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Is diablo on steambest coop games on steam deck STAR TREK ONLINE youve just completed the tutorial youve been dropped off in the middle of nowhere what do you do now hey guys mcstu here and today were going to look at some just extremely basic things about star trek online how to navigate from one place to another how to find your next mission or quest some of the very basic 101 so lets go ahead and jump right into it so you finish the tutorial it drops you off out in the middle of space this will vary a little bit depending on what faction you started off with majority of people start with you know a fed character so thats what were going to focus on but the same things are going to apply to any of the other factions or kinds of characters that you pick where this might vary at least in terms of location so if youre new to mmos in general which i was when i started playing this game um theres some just keywords that are slightly different so in sto uh they call quests missions and thats pretty much the the main gist of that um well get into some more of you know abilities and castables and and those kinds of things a little bit later in the video again were not going to go real deep in were just going to go over some of the very basic stuff so you finished the tutorial youre out in the middle of nowhere and you need to know what to do where to go so the first thing that we want to look at is your map so you have a mini map up top if you click at the top right corner of it itll pull up a large map and this is going to show you whatever particular area youre in so this is the beta quadrant if you were in the alpha quadrant it would show you an image of that and we can kind of look at that the whole universe here this isnt interactive this is just a picture of it the rest of this will become self-explanatory once you get to these places but you just need to know this is how you access it if you were on ground then we would see the ground map that youre on and then you could further go out by clicking the galaxy map whats going to happen is its going to show you where your next objective is so on this particular character hes already finished the tutorial and done a couple things but if you had just finished the tutorial you would see this round circle and it would be around the sole system here which is where youd want to head the easiest way is going to be just to click on it hit ok and your ship will start to navigate there if we look under the minimap this is going to show you what your current quest or mission is you can also click on this button here and you can say trans warp i think it will let you do that at any level now or you can auto navigate which is what we just did a moment ago lets go ahead and try the transwarp just see okay so this will basically jump you to the starting point of your next objective mission quest whatever we want to call it here so boom we are now where this starts uh one other kind of side note i personally dont like having this um this grid you can just disable that with this button down here and it just looks a little nicer and cleaner all right so that is how we identify where you need to go and how to get there now lets say you find yourself in a position where youve finished a mission or youve come out of the tutorial this can happen sometimes and theres nothing here okay theres no marker on the map for where to go and what you need to do so the next most important thing is going to be to click on our open mission journal button and thats going to be towards the bottom left side of your minimap hud here so if we click on that were going to have a overview page this talks about events that are happening and different things like that your events tab again you want to ignore all that for now and click on your missions tab this is going to show you basically all of your quests now once you finish the tutorial some um different factions or uh characters like for instance the uh discovery character if you picked one of those the tutorial is going to have kind of a story arc that youre going to go through and it drops you out some of them are longer than others once you complete that everything will be unlocked to you for the most part so you can kind of skip forward if you want to if youre brand new i would not recommend doing that what youre going to want to do is go to the one at the very top so the klingon war and you are going to hail your next mission and well accept that and now that has come up here diplomatic orders so we can auto navigate or we can transwarp to the start of that mission you can skip through a lot of these missions um so you can skip ahead youll see theres a skip button itll unlock there are a couple at the beginning of some of these arcs where you have to complete this first one like welcome to or space stock this one you cannot skip youre going to ear space stock this is the first one after you finish the tutorial you talk to admiral quinn and then thatll unlock the rest and you can skip through it if you want to again if youre a new player id highly recommend just playing through these so lets say you get all the way done and you finished all of these your next is going to be the very next tab here romulan mystery and you would come in here click on hail and you would want to go ahead and accept that so it will start to bulk these up since i didnt complete diplomatic orders um it is still listed here in my my my to-do list quote-unquote so we can auto-navigate or transwarp to any of these mission starting points or if you want some more details or maybe you know i dont want to play this one here or well say diplomatic orders you can click on this little box to the left of it and that will bring up the information about the mission itself itll also show you anything else you have slotted itll show you the rewards and you can drop the mission