Spelunky 2 Developers React to Multiple Speedruns

Steam let friends play your gamessteam summer sale multiplayer games SPELUNKY 2 game Music hi im derek you from mossmouth im the lead designer and lead artist of spelunky 2 and were going to watch some splunky 2 speedruns today and im joined by mickey pasquale hi everyone this is mickey im delete programmer splankadoo and eric circa hey whats up this is eric im the sound designer and composer on splunky2 and i think i think the run started so yeah theyve got the teleporter thats kind of what i expected yeah is in any percent speed run so im imagining its good its going to be pretty quick this is okay item for me to master i just never pick it up when i see it yeah and its awesome for especially for speedruns but i just cant bring myself to do it i like the telefrag of the caveman boss quillback or quilliam as people like to call him now and already just yeah teleporting through the whole game yes the games almost done already here see its not that hard everybody its an easy game okay im curious about this oh okay i thought he was going to say water for some reason yeah i thought so its here that couldnt give a surprise yeah theyre just dodging so much stuff i would have died so many times already yeah just from the teleport itself just yourself exactly the levels go by so fast that i its like only when theyre in the transition can i actually process what happened wow two mechs thats pretty funny okay yeah im very curious to see how they go through neo-babylon because its just a nightmare normally yeah yeah in terms of traps and things like that yeah worst area for me probably yeah especially if youre trying to go fast spark traps are how much of this is just pure reaction im curious there we go thats oh my gosh yeah wow that i have to say yeah i dont think about telefragging too much when im you know when we were working on the game like i just i didnt think about it that much especially not tmat and thats it i feel like half of that run was just the intro yeah well i blinked and uh i felt like i missed it so but there you go easy game yep fun casual game i mean its taken me like hours and hours and hours to bite the beat in in easy mode but yeah its its you can see it here i mean i have to say the game is not about just beating it or beating it fast if youre watching this and youre feeling like im never going to be able to do that its not about that its really about the journey about exploring enjoying but yeah that was pretty nuts i think they got the achievement for uh beating it quickly okay and were starting with a new speed run this is called eggplant percent pretty sure that is unique to spelunky ii um and im told that this is a seeded run so presumably this was a run that they actually practiced and yeah in spelunky 2 there is an item called an eggplant and you can only get it by sacrificing a present onto an altar like they just did and they got a cape too so thats kind of interesting i wonder if this is really seated you dont see the message at the top right thats true thats actually true yeah no theres supposed to be an icon in the upper right if its seated that actually makes it more impressive it does yeah because it takes a while to get the present and the altar in the same level so the eggplant is really fragile which is why youre probably gonna see them put it down on the ground a lot like if it falls even a little bit its gonna break or if it hits anything smallest thing can break it yeah wonder what route theyre going to take yeah im going to guess volcano i feel like its the faster route overall but pretty dangerous you dont want to get lava on that eggplant its a good bomb cook right there its pretty sad how long it takes me to uh get past pullback still like how carefully i still play that compared to this i finally i finally got used to bumping him but not that way i usually just throw a bomb his way and just go the other way that usually works i dont usually cook it like that oh that was funny the the shopkeeper fired and it reflected off the rope on him heres the part where people sometimes complain about having to wait for the lava but theyre just going for it so you can just go for it oh interesting okay hmm yeah they that was a uh like a secret entrance thats you know randomly generated wow that whipping of the of the arrow was pretty impressive so far its just like really high level play i actually dont know if ive ever beaten blood without using the hunter hes surprisingly tough but right there so the problem with him is that you hit him and then he teleports and then you have a brief window to hit him again and hurt him before hell teleport start teleporting again and yeah they just made him telefrag himself so what was interesting is that they actually climbed up the uh and went to the normal exit i guess it was a little faster in the previous level i mean oh right yeah its like its taking me a few seconds to process whats going on and then theyre already in the next level no but that makes sense because like he already had the exit there its it probably made no sense to go back to the bottom lets see how they handle olmec oh jeez im already sweating yeah just like a holding there holding the eggplant next to this giant crushing machine okay there we go okay gonna give the eggplant a waddler waddler will keep items for you wattlers my favorite hes pretty funny right so this seems to be the latest patch because uh floaters only take one hit point yeah i was gonna say weve weve tweaked olmec a little bit since the game first came out i have a much better time myself with this boss now i think good changes yeah i like him better too i think its good i think hes in a good place now yeah okay hes going for the for the hank this with this new uh behavior yeah this part hasnt changed since we released it though right but that was very clean just whipping those ufos yeah but just because the fact that people used to just wait upstairs like this uh this face was completely ignored right olmec usually went straight down i know which is why we had to change it because i love that third phase yeah yeah i think its my favorite phase it even has music for it you know each face has different pieces of music and no one had ever heard that third face Laughter thats why we changed it we wanted people that youre erics the main reason thats my incentive oh octopus there is thats pretty smooth okay so he left the the eggplant up ah no no he wasnt on water never mind yeah forgot