Todays Patch Broke Dilithium Refining! Heres a Fix! | Star Trek Online

Best factory games on steamsubstitute steamer basket STAR TREK ONLINE howdy folks spencer here with another batch of sto news so they have announced a 20 ship sale on pc uh this is in effect from today through monday and this includes all ship slots drydock slots uh t6x tokens the t5 tokens fleet chip modules now i will say that if youre taking advantage of this you you very much do not want to be grabbing the experimental t6x tokens through the c store uh it is much more cost effective to just get them from opening some phoenix packs and just to demonstrate this ill pop open a few phoenix packs right now lets do 20 and lets see if with that 20 i get enough so you need five ultra rares to get a t6x token through the uh phoenix or during the event and with just those 20 packs that i just opened which was 80 000 lithium i got four of the ultra rare tokens if id gotten the fifth then i could have gone uh sex token but um you know eighty thousand lithium is what is that a 160 zen so it is drastically cheaper at almost a tenth of the the cost of the the three pack ive almost had enough to to get a single t6x token so its just much more cost effective if youre looking to get t6x tokens to just open phoenix packs because every five of these ultra rares you get can be converted into a t6x token so do not waste your zen buying experimental ship upgrades through the c store uh just use that said and open phoenix packs it is youre gonna get a lot more for your money um theres also some bridges that are on sale here these arent really generally that impressive these are all a bit dated at this point but just take a look through if theres any c store ships that youve been after nows a good time to take advantage and get them now on to the next bit of lovely news uh cryptic managed to break the refined lithium button uh im its in here im clicking it but its not working but thankfully there is a workaround and i know ive seen people talking about this in a couple discords and its something that ive covered myself when i was showing my contraband keybinds a couple years back but its this gen send message inventory root process to lithium command now theres two ways you can do this you can and i will have i both of these in the description and in the pinned comment for those of you that just want to copy paste but theres two different ways you can do this you can either just type in the slash gen send a message inventory root process to lithium and that will just be a one time that you just put that in it refines your lithium now the other way is to create a key bind which will then allow you to just always have a button that does that so for me thats always been my numpad 8 because thats how i had my uh contraband stuff set up back in the day so if i get a little bit more to lithium here um so for this example ill use the key x you can set this to be whatever key you would want but you just set it to the key you want you type that in and then whenever you hit that key it refines you to lithium so either method works uh if youre looking for something that you can use long term youll create the keybind uh just keep in mind if you do the key bind you would need to do that per character if you do this jen sends just just the the one off here you will need to type this every time you want to refine the lithium but cryptic is aware of this issue and will hopefully have it fixed sometime in the near future um i i think this is a big enough of an issue that i would hope that they would even you know take the game down again today to get it resolved but if they dont either of these two methods that i just showed you will work now if you are needing to refine the lithium on multiple characters uh just a reminder that when you go to the chat window when you click into to type you can hit your up arrow and it will bring up the last thing that you typed so if i had this gen sun message inventory root thing here i could just go in and hit up and i could just keep hitting that as i go through the characters because its going to keep a history of what you typed so long as or while you had your game open so even if you swap characters you could just go into your chat window at the up arrow and have it load the last thing that you had typed hopefully that helps you um if you have any questions or comments feel free to drop them down in the comment section below and ill try to get back to you once again thank you to all channel members i think this list is up to date we had a lot of uh gifted subs in that last stream which i very much appreciate but that is going to be it for today thanks for watching see you guys next time can you transfer steam games to xbox 20% Ship Sale: Workarounds for the Dil Refinement button. /gensendmessage inventory_root processdilithium Or if you want to make a Keybind for it (x used as example, can be any key you want): /bind x gensendmessage inventory_root processdilithium Fight for control of the universe in the classic space strategy sim OGame. 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