here if you want to so that is where you manage your current slotted mission slash quests and how you also pick them up so an easy way to jump to that lets say theres you have too many things slotted you cant see it all you go ahead and click on your mission journal episodes is where you would pick new ones or if you want to manage whats currently in progress you can click on the in progress tab and you can manage whats currently here we only have two so we can see them both here as well all right so that is how we navigate around the universe that is how we find what mission we need to be doing or we want to be doing and how to manage which ones of those are slotted and how to navigate to those now once you complete a mission you will see it still labeled up here and instead of having this round kind of clock looking like thing itll be a little bit of a squared kind of icon you will click on that and itll pull up a similar screen to this here but itll allow you to pick one of these rewards in some instances youll get all of these rewards and youll be able to choose one of these that should auto pick up or or pop up after you complete that quest if it doesnt then you can just click on the icon thatll be right here on the right and thatll pull up that ending screen where you can pick your reward and complete the mission and clear it out of your in progress tab star trek online has basically three different layers to the uh the universe here so what were currently in is called sector space its large you have all your different uh sectors and then star systems within that and can navigate to different areas within the sector space from there what we have is system space and that would be the next layer down so lets go ahead and look at that so were at the soul system were going to go ahead and enter the soul system so im calling it system space i dont know if its actually called something different but if someone says hey im in soul system that means theyre in this second layer of it so we have sector space which is the largest area to move around and then were going to have the system space which is going to be your individual maps that are spread out all over the universe or galaxy here and so you can see heres our space stock we have earth down here and we have a whole ton of people in this social zone as well all of these zones are our social zones sector space and system space where you can you know see other players talk to them interact if you would like to now next what we have is ground now ground could be on a station or it could be down on a planet in this particular system we can beam on to earth space dock or down to starfleet academy on earth as well both are what we would consider a ground map so anything where you are standing on your feet and can see your character so lets go ahead and jump on over to the stations we can take a look at that so this would be the basically the the lowest level of those three different layers so we have starting at the bottom ground system and sector space so if im here and its telling me i need to go to drozana station i would beam up i would be in system space thats uh right around earth i would then go up to sector space and then i would navigate over to drozana station i would then enter that sector i would see drozana station approach it and then beam on board to it so those are the different layers of the maps in star trek online lets quickly familiarize ourselves with earth space stock you will spend a lot of time here this is one of the larger social hubs and has all the different utilities and things that youll need to progress through the game so from the transporter pad we ran down we hung a left and down here we have the shipyard you can buy equipment at this npc i wouldnt really waste time with that i would just pick up and use drops that you have until you get into crafting and those kinds of things heres where you can switch between different ships every level uh every 10 levels you will get a ship token and you will be able to spend that here at the ship vendor so youll click on i want to get a new starship and you will filter these by the kind of ship your rank those kinds of things so next one for me i think will be lieutenant i dont have one of these tokens currently but i would go through and find the ship that i want and i could purchase it through here with the the free one theres three of them you can pick from or you can purchase them with dilithium and things like that at a lower level i wouldnt waste time with that just grab one of the free ships that theyre going to give you as you level up and use that if you want to change how your ship looks the ship tailor is here and well just click into it real quick so you can just see whats going on so heres the ship im currently in there are pre built designs here or you can click on advanced and you can customize these designs and bash them however you would like there are mail and bank access all over the place so over here on this side where this person standing there is bank access over here there is mail access on the other side youll find those kind of consoles all over the place so back where admiral quinn is behind this waterfall his office is on the other side well just go ahead and run over here real quick this is where you will find admiral quinn this is where you would go right after the tutorial it would tell you go to earth space talk and come in here and talk with him again you will see consoles for bank and for mail on either side ill just show down here real quick because i dont want to get too deep into the weeds here but down here you can pick up bridge officer training manuals and bridge officers if you want to pick up additional ones you will get bridge officers as you level through the storyline so i wouldnt worry too much about that but this guy down here its good to know where he is you can pick up training manuals for that