FIRST TIME PLAYING! Spelunky 2 Gameplay

Steam official websitelink twitch to steam SPELUNKY 2 gameplay oh my gosh i uh i cant even begin to describe the amount of trouble ive gone through to get this game currently im gonna go ahead and start it up if you dont know this splunky has a set release will had a set release of the 15th but it technically released in on the 14th in australia for me meaning like people across like the world had the game early and uh i wanted the game early too so after i got off work i made an australian account got a gift card with australian currency which ended up costing me like double and on top of that because i have like really lucky internet i went to my friends house at around three in the morning just to download the game and uh here we are its uh its been a long journey but its gonna be worth it its gonna be worth it oh my gosh ive already uh i played this a little bit with my friend just because like he let me go to his house to use his wi-fi to even download this game uh my heart pounding in my chest close my eyes and decided in the darkness oh my gosh dude we are we went through this part but since i was just showing him the gameplay i havent read any of the story of the lore or anything like that so im like actually gonna be looking into it now but yeah so much trouble for this game including like or not even including the three years we waited for it about three years something like that player profiles its just like my statistics stuff like that oh thats thats actually cool i did restart like the save data just so i could actually see like the lord story and everything since i kind of missed out on that i dont play as anna so why not and right now currently for me its like around five in the morning 5 17 to be exact i got my game fuel oh my gosh all right i like uh the way did they uh handle lore in this game just like pages so wow its been 15 years since my last entry so much has happened since i escaped the cave of olmec with his treasure tina and i became parents and we named our daughter anna she is a strong kid and a natural explorer cool cool cool guess were going here uh okay its just tutorial stuff when i first saw this i honestly thought wed be able to double jump but nah the dreams began when anna turned five in the dream id look out the window at the full moon and see almightys face in it i tried to ignore it i mean we all saw almighty sink into that lake of lava didnt we oh okay so i guess he got like ptsd from all that which i mean who wouldnt i guess oh whoa frick yeah give me that oh wait i hate the running so by default you run and you hold the trigger to walk i need to change that to like the regular regular stuff from like the old games so movement default should be we got walking yeah okay everything else is fine whats gameplay oh pet style yo ima leave it is that screen shake medium i guess i see i feel so much better so what do you have up here another page our curious our curiosity was too much to resist with colins help tina and i built a spaceship that could take us to the moon anna wants to come but it feels a little dangerous and i think she should stay and finish out the school year besides we should be back before she knows before she knows it theres probably nothing there anyways yeah i uh totally relatable well just casually build rocket chips in my backyard sometimes too what is this oh just bombs watch this watch this oh Music man that was not what i was planning to do but fine ill put that right there i was gonna try like some ultra gamer move but guess not it was hard to say goodbye parts of me wishes wed brought anna with us she loves space and we keep wanting to show her things in the ship at least she has monty to keep her company oh all right uh were on the moon right now im pretty sure so i guess she like built her own ship or something i dont know oh yeah were finding the journal entries so yeah i guess this will happen its unbelievable theres a giant almond on the surface of the moon and a cave a feeling of deja vu swept over us and we were drawn toward the entrance like iron flings to a magnet a voice is calling to us is it omic or something else watch this oh truck shot trick shot i love the art style of this game oh it looks so much better than the trailers i dont know how it just it just does weve been in the moon for what feels like many months already but its hard to tell just like before time and death work differently here it feels like weve slipped into another crack in the universe like the cave of almight connected to it perhaps but also bigger much bigger and oh this is just leading us back out oh wait she brought her dog with her oh yeah yeah i think hes like an intro like the cut scene at the beginning so uh anna if youre reading this then youve probably guessed that mom and dad are somewhere down below trying to find a way out im sorry we should have brought you with us but try not to worry to be honest were having fun take your time and dont rush remember its easier to get hurt if youre not careful just remember what we taught you and youll be fine this journal is yours now make the most of it and well see you soon happy splunking there we go so lets get in here its going boys come on doggy i forgot your name oh oh bro the dog ran straight in zero chill and i like the the new like yeah animation thing its like that snake from the moon level in the trailers at least i think it is it looks pretty similar but here we are were in the game guys weve uh weve waited several years for this game and now we have it at least console players if youre on steam sadly you do have to wait a little longer but trust me the way its worth it it really really is okay they added like sonic the hedgehog whyd they add sonic so i did mention that i played this a little bit with my friend just because you know he let me use his wi-fi and all but we never actually made it past the dwellings honestly i was kind of like screwing around but even if i did