Game Masters - Super Mario World Kaizo - Spelunky 2

How to do face steaminghow to play steam games with a xbox one controller SPELUNKY 2 gameplay good morning good afternoon and good evening wherever you are in the world welcome to game masters a show all about the artistry not just speed running but everything speed running adjacent as well i am fans and i am joined here by with a grand pooh bear whos going to be running luminescence and spelunky 2 for you all tonight but before we get into that just a quick announcement we have ajdq 2022 now just a couple weeks away if you can believe it be running that january 19th to 16th excuse me and be sure to visit for more information and detailed dates on the event but here we are foo thank you so much for joining me oh very very happy to be here um im glad i get to join the vtuber version of you too you know oh yeah weve hung out on irl but i havent got to hang out with the v tuber version which im really this you know whats crazy for this is the first time ive ever done anything with a v tuber so im pretty excited to have this happen im pretty excited for this moment this is like im honored to be be that person given that theres so many of them now yeah um i know i know so im super pumped about it um no im super happy to be here im super excited um anytime i get to come to games done quick its kind of like coming home um just you know its the its the mecca in the center of the speedrunning universe and so always happy to be here and im always appreciative to to be on the channel and just get to to share with uh with you guys with your fan you know really excited to do something with you wow thank you so much thanks a lot yeah um anyway so the first game were going to be running today luminescence its uh its a kaizo mod for uh super mario worlds yes which there are so many of them theyve been making these for like got 15 years at this point going back to like the original kaiser mario world yeah and who ive noticed uh on your channel ive been watching you for a bit uh you will have like little stents of playing kaizo youll go on to something else then another kaizo game will come out and youll be playing that what is it that keep about kaizo that you know keeps pulling it back in reeling you back in to play more well i think theres theres a couple things um but one is that like its like you can never i think its that its something that all speed runners really feel is that you can never be perfect or you can never theres always something to learn and thats especially true in kaizo uh especially kaizo mario at this point because um mario world is one of those games that is just completely like they have figured it out they know everything thats going on in this game so the the amount of stuff they add theres always something new happening in this third now 30 year old game constantly and just even in the last like three months there have been some mind-blowingly incredible hacks starting with luminescent and and now going into like sonic saves the world which was allegedly made by celeste creator uh maddie thorson um i say allegedly we we dont know for sure its allegedly yeah i think isnt it even in like the its made by man opening text of the game like by so-and-so allegedly like allegedly yeah it literally says allegedly you know um and um yeah its just been incredible its just its just a a genre i mean i love mario i love platforming video games in general and its just uh mario world is a perfect platformer and people keep adding things to it and keep blowing my mind in ways i never thought my mind could be blown before um so its just something i will always always always always always come back to no matter what like no matter how how distracted i get with dark souls or like gta role play or spelunky 2 which well be playing later or um driving games or whatever it is that tickles my fancy like i always like to come home and and um and speed run these games you know yeah i dont know what it is yeah another thing i wanted to talk about before we get into luminescent which is a wonderful fan game here um and that is kaizo difficulty uh so this is something that has kind of been a black box for me me personally where you know kaizo games they have they seem to have like a set difficulty to them like obviously you get some creators that will make a level that takes you know 20 plus hours to get like a first clear on a level theres just so many frame perfect tricks and everything but a lot of the really really solid games that are made they kind of hit this balance of you know not too difficult it seems but not too easy either for you like what makes you know a proper difficulty in a kaiser game is there things youre looking for that makes it more enjoyable for you to play well i mean there its it i think its really game dependent um in a lot of ways i think like uh earlier i was playing this game called advance shells and its full of just like youre never touching the ground you know always in the air doing shell jumps a lot of i like what we call item abuse which is basically just like using a lot of items in a in a lot of ways um that they werent meant to be used um and like that hack with the flow you know you can deal with a two or three hour long level um whereas even like such something in like this hack luminescent um none of the levels took you know probably more than a half hour for most of the average kaizo players um and so it kind of just depends on like per game and how good it is and how hard you want it to be and like what challenge youre really up for in that day um but i think one thing youre really seeing like kind of you kind of touched on it a little bit youre seeing these games be made more as playable games now instead of as like ultra challenging or kind of excuse my language like trying to you know be like mario you know what i mean um youre youre seeing it the nickname for the original kaiser market world exactly yeah youre not i feel like a lot of people are getting away from that and trying to make them like heres just a really heres a hard but playable video game hes a video game that follows all the quote-unquote rules you would have of making a playable you know game and and you know but its just a little bit harder you know what i mean and so uh were kind of blessed now that the the term kaizo covers a very large variety of difficulties at this point um and and alar and it accommodates um i dont want to say new mario players but new to kaizo players um and all the way up to you know people that have now been doing it for five six seven years uh like myself um you know who wants something thats a maybe a bit harder you know um and so its just a really great awesome community now i i its really been fun to see the evolution of how these games are built because they used to take like you know two months like i think i think penga made dram world in like a month you know and now these yeah and now these games people spend two three years on them i mean youre looking at things things.smc was a three-year game that just came out um barb has been working on grand prix world three now for at least two years um these things are becoming like full-fledged triple-a games youll even see like in the credits youll see all these names that either contributed asm uh you know to the uh mario central website or you know contributing music or or testing like the these games all have testers now you know what i mean theres literally its like a full-fledged game development yeah yeah and its like a little community of game development and theyre all helping out testing each others games getting ideas doing r d with each other called r d which is research and duplicate you know what i mean and its really really incredible to see um just how far its come in such a short time yeah awesome awesome now i dont want to keep people from the action here for too long i have one more quick one for you and i gotta ask you the mustache its looking great is there any history behind your choice to you know develop this over the last couple of months um you know no so i had ive basically had the same look for like since like seventh grade clean shaven because i couldnt grow facial air back then i mean i couldnt really until like three years ago so like clean shaven shade you know buzz cut hairs shaved head ive been dropping that ever since seventh grade football like thats they i got held down by the high schoolers and they shaved my head right not a great story not a great story uh but after that i was like oh my goodness i dont want hair anymore thats how ive looked for so long and so one day i just i i had like uh ive been lazy about shaving and i shaved in a mustache and my wife looked at me and shes like dang this is hot i think she just thought that i think she just thought that because she hadnt seen me look any other way so she was just excited about it yeah get a close-up in there of it um but now you know its going by storm i saw barbs got one now um were gonna have a buddy cop movie me and him pretty soon coming out in 2023. uh its its uh thats the future right here the stash is its in right now i i made x water shave one in during a charity stream on friday like it is going to be in i feel like were gonna get the mustache men of mario here very soon Music all right well pooh not gonna keep you from the action any longer are you ready to play luminescent for us yeah absolutely yeah feel free to give us a countdown when you are ready and well start all right lets uh count it down in five four three two one go oh i forgot how to do the intro Laughter wonderful start you know we can reset the timer if you would like no no well go well go its fine i didnt lose that much time im gonna i i havent practiced this game in a few weeks i figured like well just this will be my d restaurant so um all right excellent yeah i figured you know were were were at gdq we dont need to do this game super quick right you know like we can just do it moderately quick um but this is luminescent um this is the first hack that uh borgie man made which is incredible when you see how just ridiculously polished it is um this first move right here this little checkpoint where he reuses this shell i just thought that was like such a cool move that like blew my mind the first time i saw it um but this hack is definitely one that i would say like focuses kind of on style and swag and well yeah with that monty mole with the shades coming right in there you know oh yeah yeah yeah you need a you need a beautiful shade monty mole um and its just like an incredibly fun hack and there are a few um like right here this is actually a small time save right there because he wants you to damage boost which im gonna damage boost anyway because i cant jump well um yeah it just does some like really really cool crazy things and its really hard but one thing that i love about this game especially if like youre interested in playing this game it has a frequent checkpoints um which is built good for a speed run um especially in a marathon setting like this um and also you know when youre a new player um so thats something that i really love about it yeah watching you play this uh for the first time i watched a number of people like barb go through it as well and it did like make me want to like go through and learn how to play it because it just looks like so much fun so creative like the way they can take these you know 30 year old mechanics and just modify them slightly and just keep it interesting for you know how many different versions you can come up with to do with the shell to do with its p-switch its incredible um yeah its uh oh sorry i slight issue there i almost died um yeah yeah and i think the thing that like really shines about this particular game um is the the stuff that it the vanilla mechanics it kind of does right here were actually making a bridge for ourselves because if not we would die um a little bit i should give a little bit lower background too basically mario is marios world is being taken over by these luminescent evil blocks and theyre these little orange blocks you see over the overworld or any of these glowy blocks you see um basically those blocks kill you and so youre trying to thats part of the story like the just these death blocks essentially thats awesome yeah so thats kind of the lore more or less i mean theres theres much more proper lore but that definitely is the basis so these blocks as well right here these you know dark colored ones same type of luminescent block since yeah okay exactly and there and it gets you eventually you you figure out who is the um theres some really fun times you figure out who is the uh the leader of the blocks you know essentially yeah yeah stay tuned to everybody because it will get revealed yeah dont want to spoil the surprise if you havent seen no i dont if youve never seen if youve never seen this youll really love the end boss fight youll youll crack up at it um i actually missed a small time save right there because i was a little slow but you can actually skip that top corner um water but oh and we died uh well the checkpoints right theres not too bad now im seeing these like little golden snes controllers here that kind of look like the yoshi coins no what are those um those are those so those are essentially re-skinned yoshi coins but he called them uh gamer coins and if you collect all the gamer coins you actually go to a top secret world um its a really really long extensive uh level so thats what you need for like the what would be like 100 you have to collect all those coins um and then you go to a level called uh pride land um it is a was made for pride month actually uh that particular level and its kind of like a five-part level that goes through not just like each like basically you collect like different um lgbtq flags and each flag gives you yeah each flag gives