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How many calories are in a steamed dumplingachievements steam SPELUNKY 2 gameplay hello there everybody welcome back to more spelunky 2. we hop in as the alexa character look uh past couple episodes have been i would argue i would argue not great because we have been trying to do the elusive no gold challenge uh something that is extraordinarily difficult uh and has proved to us to be a little bit harder than we maybe even thought it would be um im still look i know i said that i was not actually going to this is actually like a little curse lets do something like this i hate it though because theres gold like everywhere all of a sudden okay very very gentle moves gentle moves um yeah i mean i said i wasnt gonna try it anymore uh and then like very clearly i am trying it right here so youre probably wondering you know why tyler why are you trying to do it again um heres heres the deal people gave me some tips for it that i guess i didnt really know and i think that its its worth it for me to at least give it uh a solid college try using the tips and tricks that you guys gave me you basically told me like tyler just get a shield okay get a shield and then youre set because you can push the gold away which is brilliant i mean its like actually brilliant um i didnt even think to do that um so i mean obviously we didnt get a shield here but maybe we get one in a future shop so that thats kind of why im just letting it rip for right now um we can do this early part of the floor without really any issues um its its one we get later in the game that we start to to really struggle so im wondering if we just like give it give it a good shake right give it a good shake you know consider this to be a bit of a warm-up round uh and then we move from there we move from there so we would like to go volcano as it in my opinion is a wee bit easier to avoid gold but you know what the fact that that he said no oh god dude uh the fact that he said no oh my lord those were some janky jumps dude and we almost grabbed gold like 15 times oh my god and then these guys tried to just snipe me they tried to snipe gold right into my pocket dude so freaking tired of those guys spawning uh immediately its very annoying very very annoying hello sir yoink thats fine did i pick up gold i did not okay and so the mission continues so the mission continues as long as we dont pick up gold we are we are safe and dandy and peachy keen hunky and also dory lets do this followed by this okay followed by just running in i didnt pick up gold i refused to thats right i think this is this is actually a very good exercise for us you know obviously in the ideal world we would have the shield but i do think that theres value to doing it legitimately without the shield as well just for the little bit of uh of practice we are forgiven now which is very good and and keep in mind that we are now in a position he cant kill us i also have not picked up gold which is actually a little bit incredible we do have one health but that is neither here nor there okay i see the gold yoink okay the one health thing is is more scary to me at this point than anything else um i so dont care about that i thought that might have been a schuyler sister to which i was gonna say you know what we might as well like grab one of them but now that i see that the the real schuyler sister was the one inside of us all along i have very little care all of a sudden yoiiiiiink okay invisible gold behind bushes is is the killer right now as long as we dont have any invisible gold behind bushs um pardon me where is the exit its over here we have a compass i should have probably known this um so we have a shield i dont know if this shield pushes pushes gold though so i suppose well find out and it does okay but it also crushes the gold shortly upon us upon us having our arrival okay um well now we have no shotgun and we have oh baby uh we have no shotgun and we have no uh no shield which is surprisingly enough not a good situation to be in im considering going to the temple um which i know is is actually probably the craziest thing that youve ever heard me say but i actually think its an intelligent idea except i remembered that you cant actually get to the temple unless you fight the rest of olmec and im not gonna do that so we go here instead um and this place is a big old pile of nope to be honest with you because theres theres a lot of issues here for one gold hides all over the freaking place in here two a little dangerous at one singular heart to mess with this place Music um im trying to figure out how i died im trying to figure out how i died okay uh you know what anti-anti-tilt anti-tilt lets just lets just continue do do some more no gold no gold anti-tilt its like anti-freeze for your car but in the tilt variety as long as we just dont tilt everything will be okay itll all be fine everythings good i keep on telling myself this because we were on full tilt last time i didnt need to do that that was that was a small flex i would say just a minuscule small flex no money picked up youre looking for a shop containing a shield there is not a shield in the shop that gold is also close to impossible to avoid i dont know do i sure its fine i dont i dont love that play but its better than most this this i dont like except this is actually the path okay never mind maybe i i do like this okay you know what its fine its fine we didnt need to get too too crazy right now if we get a shield then then life is good i feel like you know i feel like my my my prophecy about the the shield strats does not come true unless i like legitimately get a shield and i think that im gonna tell you i do think that theres some merit to just continuing to go uh to the jungle i completely forgot that i killed a shopkeep okay yeah i mean that ones that ones pretty bad but i think theres merit in continuing to go jungle to have a shield even if its a wooden one