SHOPKEEPER SLAYER!! | Lets Play Spelunky 2 | Part 17 | PC Gameplay HD

Best free puzzle games steamsteam defense games SPELUNKY 2 gameplay hello everybody welcome back to morse blanky too exploding exploding out of me like im sure a bunch of bombs power packs jet packs i i dont know all kinds of stuff are going to explode right in my bang face here today i am sure of it oh boy monty right off the bat i what do we want to do today i mean i guess maybe that did not go how i wanted maybe we should set our sights higher because i keep saying i just want to get to get the olmec then we get to olmec and then we beat olmec and then you know what then you know were were on 4-1 i dont want to get to 4-1 just only every single day that doesnt sound like uh like a plan i want to get to id like to get to the yeti caves or whatever the heck it is five level five i wont lay it im not see the urn so im gonna just leave level five or bust please thank you take the urn with we got the altar to sacrifice asa pronto oh that feels amazing just hate the stinking moles so just being able to do that just feels amazing okay i mean we dont need to do that i kind of just felt like it uh is there lets see monty nearby i heard him bump i heard him bark he was there the whole time okay so is that trap not been settled it has not been set off because it isnt technically this is this is not going well because that thing is blocking it there we go this is not even going to give us anything good at this rate i i really dont think so its a its a corpse is this worth it probably not like if the things are alive you get way more way more points we might get an item were not going to get the kapala we didnt even get i know its worth a bomb and a rope to maybe i mean we wouldnt get the we wouldnt get the kapala right no right no we could try to just kill mr shopkeeper it would go probably horribly this is really not looking like the good run at the moment not looking like the big good oop thats not what i wanted to do anyways okay take that all the way to the exit we could be good what else is over there a warp drop it drop it pop it hopefully the uh place we need to take this okay its over here to the right dude good good you good not that i dont even think that its gonna be a smart safe idea to do so but alas here we are all right all right all right bat youre gonna get a dang dome to the dome thats what youre gonna get boom we could run all the way back if we wanted to i just it sounds like a poor use of resources just a very poor use of resources that might drop it the matic interesting okay can we get this from i dont know youre fine heres what were gonna do please no cauli alter okay okay okay yeah i feel like this has got to go in this general area right like thats got to be our exit we could maybe get the turkey nope no we cannot up up up up okay get whatevers in here glad its not a bomb eight eight hey hey oh boy all right no like i said not feeling this run so much not yet i feel like thats gonna be i was gonna say maybe a safer exit i wouldnt even say so okay thank you so this has to be what we have the perfect amount of money this has to be a weapon no i guess not all right okay so he can come down through there doesnt he does not i cant i cant i just cant kill em all for the life of me man i just i can never do it here there i dont know why im even trying that there oh boy good good get out of here we are at one hp this is not a good not a good start here molds gonna come from the freaking ceiling isnt it monty oh okay be careful oh my god oh my god oh my god at this point i think uh just riding the turkey is maybe even safer blocks us from two a two damage hit here i dont know that i dont know that were gonna get much better than this this is not good like this is not good huh what are the odds that we actually can make uh monty make it to the exit not so high we oh we threw them we threw the mag no we didnt throw the matic we threw the dog which then hit the matic i dont want to analyze whats over here the urn all right lets just book it i wish we could throw that easier we can throw well well thats one way of doing it i guess um see in my head im like i want the bombs i want the the turkey but im just like oh god what are we what are the odds that were actually gonna get that done we dont have any rocks we dont have any dont have anything good i almost think we just uh manic our way down here oops get out of here obviously i dont want you i dont want you okay we could get here to this exit at the very least its gonna have to be good enough for me i think i dont love it we have a couple bombs though we got three dont trust never trust i mean i dont know how many hits the matic has in it it seems like you are actually evil you are actually evil it seems like it has quite a bit what could possibly go wrong the character there you go you take take take to take rock sir take sir take sir take rock cert take rock thank you no no no no no okay so how much money we got we got enough for we could get the spring shoes ill get the spring shoes cant imagine anything i just cant imagine like anything going well at this point today but maybe just maybe another one of these will be good he says knowing full well get out