you a different ability so its a really cool its a really cool level you should check it out however that level is extremely long and on the interest of brevity and my sanity um because it is a very very long very difficult level um i tend to stick to the any percent of this game for that reason um but yes they are basically you know bonus coins yeah ive noticed a couple like just mechanics already that ive seen that are just really neat one of those the the clear pipes you know we saw that what was that super mario 3d world when those uh came out just seeing them in super mario world regular super mario world yeah i i think those clear pipes are um theyre just so visually cool yeah theyre just so visually cool i love them so much all right now this section right here im actually controlling these um these blocks with my d-pad so i have to do very specific movements to make that section work um and i hate that section thats one im really glad to get out of that section and right here actually same right there as well or yeah you actually gain p speed right there um which is a small little well a little time save for those who say kazoo doesnt feature time saves we got some in this that i got to give glitch credits for finding uh yeah glitchcats the current world record holder in this he beat my record a week or two ago um dewald grimms also held the world record in this as well um two incredible um incredible speedrunners right there uh i will say i will say fan it was a lot easier to get kaizo speed run records uh a few years ago than it is now there are so many incredible runners from all over the world now that are just crushing it yes yeah you know one thing ive noticed not to uh touch on it too much but um youve been around kaiser for a while a number of years now and you know now i i see you know new fan games come out and you often show up in the credits of these as like inspiration for you know creators to you know go through and make levels i mean you have you know grand poor world one and two from barb named after you how does it feel i guess kind of like being essentially like a kaizo ambassador for for a lack of a better term um i mean i feel i feel really really lucky i mean kaizo is a just because of the nature of the beast like its a very collaborative community like it has to be you know what i mean like we really you literally rely on each other nobody makes these games for us nintendo doesnt create these they would never create something like this you know what i mean um so were very collaborative and very uh tight-knit as it is um and its always really uh a big honor for me to be named in the credits or just know that you had a little bit of yeah yeah yeah you can see that ive just seen this level before you havent seen this level before yeah yeah were so were chasing the orb right here um and uh this parts really funny uh oh no i was trying to get i was trying to get early orb um you can actually catch it just a little bit quick if you get lucky uh but theres no time saves in kaizo games oh yeah theres tons and thats the thing thats the thing ive heard that like critique at different marathons from people and theres theres huge time save its just the difference with kaizo is when we screw up we lose a minute and a half you know what i mean we dont like when i screw up in mario 3 i lose four seconds and those four seconds are devastating dont get me wrong uh but i lose a minute and a half here its just as devastating you know what i mean its just as hard the numbers are bigger you know what i mean and the numbers you save are bigger too and for that for that matter you know it still comes down to like every speed game whoever practices the most usually ends up being the best you know yeah nice little touch i saw some of those luminescent blocks on the overworld peppering it a little bit yeah yeah yeah so much attention to detail like on the just the story like kind of like makes it a little bit more interesting id say to go through when theres like a cohesive not really plots but uh you know something tying everything together you know yeah now this is um this levels hard ill say this is a you have to uh i screwed up you have to get the yoshis grow up and um it features a few key balloon moments which the p balloon if youd ever know if you ever use the p balloon its horrible its very wonky yes yeah i havent played just like the vanilla mario world version but yeah yeah um and theres some uh yeah some like spitting out the shells and re-grabbing the shells that you have to do there all right sorry now are there time limits on the p balloon here not that you would uh feel for other reasons before it goes in so you cant just you know lollygag around waiting for an optimal cycle or something you gotta feel exactly exactly like a uh i mean a big thing in kaizo like style of gameplay now um is i mean not just now but always is you never get anything extra you never have extra time you never have extra items you know you have nothing extra um thats like one of one of the the cornerstones of kaizo you know what i mean if you see a p block you use the p block if you see a shell you need to use the shell like nothing is just there for show all right and then we hit so basically that we were just trying to eat all the berries sorry i did a pretty poor job of explaining that one uh sometimes we got a mushroom and then just for the yoshi ditch and then the mushroom check at the ends now yeah were just trying to just trying to uh you know eat all the berries right there because if you eat and thats a vanilla mechanic as well and like a lot of these things that its abusing is vanilla mechanics um like basically hes just causing damage to get you out of the p-bloom thing um and thats something that makes this game just so so incredible is just the way it doesnt really like lean too heavy into the chocolate theres no like double jumps or things like that you know how the boo block i like this chomp just like eating away yeah platform those little uh the little arrow right there actually prevents you from getting p-speed which i thought was like a very cute little nifty way to keep everything on point um timing-wise no oh no yoshi im gonna blame yoshi for that one chat that was the punishment for leaving yoshi in the last level Laughter Music i forget which um which bad game it was where its just theres one level where you get like five yoshis or plus yoshis and every single time youre only on yoshi for like a split second just to get that double jump and then down until the void he goes yeah uh we all know i believe yoshis are tools not jewels theyre there strictly to help uh mario achieve his dreams thats that is all a yoshi is is truly good for is help mario achieve his dreams nothing makes a yoshi happier than sacrificing his life or mario right here we got a little sideways uh chomp vine action now holding the shell on a vine that thats not vanilla behavior is it uh yes you can but you have to uh toss it up in the air i see yeah you gotta toss it up in the air to do it and now now we get a little boss fight here against daddy chain chomp um and this is this is like one of those cool things and just like this is like one of those moments youre like man super mario world rom hacking is in such a dope spot you know like her fan games um theyre just so cool um to be able to do like just entirely new boss fights like this is just the best yeah has this always been a thing or have like boss fights being implemented into the level design like more of a recent trend um the last couple years i mean i think that its just more people are trying to expand the creativity you know um kind of like kaizo gameplay or like speedrunning itself like everyones like the creators are looking to one-up themselves and one-up each other you know what i mean like once somethings been done like how do we one-up it how do we go higher how do we go better how do we go bigger um which is just a common thing i think youre seeing you know yeah um and not only that we just have so many incredibly talented people that are willing to help now um people that are programming and just you know exploring this game all over the place and putting in different enemy you know pixel art and enemy behaviors you know what i mean uh this level yeah this level uh the gimmick of this level is that everything is stuck in a wall um so mario world walls are notoriously not and this ones this ones probably the hardest level in the game too i screwed up um but mario world walls like make like when you get things stuck in a wall things do really funny stuff and so basically anytime you throw a sprite its stuck in a wall in this level and its like the only thing that can actually move through it is is mario or something youre holding yeah yeah me yeah me and whatever im holding at the time uh i forgot yeah okay i remember what im doing here how many of these levels like when youre first going through these and you know figuring them out you know youve never seen anything before how difficult it is to like just know what to do at certain points um when this rooms weird i was like what do i do here does that ever happen oh all the time yeah i mean all the time its uh i mean its kind of like playing a its kind of like playing a puzzle game in some ways uh for some hacks uh just to figure out the setup you know and whats possible in those setups especially like ones that dont feature a lot of ground games that you know this game has a lot of ground which youre pretty lucky in um so this part right here yoshis if you know what yoshis do inside walls they just go up so you get some really funny reactions with yoshi and this is okay this is a very awkward section but its so funny and silly that you had to put it in the game you know what i mean are we working towards another mushroom with all these berries this its just so fun to watch going through it yeah its so silly um and i love it so much and we send yoshi on his way we actually skipped that uh that goal and go to the second goal there that first goal would would be death after the goal so really yeah yeah so thats like your punishment for thinking you could bring yoshi across the finish line it seems yeah yeah you cant take yoshi with you you gotta let yoshi ascend onto heaven yeah this fan game in general like even the overworld like theres so much yeah like uniqueness to it just its all like just handmade essentially here we go we have a brand new world not just like the basic mario world overworld map connecting the levels its so neat yeah theres so theres so much this i mean you can really tell uh bourgeoisie man who made this game is also a artist like a comic book artist um really and yeah and you should all check them out uh follow his twitter follow his youtube he does a lot of great things hes uh amazing like he he has this like its like a mario mario garfield mutant little comic strip he posts on his twitter um hes super cute i he has a video talking about like the music in this game and why he chose songs and a video of him doing a playthrough of it you should really give him a follow hes hes great um super awesome guy um and like i said this is his first first fan game he ever made too which is even more mind-blowing to just come out the gate and just pretty dang good for a first thing yeah yeah um i mean this one is otherworldly good and and funny i actually found this game because somebody retweeted his tweet about it right and the reason i played it is he made box art for it so like yeah yeah so theres like literal box art for it i im this is lucky i get to actually reset this part um and i was like well if a guys gonna take the time to make box art right he probably took the time to make a really good game that was my thought process you know and sure enough Music that was super accurate its a very good game you know like very very very good game love uh just mario there just still crawling through the fence yeah after the goal um now coming up in this next level there is actually a huge it saves about a minute uh skip you can skip an entire boss section uh like an entire boss fight um ive only done it one time just because i just saw it a couple days ago and i havent run it since then the only time ive done it was right before the stream here uh i got to give glitch cat uh credit again hes the current world record holder i got to give him all the credit in the world for finding it its such a oh i died its such a genius move and i hope i i hope i can pull it off um because its so so so genius and its one of those moves that youre like why didnt i think of that you know what i mean its like totally one of those ones where its so like its so simple and smart its always easy in hindsight right once once you know the thing is like of course of course thats the thing yeah going through a puzzle and doing some type of puzzle and you finally find the solution after hours of thinking its like oh yeah of course yeah thats like everyones play through a portal always why didnt i think of that or better yet just a mechanic i got used all the time was like wait you can use it that way well im just gonna waste all the time save on dying here anyway so obviously you all can see the gimmick of this um but something that i really love is like that little like scrolling screen Music i dont know why it just has kind of like a very mega man feel to it you know oh my gosh all right im just gonna keep dying here thats all right we got time yeah the timing looks pretty tight getting through these gaps yeah we got time oh thanks wife my wife just brought me a snack oh it smells delicious now did he bring enough to share with the class definitely not there we go now this guys gonna yeah he does like a little move right there all right now if all goes well were actually going to take this and early kill this boss here um and skip basically a minute of the