right a wooden shield still a shield its still going to help push the uh the gold out of the way now itd be wonderful if there was just a shield in the shop okay now we have to be very careful here though we have to be very careful here because if we kill him then the gold hes just gonna hes just gonna do so what we have to do instead is like Music shield goes there that goes there lets pick up the bomb bag and then he can kill himself its a mexican standoff um i refuse i refuse to pick up your silly willy gold okay um now we have a shield so step one of the prophecy has been completed i have no idea this skeleton is inside of me step one of the prop i just picked up gold okay no tilt no tilt no tilt no tilt no tilt with that i mean that was like the one opportunity that we had uh to succeed and then i jumped and i landed right on top of said gold oh well i guess it do be fine it do be fine um well get another well get another okay were down heres our shop heres not a shield okay weirdly enough well well survive this and just leave but im gonna tell you its its a pretty piss-poor situation for me uh for one reason and for two reasons and two reasons only and those two reasons are your boy dont have a shield and also at the time your boy lost his shotgun one bomb at least remedied one of those situations okay i mean sure at this point were were kind of in the uh freaking yolo dude stage of this because now were just by a die haha you know maya dai haha i promise you if we do not get a good shield run out of this one dude if every floor could be like this i would i would cry myself a river to sleep every night um if we dont get a good shield run then i promise you i probably will not do this again in a video um its all its all dependent on the the shield action i know i have to do this eventually to 100 the game but ill ill do it on a stream wreck and torture live twitch chat instead which to be fair thats where i i do most of my live torturing is on twitch um some of it is also in in other platforms for sure but just not even gonna bring up that one well just pretend it didnt happen and that will uh thatll make everybody primarily me happy okay joint im getting good at just avoiding the gold the issues are the the main issues that we still have are accidental gold gold that we dont see that we have literally no choice but to pick up those are the real kickers if we can cut out all accidental gold situations wed be wed be in the business 24 7. its a shield okay this is some great news it really is i still dont know how to adequately escape with said shield Music this was not the answer i dont think okay this is actually fine um so now we we we just have to yoink okay shield were gonna leave and we have a hover pack and a shield which is good because the start is a little spicy for things like this but now we we guarantee we guarantee that we we cannot pick up gold unless i land on it okay i do hate this though i also hate that i have to to throw my shield to break some things im not a huge fan of that whole ordeal but we we can live with it we can live with it okay Music its fine its fine that was i thats a move ive never done in spelunkus before is the slam your body using a hover pack with a shield into into uh the guy okay do i have any idea what my play there was absolutely not im gonna be honest this dude is more trouble than hes worth at the current moment in time and i think i just leave okay i keep on forgetting i can throw the shield oh my god dude you youd think that oh youd think this would be less stressful than what it is um but it is it is horribly stressful oh he actually cleared this out dude okay i would rather go volcano than than jungle just because theres theres less unknowns in volcano like you you can see everything in volcano whereas in in jungle there are like some tall grass and things like that okay this is this is fine goodbye i dont believe ive picked up gold i have not okay Music honestly im not saying a hundred percent because that would be just ridiculous i think the crate had a bomb bag in it and then i ran forward crushed the crate thus crushing the bomb bag which i i will say not something my brain even remotely considered being being a problem that we would have to uh figure out on this one okay uh so crates theyre a no-no we figured that out though we figured that out im im chill remembering that for the future i restart look we are we are in complete shield or bust territory you you saw how how simplified this got when we just added the shield i mean that its just a horrible play speaking of of horrible plays that was not what that was that was some premier league level jumping okay lets lets just do i i say crates are bad but only if you have the shield uh a machete is just so absolutely worthless to me there could be a shield on the far left of this shop and im restarting if not so uh a jet pack is is actually at least intriguing um i i dont think that its amazing but theres theres something here we still have to do the get the gold key to the the lady in the the long place tunnel tunnel lady tunnel mama mama tunnel thats the word took a wee couple moments so we might as well carry this golden key as far as we can we basically bank on the jetpack being able to kite us out of danger in every situation possible which is just so quite literally not how it works um but its its cute for me to consider it as an opportunity this is just extremely not blessed over here um this is when you just blow that all up and you hope for the best and frankly uh the best is yet to come beautiful we continue no gold on the ground its all its all about the gold not on the ground though the more gold on the ground the less happy we are there is gold on the ground were dead okay you know what i respect it i respect it not a lot but more than youd think more than youd think we continue we continue you already know i i avoided that goal that was that was the gold is uh lava oop whats that