Lets Play Star Trek Online (PC) | Starfleet Faction Tutorial (2020)

Convert shower to steam showersteam import game files STAR TREK ONLINE game Music hello captains I am your host Brent justice and welcome to my channel of just gaming for us sitting in front of you you see the games Star Trek Online Star Trek Online is an MMORPG that was released in 2010 it is now the summer of 2020 and a lot has changed in this game since its introduction the game went from being a paid service under Atari to then being sold and picked up by perfect world and turned into a free-to-play game well one thing that has changed quite a bit over that time are the tutorials that you start when you start a new faction in the game they have changed quite a bit and I figured its time to go back into the game now in the summer of 2020 in the present and do a playthrough of each factions tutorial and see what they look like today that way you get to see what the game looks like when you start it the tutorial consists of you playing through a storyline mission where you learn how the controls work in the game and also introduces you to the storyline of Star Trek Online in that faction that youre on plus it tells you how you get to command your own ship because thats pretty much the basics of this game is that you have your own character that you develop and then you fly your own ship and so thats what the tutorials consist of Im gonna play up to where it leaves you right off at the end of the tutorial when youre ready to go off on your own and that way we can see what the tutorials look like today just the tutorials I am gonna spend my time to read the dialogue and listen to the dialogue and learn the storyline as we move through so just a warning these videos could be quite lengthy sometimes these tutorials are long sometimes they are not but as you can see theres six factions in Starfleet or Star Trek Online youve got the Starfleet 2409 faction or 25th century faction then you got the Klingon Defense Force Romulan Republic TOS Starfleet Dominion and discovery Starfleet now some of these factions are a bit different in in terms of being shorter than others and more completed the Dominion is the most interesting one where you actually dont start out as a lower-level character but you actually start out at endgame or near in game on the Dominion faction when we get there Ill talk about that so some of these are set up differently but the first one were gonna start with today is the Starfleet 2409 faction it was the first faction ever in Star Trek Online and its a great place to start but Im gonna do all six of them in a series of videos so just sit back and relax by the way I will not spend a lot of time in the character creation screen youre welcome to do that on your own but this is not a tutorial about the character creation by the way I am playing this game on the PC I am playing at 4k resolution with the absolute highest graphics settings at 60fps so youre going to see this game visually the best that it can look on the PC so sit back and relax here we go were starting with Starfleet 2409 I will click Next like I said Im just going to choose a default character here Ive not been to spend time in the character creation screen so were just hitting next were gonna do a Starfleet engineer on every faction tutorial I do just to keep that consistent and we will begin again Im just gonna take the default presets here Im not changing anything were gonna do a random name random ship name whatever engage now when I hit engaged the tutorial will start and if there is a cutscene with music I may have to cut that out either the music itself or the cutscene entirely copyright reasons so if I have done that and youre watching this and theres a cut thats the reason why Im sure you can understand I have to keep away from those copyrights but here we go okay lets see so because of course I have played this game a lot and have a lot of characters I have the option to skip the tutorial of course but that is not what were gonna do I would like to play the tutorial so here we go and of course here is a cutscene just as I said there might be with some music here Im not sure if Im gonna have to cut this out or not Im trying to actually talk over it right now in the hopes I dont know after I left Starfleet lifes work to reunite the Romulans with that AK and brothers thats Leonard Nimoy for many years the real the money more and waged a campaign of peace he recorded this dialogue of hallucis prior to the games law and away Breyer was 2010 or Sakura I promised to save the run urban homeworld now remember at this time during 2010 or right before that in 2009 it was some be as JJ Abrams Star Trek millions were killed came out my home my friends my life all our memories so he was here too Im does not stop for one to read this dialogue and neither does history the chaos and runnin in space gave the Klingon Empire an opportunity to expand its territory I do love this abyss a famous Ottos the Chancellor of a High Council traded diplomacy for the tip of a blade only in battle Jim Park says is a Klingon truly Klingon the Federation did its utmost to preserve its alliance with the Klingons but war is inevitable so technically were at war with the Klingons starting out here in this Starfleet faction 2409 rumba want revenge out with their lost worlds the Dominion is rebuilding his forces now the Borg have reappeared and the Alpha Quadrant balances on the edge of ruin so theres a lot of conflict in this faction starting on the fate of the galaxy rests in your hands thats thats the cinematic if Ive left it in here youve seen it if I had to cut that out and youre just coming back okay heres where we start off now in Star Trek Online after that cinematic its telling you there we go it just told you what its doing basically says welcome to Star Trek Online today is graduation day and you will soon be embarking on your training cruise where the bulk of the ship is manned by cadets so