Star Trek Online Review

Final fantasy 14 steam chartssteam deck game prices STAR TREK ONLINE game a little over two weeks ago cryptic studios know for developing the hit massively multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG City of Heroes release star trek online studios second major MMO release in less than six months with the return of interest in the Star Trek franchise thanks to last years blockbuster film as well as a very fervent fanbase and a wealth of backstory to draw upon nothing could go wrong right right the fate of the galaxy rests in your hands Star Trek Online is pretty no actually its better looking than pretty its one of the best-looking MMOs on the market but you dont actually get to see how pretty it is until youve created your character players choose between three professions which determine the way you advance throughout the game for sheer combat ability the tactical profession is the best but arguably the least fun to play as the other two classes get much cooler abilities after that players can choose their alien race or create their own character creation is visually extremely robust cryptic are known for their versatile creators and this is no exception you can literally spend hours messing around to make something truly unique or you can hit random and play with whatever because youre only going to be looking at your character about 20% of the time it kind of seems like a cruel joke that you can make something so versatile and then spend almost the entire game looking instead at a spaceship the games introduction gives you a glimpse of some of the gorgeous areas of the ability but its not until youre flying between the cracks of an exploded planet or dodging your way through a dense asteroid field that you really take notice of the scenery visually Star Trek Online is currently tough to beat Music Star Trek Online is broken down into two major parts space stuff and the ground stuff space is pretty fun youre at control of a ship and you go around completing quests known in this game as episodes usually episodes involve blasting enemy ships until they explode and their hapless crew is sucked into the vacuum of space even though combat for all intents and purposes takes place on a 2d plane that rarely feels that way that said its not super complex and it boils down to mashing your attack buttons while facing your opponents weak point player versus player space combat is a little more involved and requires the use of your special abilities as well as those of the officers you gain as you play ground combat on the other hand is pretty terrible its fast paced with clunky and oversimplified and feels detached actions you perform seem to have a delay before your character performs them and as a result you never feel very involved on top of this ground missions later in the game tend to stretch on longer than they really need to and never change compared to other games where dungeons have a feeling of progression around missions in Star Trek Online of flat and clumsy and I found myself sighing every time I realized I was about to do one ground PvP is quite similar except with a lot more dodge rolling and its arguably less fun the way episodes are structured means that any quests you are on are completely independent of each other as a result sometimes you get a quest where you have beamed down to a completely unpopulated planet to pick up debris in a dust storm then you leave thats it death has no penalty regardless of whether youre on the ground or in space so most situations can be brute force with absolutely no tactics or planning the game actively discourages exploration landing on a planet means youre only able to wander around a very small area and trying to explore beyond that is prevented by invisible walls that completely encircle the zone on top of this if you encounter an area you like once you complete the mission there cant revisit it youre locked I guess they take this whole going where no man has gone before thing very seriously there are lots of Star Trek references that the hardcore Trek age will certainly get a kick out of and there are a lot of features such as Auto grouping that trivialize some of the usual MMO hurdles but even by MMO standards Star Trek Online is repetitive its pretty and it has a potential to grow with a sloppy ground combat an isolated episode structure all but hardcore Trek fans may look to other MMOs if your Star Trek Online may not live long or prosper for more colorful commentary check out the written review at IBM Music pc game pass steam crossplay Read the full review at - Two weeks later, heres what we think. which steam deck to get steam no games installed audio game steam steam active players by game how to move game in steam