of here knowing full well that that is a a wild thought analyze realize analyze realize okay double monkey yeah i feel like this those guys can bop the monkeys easy enough that guys just sleeping up there okay no okay uh sir you gotta be a little just a little bit smarter than that though we should have maybe uh done some sacrificing i think that would have been a good call oh its chirping already its chirping already what the heck okay so we have to analyze well i didnt mean to do that but you know what it works so we can just do that okay i think were getting closer is this it does it not get any closer than that there okay now that we have any money i feel like we kind of gotta like just do the dirty right like we just gotta we just gotta go for murder dont we were at one hp theres no i have no hope really like what am i gonna do here man oh hey mister were you here last time last times i probably dont have to do this but you know okay i guess we can scrape together a decent chunk of change from that stuff power pack is interesting freeze ray we could go a little wild with how much these give yeah they give quite a bit boomerang is there a shotgun for sale anywhere theres no shotgun theres the spike boots spike boots is something Music bomb boxes uh is king though oh boy oh boy i mean like were gonna get hit by a straight shot we could like sir drop thematic st sir drop thematic sir drop the batting serger of thematic okay we could grab the shield and maybe be okay we already had the spike boots apparently montys what like 4 000 right now or something like that this is just oh boy this is it this be grim okay im gonna go up and get that little bit of money maybe itll be enough for us to get monty 5 000 here oh okay one of you pick up monty okay thank you there we go thats what its all about thats what theyre here for were going up to a whopping 2 hp now i i suspected as much my friend i im going in that he has to that doesnt count that does not count okay so that guy dropped a clover that im sure we can get to okay so now we can stay here for a long time okay its way too expensive we do not have a compass oh Laughter dont have a compass okay i like the thought of them having a little tussle okay you can get down here with one did i do a murder i did a murder oh nelly oh nelly oh nelly oh nelly oops no boomerang is king like i want the matic though i dont like i dont like what i see here we could maybe like Music just say maybe like clear this out a little bit im definitely conflicted about what i want to do here i think okay thats not what i i forgot we had the sticky bombs okay its a much cleaner path its not clean oh my god what i get stuck on the corpses too this is just left and right this is just bad i just i have such tall jumps im scared okay matic away sorry matic we could obviously kill him with that you know we could kill him with that we could take all of his bombs this run is just terrible spiced at this point i i have got one hp forever let me think about this what are odds of victory without just a billion bombs not very high order as a victory with shopkeepers angry at us not very high thats a lot of bombs Music thats like a thats a lot of bombs im so confused what could possibly go wrong were probably just going to die right here anyway so its like nothing even matters but now we have 36 moms so we can just throw them out like freaking candy thats kind of where im at oops nope didnt want didnt want to do that okay seems like its actually not that unsafe all right um uh i kind of want to jump on boomerang man okay ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen he has two hp he has two hp all right two hp and a dream question mark i cannot believe that this run is happening at the moment oh oh my mad oh my mad its okay go go go go not today hot shots Music okay i mean we got like we have some really good tools the thing we just dont have is hp uh uh i just dont know what to how do i predict there we go with my large brain thats how Music we oh thats not much better well what whats okay this is what the runs about here we got all these tools we need to abuse these tools Music im worried that well anger that guy come here come here come on down come on down clown come on down this if this angers them over there i will be baffled are you on that okay how to i mean we gotta we got an extra hit here by being on the axolotl no are you kidding me im so sick of dying on floor four one im sick of it man im so sick of it ill die on floor 1-1 instead hit me hit me fall all right there we go we did not die on floor 4-1 weve done it that run lasted way longer than it had any right to i do not think that the um i dont think that the angering the shopkeeper plan was necessarily a poor one because i dont think we would have lived that long without that many bombs thats my thought my genuine thought is that we would not have lived that long without those bombs okay hello there Music nope um earn or puppy Music get down there okay we have to safely escort mr earn oh boy oh boy oh boy Music yeah i i dont regret the shopkeeper kill i think that it gave us life i think that it gave us uh the ability to get get to where we were the ability to uh to really just throw bombs out