we start off as a cadet in this faction like I said Im gonna read through all the dialogue so that we learn this sort of line mission but we start out right here at Starfleet Academy in the 25th century this is very cool San Francisco when this looks great this is this is exactly what you want to say and I love these uniforms look at these cadet uniforms by the way I mean this is good-looking stuff right here theyve really you know updated the uniforms and everything over time they look good so this just gives you a little tutorial press W step forward q left all about how to move in the game you can disable help pop-ups if you want Ill leave them on since Im you know trying to get the full experience of the tutorial here the arrow here tells us where to go I can hit F or the button will talk to cadet Eliza Flores finally I was beginning to think you forgot what today was how could I youve reminded me every day for the past month did you get your assignment of course I was first in line Oh before I forget I think röszke is just ahead he wanted to thank you for helping him cram for the astrometrics final top two cadet Roz key so now were gonna locate raske which easy got an arrow over his head also a yellow circle and the map tells us where to go there you are I wanted to thank you for helping me pass that final and for all the other times youve helped me Ive always admired you I hope Starfleet recognizes all youve done to lead our class what ship did you get well I havent received my assignment yet good luck before you report to lieutenant fair and get your assignment you should find to brow she wanted to talk to you shes just up the pathway so I like this interaction we get to have with the cadets at start makes it feel like you know where we are a real cadet weve got friends were in the Academy I guess my name is Lea I didnt realize that also again the uniforms and shes got the scan tour theyre like skirt pant thing not quite the scandal its close but yeah I love these cadet uniforms I mean just look at them theyre very colorful 25th century design here really good looking really good looking okay lets move on to locate to Vril greetings a volcán röszke said you had something to tell me it was good of you to encourage me to retake the linguistics final I was willing to accept my original results but you saw that I was not at my best that day my score increased by 12 point 8 percent on the second attempt well within my standard norms now I am qualified to serve as both a science officer and a communications officer okay great morick would like to see you as well he is ahead of us on the path live long and prosper where your objectives are an arrow will appear on the mini-map if you are far away from your objective yeah this is a great great design there you are getting excited yet once we finish our training crews will all be full-fledged and since the buzz is captain Taggart hasnt named all of his senior staff yet from what I heard the advanced phaser training simulation is tripping people up okay so basically we are cadets and we are going to be going on a training cruise and then well be incensed so we are not in anywhere near a captain level at this point or able to captain ship yeah tells us where to go got it so we are going to locate lieutenant Farah here good afternoon cadet what can I do for you is this where I get my training crews assignments yes I have the complete assignment list here name well I guess Im Leah Shearer felon lets see interesting report to captain Taggart hes in the office behind me is there a problem youre going to have to ask him already a mystery already a mystery and also this helps us locate who we need to talk to by just following that up there the compass now down here of course we have all our powers and stuff I dont have any weapon jokes at my fist I got three high post grades apparently and mental discipline did I choose I guess I I didnt choose my traits so I just took whatever it gave me Ive got mental discipline apparently that is not ring bell come I like that I mean its all very Star Trek so far its pretty cool cadet yes I see me I did Ive been following your progress here at the Academy and I must say Im impressed well thank you Im just looking at your final test scores but I dont see your results for the advanced phase a training program yeah it gives me a couple of options here lets see Im not a tactical officer sure I can I concentrated on courses for my career track or many of my classmates didnt take the test either captain is that an issue I mean I dont need to compare myself to other people Im I can do things or speak for myself and just because somebody else does something or doesnt do something doesnt mean I have to or not have to so I think Ill choose the first answer Im not a tactical officer sir I concentrated on courses for my career I want everyone on my senior staff to run that program and I want to see good results no exceptions wait did you say senior staff I did like I said Ive been following your career here at the Academy if you complete that program I can put you on my bridge I want to ask my practical officer to set it up okay your tactical officer sir who is that another vine cadet like yourself as scores were almost as good as yours but her record has a few blemishes still Im sure cadet Flores will settle down and become a fine officer someday Ill tell Flores to meet you out in the quad talk to her to start the phase of training and Ill see you when youre finished youre dismissed cadet ok meet her out there yeah I want on his bridge on this training mission would be a great learning experience I could run but not going to just yet because I think it tells us how to up here I got the tactical officer spot just what I wanted whered you end up well captain Taggart says that he wants me on the senior staff but I have to pass advanced phaser training you never did that I thought you were miss extra credit everyone knows that captain Taggart expects all