meme yoink okay you know what its a restart because its not a shield and its not anything else of value i know my limitations okay i think its important that you know your limitations in spelunky uh i know that im not getting this challenge without some like super set items super set items for me are jetpack or okay i mean i can look im not a im not a psychic but i know where that runs going so well just hit it with a restart um jetpack or or shield are kind of our our two options shield is obviously like light years better than the jetpack and you might be thinking you know tyler just moved slower right um ill move slow once i have the shield but theres no reason for me to move slow in these levels yikes dude i will probably get launched i did not get launched okay you might as well also carry this just in case right it also appears there there might not be a shop here so well look forward to one here and there is no theres no shield by the way and if you you listen to my last rant that i just went on you would know that a lack of shield and a lack of jetpack equals a lack of tyler continuing that run so we continue in this direction instead its a turkey floor not that that matters whatsoever to me and in the shop its a pile of trash so we will restart the shields rare okay is is not exactly an item that shows up 24 7. so i i dont really expect that a lot of these runs will continue so you have to bear with the restarts a little bit apparently you can maybe do these challenges seated which is something we should look into theres a freaking jetpack and a shield dude okay um so i i cant deny thats thats some extremely interesting Music stuff oh my god and i almost picked up the money i would have cried okay this is some interesting stuff so its gonna be something like no it has to be jet no has to it has to be jet pack okay i killed him which is not good okay its its scary its scary but we have not picked up the money yet dude how the hell do i get the damn shield theres no money there okay okay okay um this is fine crates are officially in the the bad news bears situation i have uh i mean ive got the ideal situation right ive got the ideal situation by the way Music oh my god okay now we also have other items that we can work with i i know that we are we are like very playing with fire on this one but its its all in good spirits and good situations i dont love this how did that hit me how did it hit me how i dont understand i had a shield blocking the shots dude how did it hit me okay well i mean that was like quite literally the one um and we blew it completely blew it so i i dont have a lot of faith for the future but i also think that we were put in a very bad spot in terms of the the shopkeep status on that one so we we go again we go again people have been telling me also that like when they did this challenge it took them like 12 13 hours to do it um ill tell you that that made me want to cry when i read it wow he pulled off this jump on the first try uh just to have no shield over there right lets lets continue this one just because we did what the hell dude im im doing some whack jumps around here i mean were were doing some real weird stuff okay theres no shield there either im im just kind of going off of the im seeing the floor like neo right now and i would like to continue to maybe be good at the game like this okay what the heck dude im im out here just big vibing um i will say this is a little bit of a bad situation i dont know how i got that hi sir im gonna need you to not do that um lets just leave im im now in the camp of i dont even know what camp im in because i was about to say maybe well just get a shield in the black market yeah thats gonna work without the oojet eye where i well i mean to be honest you could probably figure out where it is well guess i gotta use a bomb and and these are the kinds of bombs that that hurt man because they dont necessarily help you so we go to jungle um i feel like you know avoiding gold here is close to impossible im just gonna im just gonna get rid of the key like i i want the key also i mean theres hes pretty much guaranteed to oh my god hes pretty much guaranteed to smack a bomb out of us because he either stuns us or he he will money us and he obviously cant money us because we have no money so we we lose our bombs instead dont have a dont have a shield sir cant help but notice picked up gold that was chilling behind some grass okay i dont think like i said i really dont think that going jungle is the answer um theres things that i like about the jungle the fact that you can get the wooden shield uh is theres at least value there but i think that as a whole its a pretty terrible idea if youre trying to do this just because its the same with speed runs right volcano is just its much more open which as a whole makes it easier to navigate without major concerns especially if you have a jet pack or a shield maybe just like one jet pack or shield i know its a a wild request one that nobody has ever asked for how many people ask for hey can i get a shield on this run like you you got to give me some credit im not asking for something crazy here the jet pack ill give you this thats a little wild but not many people ask for the freaking shield its a pretty i i just walked right into it 20 bucks theres a shield on this floor you want you are you ready for it oh okay you know what that makes me feel better that makes me feel better yoink okay were fine im telling you the tilts not there yet because at least we have we have something to give us hope and that thats the shield strat before we didnt even have the hope i also i dont understand what happened here but i think there were about 1800 ways that id die in that scenario so the fact that i came out of it alive feels like a plus to me okay yeah i know how that story ends were just were gonna do our thing the less bombs we use also the better um not so we can bomb in the future its not a wasting the bombs