game theres this really cool section as you can see like mario cant get through there what i can do is throw that through there and kill that boss and that skips this entire its actually a really really cool section where mario sets himself on fire and like you have like a little on fire mario sprite thats running away and has to get to water and its such an adorable super cool section its a shame we skip it um but uh right here i will say right here there is a hint about the ultimate final boss on this page as well uh for those who have tripped over the sneaky mega muncher by exploiting his one and only weakness turning into a coin huh yeah well except we didnt do that yeah and i gotta give i gotta give again massive shout out to glitchcat cause hes the one who found it and once i saw it i was like it was like one of those ones like oh i didnt you know this was such a good simple smart move it was like so genius you know and um yet so simple and so perfect that uh i got to give all the credit here you know oh god those are the best skips though like when you have a whole community doing things and then you just find like something like completely simple oh i miss it like i dont know if you know how the smb3 community figured out what hammer brother has which item in its hand no idea have you ever heard this story i have not so for years years i mean you know mario 3 is just one of those like you know its one of those super task games you know what i mean like one of those just like completely like been explored games yadda yadda but for years we didnt have an rt wet rta way to figure out what item was in the hammer brothers hands because you dont want to kill every hammer brother in the worthless run you know you want to skip some of them but you do want the ones you do kill you want some specific items from them you know so for years and years and years nobody had a way to figure out what item was in their hands and then one day a viewer watching mitch flower power stream go goes hey doesnt the one with the hammer always start off on the screen facing left and thats literally all it was and so he just turned it off so right when you start right when you go back to the overworld each one you know depending on what they have in their hand or depending what item they have will be facing a different way and so a viewer just never even played mario 3 found that out yeah a viewer in chat thats great its kind of kind of reminds me of some stories where you know some non-speed runners just doing a casual playthrough of a game and then they find some weird skip just by pure accident and then all the speedrunners was like wait wait what you could do this oh my gosh what was the one bj found didnt bj find like a like a credits warp essentially during a casual playthrough back seating can be helpful uh i know um one thing to note it is every time i pick up these uh these little smb2 mushrooms here it is a frame perfect trick technically um but its just me pressing the buttons so its not that big a deal but you just gotta press the two buttons on the same frame on the same frame but as a speed runner we are required to say frame perfect trick uh and act like its a lot harder thing than it is you know i see you oot speedrunners out there with your 15 15 frames per minute tricks hey you know what its still frame perfect its just theres a lot less frames to worry about yeah exactly exactly oh no oh no im gonna and speaking of sell yourself this this is a fantastic run so far im sure everybody watching is enjoying it what can we find over there these days um well you can find hot mustaches um you can find lots of mario games um the game were gonna be playing later splunky i just got a racing sim wheel because im a nerd and want to do some racing sims um and most of all you know what you can find a good time with a nice welcoming community oh oh its so thats oh oh and ive been playing some fall guys lately man i hadnt played fall guys in a long time but im like back in on fall guys i have so much good stuff on fall guys now a lot of new stuff coming out dude that uh season six and season four i hadnt played since season three and season six and season four are both awesome i really like them both season five ah okay here we go we gotta jump off this chalk i screwed that up the first time okay so its your first instinct like to use yoshi there then you come into this room and like oh yeah yeah this is also a really silly boo fight youre just like mass spamming things at it but i think this is a really silly fun way to do boom that didnt look too bad no no its just its a really really funny silly fight um i mean i i will say like i said this hack is not its not like is an extreme hack this is a very playable really extremely fun made hack i really think that um any level of gamer can could spend enough time to do this hack um honestly it doesnt feature a lot of the crazy tricks uh but at the same time it is a very endlessly challenging hack uh the speedrun of it is super super fun theres a lot of cool skips as youve seen um its just really really great game yeah this is one this is one of them huh yeah oh yeah what is that mushroom saying i dont know i cant read that language whatever it is yeah like i truly think that this is going to have a um deathless like a deathless run which is not very common in these types of games Music notice some cute level names as well this ones called the cn tower yeah theres those pesky luminescent blocks just taunting you yeah and you see the oh no im dead well try it though well try oh no i didnt i caught up we got lucky Music it was the goal here you know progress through the level with the soft timer being the vine yeah to get there in time to manipulate whatever you need to do in order to make that work exactly and then right here this is actually a really funny moment because theres two spots where you actually slow down which is just something you dont do often in these types of games and sometimes and this is something that i would love to express to newer kaizo creators like making mario slow down is actually really important making mario hesitate can be a tremendously big deal in your level design um as much as you want him to always go right having him having just a quick change of pace i think is wildly important ah that that was a blast of level to watch there yeah yeah theyre all so good i know i almost wish i was dying on them a few more times just because theyre so good uh this is actually turned out to be a pretty decent run um the gimmick here is that you always have p-speeds so flights automatic which um i just want all my flight levels to be like this now yeah so for viewers who may not be aware what what is p speed like what does that mean in the sense of mario um its essentially like the speed where mario can fly and in earlier games like mario world and mario 3 its also where mario goes faster like physically kind of shifts into fifth gear for lack of a better term um and so p-speed is essentially the fastest mode that mario can travel and um so what youre looking for in mario 3 and mario world speed runs more or less all the time oh and the name force coming from mario 3 where theres a p meter and a p wing that that has this effect on it yeah and there actually is a p meter in this game as well you just technically dont see it and the way that nintendo is different sorry i thought nintendo was so silly putting in these clear pipes one of their games like yeah i know why do we need to see why what marios doing in the pipes whats going on miyamoto and then its it turned out to be really dang cool its so cool yeah it turns out its like the best thing ever and you can see this levels just i i this level is just so cool i thought just the the amount of extra stuff you can do because youre always flying is really fun and this one right here its actually what i thought was really cool is he plays a few tricks on you so you need to not hold jump in a few spots um on that level which basically the rest of it youve just been holding jump because you fall you just physically fall off items and if you fall and youre holding jump youre going to go right into flight so it kind of just changes it up uh your gameplay a little bit on that end level you kind of like self-troll yourself almost wow just yeah im always impressing like a clean run-through of any kaizo level really just yeah get to this point you know maybe one of these days ill finally stop talking about and actually you know give these a shot um you know the biggest barrier to entry i think that most people have with these games is their own like mind if that makes sense you know like i i really truly think like i im im a firm believer that anybody can play these types of games it just might take you a little bit longer than it takes someone else um and i think like a big problem is people tend to compare themselves to the people that have played these games the longest instead of people that have been you know are kind of newer to these games wow this section right there that that looked brutal yeah that was that was really hard youre basically trying to not get squished and that went pretty good not bad not bad youve had a number of these levels just going through deathless like props to you pulling it off yeah unfortunately we did just pass the world record um actually i think its 32 33 now so um yeah which cat just has a tremendously good run in there and now here we are at the um the final level terminal climb so going up got a nice rainy mood yeah and one thing to note you cant touch the um oh schneiders you cant touch the sides of a falling box when the box is falling if you touch it it will hurt you really yes i i dont know why but i think its just to make them more you know more menacing you cant like kind of like drag the walls as one wants to do yeah id be definitely the first thing i would try yeah and then here it kind of it wants you to self-troll right there the cute little self-troll option you defeated the blocks lets go not yet not yet um mario figures out a way to start fighting the blocks um but we all know the you know the king of the blocks is coming and i dont know if you guys know who the king of the blocks is shout out to uh to joseph and jaws and and jonas and everyone in the uh classic tetris community r.i.p jonas Music is this a one tile gap to to maneuver through here wow yeah then we get oh no i didnt get the sticky fly i didnt get it oh i screwed it up thats okay were on the last level you can do it were on the last level we want to extend this out you know what i mean you know make sure you dont finish too fast right yeah i got to get all these time in you know like you got to get thats when people are like oh no i died in my run im like baby you got more you got more time on gdq stage you know enjoy that time Laughter Music they say that never everyone thats ever tried to keep the schedule and gdq is just like you shut it and then right here you see the ultimate boss Music chat thats right its tetris and secretly tetris has unleashed these blocks upon the world to show that tetris is the superior game im not even joking that is the lore that is the lore of this game you think your little question blocks and uh compete with us the yeah legendary tetris pieces yeah the tetraminos are serious about their status in the world Music how nice of them at least to tell you where theyre going to be falling yeah that is it took me i i definitely didnt die for a half hour before i realized that and now of course i thought it was too easy yeah now we get up to level you know level what is it 20 when it starts going really fast the same thing here you cant touch the blocks like as theyre dropping um only after theyve dropped coming up this jumps so hard almost almost yeah that tetris piece is just a little long makes that jump very very difficult um screen scrolling the tetris piece is coming down youre moving up its theres another jump just like it right afterwards so its definitely the hardest part of this last level and its cool how it also has like the left and right constraints to like look like the tetris game itself as youre essentially climbing to the top there you go nice yeah but then i missed this yeah thats how it happens exactly you cant you know what the mario gods will punish you if you ever compliment your own game play in um in a kaizo game now i know this is going to be an easy level yeah as soon as you say that the mario gods smite you there we go all right all right and then the only way to stop tetris is to um for some reason i gained the ability to pull these uh mushrooms out of my butt and then you just gotta stop the tetris pieces from from downloading and there it is you overload the game boy and you uh you peace out and and then of course and this is something that ive really loved in mario ram hacks or sorry mario fan games lately is the escape sequence which is just utterly necessary um ill give grandpa world to you know i mean really we gotta we gotta give the love to super metroid but um you got three minutes to escape yeah but grandpa world 2 did it and since then its been something thats been kind of become a standard in um fan game you know creation and and im a pretty big fan of that person yeah it kind of feels almost like like the encore level right its like you beating the boss and now youre doing the encore super exciting stuff and like gives you a very satisfying conclusion yeah i think it it feels it feels like important you know i love like the mushrooms youve been rescuing coming in to save the days its all connected yeah and then oh and then these all and the water comes out and thats time g g what are uh that was really fun really great run right there really fun um again luminescence amazing uh smw central has like your access to um all these you know the portal into this little world i mean check