his top people to pass that program now you tell me dont worry youll do fine come on Ill take you to the holodeck and set it up all right Lee the way seems most of our class ended up on captain Taggart ship so shes a tactical officer and I have an engineering of course the colors are very easy to see with this uniform I can just tell whos science whose tactical whose engineering just really whales in San Francisco Bay I never seem to spot them I sometimes forget that Boothby is a hologram he seems like such a fixture here at Starfleet Academy tonight tells you how to run theres things you can look at and do here on the grounds so spend some time around you dont have to do everything immediately because there is actually there are actually things to look at like plaques and stuff and the whales and yeah theres some things around here you can do setting up the training program now I hope holodeck 2 is your lucky holodeck have any advice for me I want to pass it shoot stuff dont die pretty basic really what kind of tactics can I expect its standard stuff the program runs a variation on Mako assault training youre setting up the program are you making it easy for me the last time I tried to give someone a little help I ended up on academic probation for the rest of the year not saying I havent learned a few tricks since then though so are you saying youre making it easy on me then cuz I dont want it easy phasers are in the lockers by the holodecks you can grab one there Im just gonna go ahead and run and beat her there yeah theres an inside here too so this is really cool you can explore this you can always come back to the Academy though you can beam down from ESD so you dont have to do all this now you could do this later or I mean do all the other things you can do okay so I now have the Colin epistle but I mean its a phaser to begin this program basically I got to shoot things or you can just click down here and target with a tab key on the PC I can switch my target by hitting tab itll also auto switch my target anything else nope that was it that was really easy that was just super easy and hes here well done cadets youre not gonna break the Academy record but your school was more than satisfactory now its pretty good Thank You captain do you have an assignment for me absolutely I have a new first officer congratulations like how the phaser training is just kill like three Klingons in a holodeck thats that simple first officer sir yes you should be proud of your accomplishments here cadet you have a promising career ahead of you in Starfleet he makes me his first officer in the training program on the bridge senior staff so that already elevates me to being very close to captain position even though Im a cadet thank you sir it will be an honor serving with you so thats pretty much how we like rise to the top he just has a thing for us I guess first officer way to go just a little jealous Ill admit at least now youll get to boss us all around like youve always wanted well sir I got a lot of options here its a lot of pressure I hope Im up to it I think you should start referring to me as sir now if I want to be mean I could say that what can I say the captain sees greatness in me Im gonna be humble here Im a humble humble character but you can certainly play how you want to its a lot of pressure I hope Im up to it youll do great but we should head up to the shuttle bay everyone else is waiting there for the ceremonial send-off toast lets head to the shuttle or shuttle bay yeah so yeah if you dont do all the stuff that you can do around here now always be able to come back here in the future to the Academy so this is okay all of the senior staff is waiting by the bar Im sure everyones a bit nervous this being our first real assignment in all so Im expecting an inspiring speech out of you something heartwarming make Tyrell cry this mission could just determine the rest of our careers no pressure I dont meet you over there youre giving me some pressure okay so we lead a toast to the class of 2409 I dont have an option thats just lead a toast okay so I can be inspiring or I can intimidate or I can be humble inspiring is not bad Im gonna be humble I dont think Ive done that option very often so lets try it on the first day of class four years ago I looked in the mirror and thought there is no way I can do this I know I wasnt the only one now lets just continue to be humble we can change we can emboldened we can intimidate lets continue to be humble I look around this room and see fear and uncertainty in your eyes being responsible for so many lives is a heavy burden I can galvanize terrorize and do not want to terrorize lets show humility all I ask is that we support one another if we can work as a team we can accomplish our goals to Starfleet Academy to the u.s. Berlin to her crew raise a glass nice speech I mean it was it was nice nice and humble thats how I want to stay I can chat oh yeah okay my assignment on the ship is that of communications officer the cabin expects goes really fast I couldnt read it all but if you would miss dialogue little trick come down here to NPC and you can read it my assignment on the ship is that of communications officer the camera expects a succinct yet informative communication on the bridge and that is what I intend to provide okay sarva she says my assignment is acting a chief of engineering all those months of studying the Mirandas technical manuals is about to pay off theres this ski Im slotted as security chief not that I expect anything to actually do anything exciting on a training cruise you will see Im kind of relieved I here at CES so youre the one who got first officer honestly Im kind of relieved I hear captain Taggart is this is a stickler for the rules on his bridge Im the acting medical officer if you happen to trip and stub your toe Im the bin sight to see and then Ann Potter acting helmsman and Potter reporting for duty course and speed so there we go you can have that