type thing which is what i normally would complain about and say uh it is much more you have no idea what money is going to accidentally fly towards you when you bomb um i dont know how we evaded that guy and this was a little spiced as well high level of spice pretty much everywhere and then were gonna do this and then were just gonna pick up the money uh good use of our time great use of our time okay already three hearts youve taken one hearty smack one piney smack and then for what cost why no shield of course were due were due this has been um like seven runs in a row no shield were due for one im confident that this this this one right here shops gonna have a shield and if it doesnt i dont know what to tell you i also i dont even know why im trying to do the key shortcut while we do this i have somehow not picked up money please honestly i dont want to see the shop because i dont want to see the shield in it that that was the normal shot that the shields in um so i dont want to see it well just well pretend that we did not actually get a shield on that one its just that easy um im getting not tilted i dont dont put words in my mouth im not getting tilted but i am losing a little bit of patience now okay im not gonna hit you with the what are the odds on that one um that run was not gonna work im im i know my own limitations and using the teleporter is its a anti-tyler thing tyler tylers do not use the teleporter effectively there might be other spelunky youtubers named tyler this one does not um just restart because those those aint helping us either what about here what about here anything of crazy value i mean besides the fact that theres actually literally nothing here which is a not ideal situation okay extra ropes you love to see you dont love that yeah any time you just have an immediate two damage off of your body youre not a huge fan of it okay followed by another damage off your body hello i cant help but notice sir you have a lack of a shield peggy peggy carter give me your shield its a marvel joke um joint yoink yoink away we go away we go all the way to a shop that has a shield in it okay i mean third times a try on this rock right ill take it with me hes hes a hes a lucky rock maybe itll give me a tears up oh wait i already have that because ive been crying trying to complete this challenge for a while um okay its its useless but for some reason i want to let this one ride lets lets let it ride lets see if theres maybe i dont know why i thought there would be a shield but lets still let it ride or let it rock like the kevin rudolph song from 2005 maybe okay beautiful or outy have i picked up money i have not i refuse to we are we are an anti-money regime here youre rolling baby doll okay no money has been picked up i refuse to uh take part in your weird bug-related guy campaign um can we avoid this no oh dude were like basically time for the episode lets give it one more good shake as we all know that could mean a variety of worse shakes strawberry well im gonna tell you if youre gonna have a good shake heres the thing right like i i dont know i think you want to do something like Laughter dude i dont know how to effectively steal the shield because the guy just runs after you somebody will probably have advice from me i dont know how to effectively steal the shield i feel like i have to do like a weird bomb play to effectively steal the shield but its its tough its tough i i did realize shortly after that that um moving the bombs into an explosive area was just not going to work at all also hes gonna have a shotgun very lucky well let this one ride a little bit see where it takes us not expecting it to really take us anywhere but who knows shop with a shield on this floor ive seen wilder things happen i just i hate all enemies the fact that i stayed alive for that long is the more more interesting part um okay maybe maybe last one dependent on a good shot well go last one the speed run strats are getting significantly better he says as he uh completely chooses the incorrect padding the speed run strats are getting better you know one one is becoming a total breeze if we are trying to speed run that shot is bad so ill ill hit you with with one more restart there there is a pretty decent chance that i will restart one more time the episodes getting long especially if we end up you know reaching a point where we are in fact uh making it far not that i expect to i would say that my confidence is uh more or less at an all-time low in this game maybe we let this one run like is the spring boots the answer here is that how were going to uh succeed i will say that this is a little cursed um but you know what ive picked up no money we leave i couldnt remember if we were on the floor with the shopkeeper not okay theres nowhere that gives you a shield like in spelunky one and even if there was i mean its not like the whole point of no gold is that were were likely trying to get there were do if were relying on a shield to do no gold then getting to the point where you could get the shield from whatever magical location it might be at it could end up being just a moot point at that point um im not really sure what my intention was right there effectively a terrible play uh you know what instead of dealing with the money inside of this corridor you can have a bomb over there and if you shoot money up in me i swear to god okay shopkeep is uh theyll be running in a different direction we have spike boots and things of that sort so this this is not horrible we are effectively back in the camp of hoping you dont run into random money i am going to go for once again the basically paper shield play uh not that its made of paper but because effectively it is yoink um hi i just need this real quick and by real quick i mean moving forward yoink yoink and no no sir im im such a young lad dont murder me okay that a good attempt it it it had some legs ill tell you just not enough legs like it went to the