out smw central um its amazing the mario world community um the family game community is just so incredible and so amazing and so welcoming to everybody so definitely check them out you know i have now we got your official gdq time for this of 40 minutes and 25 seconds so you know not that that was all right i think that was an okay time it was okay was not my best not my not my worst though not my worst you know yeah well gg pooh like yeah that was just a fantastic run start to finish you know really awesome one and uh yeah there you go the the bergie man the bergie man board borgie man like boogie man dont worry dont worry i i still think i say it wrong you know i love this like the inspiration like all the the games that have come before yeah and youll see here yeah you can see and this is i love this credits too because its just one big auto level like its just this really cool auto level that goes on and so this goal was made this is just an auto level made so you have a cool credit sequence yeah yeah exactly um and uh and you can just see here like all the people that contributed something to this game you know um through asm or you know just something you could download i mean youre looking at a aaa amount of names on these games now at this point you know which is kind of wild and kind of crazy yeah additionally custom graphics custom coding you know all the stuff that has to happen to make these work yeah its just its really kind of mind-blowing it just shows like how cool the community is how collaborative everything is and um you know we always need more people like you know because you you you might you might create the coolest new setup that were all going to use one day so i mean like just like the music ports you know because you got to have custom music now like you cant just have mario music anymore you got to have the custom music yeah you cant just mario music yeah but hes talking to you champ right now maybe you and then right there like i uh we were talking about earlier like im lucky enough to be in the credits right here for it so along with glitchcat carl barb ryu um really really awesome was that a surprise the first time you played through this is like just seeing your name pop up there yes yeah for that one um and you can see too he kind of goes through almost uh like literally like everybody in the community which i thought was really really cool and very very awesome moment you know professional looking i dont know if you saw maddie you saw maddie makes games in there uh shout out to maddie uh we love celeste in the some w community i saw the beast in there i recognized a couple of these things very cool yeah theres a lot the people on social media yeah the plug thats and you know what not enough people do that if you make if you make a fan game plug your twitch stream at the end guys plug your poker socials plug it yeah like do that uh yeah we have we have actually have a joke in in my community that it its if its a perfect game i rate it a 9 out of 10 and then if it thanks me in the credits it gets a 10 out of 10. now in your eyes is this is this a 10 out of 10. oh this is a 10 out of 10. this is an 11 out of 10. this is one of uh honestly one of the top five hacks ever my my microphone arm just fell off my desk which is hilarious like just now right yeah thats perfect timing because as we break we got in here were gonna be going into a quick break as we get set up for spelunky two and pooh gets the mic arm reattached to his desk but before we go to that just a couple more quick announcements for everybody and of course you know everybody watching on twitch be sure to check out any hotfix shows you may have missed you can find that on our youtube channel youtube.comgamesdonequick and of course if youre watching this on youtube feel free to join us over at gamesdonequick to check out our live shows starting most nights at 7 p.m eastern and while youre there hot fix is handed funded in part thanks to your subscriptions and bits so you know please consider subscribing to help support any future broadcast but dont go anywhere were gonna be taking a short break well be back soon spelunky too and welcome back everybody to game masters again the show all about the artistry of speedrunning and everything speedrunning adjacent we just got done watching the awesome fan game luminescence and were going into something a little bit different uh spelunky too before we do that though i want to remind everybody gdq some of best segments its a new highlight channel with small highlight reels for all of our main events and hotfix shows like the show today so shortly after this youll be able to see you know some highlights from that i can do uh exclamation point highlights in the twitch chat to learn more important point you in the right direction um but now back to the action uh pooh spelunky two um i know some about this game its a roguelike its its very difficult uh what are we gonna be seeing here today uh youre gonna be seeing what were definitely gonna be seeing is me dying like thats one thing were definitely gonna see um this game is like you said its a roguelike um but it is it is like a brutal uh one life you get what you get all the levels are completely random every time you play it so ive never seen any of these levels before um and it is just an utterly unforgiving ridiculously brutal game and on top of that it also at its in its longest its the longest ending it has three endings in the game and its longest ending adds about uh 80 84 levels on to the game so it has it has one ending with 20 levels another ending with 24 levels and then another ending uh after that with a hundred a hundred plus levels um and were gonna be going for that yeah were gonna be going for that here today um which its gonna take a little bit of luck its gonna take a lot of uh a lot of time were gonna be trying to do it in the traditional sense which means were not going to be uh cheating the system at all um theres a few ways to cheat this system were not going to do that were going to be doing it in a traditional way and but mostly were going to see me die okay were definitely what were gonna see sounds good well lets not waste any time well get uh right there well put 90 minutes on the clock and well see can pooh reach 7.99 or will spelunky 2 remain victorious youre gonna find out right now pooh count us down when youre ready well go in five four three two one go um now the way splunky two works like when youre speed running splendid two this is whats really great about it a it has an in-game timer uh but b you dont really know what run youre going for until uh one two so until the second level and thats when you start getting items and you can see what items you get uh but theres a lot of like little small things about this game that make it so fun and so addicting i noticed there was a character select at the beginning does that have any impact on the game itself or is it just an appearance no its just appearance um but dont get me wrong uh coco is the best uh coco and my boy jay are the best everyone else is garbage um i believe that it it affects i believe in my heart of hearts it affects at least my look um yeah like the mental game is also you know huge in these you know yeah you have this nice face staring back at you you know maybe give you some motivation yeah uh now the first thing what is going on the first thing i need to do here i have like this weird like line in my screen which is weird um am i not what is going on here its like if its on your monitor it could just be um start and restart because some monitors have a pixel shift issue theres power down the monitor power back on real-time tech changes it wouldnt be without its dont worry about it well well get this fixed so who can properly see the screen there we go there all right fix it yeah done it fixed luckily though that doesnt even take time off my run um because again in game time beautiful in-game timer um now whats unlucky is i just really screwed up and we might die um right here these are shopkeepers uh wait did you just steal everything from that shop was that a gun he was coming after you with yeah he was coming after me with a gun um yeah you dont want so now because i stole everything from the shop at the bottom of this level hes gonna be very angry with me right here this is an altar that you can sacrifice live enemies to and oh i screwed up that was a bad move i dont know what i was thinking there okay but youre still alive so there is health yes there is not you get hit by anything yeah yeah there is health you have four hearts but there are the hearts dont really matter very rarely are you going to die from hearts although it does happen and and considering right now i only have one left it seems like these spikes they definitely wouldnt be one hit kill spike no theyre one hit kill spikes yes uh this guy right here this this friendly enemy hes a one-hit kill as well um theres just a tremendous amount of one-hit kills in this game come on so right here you actually have your first choice in the game and if we go left or right depends on what the next area we go into and thats just manipulating that guy to yeah we want him to open one yeah and that way we dont have to waste any bombs were going to go get save this doggie right here because we saved the dog such a cute dog yeah hell give us an extra heart if we save the doggie um i was worried the fate for all these animals would be to be sacrificed on an altar its such like a cute looking game and art style and you get in and within two minutes youre doing a blood sacrifice on an altar yeah it is it is very cute but it is not um its not friendly it looks cute um were actually gonna let that guy escape hes called a helping hand he doesnt really help much but i do want to sacrifice him to another altar if i get a chance because ultimately what you can get with those altars is the uh its the kapala cup but its its just a blood cup and once you have filled the blood cup with all the way up with the blood of your enemies you can drink that and then gain an extra heart very nice yes um which like you know naturally what you do with the blood of your enemies now naturally you know this game appears to be divided into a number of rooms if you thought about stages or just rooms so are the goals pretty uh consistent between these rooms like are you doing one specific thing every time or are there a couple like options to get through a room there are options in certain levels um see like this level right here has the drill so im actually gonna use this drill so to get to 70.99 you have to do a series of special moves you got to get a crown im gonna have to sacrifice my character im gonna have to get the only extra life in the game and then use it um but the first step is gonna be right here to go get a crown and so i have to do that drill now i dont know if you heard that drill actually drilled through a shopkeepers shop so theyre going to be even more mad at me than they are im sure you know getting robbed destroying the roof like thats a lot of structural damage yeah theyre not happy not happy about that um so ill probably have a shopkeeper waiting for me at the end from here on out um right here i just got an item that is ultimately going to be the death of me its a teleporter and as you see i teleported here this is going all right yep and so thats a run right there or thats a failed run failed run okay so now are we back at start yeah we are all the way back in the bidding so if you die even as quickly as i died and that was actually a pretty good setup we had a lot going on um youre dead youre it thats it yeah you die youre dead Music and then you start and you get all new levels essentially every single time oh its just the the adorable puck again yeah i had to use him as a a shield a meat shield there for that arrow though do the uh the animals also have health as well when youre like youre escorting them to an altar yes uh the animals have health and everything in the game is subjugated the same rules you are so creatures can do damage to each other um literally nothing is is special you know in this game which is very fun about it everything has a rule you know nothing is quote unquote unfair um you throw that for good luck thats just a little shout out to my friend hectic for that one its just the best the only time you hear that little gong noise in the game is throwing that guy right there now that boot you picked up was that like a double jump not a double jump but a um its just a jump higher i see theres like a limit to like how many things you can get so you have to like pick and choose between like the power-ups and other things you want to use or its kind of just like an overall stacking progress further theres passive items um like if you look up in my in the corner right now in the hud you can see i have a few passive items on right now and then theres active items like that gun or the boomerang um each passive item has some sort of downfall yeah each passive item has some sort of downfall um although i will say the jumpy boot probably has the least downfall yeah the teleport note rapidly left and right i could definitely see the downfall on that one but this seems pretty solid yeah the boots are pretty solid um and the sticky bombs are like dang near necessary honestly as you can see does that work any terrain like it just blows up anything or are there like certain blocks that you cant uh theres a few blocks that you cant um but mostly there to block everything out in the sub world um so quick note the shopkeepers no longer mad at me because i just robbed them i didnt commit any violence when i robbed them so they only stay mad at you for a level however if you commit violence upon them they stay mad at you for a little bit longer and it makes things a little bit rougher to get through all right now