left and right and left and right and left and right and left and right come here come here cow um i just realized something we cant get that because you cant jump on top of it its so weak because you cant grab the ledge of them do we really want to use another rope just for this is this is silly at least its not a bomb thats kind of where im at uh Music all right you know you know i got the tilt the tilt is real the tilt is real theres a freaking turkey on one one i didnt even know that was a possibility ill take you come with me we can get a three for one bomb special oh torch is very good as well look at all this stuff all hidden behind the wall right here of all places just immediately right by all the other doors i mean i could torch all the turkeys on this level i dont trust you i should trust you well turkey takes the hit not me i just cant jump on heads today okay the layout right there was giving me omega 1 4 vibes thats where key goes okay and thank you sorry turkey did i i killed the turkey but i didnt okay theres a chicken all right but i dont know i i like i would call it turkey and then that of course is chicken thats not thats not cooked turkey that of course is chicken okay this is something what no i just did a bad thing we only have four bombs um there might be another path through but i kind of doubt it to be honest yeah i dont think so i think we uh i think we screwed ourselves over a little bit there oh nice oh we would have made that too okay okay okay okay i would like the torch but you know i would like it just a safe travel down through here even better come here come on oh what the hell oh man troll seed troll seeded but you know what we uh we were at two hp for the majority of the beginning of the last one so cant be that big of a deal right okay doing fine doing fine you know i would love the kapala i would love it i would love it who knows where anything even is huh is there any noop where the hell are the living things theres one living thing but how many ropes would we have to use to get you up to the polish oh my god im just not thinking theres another oh my goodness i mean i think that if we bombed here we would get called a vandal as well i i just i think that this is not i think its not the call i guess with a little bit of a frown on my face i dont think its the call whered the urn go didnt we have the iron on this floor i guess not that was the last one just had the kapala on the oops had the kapala on the brain we can always bomb this bomb this turkey if we feel like it thats something we can totally do point all right good hit montys all the way up there whats her plan always clean enough always clean im getting that im getting that down pat i mean its worth a bomb right come with me and youll see that you are just a turkey whoa i wow whoa why wow wow that did not go well uh turkey i think it may be time for you to are you absolutely kidding me uh that looks like a disaster two bombs or we could do one bomb right here and we would have a better drop on him instead of using this stupid door trying to activate the bat okay da hell i didnt think that would work well time to go to volcano what could possibly go wrong what could possibly go wrong voice echoes here i think that that means it is a uh very tall floor it could be wrong come here come here ah well you know could have gone much worse could have gone much worse i was trying to avoid that platform so we could use it to get out i dont think this is possible no all right all right call me here come on wake up we got work to do i may have to yoshi jump you into some lava but you know it is what it is i am sorry my friend oh no these guys these lava ball guys do they really need to be here too oh do they really need to also be here oh no i dont know what i killed down there but uh i meant to theres another turkey gotta be careful about that lava dripping slowly towards us theres this other turkey that i hear must be to the right boink i actually really i prefer this as a uh oh i prefer it as a tall floor um really really nope you are not going there is that required uh oh that might actually squish kill hes kind of exploring a little bit all right well we you know weve done it were through hey cool so they only die in one hit i mean its you know its not too bad thats not too bad one throw we did not get that here today havachi that was almost uh that was almost too late um yikes i i hate i hate that over there what am i supposed to do turkey toss well that wasnt the answer boy ill be surprised if thats the answer too theyre caught on fire i dont think they care this is not going to go well i should just grab this stinker a long time ago just ages ago if i put a bomb here this is going to get the freaking lava over there instead oh you can jump straight up this i still dont know the zone very well were wasting too much time but what am i supposed to do man the hell am i supposed to not that oh boy one more hey we didnt die on 4-1 ill take it i just volcanic man i was trying to throw it down at an angle and i guess i just forgot to do the uh the angle part or the down part you know the two parts required to throw something down at an angle i think i forgot to do those parts okay you know what send