i do have a pretty extensive beginners guide for all of these individual subjects and i will go ahead and link that playlist down in the description so if theres something specific you know that i mention here where youre like i need to know a little bit more about that because thats where i am take a look at that beginners guide playlist and it will uh explain those individual things to you so next place of importance here for er space stock is going to be on the far side so again we beamed in over here and we would then come straight across over to the exchange area so the exchange area is going to also have bank access mail access and then access to the player exchange or auction house or whatever you would want to call it they call it the exchange here so we have mail on this side and then these consoles even though theyre not lit up if you get close to it it is bank access here that you can click on if we come across any of these consoles here will allow you to access the exchange and just quickly on here if you want to sell something out of your inventory you would drag it from your inventory here i got a bunch of crap in mine because i use this character as a storage character you would drag it in put a price in and you could sell it and then anything you want to buy you can filter it out youre going to need to kind of know what youre looking for because theres just a ton of stuff if you happen to have one of something like say one of these phaser beams and you want to buy more of that exact one you can drag that into the description you want to make sure that youre either on all or that youre on ship equipment and ship weapons same things going to be true with anything else if were looking at warp cores or whatever i generally im going to get rid of the modifiers here and the um the level of it just so it gives me a little bit better in terms of the results and youll see a whole bunch of these weapons so if youre looking to pick up matching ones again at the lower level thats probably not going to be as big of a deal but just so you know thats where it is all right so that wraps up the basics of er space stock you can kind of look around yourself here and approach the different npcs there is the tailor over in this area this room here if you want to change the way your outfit looks um so lets go ahead and move on to just some basics here so youll notice my rows here look a little different from yours the action bar mine has two if you want to adjust that all you have to do is theres some buttons down here on the bottom the middle one is going to let you select one two or three of them if you click on the top button here which i just did it will pull up all your different abilities so as you level you are going to pick up different captains abilities um im a tactical captain so this one here um tactical optics this is something specific to a tactical officer if youre an engineer or science you would have other ones and as you progress in level you will pick up more and more of these if you were to slot kit modules or kits or weapons or any of those kinds of things those will also if theyre activated will end up being listed here so lets look at how that ties in so if we look at our character screen and we can do that by hitting you or the top right button just under your map button thatll pull up your character screen here so what we have at the top is kit modules these basically are going to add different clickable abilities that are either castable or theyre defensive or they are going to give you some sort of a buff so theres a whole huge amount of variety here theres universal ones and theres ones that are tied specifically to class and youll pick some of these up free as you go through you can buy them from the exchange you can craft them theres a whole bunch of different ways to go about doing that next we have is the kit and this is basically going to give you some base stats that are going to affect either you know your armor your shield your weapon your your health hit points or theyre going to boost your cooldown times or effectiveness of your kit modules uh next we have armor and then we also have a slot for ev suits for when thats necessary you have your ground shield and then youll be able to slot two different weapons that you can toggle between so you can see i have two uh that are slotted and i can toggle between them here by hitting this little half circle button and thatll switch between the two weapons lastly we have devices so i have hypo sprays here you can also put shield generators and a whole host of other different things again thats just a real kind of basic overview of the loadout for your character and how to adjust the basic ui here for your ground character why dont we go ahead and beam up to space and take a look at how we make those adjustments for the ship and before we beam up we should probably just state how you beam up if youre on ground on the left side of your map top left corner you will see this beam to ship button this button is going to be on basically anytime youre on ground unless youre on a specific map where you need to ask for permission youre not going to run into that anywhere in the lower level so we wont even get into that now so im going to click beam to ship all right we are in space and uh its pretty busy up here so we got quite a bit of stuff uh happening around us here so lets just zoom in and this right here is a part of a mission that i have slotted so i can either drop that to get this out of the way for my video but this gives us a good opportunity to talk about something else and thats how to adjust your ui so the easiest way is just to hit f12 and you can grab the different button slots your trays any of those kinds of things and move them around or you can hide them uh for for some of them here so we just moved that off to the side now its kind of out of the way of my shot or if you