for a minute i thought like landing in that pit or something was gonna be instant depth uh no but the lavas instant death that little crusher up there is instant death im gonna get these guys to come visit me because i want to sacrifice them its like oh yeah new friends for yeah i killed him but thats okay you can still sacrifice them theyre just not worth it basically each enemy or character has a certain point value and you gotta get 16 points to get the blood cup um these dead cavemen have one point so i have eight points right now i just got an item that means i got eight points so i need eight more points essentially then live when you sacrifice live things its worth more than sacrificing dead things so so this pug for example how many points were talking if you get them there unscathed eight points yeah now heres the starting to make sense yeah heres the problem if you see there was an altar right here and since i just drilled through it oh another nice drill though since i just drove through that altar i actually just lost points um because i drilled through this oh because yeah yeah yeah um so if you destroy the altar you lose points but theres also and theres also little things uh like if you kill the altar enough times you get a ball and chain on you that makes it really really hard and really really really hard to move if you um yeah theres um a character a secret character named beg who will um oh come on come here uh so this right there thats dracula up there i gotta kill dracula and he teleports when you hit him so im trying to get him to teleport into the wall like i did earlier dont now playing castlevania wonderful no yeah oh come on get in the wall my friend lets go over here lets go over here there we go and the reason we did that is because now we gain his cape now we got a double jump oh he got so you got the high yeah and we can float and the coolest part about floating is if you float you can actually float right on top of the spikes and as you see otherwise you cant land on the spikes so what happened to those enemies right there that usually happens to you yes but not anymore thats such a creative mechanic like it makes sense that thats what would happen if you just barely you know descend into the spike yeah these little robots they blow up if you hit their top otherwise theyre indestructible um theres lava monsters that are like super ultra rare thats pop up and spit out lava um one thing about splunky is every time you think youre safe youre definitely gonna die um so we just saw me do the first part of the puzzle where i have to get a crown if you see above my heart i now have a crown um now the second part of the puzzle is talking to my friend ton here and ton is very mythical very special and she runs a fledging um carnival business um in these caves these caves that are located on the moon by the way oh were on the moon all right yeah i should mention that we we used to just be in caves but for some reason were on the moon in this game um now spelunky one you know so one was just caves exactly you gotta up the ante for the sequel yeah but this uh this arrow this bow right here is unlike any other bow in the game and you will see other bow and arrows in the game but this bow this bow right here is something else now the arrow inside of this bow completely generic and pointless does not do this well its not its not just the points on the arrow well yeah there is a point on the arrow but um its not that exciting is what im saying theres gonna be something more we have to do with this bow oh man i just lost a lot of health there yeah i was about to ask was like is this just like you know taking damage for speed or oh no this is bad i just realized how bad that was um so right here this is my buddy this is my buddy beg um shout out to beg we have big emotes in chat um if you destroy that altar bag actually hooks you up as you see right there with some bombs and um i mean not to spoil things but beg also does some can also lead to some other very very very cool interactions were going to steal all these bombs from that guy because having a lot of bombs is a very very good thing um but theres a another crown that only bay can get a giveaway um and it involves destroying his altar and getting cursed im not gonna get into that because were not gonna do it tonight just know that this game is like extensively full of secrets chat like extensively full of secrets and we got olmec here yeah olmec and olmec was the uh the main boss of splunky1 still you know still very heavy in the lore of splunky too but he definitely gets some upgrades here because were on the moon and olmec is actually being inhabited uh by aliens now so you went from a mystical anti-grav pads yeah the anti-gravity pads little lower note too like theres an anti theres like a a hover pack that you get and it uses the same pads um for you so thats a little little continuity continuity thing right there yeah the category were going for chad is just uh hope hope we beat it yeah this is brutally difficult yeah so hard yeah so we just put timer on the clock and were gonna see you know how well poo can do with the time we have with us today yeah and whats worse about this game is its like its kind of like i always say i think a link to the past is one of the hardest 16-bit speed runs you know and this game has the same thing whereas like you dont really realize how hard this is until you do it its kind of like linked to the past speed runs you have no idea how extremely hard they are until you do it um but hopefully im gonna make this game look really easy but id imagine at some point youre gonna see were gonna get exposed to how brutal things can be real fast you know oh i could get a blood cup wed be really in business right now now does every level have an altar are there just some instances like oh yeah theres no altar here completely random yeah like everything else in this game everythings random except for this boss fight um this boss fight level not random um and yeah the boss fights arent random but everything else is completely random um all the level structure so um its very the boxings gonna be the same order every time as well or um no so its always like youre always going to the same area like you start dwelling and well be taking the same area every time but after levels one like world two can be one of two different areas and well check out the other ones just for fun and then here after this is world three so world four can either be this which is the water area which is significantly easier but does not have the items that i want and then this which is the temple area which features the item i want but is significantly harder um another thing to mention is that right there what we just acquired is the unk which you can see in my heart thats actually an extra life we dont want to use that extra life though because were actually going to want to sacrifice our own body here um very soon this person looks pretty friendly here yeah this um yeah were just going to try and kill her and then hopefully we can get a blood cup right oh no not yet now these levels the pyramid is definitely the hardest thing those cats up there if they hit you you automatically go to one heart you could have 99 hearts but you automatically go to one yeah um and then theres theres basically swamps you can see a cat hit that thing its cursed right now those uh those guys are poison you that gator right there teleports and then these swamps yeah as you can see those arent friendly just a room full of death is what it sounds like yes its a lot of unforgivable death now this is the guy we need oh i cant get hit oh okay and were just gonna get out of here we have one heart left and we essentially need to go no okay this is bad this is actually like super bad what i just did so i need to get down there into cool yeah this is good this is good okay thats the room i want to go into and then i need to get this this item right here is is is essential to getting through 7.99 um this is going to prevent us from getting cursed or poisoned um one time and the reason we want that is that getting cursed or poison is the most common way to die in in after 100 levels because you just its just going to slowly kill you so right theres no way to cure it once you get it no not once not once youre in world 7 you cant cure it anymore you can cure it before world 7 but not in world 7. so we just got that we did a little bonus game we got that so right now everythings looking pretty good everythings looking pretty good um but were gonna have the third part of a puzzle coming up here were in the city of gold actually i guess this is a fort technically the fourth part um and right here this was really fun when i was learning it um because we were playing through all these game blinds i love a good puzzle but you actually have to physically sacrifice yourself on this particular altar and then because you have an extra life youre actually going to be resurrected in what is um kind of like a version of of hell essentially wow and this is four or four yeah and so yeah and then this version of hell is going to do is going to give us one item that is going to be instrumental in getting to 7.99 and ill show you what that one item is um here in a second hopefully assuming nothing goes bad thats an indestructible uh enemy that snake guy right there dont want to mess with him uh watching people the first time they come here and die to that snake always fun so surely youve never dyed this snake yeah well the worst is like usually like they can theyll drop lava or something you see like that lava drop thats like whats really bad about that snake and now were fine mandrels yeah okay so we just got a we just got a jet pack from that item this guy right next to me is is is a butthole so this item right there thats the one we want now we get out that item is gonna come into use in uh like three levels so ill ill well go back to that item right there um but the cool part about getting out of hell is we get an oh we always get a jet pack getting out of hell and we get the next item we need to go along in this puzzle this is um the ice caves this is one of the only biomes thats um in both splunky one and splunky 2. its super cool it also features the absolute best song in the game but it features these little like free bombs you get there and these aliens you can really start to see the alien invasion going down i cant tell about by washington here but you have to deal with any ice physics yes you do have to deal with ice physics and its really telephone there now you see this guy sorry i should have explained that guy up there actually physically holds your items through through it like basically teleports items you need um through the game and the reason he does that is because some things are kind of built like more multiplayer in mind and um he kind of cheats to be an extra player for you essentially um yes you did thats one thing we havent touched on yeah is that this game does have multiplayer and its a lot does that work if you if you die in multiplayers your character done youre watching your friends go on um depends what level you die in but yeah theres uh after world seven um i think you can only resurrect twice in world seven or beyond that okay now heres where things get start getting really serious so what happened we just finished four or four now were in six months what what what the heck did oh oh the ice caves were five okay yeah the ice caves were five so you just have one five five one um now something i should mention about the jet pack is the jet pack is a big old bomb on my back and you have to be very careful about that so you dont want to get you know any fire on you or any of these explosions were going to use a lot of bombs here because i have a lot um and if you this is a rogue like game if you dont use them you lose them like literally thats how it works um i want to kill that turkey too yeah do these its like i see all these animals here do they provide any other purpose other than rescuing or moving on to like um you can ride them you can ride them and theyll do things like double jumping or other stuff um depending on which one theres one that teleports theres one that shoots fire um they all kind of start off your enemy you have to tame them and they run around while you tame them which is a bit of rng uh the turkeys also oh this is so every level is this is garbage by the way every level is randomly generated in some of the randomly generated modifiers you can get to a level is dark mode and to have uh world six and dark is just uh very very difficult so this is not easy okay right here chat were gonna go to our items remember that item we acquired um were gonna go find it and the tablet of destiny says that a smiling servant of gold marked by the snake shall open the door and that door is where we want to get to so we need to find a gold smiling servant with a snake on it um essentially is that something thats like randomized where it could be any number of options you have to go find it so basically theres a you have a 1 in 100 chance if you dont get it so and you and people have not gotten the tablet and hit this one in 100 chance now what happens if you pick wrong you choose poorly you get nothing you get nothing and essentially you dont get to move on um so thats a gold snake right there uh whats really embarrassing is these elevators can actually physically crush you and so oftentimes theyll be sitting you just wont be paying attention and one of these elevators will just get you i think that starts smiling snake smiling gold snake right here yes um it happens to everyone at some point youre gonna get crushed by an elevator its embarrassing every single time it ha well i just almost happened to be right there i saw that coming i thought you were a goner i thought i was too im not ill be