Spelunky 2 - Cosmic Ocean (7-99) Speedrun 56:25.300 (Vlads Cape)

Where is steam qr codesteam aplication SPELUNKY 2 game yeah theres no shop there i gotta watch um baby on boards bubble skip vids okay finally just a good c got it and i heard the damsel they are poochy oh now i actually do want spike boots thats convenient just to meet me up pretty much for the bonk and because it makes like a the the harder you throw it the louder it is its pretty funny oh i was going to get the key from gang were forgiven at least Music no push block thats kind of weird spot for sparrow losing a second for the bonk totally worth it i agree i agree please dont alter nice its not clean but uh ill take this if i tried the new 1-1 again im not sure what you mean oh turkey okay ill wait one more trip and then ill go oh the castles over here Music Music i was kind of looking for uh like a secret ton shop as well yeah there you go ortho Music theres the discord come on bye anyones welcome peace ill take more bombs we have quite a few actually we dont have to touch the yeti cave because we have spike boots already okay its a very round about 2 3 here oh yeah we still need the kapala Music hey chili steak thanks hope youre having a good day too oh dont get crushed all right Music there we go 420 always a good day true okay that should work Music there he is i need the kapala still so ill look out for an altar let me check for pace down here and then it would be worth it yeah thats a caveman Music oh i kind of thought i had more favor than that thats gonna hurt me nice two-second level lets go Music dogs in a really good spot oh dont do that and this is the jelly sweet it was a pretty fast city of gold too Music could have been much worse okay i refuse to die on this level oh yeah Music i didnt die on that level nice what have i done hey what have i done though not a lot of hp thats what i did but uh dodging the shock people in sunken cities never never fun well theres a teleporter that im not gonna mess with although i could have taken it to be extra risky and fast gucci oh so iframes planned Music nice i should give forgiveness here oh youre right actually yeah yeah yeah hey merc mats thats kind of what i suspected one more level although i feel like lets see i was on five ones yeah i dont know i dont know how it works i do but i dont Music um there you go get rid of the vampires completely there i mean 33 hp what more could you ask for maybe diagram were going for it okay there you go Music oh hey no tubes we didnt have to go through a single tube there there were like four frogs its weird Music let me get that back Music well this level we had to go through what six cubes okay onto undone are we gonna risk this okay hes down let me through let me through yes okay uh just second Music okay were finally in the ceo im worried about that arrow Music hey snowy oh thats one two okay this is just so much fun moving around with flatscape Music its a really really chunky level Music Music so alien compass coming in clutch that was one that was just popped Music lets go over here i guess Music all right Music yeah the spike boots is um airtime but theres a lot of things that reset it so like double jumping with vlads cape resets it uh jetpack boosting Music out oh that was risky but also i didnt have a ton of options there nice oh you love to see it love to see levels like that oh you love to see that too the last orb might just be like right next to the door there or it could be anywhere else since this level is pretty big actually Music Music Applause triple tide pool nice i love it Music oh Music so how do you deal with cramped jungle levels without bombs you either go super slow and like you know be careful or you just use bombs but yeah jungle levels in the cosmic ocean especially are is horrific Music do you think they should make an item to help locate the orbs or add it to an item like elixir alien compass um i mean at this point i dont think theyre gonna change anything that would be cool though i know theres a mod actually that got uploaded recently um on its like a orb locator that looks pretty cool Music actually i kind of want to see a a tool assisted speed run with that mod that would be very interesting to watch Music Music i knew it i knew it just barely wasnt gonna get it bro uh-oh chungus alert oh no all right i saved it barely by running into terrain that was close i think almost every one of my co runs today ive died oh hello uh witch doctors or almost every single one of them either witch doctors are getting crushed okay they are over here somewhere Music a lot of these levels just arent letting me in anywhere whats the worst type of floor in the cosmic ocean in your opinion um for speed runs i would actually say im starting to lean towards jungle i hate jungle the most i think for the majority of players and when youre going for like your your first 799 um temple is the worst but as far as speed runs go there can be fast temples Music there can be fast jungles but that i feel like thats a lot farther and fewer in between Music these levels have not been horrible so starting to hate sunken city more than jungle Music sunken so like good sunken city levels still take like 15 seconds but good jungle levels can take like five seconds so i dont know i i kind of agree yeah i dont know man every big level is horrible unless the orbs are all right next to each other Music that wasnt a good idea to do that okay a tiny box uh yeah i i just need to finish one of these vlads cape runs hey pablo sarah okay ill try to remember that and i could go like really slow to improve my 122 pb but thats no fun i still want to go fast i thought i saw an orb over there Music hey luna luma yeah i am going to take this level a little slower because i can already tell that its horrible Music nice flatscape is so fun to watch i have a ton of fun playing it oh its completely blocked off Music okay jungle level this levels not too Music big ah oh i wanted to get the bomb back but uh i would have been blown out Music okay no cats no cats is it somewhere like right in the middle yes not gonna get crushed this time Music eat i feel like i have to go in here to check i almost just stun myself at the bottom Music Music this one Music yeah i dont know about that Music okay that level could have been faster i didnt want to get cursed again though Music oh the dwelling the dream dwelling Music i have a lot of bombs Music still thats good Music so bubbles big okay one two please dont die to an arrow trap no okay are there no giant spiders in cosmic ocean i dont know i wish there were Applause then again can you imagine like uh if giant spiders the the webs from