know you wanted it all the way over you could do that you can rearrange by hitting f12 and then just dragging stuff around alternatively you could click on the cog wheel here game menu and then you could click on uh rearrange hud and that will bring us to the same interface there so similarly to ground you also have your bars here you can have quite a few more bars than what you would have on ground maximum of three on ground and on space its going to be a maximum of ten of them i normally block them in blocks of five and uh well just take a quick look on how to do that and so we can see how you know we have all the numbers like before so if i wanted five id click on five now if you wanted ten that would go up into the screen um you know and kind of block some of your view and might not be real fun so a little trick for that i like to use is i click on the f12 and then i hit new and thats going to give me another one of these boxes okay now thats kind of in a weird funky spot right so if i go ahead and i click on quantity for the rows there is a toggle here to rotate that tray and i can then turn it in that direction once you do that it kind of gets all weird again hit f12 and then you can move the stuff around i can also then you know click on this tray and say i want to see another five of them here youll see some of them are are repeating and you can you know click on these up and down arrows to change you know what number you want on that um same thing in terms of slotting different abilities i dont have much on this particular ships its just a starter ship but again you would see up here and youd select and say i want it right down here and i could use evasa maneuvers there very important and this is also important for ground make sure you lock your tray when youre done you do that by just clicking on lock tray and now you wont have to worry about the middle of combat clicking on evasive maneuvers and maybe dragging it off your bar or something like that it is pretty annoying so that is how we adjust our bars how we add more of them and how we put abilities on the bar now lets do just a quick overview on the ship and the gear theres extensive videos on you know shipbuilding and all those kinds of things but lets just talk about the super super basics in terms of just getting things on and off your ship saving loadouts and that kind of thing so i have some real basic phasers here lets say i completed a mission and i picked up you know mark 2 that i wanted to use i could click on this and its going to show me anything in my inventory that can be slotted in this position for my particular rank i do have some things in the inventory that are much higher marks but are not slottable for a rank 7 player so all i would have to do is just click on that and select it and now it is there slotted on the ship you can also go into your inventory and say i wanted to use this mark 2 over this basic deflector i can just drag and drop it there as well and its going to just replace it in the instance where i clicked on it and selected the item it did the same thing it replaced it and it dropped it right here so anytime that you either click it or drag and drop its basically doing the exact same thing and thats going to be the same for all of your items on the ship now each of the three bottom ones here your engineering science and tactical unless you have universal consoles that are something you want to use universal consoles can be slotted on any of your equipment slots otherwise youre going to need to use a tactical console in the tactical slot youre going to need to use a science console in the science clock slot and so on engineering console in the engineering slots you can see how that makes sense devices again similar to ground you have you know shield batteries weapons batteries theres a whole bunch of better versions of these and different things that can be slotted here as well as you progress through the game but now you know what they are where they are and how to slot those your basic ship stats are going to be here again this is not really going to matter at all until you start to really level up and build out you know more of in-game ships and builds lastly for the build side or you know putting together what you have on there want to save it there is a loadout system so if youre on your ship tab and you click on loadouts you can click save to loadout and you can create one you can call it whatever you want im real boring so mines normally one two and three or four if you buy extra slots you get two of them for free built in on every ship and now this is saved to this particular slot and just say theres some unsafe changes so lets resave it so to save it again i would click on save two and instead of new i would click on one now it says theres no unsaved changes lets say that you know i i pulled something off the ship and or maybe i was on a different ship or whatever it may be you slot something to it by accident you didnt really want there um so im missing my tactical i can just go ahead and click on this loadout loadout number one and it will automatically re-slot that these things disappeared that were here because they werent actually slotted it was from a loadout before so dont pay any attention to that um all right uh what else we need to cover for space the only other thing i would recommend especially for new players when you start off your power settings are going to be set look look like this and theyre basically set on a balance i would highly highly recommend changing this to three so youll see theres three little boxes and a diagonal on this button here i would click on that and click on number three this is going to give you a better visual of where your power settings are i would highly recommend starting off with just taking your weapons power cranking that all the way up and then locking it and then you can decide whatever it is you want