honest im not seeing the snake here in the in this art design um i mean you just gotta roll with it you know its snake-ish okay so well show you what happens here so after that this is gonna hatch and now we get a mount that can just fly forever it can shoot fire this is a very very very good mount the problem is i need to keep this mount alive for one whole this whole level oh which i just almost let him die right there and the other thing i need to do also while im doing this is i need to prepare four whats this a bouncer for a club yes and there is a cave theres a lot of lord of the club theres a lot of lord of the club but right now what im gonna do is im going im basically setting aggro and going in and out of the club until that bouncer dies and then i get to take his shotgun and then were gonna let these bouncers kind of you know not practice gun safety clearly and yeah so they they get each other and then the next time not this time but the next time nope not that time are you fully invulnerable while going in and out of the door is there any frame that youre weak and susceptible to hits or is it like youre youre set here no no no no no no i didnt see him i didnt see the other bouncer oh that was that was so powerful just explosion of the gun yeah all right well 63 richard if you want to put on high score right now 6-3 Laughter dang that was a good run i was set up too i shouldnt have done that oh man the reason i wanted the reason i wanted to do that though was there was um theres eight free health and then i could have got a blood uh a blood cup from it too so such as splunky this game again is brutally difficult oh its so hard honestly honestly just to get that far is farther than a lot of sessions go for me Music oh man and now were all the way back to the beginning all that and now were all the way back to the beginning um something i always suggest is getting all the um crates in world one that you can well assuming you can and what are in the crates um they can be any item in the game but usually its ropes and bombs and uh bombs especially are super important ropes ropes can be really important if you dont have like a jet pack or um the red cape ropes can get super important but the way were going we should always get a jet pack so were just gonna steal that guy and the way i the way i steal from him is i just hit him with a rope and that uh oh were oh were gonna die okay this is bad does that not count as doing um violence to the shopkeeper uh no because the rope does the violence i know its very subjective yeah i know oh he got caught you can do like a clean seal and if you do like a clean non-violent steal um you actually unlock another character who gives you three ropes later and will also give you a lot of money if you follow like her little story line um shes a thief in the game so shes so a bad puppy just she starts to respect your thieving skills and theres like a whole little mini story line with her which is like part of the really fun game is like all these kind of like inconsequential little characters you find i feel like theres so much im just looking through like one of these levels it seems like such a maze getting through this like how long did it take how much practice and runs if you did like where you got the hang of like okay you know this is looking like the place i should be going to oh man its promising yeah it was hundreds of hours i mean this is my only game i played for like two or three months and oh that wasnt good um and uh something that i should note like about this like ive im one of the better spelunky one i was one of the better splunky one players um in this game i dont think i made it to world two my first two nights playing this game uh monkey two in and i and i have a lot of hours and lunky one a lot of hours and one this game is just brutally hard even if youre a lucky one um veteran not because like different not because different physics everything controls exactly the same its just theres so many more items than just the it just gets that much more difficult does that web just like hard stop the shopkeeper or other npcs yes and there is like a web gun as well all right so theres a thing up there oh whatever thats nice so i always use rope instead of um bombs is this just the mario world cape right here that we got uh essentially except you cant fly with it uh something else here ill show you real quick is like um each level features these like booby traps um hey ive seen this one before thats where you like replace it with the bag of sands and yeah nothing happens oh i thought i died right there so you can get extra money like if you dont want to kill the shopkeepers were actually gonna go to since we did um our first two runs we did um were just kind of item juggling here as you see the enemies can pick up items which is really cute oh excuse me sir this isnt good yeah this isnt good hes like ah i finally found you oh no no no no yep they got me such as life such as splunky im glad theyre getting the the full spelunky two experience yeah thats the thing if youre going to be a criminal you got to uh you got to abide by it but really like essentially there are times where i wont steal from the shopkeepers and id rather just buy things but if they have a lot of bombs those big bomb boxes like you have to get them theyre just so useful in a long run um especially once you get to uh world 7 because world 7 has its own kind of unique like way of doing things Music oh no oh no well so we we im glad we got to see this thats uh what happens yeah we gotta switch to my boy jay yeah it is a it is a full bomb on your back Music yeah i think uh we got a prediction up in this one was this the run i think it ended too fast before the voting was able to end yeah we usually wait till i get to 1-4 before we start the run i think we could abide by that here well after this one once we get to one four and i guess uh let us know when that happens im looking at the tiny number in the top right like just give us like okay now is this gonna be the running can i afford that no Music a lot of these deaths are very entertaining at least oh yeah and they they happen so quick you you dont even realize theyre coming half the time like you you think youre you think youre in full control you think you get a full set up and then all of a sudden you know youre going down now is there ammo on this gun or can he just fires fire at will and not have to work you cant fight theres a slow down but no ammo yeah and splunky one was very much a game where you kind of just like you like the idea was in splunky one like get the jet pack get the shotgun and win whereas splunky 2 the jet pack comes with a lot more because its a big bomb on your back it just comes with a lot more uh difficulty and the shotgun that kind of prevents you from just taking the shotgun all the way to the end by forcing you to pick up other stuff oh hes 360 no scope maybe we shouldnt steal from the shopkeeper maybe maybe crime doesnt pay Laughter chat yeah maybe crime doesnt pay Music um one thing you can do you can just use that shield just crush them yeah or anything else does this alert other shopkeepers yeah theyre mad at me now that im theyre going to be theyre seeing the vital sign right yeah its dark yeah i just crushed the key too which is not good so we had to restart needed that key one thing i gotta ask is there any sort of fall damage like yes going down yes there is fall damage um you can essentially fall like a screen um and fall damage amplifies so the longer you fall the more hearts you lose um so you can do like a instant kill one if you want not if you want obviously im assuming you probably dont want to most likely not though i am the least bit curious what the animation would look like falling from a great height although its gonna be like an explosive occurrence or you know youre just gonna its not not as exciting as youre hoping yeah unfortunately that youre supposed to be in spelunky um so the splunky one is guy splunky and guy splunkys married and they have a daughter anna splunky and um i think they have her after the events of splunky1 and then at some point in time annas parents get the urge to go uh treasure hunting on the moon because and abandon their child because theyre bad naturally naturally yeah yeah theyre you know and she gets worried that they havent come back you know they dont come back from the moon so then she heads to the moon herself to find them and so anna splunky is the i guess canon character um in here but every character has kind of their own like you know reasoning or storyline and they all come from a different god come on buddy this shopkeeper is so aggressive dude he is he is working and thats just how it goes sometimes yeah um so like you find different characters in different biomes essentially you know and they all have their own little reasoning for being there and then once you find them you all move into the little home base at the moon which acts as kind of the starting screen i screwed that up uh one other little piece of tech i actually want to show here is we always turn our back to whip um most the time to whip things because the back whip is instant if you see the whip goes backwards its hitbox and also you get a diagonal hitbox with the whip whereas the front whip you dont get a diagonal hitbox so those bats you pretty much always are killing the bats with a backwards whip shot um its just a little like small piece of tech one thing i really like as well is like youre youre away the shopkeeper cant see you but hes just up there he can sense your presence hes just blessed in every way hes angry yeah hes angry he doesnt like it um and the shopkeepers uh are erratic but not necessarily like rng they do like if youre below them they go down if youre above them they jump up type of thing and when do you jump they jump so basic simple ai to them difficult to deal with of course yes but their right and left movement thats thats pretty hard to deal with um this guy right here this is yang hes the only guy thats in um splunky one and its technically yangs brother um but yang for some reason um who was in splunky one he was like just kind of obsessed with treasure and in this game hes obsessed with turkey i dont know why i dont know like what his special deal is but you can its really weird you can give him theres three turkeys in this level and you can give him three turkeys and then the only and im not even joking the only thing that happens if you give him three turkeys is he becomes a later on hell try and sell you back three turkeys and i i think its a one four yeah yeah so here we go we can bet now but i dont know prediction of will this be the run and sorry to interrupt keep going yeah i just dont really know what yangs purpose is and ive always really thought that yang has more to his story um but i cant prove it because ive never figured anything else out now throwing the bomb on this boss weve seen this a number of times now is that like the way to end the segments yeah yeah so you want to i mean you can just avoid him and just you know leave if you want um but he has a bomb box and a piece of turkey meat uh which everyone knows turkey meat on the ground if youve ever played streets of rage is health um so thats why you always want to kill him just because you get the extra bombs and the the bombs are hugely important well try and mount this guy oh is that like a less impressive version of the one we got like in world six yeah ill just go ahead and explode that up so as you see if we grab that it just drops lava ooh getting hot in here yep just gonna sell the shopkeeper that thing all right so what were doing right here is were getting this key because we want to unlock only person that can kill dracula which is everyone knows uh van helsing well this game has van horsing where is hes right down here van horsing and van horsing the thing about van horsing is hes in a bit of gambling debt all right and uh so he gets locked up uh by the owner of that club we were actually breaking into earlier so hes locked up so we break him out and in exchange for breaking him out hes going to actually murder dracula for us this time the the lore in this game is quite amusing yes its very very expensive and amusing oh was that another altar getting destroyed down there no that wasnt an altar just the um uh as you can see theres just fire leaking everywhere which is not ideal oh and it even spawns enemies and lights the rope on fire you know that makes sense yeah i know right isnt that cool though like its like thats like one of those video game things where youre like that is so cool whats funny is i love when stuff makes sense like yeah that would happen wouldnt it yeah um whats funny is even in spl oh they killed a shopkeeper with it in spelunky one um it right it lights ropes on fire too but i didnt find that out until like two years after playing splunky one cause theres just not too many spots where it would actually happen oh this is okay okay well i cant take lava because lava hurts me this is just a very um the setups not not fast i guess i would say theres a very time wasting setup right here uh but look at that the the fire blob its even cooking the turkey for you yeah i cooked the turkey for me thanks fire blob um if we had the blood cup there is actually an exploit to get us 99 hearts not that that makes us invulnerable to death by any means but it definitely helps these little tiny bats these are not dracula just like his uh no theyre underlings theyre just vampires yeah just normal everyday vampires and then dracula just got killed by van horsing as you see i took his dracula um gate im gonna release all these um theyre called helping hands um im gonna politely call them indentured servants but i think theres a better term we could use for them um essentially what they are um the game calls them