Sunken City/Cosmic Ocean Full Walkthrough - Spelunky 2

How to get steam deck from game awardsplay steam games on phone SPELUNKY 2 game hey everyone its xanager here this is a guide on how to get to sunken city as well as cosmic ocean which is two of the hardest challenges in the game that we know of this guide will assume you know the basics of the normal route of spelunky 2 so i will not be going over every little detail so with that lets get started so the first and easiest step in this run will always start with finding the oojet eye in 1-2 or 1-3 the first thing you need to do is to find the key somewhere in the level and bring it to the chest next youll find the door which will always have the same 7x4 block layout with a ladder underneath as you can see here head inside grab the u-jet eye and dont leave it on the ground like i do half the time now we are in 2-1 where we will be saving van horsling this part of the run is technically optional though it does make fighting vlad a bit later quite a bit easier van horseling will always be found in this level 2-1 and the first thing youll want to do if you didnt get a skeleton key in world one is to get a key out of the cave here once you grab the key youll just want to find a locked door next to a metal block get the diamond from van horsling inside and move on to the next level this step only applies to cosmic ocean so if you are just planning on getting your world 7 win and killing hundon then you can skip this part the moon challenge can be found on 2-2 2-3 or 2-4 youve probably already done it a thousand times but the important item we are grabbing in here is the bow of hui which you will be using to shoot hundon once defeated in order to enter the cosmic ocean it is always found in a 3x3 block of stone brick so make sure not to break your mattock trying to get it dig straight to it and then use the remaining matte kits to get some crates and treasure once you do that grab the bow and head on to the next level next up is vlads castle on 2-2 2-3 or 2-4 you will find a drill with a slot to place the ooh jedi slap the iron there and pray to kali that theres no lava altars or shops below the drill if there is lava below the drill which there almost always is just take your time climbing down and wait for the dripping to slow or stop entirely theres a clover in the castle to slow the ghost to five minutes so take your time and be safe leave your bow outside the castle head up to the top watching for vamps along the way let van horsling 360 no scope flat before taking the crown and equipping the cape once all that is done you are good to grab your bow back and head on to olmec once inside olmecs room skip the cut scene immediately and run straight to the right until you reach the ladder bomb the corner twice to find waddler who will be taking our bow straight to the sunken city for us drop the bow on his teleport pad things and head back to kill olmec phase one will go as normal stepping left and right to dodge him while he breaks the blocks below you as you always do my phase 2 strategy may honestly drive you crazy and if you want to speed it up by all means go ahead i prefer to wait until 2-3 minutes on the clock while he sufficiently bombed out the lava and then stand on the remaining blocks to double jump whip his levitators both levitators have three hp so be very careful as to not stand underneath him when you hit the last levitator for the third time dont worry about where he falls into the lava as there will always be a door you can enter unlike spelunky one even if you have to hang off the ledge jump up to the top and grab the ankh like the uj you can walk out of here without grabbing it so take care as there is no way to re-enter the ankara once you leave with the ankh and crown in hand we can move forward to 4-2 Music youll find excalibur in the center of every level 4-2 above the water at the bottom of the level the crown we picked up in vlads castle allows you to pick this sword up so put on your best king arthur face and pull the sword out of the ground before heading over to 4-3 first thing youll want to do in 4-3 is scout the level and place excalibur somewhere easy to reach after sacrificing yourself with the ankh in the next step after placing excalibur find a small door which can generate almost anywhere and take the path down below the lava i had to change this part of the video a bit during editing since they patched the ability to keep the ankh so i apologize for the sudden character change grab the idol to drain the lava and sacrifice yourself before retrieving excalibur and continuing through the hidden door that was revealed behind the lava now that youve reached abzu all you need to do is smack kingu in the back a few times use some ropes to climb up to him or find the cave underwater that will take you above if youre low on supply hit the center of his shell a few times taking care to dodge the enemies he throws at you over his shoulder and grab the tablet when it drops you no longer need excalibur so if you find something youd rather pick up you are now safe to do so continue forward as normal until you reach 6-2 once you are in 6-2 you are going to look for yet another small door to a room with a ton of statues and a clover once inside open up your journal and find the tablet entry under items there are five colors the statues can be jade gold wood clay and onyx four types the statues can be tall simple cracked and laughing and they all have different symbols on them as well you will want to match up the hint in your journal to find the correct statue and carry it out of the level with you all the descriptors are fairly self-explanatory i think except maybe the clay statues being white which confused me the first time i was here once you bring the statue into 6-3 it will hatch into your very own killing mount quillen i dont know how to pronounce that hop on and be very careful as it only has 3 hp it functions almost like a jet pack but it does not lose power which we will use to our advantage on tmat stage next once youre in tmat stage take off above the boss and use the amazing gamer reflexes used to get here to evade the lasers and land safely in front of the door up top sadly we will have to leave our friend killing behind as we journey to the sunken city once you arrive in the sunken city the first thing youll want to look for is wattlers room which will always be on 7-1 in a cave but on top of that you will also need the light arrow from the sun challenge on 7-1 2 or 3. the sun challenge can be a bit of a troll sometimes so if you can afford to skip the reward you can rob it with bombs but were good splunkers so once you pay head in and immediately climb up to the platform in the middle dodging or whipping any enemies in your way place two ropes and climb to the top and pray to khali once again that you make it out alive when the timer has expired and you have picked up the arrow you will find a bounty of bombs and ropes at the exit for you grab those and go find waddlers room combine the arrow with the bow in waddlers room and carry that to the boss on 7-4 now that youve made it to hundon all thats left is to climb to the top kill them and leave or shoot them in the eye with the bow if you are going to the cosmic ocean i say kill them and leave like it is simple but as you can see in the clip im talking over i relied on the poison the boss was afflicted by when it was darted on the climb up to watch them very slowly very slowly very slowly die once undone has died you can jump down next to them and shoot the light arrow into their eye be mindful of the spikes as they can still end your run after the boss is dead and with that you now have all the knowledge needed to reach the cosmic ocean or get your first hard-ending win i want to sincerely thank you for watching this video i put a lot of work into it and its the first video ive ever scripted a subscription or like would be greatly appreciated and if you want me to make any other videos like this please let me know i stream on twitch every weeknight eastern standard time at xanager and i hope to see you there good luck on your runs and ill see you next time steam therapy for lungs Sorry it took me so long to upload but hopefully it came together well! This is my first scripted video and I put a lot of work into it, I hope it helps everyone trying to get their first Cosmic Ocean visit!I did not specify this in the video but this is only one of the ways to complete the Cosmic Ocean. It is also possible to reach by going through Jungle and/or Temple. Let me know if you are interested in seeing these routes in the comments. Thank You! Ushabti Chart: I stream most week nights if you want to come hang out. 0:00 Intro 0:22 Udjet Eye 0:49 Saving Van Horsling 1:24 Hou Yis Bow 2:08 Vlads Castle 2:55 Olmec and the Ankh 4:12 Excalibur 4:30 Door to Abzu 5:10 Kingu 5:41 Ushabti Statues 6:25 The Qilin 6:45 Flying Above Tiamat 7:05 Sun Challenge and Waddler 7:58 Hundun 8:44 Outro strange steam shark steam cleaner pads food warmer steam table stranglehold game steam how to refund steam purchase