to do after that in terms of putting the rest maybe into shields i personally like to go engines and weapons is what i like to do but by taking this up youre basically going to be doing twice the amount of damage i mean you just have more energy going into your weapons and theyre going to be much much more effective by cranking that up whatever else you want to do over here boosting your shield your auxiliary or whatever it may be thats up to you but im telling you right now boost the weapons all the way up itll make life not just funner but are easier but a lot funner when youre playing through the game lastly lets just take a quick look at uh bridge officers and how that works again i have some very in-depth guides on these individual subjects we just want to make sure that youre aware of the very very basics so you know what questions to be asking as youre moving through so in the uh the the character screen here and this is actually the same window that we had on ground its just by default itll show you your ship if youre in space or if youre on ground its going to open it and show you your your character but all of these things are are visible regardless of where you are one other tip is to make sure when youre working on your ship and what youre putting on it do that while youre in space and save it while youre in space if you do this on ground youll find things do not save properly and thats true for your ground character as well if you had picked up a new kit module or some new gear make sure youre on ground when youre dropping those in also just to clarify in case youre asking there is not a loadout save for your ground it should just save with whatever you left on there again i would just recommend making those adjustments while youre on a ground map in this same window here we also have a few other tabs we have our skill tree youll select skills as you unlock them leveling up you can put those wherever you want to to start with again i have guides specifically on how you can build out these skill trees depending on what youre wanting to do there is also one for ground and you can build these out how you want to and again theres guides for that next we have traits these traits are going to be for space and ground both in this window you have starship traits that unlock with tier six premium ships that you either get from uh events or purchasing from the cash shop to start with on the low level youre just basically going to be focused on your personal ground and personal space traits these will open up more slots as you progress through the different levels and you will have a bunch of just stock ones that are available to you they will vary a little bit depending on what class youre on read through them see what sounds fun or looks effective for you slot those again theres guides everywhere for this kind of stuff that we can help you out with in a more specific way depending on what youre looking for next we have stations and this is going to be your different bridge officers i can see all my bridge officers here and we could look at you know their individual stats and what theyre trained for the um when youre in the bridge office are the station slot this is going to determine right now we have high yield thats all my two officers are trained for so i cant actually do anything else that can i yep thats all they have so if lets say that this character here had also beam overload trained in the ensign slot when i click on this it would show me over here okay have high yield and it would also have beam overload listed here and if i wanted to change it i would just click on it i dont think ive trained any of these bridge officers in anything else but if you wanted to train or change these abilities and they were trained on your bridge officer here is where you would change that and then they would probably pop up in either the spot that this was in or in some random place and you would want to go ahead and click on this window again unlock the tray and drag that ability to wherever you want it on the bar all right guys i hope that was helpful uh again we moved through this pretty quick and i know youre sitting here saying i have a lot of questions and this video probably uh inspired more questions than it answered um and again there is a this game is extremely complex there is a lot of stuff involved which is what makes it so fun but there are some very very basic things in the game that it just doesnt explain very well and thats what i wanted to uh talk about here today just the very very basics uh check out the beginners guide playlist for any of the specific stuff i would recommend starting with these two videos basic shipbuilding and ground build 101 and thatll help you get off to a good start along with this video here all right guys until next time have a good one thanks for watching every single day ill be making moves till im buried in my grave through the system i dont want to be a slave ive been doing my way best indie games steam 2021 This new player beginners guide goes over the very basics of how to play Star Trek Online. Things like; how to pick up quest and missions, how to equip gear to you ship and character and more.Beginners Guide Here To Playlist: #StarTrekOnline #STO #gxa #COGG #MCSTUD ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 0:00 Overview 1:00 Map & Navigation 1:50 Quest/Missions 6:45 Sector Space, System Space & Ground 8:57 Earth Space Dock, Shipyard, Quinn, Mail, Exchange, Tailor 13:28 Ground Gear and Ability Tray 16:26 UI Adjustment 17:14 Space Ability Tray 18:55 Space Gear Slot & Loadout 21:58 Power Setting 23:00 Best Practice Loadout Save 24:09 Stations, Skills, Traits 26:11 Outro ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Follow me on: **Discord **Twitter **TikTok **Facebook: epic games store vs steam reddit steam deck give away best free sex games on steam steam free co op games speed up steam games