yeah you can imagine waddlers just carrying it somewhere behind the scenes scared not to break it well now waddler stores items inside his body so hes just got the eggplant like sucked inside him somewhere yeah i imagine waddler exists on in like multi multiple planes at the same time and he just like puts something inside his body and it appears elsewhere yeah look a teleporting entity waddler lore were just creating it on the spot yeah the deep waddler lore oh its been confirmed by the way this this run isnt seated okay its not seated no Music thats fun just jump and whip that thing to make it quick yep thats much much faster than doing it the proper way definitely i think the thing that is really impressing me is just how theyre keeping track of like everything thats going on i dont know even after all this time like you know when i get to the lake of fire its just i have to think about every step that is required to actually you know bring all the items you need to the next stage and yeah just keeping all this in their head at the same time is really impressive whoa did they yeah they just looked at the uh tablet of destiny and memorized it right then huh yep so he knows which one to pick straight away okay i think hes going to carry it got the eggplant back from waddler thank you waddler back to sleep there they are the eggplant child is this intended derrick by the way i dont think i ever asked you why is the ice cave skip did they make it so you could fall and just grab the edge no no not at all okay was not intended cool though yeah it is yeah you can just drop straight down that you can kind of like line up two tiles where if you just yeah you just drop straight down you can skip a big part of it oh they actually got hit there i wonder how much theyre sweating at this point a lot eggplant child is a very good child though they just go to sleep as soon as you put them down yeah thats not how it works in real life definitely Laughter okay oh that scared me all right so if you go back and you look at the journal entry you can pause it and you can see what theyre looking for i have no idea this place is scary too just with all the elevators going on right yeah yeah elevator number one scariest trap in the game sure can easily crush you on those little corners okay one took another hit i wonder if that was intentional like if they thought that you know its just worth it for speed i guess speedrunners always say its intentional right its hard to see when theyre out of the camera bounce though yeah those traps the laser traps the air traps yep i love how they put the eggplant child to sleep at the beginning of the level do you wait here son yeah theyre just theyre just so they seem so tender with the eggplant and the child its great so the eggplant child actually did make it into the spaceship with them as long as theyre alive theyll be theyll be in the spaceship sorry everybody bye-bye so now they have to bring the child with them and youll see why in a little bit this is scary though those regenerating blocks will crush you if you are in front of them when they regenerate yeah i dont know if anyones figured it out by now but this is a metaphor for parenthood carrying your little baby through through dangerous places oh oh did they know that was gonna happen yeah they probably like the child got hit yeah swag strats oh my gosh my heart totally skipped a beat though and welcome to eggplant world all that nice eggplant juice flowing yeah delicious eggplant juice i dont know if its what it actually looks like but nice and pink all right theres the crown so i think the goal of eggplant percent is to just beat the game with the crown and if youre wearing a crown you can throw eggplants of course okay yeah i did check their health i forgot that they got a bunch of health and eggplant world yeah if you eat the if you eat the face of the eggplant king you gain a lot of health and yeah its really obvious but yeah i mean a few wood you can definitely get like 99 lives out of there i believe i record correctly you think so yeah so far i feel like this is mostly just top-notch spelunking right i mean i have yet to reach this sunken city so yeah this is its just super impressive just really good reactions well i would be so nervous here yeah for sure oh we need to see a heart rate monitor its a like 600 beats per minute right now or maybe not i dont know i dont know what its like to be a street runner oh geez yeah thats scary the ultimate eggplant versus egg showdown right here eggplants are good eggs are bad its the ultimate message of spelunky too well that was really amazing that they defeated the um before getting up here yeah yeah no weapons and thats it wow good job i mean im going to go back and watch this whole thing im just my brain is still the gears in my brain are just grinding on what i just saw i dont know that i think we just make it didnt make it hard enough like yeah thats true thats a good point games too easy lets patch it all right yeah time to go work on the patch more moles to every level of the game you know i dont know if we saw any moles did we see any moles maybe not i dont recall though i dont know yeah so cant complain about the moles anymore were going to bring them back yeah that was awesome though yeah yeah that was good yeah lots of close calls it felt like but i dont know you dont know how much is how much is intentional on these runs it was cool yeah it makes me want to it makes you want to go play the game and try to uh get better at it my next goal is almost reaching sunken city but i mean not at this speed and nope no eggplants in the world i think the funny thing is whenever i watch these speed runs like it does make me want to play the game and try to do it myself and then yeah and then i always fail and like im feeling that same feeling right now even though we made this game thats cool yeah that was fun that was really good you steam charts warframe Spelunky 2 is a pretty tough game. But if you know it well, are just trying to get to the end, and are amazing, then its actually pretty short. So ride along with Derek Yu (Lead Designer/Lead Artist), Micky Pascual (Lead Programmer), and Eirik Suhrke (Sound Designer/Composer) as they watch and react to speedrunner D_Teas very fast Any% run, followed by an Eggplant% run (whatever that is, it sounds delicious).Check out more from D_Tea here: #ign steam deck dock amazon modern warfare 2 steam favorite games on steam deck steam shower room can i play this steam game