Spelunky 2 - How to Unlock Every Character & Seeded Runs (w/ Voice Over)

Where do steam trains sleep at nightsteam fighter jet games SPELUNKY 2 game hey everyone xanager here people really seem to like my cosmic ocean walkthrough so i thought id make another one to show you how to unlock every playable character in spelunky 2. lets get started alto sing is the first character youll likely unlock as he is found right after the first boss in the dwelling at the bottom of the stage green girl is back and her name is liz now liz mutton youll find her in the jungle on a random level just keep an eye out and she should be an easy get neca the eagle the ferocious warrior chief is found in the black market which youll need the ujidi to hunt down listen for the sound and bomb it open he will be above the market in every run least the adorable little robot is similar to liz in that she is never in a set stage but look for her over in volcano and youll be sure to find her coco von diamonds mother to demi which well be getting later is found in vlads castle find her in one of the four coffins near the bottom of the area to get into vlads castle youll need the ujday just like neca manfred can be found inside the sub-area of olmecs lair near the ankh just ride olmec into the lava after knocking out his levitators to get inside round boy is now called little j and is found in a random stage of tidepool if you find him in the same stage as the cloning gun be sure to have some fun creating your very own little j army Music tina flan is the first character that i find a bit more complicated to unlock follow the sunken city chain and while in abzu just look under the water and youll find her somehow perfectly healthy and not drowned at the bottom what are these coffins made out of round girl from splunky hd now known as valerie can be found in the temple in a slightly different looking coffin so dont mistake her for an enemy like i did for the first time ao is like tina in that youll need to follow the chain towards the sunken city to enter the city of gold though you dont need the ankh from olmec this time just find his coffin and you can be the golden man himself cocos daughter demivon diamonds is freezing in the ice caves so go into the yeti sub area and get her out youll probably recognize her as the damsel from the first game but now shes got a jacket on and ready to spelunk all on her own there are two ways to get pilot from the upcoming moss mouth game ufo 50 the short way and the long way if you want to do it the long way follow the chain with van horsing until he gives you the alien compass itll lead you into the mothership where youll find the character if you want to do it the easy way just fall five blocks from the right at the bottom of the ice cave shortcut until you get lucky and the door spawned there Music aaron my favorite character is another one that is found on a random level this time in neo-babylon you know the trail find her coffin and get her out the star of the first game is back guy spelunky hell be unlocked when you defeat tiamat for the first time on the base ending for the game dirk the ninja is likely a character that will elude you for a while he is found in the mouth of a goliath frog in the sunken city just sticky the frog once or cook a bomb and use the enter door button to go inside goliath frogs are not 100 guaranteed to spawn so this may even take you multiple runs the final character in the game is the 8-bit classic spelunky guy from the original 2008 roguelike unlock them by killing hyundun in the sunken city and get the master achievement along with it youve now collected all the characters in the game i wanted to also note that seated runs will be possible when you have unlocked 16 characters just climb up above the hub area and pick up the seat outside the rockets thank you so much for watching the video i hope it helped and i wanted to thank everyone who clicked on my cosmic ocean walkthrough i never expected the video to do so well and it means so much to me please consider leaving a like or subscription if you want to see more spelunky videos i also stream on twitch every weeknight and ill see you next time beat games on steam Watch my streams here! Live Mon-Sat 6:30 PM ESTThanks to the support that the Cosmic Ocean guide got I thought Id make another one! Let me know in the comments what other guides youre needing and Ill be sure to start working on it. Note: It seems I misgendered the war chief as a man, my apologies! I honestly never looked at their journal or character model very closely while editing. I only realized it because my fiancee pointed it out while she was watching the video, please forgive the mistake. 0:00 Intro 0:15 Alto 0:28 Liz 0:40 Nekka 0:58 Lise 1:14 Coco 1:30 Manfred 1:44 Little Jay 2:14 Tina 2:35 Valerie 2:51 Au 3:08 Demi 3:26 Pilot 3:56 Airyn 4:09 Guy Spelunky 4:23 Dirk 4:48 Classic Guy 5:03 Seeded Runs 5:20 Outro steam 槍 game steam cuphead steam cabbage jamaican style how to play games on oculus quest 2 from steam move game from ubisoft to steam