helping hands you do find them uh locked up in a lot of shopkeepers dungeons though i will say all right so we are going to acquire the um the bow again we need this bow this bow is a hugely important item were gonna have to use it to kill the very very last boss and that last boss is gonna take us to another dimension oh yeah were gonna go through hell then to another dimension so its its its a lot i never really like heres the thing is like they drip they drip drop you all the lore as youre playing this game for months and months and months and im just kind of like just bombarding you guys with so much of this games lore all at once its very intimidating when i say it all like like this yeah so were in 2-3 right now i know you mentioned it took you know a number of days just to get past this point the first time you played it yeah how long did it take until you like first got to world 7 and then after that you know its 7.99 oh man it was probably a month between the first time i got to seven and then 7.99 yeah i i was stuck for there was so long where my first run was the 7 15. and that was my pb for the longest time and then i hit 750 and then the next day i finally got the 7.99 oh gosh oh yeah we got a little making my heart jump yeah we got a little lucky there now as the shop keeps still gonna be mad at you in this level are we past the uh you know hes had enough rage and hes gonna forgive you now no i think unfortunately due to the drill um drilling right through his home hes not gonna forgive me um this time so is that like the rest of the game like even beyond world two its just the shopkeeper um i think i need to go eight levels without inflicting any violence which is gonna be very hard were gonna do our best were gonna do our best uh this jelly gives you extra yeah this jelly gives you extra health and the more health we get the better it is for us all right all right thats nice all right now were back at our friend olmec and were gonna try and dispose of him as quickly as possible there is actually a cute little olmec skip um where you can go through the top sewer you actually exit out of um were not doing that just because were trying to do everything the traditional way Music yeah we had a number of comments about you know like why not do ank skip and no thats yes right there yeah thats why i was gonna do lungs yeah yeah just for the um just for the integrity of the 90 minute run my goal is to do a 7.99 90 minute run uh which for the record the world records like 46 minutes i think so even thats like still relatively slow but um you know 90 minutes traditional route thats kind of the goal because i respect derek and respect his uh dereks the guy who made the game derek you i respect his uh integrity uh this is bad yeah can you get in there i think so yeah were good do a little bit of coyote time in there yep Music all right were gonna get that oh hey puppy i didnt mean to hit him right there chad please dont be mad at me yeah while were going through here we do have a question from chat and uh okay do any of these levels have a time limits um uh yes yes they all actually have time limits to them uh three minutes and then a ghost actually comes and chases you and the ghost progressively gets harder the longer you evade the ghost um so three minutes uh and every 30 seconds you lose 30 seconds to be in the level when youre playing multiplayer so you actually lose two minutes if youre playing four player um yeah so youd have one minute to clear a level yeah yeah yeah and multiplayer is crazy too because you can hit each other you know what i mean you can shoot each other with guns like theres like all the rules still apply you know so um yeah multiplayer is its own definitely its own beast oh this is bad this is a horrible section um were just trying our best to avoid these swamps oh my god oh my god okay okay were maybe safe were maybe safe okay were safe oh um yeah that was luck thank god we had that 18 health right there can we move you all the way over here bud will you come over here the shopkeepers like i need to finish the job well violence okay were going to do some things um this is bad no i didnt mean to go in oh well we missed an item thats okay thats not gonna make or break us but it would it would have severely helped all right and we head back to hell all right its like we never left and were poisoned ah thats the worst thing that could have happened so how does poison work um it just basically is gonna slowly drain my health so what im gonna do now is im going to base im going to try and collect as much blood against enemies as i can um so i can get as much health as i can um until i can get rid of the poison so there is a way to get rid of the poison just it has to be done before world seven yes it just has to be done before world seven we need to sacrifice guys at the altar oh Music you know what sometimes the spelunky gods just give you luck you know the highlight reel of this is going to be filled with you know close deaths or deaths it counts death or death yeah exactly no no no no no no no no stop stop oh my lava gosh Music oh im gonna buy the food after that all right back to level one back to level one and thats funky yeah and i think we have we have time for one more good run uh before unfortunately were gonna have to cut it off but i believe oh yeah i believe as well i believe i have the utmost faith in us right now man its not really worth stealing for that one bomb bag but i also want that one bomb bag all right hold on Music did not get the setup i wanted gotta manipulate some rng there we go much much better shop i was just right there had the particular item set you were looking for yeah i wanted a lot of bombs or an early jet pack or uh shoes either of the shoes is good okay well that just didnt seem fair theres a lot going on there yeah theres a lot going on there this game looks like you would destroy your controller thats uh why some players play with keyboard uh this game is um this game is one of those ones it definitely rewards the patience uh but something thats super great about this game is youre gonna get better at this game by playing you dont get like your character doesnt never get stronger your your randomness is kind of always the same you just get better at this game by playing and so one thing that i really love about it is you can physically you can really just tell like ive improved at this game you know and that makes it really really fun and that makes it super addicting because you can always it is the ultimate one more you know vibe to it dude i need you to go higher like can you jump over this all right oh okay yeah i got lucky there so you see right there i feel forgiven that means the shopkeepers have forgiven me all right lets go this way this time man we havent seen the jungle yet this is just like the level type yeah so the biome yeah the biome is what youre picking left or right basically you pick left or right and top and bottom um in the two times you pick bios sorry puppy remember dog remember people uh your puppies are your friends so yeah this is another bio and you can get the same stuff uh but instead of fighting dracula you actually were actually gonna go to a market in this one now the advantage of this biome is youre pretty much guaranteed paste the downfall of this biome is in my opinion its a lot harder um and you dont get the double jump like you do in i shouldnt have used that that was a bad move i needed to keep that i didnt realize that was my last one you dont get the advantage of a free double jump like you do in the volcanic biome uh these guys right here those are one hit kill guys uh the viennese fly traps they just hit you um and theres also these kind of bear traps that are one hit kill that we have to watch out for that are super gnarly can the like the boomerang be used to activate the traps uh yes i think what try im trying to think of what other traps im gonna see on here uh so just like the other biome were just gonna go ahead and get the um get the mythical bow that we need um ropes i need some rope so hopefully this has ropes in it thats nice that was convenient the game giveth um these little scorpions right here they can actually poison you theyre one of the worst enemies in the game um they also leap at you um something to be note here you can hit that you see how that lock fell you can actually get crushed by that block um if youre not paying attention uh watching people die like that is one of my favorite things about splunking i cant tell you how much i really love watching new players play this game yeah oh my god i didnt wait i was looking at chat yeah that was nice okay im not gonna lie right there i was looking at chat we got time we got time for one more i was looking at chat right there and totally forgot i had moved that box over that was not me exhibiting what could happen that was literally an accident yes um i just want to be i just wanna right after you finish the explanation too yeah that was uh that was embarrassing guys like you dont need to watch new players to get this type of action you could just get you know the veterans right here yeah new players and players that arent paying attention um that was absolutely a new mistake yeah i i will 100 agree no mistake um the good news is the rng gods blessed us with a jet pack right here so oh man i cant believe i did that i literally just looked over a chat totally forgot it was over there because you have to get rid of the you have to use the entire like pickaxe to get rid of that mini game or youre just stuck in it oh thats not good everybody we are actually watching the gtq show the first step where we do um first playthroughs of games i deserve that oh new player and veterans alike i should have said oh man im glad we got to see it though yeah i guess yeah i guess all right here we go come here buddy but holding on to the ticking time bomb just always thats very nerve-wracking because bombs are one of the kills i think they do like 30 damage the bombs do technically not one hit kills but its very rare you have over 30 hearts yeah um i want to go to the jungles so were gonna go to the jungle you can actually drop the the um dogs off in any door you want um the jet pack that counts as rescuing them just via any door that covers that who knows whats beyond that door some scary things a lot of the time okay now remember how i told you about the character that respects people who steal this is her right here um youre good but are you good enough to steal from adam tusk madame tusk is the owner of the club um so basically she wants you to race her to steal from adam tusk the problem is is that you leave her alive no matter what shes gonna beat you so to finish off her storyline and get the madame tusks jewel you actually have to come back and shoot her um its kind of messed up but thats how you finish your storyline so um yeah Music this is not a splunky is not a friendly world now this jet pack you have is any damage to it going to blow you up or is it specific attacks it might be 10 damage i dont i i dont remember anything uh sorry say that again the the jet pack you have take damage from anything does it no actually does it blow up or the specific attacks um things that would make sense for a giant gas-filled jet pack to blow up from so like a fire arrow or a shotgun those would be things that that would make logical sense you know to blow up a jet pack a lava monster you know things of that nature yeah things of that nature see so like right now im just trying to kill the pickaxe here so its like a time where im like not paying attention and then you can clearly see how you might i thought that was the enemy at first just coming in to say hi as no youre youre helping hand yeah helping is a strong word for what theyre doing right here that thing oh i cant believe you didnt fall on that bear trap did he activate the bear trap for you yeah yeah thats a one hit thats a one-hit kill and sometimes the bear traps they hide behind this little grass piece right there i dont know if you can see this little foreground grass piece that im behind yep its the most unfair thing in the entire world but you can always see like a sliver of the bear trap and so the game justifies in that way it is so like dying to that is funny every time you watch someone else do it and painful every time you do it yourself yeah i hope you dont didnt just spark that into existence for this run here its very its it happens all the time um a ver thats a very common way to die from uh to die in this particular level and on speed runs because you know speedruns youre not always paying attention to what youre doing right in front of you so these spikes the the less menacing spikes that like do you like just a little bit of damage versus one hit kill yeah one it does one uh one damage um so right now because were not gonna kill dracula were going to go and get a different crown um and the only other person in this universe that has a crown are the shopkeepers and you have to go to the shopkeepers super secret black market that they have here this is a top secret black market chat please remind me to get the bow and were leaving here i often times forget the bow um so were gonna buy all the bombs we can so nobody blows them up um because the bomb bags look at this actually buying items from the the honest shopkeep yeah were gonna buy them up well theres a reason were buying the bomb bags because they will blow up uh from gunshots and um were about to have our fair share of gunshots here oh dont forget the bow by the way i wont forget the bow but you can see right here basically the idea is just cause mayhem and let the shopkeepers uh you know kind of just kind of just funnel them all into a corner and then um you know order 66. you know what i mean oh my goodness i got so lucky on that one no no no no no no oh my god he