Star Trek Online - The End is Nigh

How to play wow on steam deckpersona 4 golden steam STAR TREK ONLINE Music foreign play for him Ive actually called each of the remaining missions that are in the main storyline of the years as they came out because home was the last episode produced was released when whenever when scallop was made so and every remission Ive covered uh came early in her storyline or I put them out as they were coming out so a matter of episodes really but but what about yeah thats yeah some missing Gifts of that most of these Arts Patrol operas and Im and well were going to call Legacy storylines controls are pretty good but pretty easy to explain the short and a few cases and Im Im pretty sure but about how to know how to put maybe this commentary really make it enjoyable and thats it the old Patrol acts Ive done it so far that could attack yeah with the well Im worship performing videos however the four legislature lines which Ive not done with thats cut have their own issues their numbers free app this ones actually the easiest to cover Ive actually already done it was actually some some between the in the episodes when when Republic episodes from one from 19 to 23. uh any other character because tax technical could do this as well as any other character I wish to bring in add more or less weve been the same concept with a few dialogue changes it really is its about the difference their specters welcome to drizella this is really this this really explains the story behind where the lights are flickering under Zara yeah Im actually but its something its giving them the effect its uh it fits to touch off to the original series era and as you can see and they uh with a with a uh doing his job there if I was going to cover this within storyline with this would actually slot between Scouts episode 15 and 16. yeah there theyre going to be theres always thats you know because a lot of these were originally fitting during some other times actually number three was actually with lots of Tim just before episodes fifth episode 16 as well so foreign original static alarm species weve seen some different members before this is actually is one of the few is the oldest mission in the game that hasnt really seen a major remastered I mean its been tweaked a few times and cleaned up to work with the with things in the past but its not wasting much in the work with in the final episode elements of this attack is actually present in the blood of the Ancients which is episode 76. it would have slotted between episodes 34 and 35 on the it on on Scarlet storyline by this time every other character would have finished the the aerial character bit between early teens for scarlet the last Dominion are the 2800 this is this has multiple names but this is these two well theres two are the most well well common names for it and this is set up on DS9 we get it got some some this is except again its set between episode 30 and 31 of Scouts due to the branch synaptions Ive actually got plans for this one and thats going to be safe to the last duties but there is a lot of branching options here and Ive got and this was going to take a lot more work than the then most them some of the other pre other stuff Ive got planned so this was a biggie but so there is someone coming to and yes I am going to be covering this what because it is important I have other commitments Ive got a book youve been released at the end of April so so Masters okay so sad uh and thats the cover of the uh of the pre of the first available preview no longer available preview for the first part I still actually need time to get this ready for release at the end of April yeah but uh but there is some other things to talk about with static Alliance Home complete Ive more or less run out of quicker to produce content which I really need to get on to to complete get solarmasters a kisser sound out on time after home that schedule pieces up for our statical line would it would be welfare animal sets which we will be introduced for during home level 40 ships level 62 ships these are all take take their time to make take the time to make uh I also want to Branch out uh I said MML statical line has a limit of how much I can make contact of and remain relevant um over the last year Ive used Pokemon brilliant Diamond just one two try and complement my output without needing with relatively quick produced to boost content but I guess they serious World Block in the form of slimfia and I am I could finish off the print down one in my own time well well be done but Shazam ready to continue with diamond it will be brought up on the continuing the series when Im ready So the plan theres going to be a Hiatus on static online content well lets schedule this place Im gonna be playing another line game theres going to be theres currently a poll on my Community page for which one Ill play and as you can see uh picked Elite Force Star Trek 2013 which is the which is the year released in because I cant really because theres have you ever typically every game Star Trek but thats that doesnt have a subtitle or a or a something that grew this tip change it you know yeah so Cedric 2013 Kelvin timeline and its one of those I could quickly bring out quite quickly because but I will not be doing the multiplayer facets because uh unless someone really really wants me to do that and theres static DS9 Harbinger now those ones I is is actually one of the older older ones and then theres the oldest one of the lot is static 25th anniversary and if you wonder why Ive only just put them in put got really shook descriptions of it uh its the limits of YouTube also Im going to point out that with Elite first interject 25 year anniversary there are sequels and I do own themselves those could easily be added on as much boom then the statical line is returned and as you can see Ive got to the head I just kind of stopped in the middle of October the main development system Im going to bring about the news Im going to be making this happen on Sundays occasionally the occasionally Ill bring in a more in-depth topic video but this will be a when I went the topic feels appropriate to bring in this wont be a regular thing for news outside news and this news will also act as a only one for the new for new episodes because usually we get we usually get a heads up for a big new episode more than a week in advance so youll be able to get that now Ive got to mention new status because because weve gone through almost all the other released episodes that Scarlet can cover and actually all the characters that Ive used today cant cover Ill be covering new episodes when theyre launched uh with 10 Gambit each new Arc will get its own playlist this in previous years were going to expect that the first first new episode will be expected mid early may this is purely on the previous experience but anyway this has been Mike shout writer see you guys next time steam mop pads This is the Schedule 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