when I ask how to learn how to how to do more skips I I dont know how to do a skip okay is this the one where I have to bomb the bottom look it up break me dude break me okay sheilin how the hell do you spell chillin chillin skip vlads cape okay Spelunky two chill and Skip vlads Cape easiest method three weeks ago by a guy whose username I literally cant pronounce and its eight minutes long okay okay honestly Ill show you this is a great video honestly this this wont be that bad honestly I kind of Im already ready to be Im already ready Im God I can do this I can do this I I have every bit of faith in myself just send it you absolutely cannot Ill Ill be fine okay I know I gotta reset the okay understand okay okay now what Im trying to figure that part out foreign people Ill do it myself Ill do it my damn self felt so good dude I actually felt like so freaking good now I am extremely concerned for this all right like I I have no idea how Im doing the Sun Challenge but cant you give me multiple okay fine foreign got a lot of adrenaline coursing through the body right now dude how freaking clutch would it be if that crate has paste in it Im just saying like how damn insane would it be God it would have been so good foreign how insane would it be if this one did look up the back whip stretch okay Ill Ill easily do that Music we gotta be very careful with our resources because we dont have many of them if you Music think now just to confirm it wasnt here right the challenge was not here because Im pretty sure it wasnt I will I will go in I did not see it at all there it is okay I followed Jesse back whip Strat Spelunky two Sun Challenge just Reviving best ways to win the sun count Ive already watched Xanax video on this okay time to watch it again were just gonna watch it again itll be fine okay Ill listen to his great voice for the first time yesterday when he pointed out that one of the top links was still my Sun Challenge joke guide so I thought Id make a real one now also a quick shout out to Jeremy who edited his show guide together as well after we talked about it and kind of came up with it at the same time Ill start with the most consistent method where you want to enter the room jump up the ladder as quickly I have no face head up to the closest corner of the room get on the Block below the enemy spawners and place two consecutive bombs before jumping over to the frog trap making sure to stand on the edge to avoid taking damage from the other frog trap youll be next to youll want to remove your jet pack and place it outside the challenge before doing this Strat since flaming bodies are not this is what Im supposed to do oh and dont grab the arrow in between the lasers unless theyre off the next Strat requires paste and is identical to the previous strategy the spawner this one which we call the dry Sun Challenge in the community since it uses no resources is probably the most risky of the newer straps but allows you to collect some extra blood save bombs and keep your jet pack so this is what you want me to do just on the left block below the spawner and repeatedly back whip while keeping an eye on any Vamps or Curves okay sure lets try lets try Im Im game Im literally just back whipping on that block thats it I dont do anything else I just back whip Ive got 23 health Im not that concerned Im just back whipping you need to pay great point okay uh its on the other side though is it the same on on this side same on this side same just go to the left all right I mean look we we go foreign Laughter why not right why not uh please press one in chat if this is the wildest Spelunky run youve ever watched okay we continue okay hey Dane good to see you thank you so much for 34 months in a row holy frick I did not know you were up to 34 months its an insane amount of months dude we got so much blood off of that fight too holy lordy okay I leave what the frick what is going on in here dude okay foreign Music not today Satan I saw that one coming from a mile away just use the bow Im scared of using the bow goodbye okay lets lets run it I hate this dude I hate this this little horrid start okay were good foreign traps none to be found okay foreign foreign just wait for the poison its probably Fair I still gotta kill the other one though mans giving me anxiety thats kind of what I do though it ticks every 30 seconds Im not waiting that long foreign there we go well ladies and gentlemen I mean what can I say Im Mr two time today Im Mr two time okay um now like literally the worst setup ever down here but yeah thats thats not great you dont need paste Music you mispaced where the hells paced Music was paced really sitting somewhere yeah honestly I think Pace was holding me back foreign thing that is absolutely not true this time that bow did not help me in any part of this run my my own damn mechanical skill is what helped this one so the only thing Im bringing with me is my own personal self uh okay that scared the hell out of me I thought I was about to just smush myself in a wall Dave David does not get to make the journey today the only the only man on this journey is Me Myself and freaking I I see the crate we all know how freaking amazing it would be if that crate had like a I dont know what do I even need I dont need all that much actually climbing gloves not useful already got them okay um foreign I thought that was gonna come back okay uh did you just see me Matrix Dodge that was incredible PB incoming I dont think so okay no no Ankh no paste there theres some issues for sure okay but with how Ive played on this run I wouldnt put it past me yo what the hell we weve been going absolutely sicko whats your PB 20s I I really I thought it was 16. um but Im Im not 100 sure about that if Im honest foreign s got photographic memory of where stuff is Im just telling you right now my ass knew exactly where that hole was when did I lose the ark I lost the ankh in uh tide pool I think foreign the vibing session continues foreign my favorite floor even though I think its the most dangerous Music it was just so easy to navigate Music the hells my final one universally the easiest okay never mind I guess thats why I like them okay not today Satan Music foreign Music how were you supposed to get this one if you didnt have bombs you just die Music 7-Eleven huh give me a damn Slurpee Music dude Im just feeling myself right now and thats such a dangerous thing for me it is it is so bad for me to be this confident myself this is not first run no this is fourth run four runs to Cosmic oceans and two uh tide pools there are two uh dwellings but dont even phrasing yeah definitely a phrasing good job made it sound like I was uh rubbing one out on stream would not be a good thing to do for the record there you is uh before we do that though a couple extra ropes for the boys okay foreign just kidding okay thank you dude theyre having a whole damn conversation over there Music come on Im sorry for the Im a little more quiet once I he hit the cosmic ocean because its the the largest feat in all of gaming and Im focusing Music not not all Mortals make it to the cosmic ocean big feet pog dont okay yeah see thats the kind of fun stuff that happens in the obab that Im not here for foreign foreign Boomerang of all time thank you this ones actually kind of fricked I think no yeah as soon as I saw him dude and I die in the same damn floors last time damn it thats a tough one thats a tough one my deepest level is 19-1 I dont know what that means oh I think thats because of the mods dude thats because of the mods I dont know what my my best um Cosmic ocean is Music oh dude what the frick pretty good though I mean they I I that run went hard that run went very hard um thanks so much for watching it Ill catch you guys in the next Cosmic ocean Victory bye-bye Music foreign Music facade game steam Thanks for watching!-- Discord: -- Twitch: -- Twitter: -- Reddit: -- My Nexus Gamestore: -- YouTube: -- Business Email: -- Join this channel to get access to perks: Music I Use: -- -- Spring by Ikson how to see game version in steam judas game steam how to cancel steam deck reservation steam stock price can't remove game from steam library