came from behind dont forget to get the bow poop oh yeah i know yeah so yeah you you are good to do another one by the way we are good were good for one youre good youre good ill tell you when you cant okay im gonna go fast were good one more one more we got to do one more chat we need one more we cant end on that oh i order i got order 66. Laughter and thats the thing um you know with the shopkeepers like everything in this game its all its all kind of a reward um a reward or not reward all right were gonna were gonna kill the shopkeeper that way that time um so you can see this is the shopkeepers dungeon right here what did he have in it look at that a human being you know the shock keeper kind of deserved that wow right you guys feel different about me robbing the shopkeeper now dont you this changes everything that changes everything um theres actually like a fan made add-on called splunky roulette um where you can predict like what the player is going to die from and its very fun yeah you guys feel now all of a sudden you guys are like oh thank god youve been youve been killing this man if i get your friend that now armed and dangerous then look what you just you know whos the real villain here pooh whos the real villain um i think taking my chances with the shopkeepers dungeon yeah um i will say i i i just sacrifice with no regard for anyones life oh you know what if all these no helping hands are remnants of player characters runs past i mean that would be good lore im just having fun right here just killing these guys and trying to get blood ill put that away i dont really dont eat it all right our turkey friends are back i remember this level the three turkeys the the guy who has turkeys all right so were gonna were gonna bleed these turkeys out though so i can steal their blood i know i know it sounds it sounds worse than it is chad i promise Music use that use that caveman to uh get that trap carry this out um were not gonna be forgiven uh at all in this level um yeah were its gonna be a long time before were forgiven again because i dont know if you guys noticed but we did freeze that first shopkeeper and murder him i didnt kill that guy hes hes still there oh i did kill him stop yeah i did kill him my bad worry about that drop the turkey for you yeah thats a good hey what uh this is a good dwelling here chad 17 bombs a blood cup eight health yeah the only problem is that we had to kill a shopkeeper to do it but you know such is life you know you gotta you gotta you gotta uh crack a few eggs to make an omelette right thats what they say i i just now noticed the the wanted poster in the in the shop such a good little detail yeah where did you go uh so we have a we have the uh i always call it the boss key but you see we have the skull key right there a nice zelda skulki yeah uh one of the many you know one of the many like classical kind of references this game has it doesnt open up any dude no no no get away get away throw me away throw me away oh okay were good were good were were healthy were healthy you know you had you could have stayed there even longer if you wanted to where else come over here oh my goodness oh we got lucky that we only got thrown and never got shot all right now two arrows are are there two shopkeepers down there no so the arrows actually are one of my items its the compass um i have the compass and that shows you where the exits are um which is super helpful especially when youre just starting uh super helpful when youre speed running okay buddy um whats over here oh no no no no no yeah were just gonna go ahead and kill these shopkeepers theyre not gonna mess with it uh were gonna take him and throw him in here uh now if everything goes to plan i got another shopkeeper just so many of them yeah they say at every exit whether its a secret exit or not thats not what i wanted to do all right got em oh so were gonna spend a little bit of time in here because were gonna actually use the an exploit so the vampires hopefully if theres enough in here the vampires also have their own blood cup because theyre vampires right why would they not have essentially their own blood cup they regain health just like i do with a blood cup okay now when you have a draculas cape you actually get double the blood of your enemies so if you can get two vampires in one area which were gonna try and do right here other vampire come here yeah were gonna try and get two vampires in one area essentially follow me up here follow me up here yep come on up here come on up here oh my goodness no oh my goodness all right well the exploit was going to be me the x-play was going to be me using the vampires own blood to regain health for all the vampires if you get two of them and then i was gonna gain the health too we were gonna get to 99 health and uh yeah obviously clearly that didnt happen so one more all right im gonna ask richard really quick no richard is it all right if we do one more and we got the okay one more is fine one more oh my god all right one more that one was you know what you guys are really getting this full splunky experience which im kind of happy and this is how most splunky nights go its like oh man this ones going so well and then its not yeah i got exploited right there thats what i get for trying to cheat the game chat which brings to my next thing dont use glitches chat this all could have been fine if you just respected the game respected the integrity of the game that didnt count ill ill allow it i was gonna run Music i want to hear a chat one more time im so happy we got spelunky tijuana this is me too this is so entertaining yeah and splunky1s been featured at gdqs before but i dont think splunky 2s been at one yet yeah this is the first time splunky 2s been on anything like any show any events at all yeah this is the first appearance right here heck yeah and i think youre doing it justice uh there are definitely a lot of players um there are definitely a lot of players way way way better than me at this point um i was i think i was the third or fourth person to do 7.99 and theres still not a lot of players that have done 7.99 its still you know well under 25. um but um yeah the the the top tier players of this game i mean like you know like youre used to seeing at gdq like any game theyre just so good now you know um i might be screwed here but were gonna try it out i believe Music all right the chat is evenly split almost exactly 50 50 on this run making or not oh i have faith i have i im so glad you guys still have faith after all these failed runs Music but its okay this time i believe is gonna give chad what they want uh yeah dt hectiq twiggle soft um lethal frag uh so many amazing players in the splunk youtube community um poison poison type um i gotta give a shout out to uh ivory ivorys oh my god ivorys so good um does not get the love he deserves xanager whose xanager is like uh i like to call zandagir like community mom because zana gears the one who keeps the community together and keeps the events going and everything thats if youre that person in the community you have no idea how important you are to the community you know you are you are wildly important the organizer is super important um so if you are that person shout out to you yeah it sounds like a lot of awesome people in the community but you know forgot to mention one thing and that is grand pooh bear yeah whatever running forward yeah you know youre youre important too uh well do this were we are showcasing you today so yeah i am very very lucky that uh so derek you who makes this he watches twitch from time to time and um he actually put uh a lot of streamers names in the credit uh credits and uh im very very lucky to be one of those streamers that got to be in the credits um one of one of the few times i have cried adult man tears uh for sure because this is this is literally my favorite game of all time splunky one was my favorite game and then uh splunky two has surpassed it you know what i mean in every way and to be in the credits of this game was it was a legit tear-jerking moment i i freaked out at it because you had no idea no idea that was yeah i know no idea it was it was definitely a really really really cool moment all right we weve really quick weve seen this before i see that weve seen it im not gonna go near it thats thats what im gonna do im not gonna go near it this time um yeah and im definitely missing other people in the splunky 2 community theres so many um im im a few im even a few months behind on the meta right now uh admittedly theres so many great players and um you should definitely check it out theyre even making a splunky 99 mod um ive seen working yeah where we can get 99 of us theres a kaizo hack theres a bunch of different you know mods and stuff for this game but um the splunky knight i think the game wasnt hard enough already you know version of this its i cant imagine what the what the 99 is like oh this is oh my goodness what happened there so you remember those bear traps that i was talking about hiding behind the um those bear traps that stuck about hiding behind the grass yeah yeah we um you know what maybe we call it on that one i think that might be a fine place to call it yeah as much as i would love to you know sit here like all night im sure everybody would enjoy watching like many more hours of this um we are definitely not the only show tonight uh so well done we got to what was it six three six three our very first round that was the best run we had yeah we got to see a lot of the game and nowhere near nowhere near what we wanted wanted to you know i know but it was still it was still fun to watch chad let us know did you have fun tonight did you enjoy not just the luminescent run but as well as all this madness and spelucky too yeah so i definitely had a good time watching and was super excited to have you on and showcase these games that you know both of these actually we have not seen before like on the gdq channel i was the first for both of these absolutely absolutely yeah it was super super fun to do it um i always you know its always really fun for me to bring something new to gdq thats something that i think about with all my runs we always want to bring something new in the mario community so i just really appreciate you guys having me on i appreciate you fan um gdq i appreciate you i i always miss you gdq i cant wait to see you in person hopefully very very soon i i miss you and everyone at gdqs so um yeah i have fingers crossed i hope yeah but you know we didnt actually get to see it yeah like a couple minutes here left we can uh talk about some things world seven we saw most of world six what was waiting beyond the door so world seven starts off with four more kind of normal levels but very very intense like much crazier than world six and then once you after seven four uh seven five you get into a new dimension and then what it does is it has a uh a level that screen scrolls up and down and left and right and you have to find three orbs which make a jellyfish move out of the way of the exit and then you have and you have to get in there its wild if you dont have a jet pack its extremely difficult um its full of craziness the very first time i went in there i threw my bow and then because the screen scrolls right to left the bow came around and hit me in the back and killed me um its ver its wild to see it completely kind of changes the game and again all those levels are random so you have no idea where anything is and its its very fun very difficult and very um you need a lot of concentration a lot of concentration its very very cool yeah awesome well again thanks again pooh for having me on hes in chat yeah have ivory on hes in chat hell find hell show shell actually show it for you you know ill have to talk to him maybe uh yeah get the the run back a spelunky too yeah later on absolutely so yeah id love to showcase this again at some point real quick i want to plug i want to plug um you im sure you can follow me at grand pooh bear but like we all know that ive been on this before i want to plug january 15th live from atlanta georgia i will be commentating ziki dices outlandish paradise the first ever wrestling show put on twitch by twitch its a twitch sponsored wrestling show um its gonna be amazing some of the best names from aw impact wrestling and the independent scene will be there i will be commentating it um its gonna be awesome so check that out that is what i have to plug today im so excited to plug that so yeah january 15th live in atlanta georgia are live on dice um you can find it and tickets are still on sale right now if you want to come watch it live awesome yes awesome i know thats a big fan like youve youve done it like as a big fan of wrestling now like commentating actual wrestling i its really really fun for me to uh to get to do it its actually its actually really fun i actually wore this shirt my very first solo gdq run this this shirt that im wearing right here so its actually kind of special to me and that i shattered out some wrestlers and then they tweeted me back and that kind of started my whole little journey into it so thank you gdq for that yeah awesome awesome well that about wraps it up for game masters today um one last thing were not done today um although game masters is over uh were gonna have the continuation right after this of time capsule featuring the year 2000 were gonna be showcasing part two of final fantasy nine so be sure to come see a mark go through the final half of ff9 right after this short break thanks again yeah oh shout out to groom twos and it was in chat another amazing uh splunky player theres so many to count so i just want to do it anyway thanks have a good one steam free weekly games Game Masters is a show brought to you by GDQ Hotfix and hosts AirAngel and Phant_TV. 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