them for one youre getting some serious multi kills here monty youre a freaking hero i want rock rock is best item in game confirmed okay what is for sale some very good stuff that is not cheap yes you know lets get a spicy attempt in there how about that so now we have the power pack jet uh power pack shotgun which has a much faster fire rate and a much smaller knockback speed we have to deal with it for the entire floor our entire run of course but hey now we got a shotgun a power pack 16 bombs i dont know it feels like a nice spicy attempt we can make here its worth a rope you know im gonna say yes were gonna have some uh some zesty encounters ahead i am sure well i dont really want you down there but okay okay did we get the spike boots too yeah we got the spike boots i just i saw all of that stuff it just looked like an amazing set of equipment what good is money now really i mean i guess i dont know i dont know i dont know oh often when i get the shotgun i kind of just stop care well up can about monty he was a great projectile ill give him that all right well were gonna have to be uh very very diligent at all of our exits sacrifice you live nope nope no you gotta be kidding me all right so we could get the kapala its of course a big deal come here ah were gonna have to kill him arent we yeah were gonna have to kill him we got the spike boots its okay we cant sacrifice him live thats okay we can sacrifice him nonetheless gonna be much harder to sacrifice things live that must have been activated oh come on come here three two one gotta sacrifice you dead that is okay still not tame my friend still not tamed i wish youre gonna wish you werent but still nothing interesting okay i want the shotgun with me as we explore its gonna be easy to generate corpses okay i mean you know genocide route oops i dont i dont want that why would i oh sorry a little bit toasty but we get uh we get to donate him because i could donate what is dona is sacrificing but god donations though you know lets go get this stinking other turkey we can sacrifice it live okay pick up the shotgun because im gonna forget it if i dont bring it just like i just a touch closer could i make it up there the whole time i didnt think so boop boop boop climbing i dont even know if i wanted those its a lot less ropes required thats something very much going to have to get used to it though Music oh boy Music oh jiminy christmas man jimmy freaking christmas man and the cake we cant have the cape and the power pack can we id rather have the power pack its just fun its a fun thing what am i doing i wanted you oh no oh no oh no part two all right we gotta go we gotta go we gotta go wheres the exit Music i would have loved if we could you know do the uh get the kapala going but you know that all that stuff is gonna be there on the on a future floor here so crap hp definitely want him to roll the other way oh wow oh we did we killed it with the shotgun without blowing up the bomb okay i didnt know that that was possible okay we gotta be careful we can do this i was not careful that was not careful um i regret what i did there this is this is a spicy spicy weird run and im here for it this is not a kind of run no dont want to give you anything not the kind of run weve done before and im here for it im very here for it okay nope come on come on come on where where are we at weve sacrificed so many bodies seriously really oh no i feel kind of bad about that um i dont know what else we could really do here i dont think we could have made it oh my god wow just cuz so many of these are dead bodies i guess all right um well theres our exit welp welp im dead im dead im dead jesus oh i swear i have like a 50 bomb death ratio i didnt think it would drop immediately at my feet i thought it would go down the hole oh all right well you know uh it was a different way im glad we im glad we im glad we killed the shopkeepers we did today because i think that those runs were either a i think the first one was made longer due to the fact that we did but hey maybe it would have been just better to uh to restart that run so we would have more resources to begin with and hey this this second one here or the second real one here i im glad i did it because it was it was a fun run it was a cool fun run if we would have been able to drop that bomb down like we would have been able to probably like we might be it might have been able to get the kapala and from there who freaking knows it could have been an amazing run but thats it thats gonna do it for today hopefully well actually get some real good juicy progress back at some point soon here as i get used to my uh my new home and everything like that hopefully everything has been all right with the uploads still sitting uh with no internet for the next couple of weeks here just literally recording at home getting my hard drive lugging it somewhere uploading it sit and sitting it there for hours and hours and hours come go get anything get it come back you know all that its a whole whole big ordeal i hopefully you guys are appreciating the fact that its still going on regular style hopefully thats gonna do it for today though thank you for watching if 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