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Steam game zurück gebenpasspartout game steam STAR TREK ONLINE Howdy Folks Spencer here and today I want to go through and take a look at an issue that has been around for a few years that cryptic has never properly addressed saying whether or not this was an intended change or not and this specific issue surrounds crafted Omni beams and the ability for them to get the crafting unique modifiers like pen thrust over and snare so eph made a post on this over on Reddit about two years ago and I decided to go through after seeing a discussion last night in the trading Channel and I wanted to go through and see if it was still actually an issue the wiki had been updated after ephs post stating that those mods were removed but as far as I am aware there was never anything officially stated for the removal of pen and over snare and thrust from the crafted Omni beams so lets go take a look at Tribble here Ive already went through and done this and what I did is I went through and very painfully over on the triple test server went through and crafted 100 Omni Beams I transferred the resources over and I used the console over here on the test map to get me an infinite amount of lithium so that I could just instantly complete the missions now Tribulus on the same code Branch as the main server so anything that I do over here with regards to crafting should be the exact same as on the main server so when I went through and crafted the 100 phaser omnis I I increased my level up to level 20 over here on Triple for the doffs I had went through and Id picked up a bunch of those newer uh research lab scientists from the fleet research lab the ones that cost 500k I actually picked up six of these over on the main server because this character had too many Fleet credits so I figured why not and these get these with the level 20 on that beams r d school and then with me also using some of the plus 50 Catalyst got me as good of a chance as I could get to get ultra rare Omni beams when crafting them so I went through I crafted them like I said I hit the plus 50s so my current skill when crafting these was 300. and then I just instantly completed them now when doing that the results were as follows I had 45 of the 100 that did not crit so they remained very rare quality in order to get one of the unique modifiers or like an extra mod in general I would have needed to have had the weapon go to Ultra air quality so immediately right off the bat 45 out of the 100 beams did not go the way that I wanted now for the others here I had 16 or Im sorry 11 that went for accuracy I had 17 that went for damage times two I had 16 that went for crit H and then 11 for crit severity I had none that went for the over modifier done that went for the snare modifier none that went for thrust and for over and depend just nothing now those modifiers do still exist for standard arrays in fact if I go through and craft a couple of Mark II beams real quick I can probably get a couple theres one immediately with the over modifier theres another with the over mod so you know Im getting these spots on normal beam rays but I am not getting them on the Omni beams now some of you are gonna say you know did they ever actually exist well on my Excelsior 2 build that Ive been running the crafted Omni that I have been running has over and if I go look on the exchange you know I can see some really old onesies here that still do have those unique modifiers like there was heres a been on the uh disrupter with pen thats going for 1.3 billion and and theres one with the over mod going for 1.5 so clearly you know given that I literally have one on my ship these things did exist at one point but they do not exist anymore so I just wanted to get this video done to let you guys know about the issues surrounding crafting these Omni beams theres a lot of people that have been trying to go through and you know craft omnis in hopes that they would get you know one of these uh homies with one of those modifiers and it just isnt possible so hopefully we can go and you know Ive already reported this as a bug but hopefully we can get a response from cryptic stating whether or not it is a bug or if it was an intended change if it was an intended change then that sort of sucks you know because theyre you know theres some of these out there floating around that people have access to and I dont really think it hurts anything you can only have one of these craftedomies on your ship and the point of the crafted weapons here is that youre supposed to be able to get those modifiers on the crafted weapons that you get to the point of the crafting system is yeah or part of the point is that it has access to Unique modifiers and we have one of the most popular things that you can get from the r d school here not currently functioning like it used to and not giving you the same opportunities that it used to give you so I know that theres a few of you that have been going out and trying to get these now for a while so I would say to hold off until you know we get a response from cryptic I dont if it is a bug I dont expect it to be fixed this year but uh if its intentional then thats just stupid in my opinion but hopefully its just a bug and hopefully this helps provide enough information to help them get it sorted out and hopefully get that mod put back into the pool but that is gonna be it for for this video I just wanted to go through and quickly break that down for yall uh it was a bit time intensive to go through and hit all these all hit all the buttons here to get these crafted uh but its interesting to see that well even though I didnt get the the crafted mods it is still interesting to see the distribution here that it was giving me the damage times two and the the grid H ones so much more than the accuracy and uh d1s there but thats going to be it for todays video again thank you to all channel members and viewers for the continued support and just a reminder that tomorrow on like December 17th that Saturday yeah on December 17th Im going to be doing a stream where I go through and test the the new breeding ship so or not the New Breed ship the new uh fakiri Berger and I might take a look again at the breed set but I might save that for another stream and just focus on the ship for most of the stream tomorrow okay thats gonna be it thank you all for watching see you guys around rockstar games steam link Today Ill be going through and looking at whether or not Crafted Omnis can still get the unique crafting modifiers.Original Report from EPH: Results: BUG CONFIRMED Non-UR: 45 Accx2 Omnis: 11 CrtD Omnis: 11 CrtH Omnis: 16 Dmgx2 Omnis: 17 0 Omnis Had any of the Crafted Modifiers. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Builds Discord: My Discord: Twitter: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Become a Channel Member! 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