make it past the dwellings we already have seen what comes up next due to like trailers and uh the early gameplay thing from like a year or two ago but im curious to see what comes on after that if you dont know splunky 2 has different paths you can take so its not just like mines jungle ice cave things like that you can actually like choose a path and i believe like after the mines or the dwelling you choose between the i think a volcano and maybe the jungle might not be the jungle im not sure but thats just super interesting and ive yet to see what comes after all that so its really going to be interesting oh look theres the the ghost head thing the ghost pot i know thats so you can like do ghost runs a lot quicker now a lot of fan service in this game oh my gosh im at one heart already how how were barely in the dwellings i already got it i gotta get used to this game again dude okay there should be like a oh here we go its right here epic and i want to see the journal entry the ive never been able to pronounce that the yuja eye i dont know as i assemble great power blah blah blah everything else pretty much undiscovered bestiary oh cool cool cool cool im digging it love the art style of this game i cant get over it i really do need to get a damsel because im already at one heart this is risky oh that was dumb oh my that was embarrassing that last run didnt happen all right dont no worries no worries no worries we are going to beat the game this video i s im probably not going to swear on that but we probably will i hope im not sure if these mold things are are mounts or not like they look like theyre mounts but you cant really like get on them or at least i havent been able to oh oh frick no no that one didnt happen either the cat oh my gosh kitty kitty i got you i got you dont worry its a fluffy kitty oh why is the kitty on the moon three hearts already that aint good i dont want to hurt the kitty im sorry kitty oh cool its right there i like how these are just breakable if like the wood what even oh i think was there a skeleton in that probably was probably was dont worry guys im still a pro at spelunkyo you know i wouldnt be suddenly bad at it everyone knew i was still gonna be good i think i mean if i was ever good in the first place i was gonna whip it but i forgot the whip yo okay so i love how you can buy the shields in the shops now i think thats pretty cool uh i do just want to steal it honestly im not really interested in buying it so goodbye no worries we got a second try oh theres a key i just want the key dude out my way i really just want the key oh it like he equipped it thats cool should i get to im getting a shotgun im not getting a teleporter i always die with the teleport oh screw you sonic the hedgehog out of here okay i need the kitty cat okay let me tame you turkey let me tame you thank you turkey or were gonna be best pals now im sorry turkey oh cool thanks shopkeeper oh why isnt he dying dude oh my gosh um can the turkey just not kill him or what huh okay so im gonna check out what this key is about out my face mr spider oh and sonic the hedgehog its better not just be like another slave is it oh my face oh its a ropes epic thank you very much the turkey army is the strongest army promise you nothing can beat a turkey oh except im gonna be serious now weve weve got to get through this weve got to at least make it past the dwelling please others are theres a little mouse it made a noise epic oh no a dark level e okay of course these come back turkey all right turkey we got this we are the most powerful army this guy wants you back but no he will not get you back turkey you are my turkey where are we going mr turkey oh please dont die on me baby come back turkey turkey oh oh on my face they all want my turkey but they cant have it oh my turkey i think i saw another theres another up there oh theres another one right there too turkey turkey turkey turkey turkey turk okay i swear the turkey just wants to die there we go double jumps kind of i want to say overpowered but if anythings if anythings overpowered its a dumb sonic the hedgehog clone you hear the beating of drums i feel like that might be like oh turk turkey is it even worth it without turkey i dont oh oh oh oh oh heres what im going to do and its currently well my phone died so i cant tell you what time it is actually i cant its 5 37 in the morning im gonna dive into the splunky discord uh see whats going on figure out as much as i can about this game and while also trying to get better at the game im gonna work on just compiling like as much information about the game as i possibly can information from tips secrets tricks lore things like that and im going to be cramming this channel full of splunky 2 content so if you like that or if you like the kid and yellow yelling at turkeys then you know just why not its a subscribe button why not come on but as for now i dont want to make too long of a video and im also about to make a whole bunch more on this game just because im so hyped for it and i got a lot of ideas for things i want to do at splunky too so im sorry im just too good at the game to win i dont suck it again im just too good thats it within these upcoming days theres probably going to be like a lot of maybe double triple upload days so i guess be looking forward to that obviously my first runs at splucky 2 is just a little embarrassing and uh yeah just thank you for spending a moment of your time with me in my microscopic corner of the internet spinning boy jack and i have to catch you guys next time peace out Music you steam roller sensory 🔔Hit the bell to make sure youre up to date with my latest content! ********************************** 🐤Socials: Twitter: Second Channel: Xbox: Nobledez Switch Friend Code: SW-6148-5375-5313 Business Email: *********************************** 💻Gear: 🎙️Mic - Blue Yeti 🎥Camera - Canon G7X Mark 2 💽Software: 🎞️Video - Sony Vegas & Adobe After 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