giant spiders were just flying in the loop everywhere that would be chaos yeah i finally have a bodyguard i feel much safer Music Music uh okay jungle level im gonna wait okay we made it through thats the second one nice that could have been worse nope i you can make that jump sometimes i feel good enough to do it sometimes i dont whoa Music nice these levels are just getting really Music good this one though im gonna take slow oh im really digging these crates Music uh not sure where the orcs are though so that was really slow but im okay with that taking a long time ill be fine with that uh mr sonic gold hey thank you for the twitch prime appreciate the support and not very applicable thank you for the 100 bits hey ormu or mu gg on your uh co completion i saw that you got one recently oops well this levels large all right we got lucky though uh hey vatics thanks how many hours do i have oh last time i checked it was like 1200 in spelunky 2 so far hey arcade castle yeah our resources are looking really good um i think everythings looking pretty good i should never say that should i it always i always die right after i say something like that Music wait was that one i thought i saw something Music Music oh okay thats gonna be eight years until i can wake up Music Applause ham food twiggle i havent been around for a few streams my mom is getting the kidney transplant today they started prep an hour ago could we get some baba bowie in chat for her hopefully easy and quick six hour surgery yeah um thanks i rage to win and i wish your mom good luck baba bowie can we get some twig blesses if youre a sub yeah hopefully she has that goes Music Applause smoothly Music all right temple Music got through it Music that was a nice little bomb there Music okay took a little longer on that level than i could have maybe Music probably over to the left of the jelly Music nice Music i dont like this oh one of those bombs will get in im not dying im not dying under which circumstances are you stunned for like half an hour um when you get hit by a tongue trap or stunned by a tongue trap and falling platforms and anytime you get stunned in the loop or like in the air you actually are stunned for like twice as long but yeah that level was very very scary i didnt feel bad about using bombs though because i have a lot Music oh it tried it tried its best nice Music man these levels are so good Music except for that temple Music no arrow trap Music Music Applause it should be down here all right i needed a bodyguard anyway Music ah where did i miss it oh all right that was just a bad spot for the last orb Music okay so many temples wow hmm oh trunker alert okay this is my third bomb box crate im feeling the love Music but no paste yeah thats true Music i dont like this one bite Music oh i thought that was a boomerang that spooked me Music all right give me a bodyguard real quick Music oh oh i should just go in the loop here wasting time Music so Music so its right there i should just fall there we go nice oh Music oh thats a little bit closer all right oh just horrible Music start am i supposed to even get in that exit okay here they are all right ill take it Music all right that oh two are gonna be popped without me doing anything that was not smart that ufos gonna kill me oh hello out of my way lets go careful Music Music Applause hey hen Music theres a quick bodyguard Music maybe very bottom right corner Music oh Music actually i think the best way in is like right over here okay oh i get poisoned at this point it really doesnt matter i think with the amount of hp i have oh dont do it dont do it okay not horrible hey 9x awesome glad they liked it what is this i cant i cant get out Music anywhere oh okay that jump is spooky 12 ropes lets be careful quicksand let me out i took eight years off of my life lets go oh i dont like this Music hmm Music nice Music dont do it maggots okay thank you thank you didnt want to have to use a rope there Music Music though oh no oh no okay okay okay we have the ankh so were going to be fine heres what i didnt want to do though i didnt want to be stunned and then get killed by the jelly you know what i mean because i wanted to keep my cape yeah i should be fine Music so Music there we go nice try thats the real speedrun strats just being able to whip the cats Music all right there it is Music okay theres one Applause Music two Music three Music i could die by like a laser trap here or something like that oh that skull back whip i was avoiding or trying to avoid using a rope there there we go some more ropes nice try ah theyre over here arent they theyre up into the left of the jelly oh nevermind just missed them Music lets hope this door isnt horrible its kind of horrible sweet remember to get rid of parachute yeah thats a good point that wasnt a good idea but were gonna die here anyway Music okay theres one uh ill just use a rope one two three sweet theres the door Applause ill just go around Music yeah that was good Music oh i see one right there nice very nice these levels though theyre too good Music bro lets go oh Music all right where is it that magmar just went flying Music hmm theres one two come on third one where is it i probably missed it on the left side that level suck dude thats okay all right hey there it is Music i how did those not hit me orb though oh okay oh i see it i see the orb okay okay okay Music wait where is it wish i had paced thats like the worst spot oh man all right uh ones up there oh thats not a good way to go there we go thats better oh hello uh i need him Music all right two more levels lets do this thing yeah where is it there it is one more just one more ice caves okay okay lets go oh that was such a good run holy cow very nice that was awesome i love ladscape so fun okay well im not gonna get a pb in that category anytime soon in vladscape anymore Music i was setting the bar low so i could you know steadily improve my pv but ill take it hey rando thanks for the 420. safe to say i crushed the pb yeah i suppose so all right well do it Music yeah so before this lava had a oh we have a 57-minute Music world record in this category however theres not a mass ranking category in it Music Music i think alien compass really came in clutch on a lot of those levels this how to check a game for updates steam Nice! This run was so good, so happy with it.Its also the first sub-1 with the Alien Compass to my knowledge (poggers).I also did like 15 levels cursed really late in the game lol, but I still had the ankh so it was no big deal. Skin I was using: Watch live: steam boat willy ears nova game steam pc games on mac steam steam charts predecessor does epic games work on steam deck