gym any time recently Music i mean that i just ran right into it so that ones probably not gonna not gonna work for the whole anti-gold thing i promise you next episode we wont be doing this any longer um i will be back to just failing at making it to cosmic ocean instead as that that is likely significantly more fun to watch that said you know some of you did express that that these these total failure episodes are enjoyable so i i appreciate you immensely for saying that however i i disagree because if im having a miserable time um i find it hard to believe youre having a great time but apparently that might actually be the case i mean what do you do here right sure just bomb this will somehow launch money into me it didnt join okay do we care about monty im gonna tell you its a little too late for that because he is no longer in existence he cannot come to the phone right now please leave a message after the monty okay and so we back i would like to express that everything that occurred here was effectively horrible um i also would like to express that this is a little cursed and then uh he rolled and then the money rolled into me okay last try for sure regardless of what the shop is i promise though the one mores have reached their head the video has reached the 40-minute marker and the shop has reached a shield oh my god Music i just dont know what to do like as soon as i move hes just gonna just gonna be upset okay use what you need oh there was gold on top of it dude i wanted th it was greedy it was greedy it was all green actually like that was that was actually entirely greed i said one more now ive done two more what the hell is my problem that was all greed because in my head its just such a bad play uh in my head i wanted the skeleton key because i wanted vlads cape which is just like what the hell is my problem at that point um its just like its just its just like its horrible you finally have the thing that you desire most the mirror of aerosaid has showed you the shield honestly i kind of wish that just killed me um no its a horrible shop ill restart one more time whats the whats your problem you think im afraid to restart no not i i live for saying im going to end the video and then restart eight more times okay last one for real no take backs Music still no take backs i i im okay getting uh i was about to say getting railed by a lizard its a hell of a sentence um okay just give me a shield just give me a shield ill figure out how to how to use it and by use it i mean steel with it will not be a problem as long as you give me it uh is not a shield so effectively we are screwed because i i still think that that chats right i need a shield to survive but you know i just i also need probably more than one health to survive but well well well get some good humor out of it for right now yoink okay now we come over here and we go go that way sir and then i do not care about killing you i will just leave give me give me my rock i will drop i will leave okay still no money its where we want to be also no killed shopkeeps not that theres going to be a shield for sale anywhere in here i would say its a ridiculously low chance weve also been blessed with the garbage chute level very rare something that i i saw about 80 hours into the game um which is crazy speaking of crazy its a little cursed right now because we actually like cannot avoid it okay this is uh that was that was way spicier than it needed to be somehow this man still has no money so im just gonna roll with it as such until inevitably we accidentally pick up a small pile of cash so far so good can we can we get a couple a couple shops though just one or two you know what this is a great opportunity for us to with one health and the only possible way to gain health in the game to instead spend it sacrificing the dog because the kapala is clearly the most important item that we could receive on this run this was a joke i was hoping for a cape basically um unfortunately the game felt that skeleton key was a bit more valuable uh to my life in this situation uh this guy is actually kind of the keys to our kingdom here because now we can just drop right down okay im just gonna slide past you there and then uh i mean this is this is a little highly cursed but what if we threw a bomb down right here and then i go hide in here where no gold can hit me and then were just gonna come over here and then were gonna pick up the freaking gold its frustrating man its a frustrating challenge it really is um ill restart one more time one more were reaching a point where like an hour episode of me doing this is horrible i promise you i will give you value in the next spelunky video you have my word for a second i thought we had a cali altar on floor one and i was like what the hell but apparently i completely missed the entire first floor in my head we move on we move on joint we are getting good at the first floor without money im not sure what that says about us uh i also im gonna tell you Music i tell you i dont know what i was gonna say okay final one final one if i pick up money i just hit the the stop recording button im not even outrowing that thats where were at if i die or pick up money the recording key gets hit so you you better hope to god that i accomplish greatness instead so you can receive a proper outro because i i refuse to give you one you dont deserve it you dont deserve it after sitting through this actually you probably deserve it after sitting through this ill take your shield and i will leave sir okay um Music this this is the only chance the only chance well ever have Music at effectively any happiness while doing this challenge okay its fine all you have to do its so simple okay its so simple even a child could do it all you have to do is run in straight lines dude Music you steam sold games statistics The sequel to the greatest roguelite of all time Spelunky is finally here. 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