little communication with everyone before you head off I guess thats all but this is cool this like shuttle debark Commendation deep deep bark deep bark mate you know a word Im trying to say debarquement or ID bark from two out of but its very cool anyway the how they have the shuttles lined up and were gonna get in a shuttle and then just fly off over San Francisco this is this is the future all right talk to deck officer are you ready to head to the ship yeah lets do lets begin this this is where the real tutorial begins here that just helps you learn how to move around and talk to people and interact with objects because thats the basis of the controls in the game now we get to the good stuff the storyline the meet theres ESD looking great I cant believe were finally doing this look at that nice little scene theyre probably seeing our ship USS Vesta okay thats the system targeting a crew of 750 auxilary phaser cannons and even a quantum field focused controller I cant wait to captain one someday but heres our ship I love the juxtaposition of that I know heres the weapon mounts one aft average speed warp five point nothing she is a tough little ship though I think I like her its a warp 5 not very final shuttle to arrive we need to get to the bridge but I liked yeah I liked that juxtaposition it shows this great awesome new Vestas ship are we gonna fly that nope we got stuck in the Miranda Haneda but hey its our first ship right we are cadets talk to Eliza Flores Im going to check in and then head for the bridge see you there okay we are on board this ship now kind of roomy a lot of room name and position cadet Lia sure a felon acting first off I have your record right here sir welcome to the ship wheres the captain captain Taggart is waiting for you on the bridge use the turbolift behind me it will take you directly there all right turn left I guess were going straight to the bridge we are first officer after all dr. Taggart welcome to the bridge number one number one early in my career I served with the captain who called his first officer that I always liked it as my number one I expect you to install my orders are carried out and sir advise me on the best course of action in any situation so are we saying here that he was he served under either Picard or Riker I guess maybe Riker he could have served under right called him and then they would he Riker would call him number one does that pour he got it from is that what were assuming pretty cool reference if so but first we need to get out to drydock debt clearance from control and close the shuttle bay doors then disable the tractor moorings hold on thats a lot I need to write it down see heres one thing that were always given a lot of orders and somehow we just have to remember them its like give me a notepad let me write this down Terrell get clearance from traffic control for the Berlin to leave the gantry actually I guess we need to close the shuttle bay doors first shuttle bay doors are closed sir very good number one okay Darrell get clearance from traffic control for the Berlin to leave the gantry earth traffic control has cleared us to depart sir very good number one Potter wait for me to disable the tractor moorings I guess I did it in the right order so were on the bridge actively doing things which is cool this is not how youll spend a lot of your time in this game however but it is cool for the tutorial anyway dr. Taggart Potter take us out one-quarter impulse captain may I remind you that Starfleet regulations specify thrusters only while in the vicinity of space stop her right out of the movies I love that just checking to see if you were paying attention number one order take us out maximum thrusters so I I could have said nothing and I wonder what would have happened so I like those different kind of choices and different outcomes boy that looks good doesnt it the ESD out there there we go were heading out on our first ship its not our ship but its a ship cleared from drydock captain the big bridge those a little bit lets stop for something easy thats course for Vulcan course lead in sir engage its a very large bridge too large really I like the war captain thats nice I am picking up a distress call from the SS break-even audio only lets hear its Avro let them know were on our way hoorah lay in a rendezvous course altering course sir eta three minutes typical Star Trek somebody survivors somebody have a distress call senses cant read anything in the vicinity of the braking communications are out as well keep trying to hail them to fro number one lets discuss the situation okay I like that were a part of it part of the discussion youre absolutely not our crap were the closest ship to the break-even so its our duty to assist I hit the button too fast and I must have answered one of the questions and it wasnt probably what I would have chosen that sucks so lets go back and read what I chose here by accident thats a situation you heard the distress call number one what do you think we should do I musta answered the option where I said leave him alone or something because he said absolutely not were the closest ship to the break-even so its our duty this is whoops so be careful when youre hitting F on the keyboard like I am I was holding it down too long and it auto selected the next answer in the dialogue that I did not want to select so be careful there its strange that the transmission was audio only a warp or emergency shouldnt affect communications good what do you advise well okay well we could go to Red Alert full power to weapons and load photon torpedoes I mean that thats one thing we could do but we dont have to we could do shields up better safe than sorry or we need more information before we get in there I recommend scanning for an hour for an hour to see exactly what the situation is well if theyre really in trouble then they can all die in that hour so lets do shields up better safe than sorry raising the shields does seem to be a reasonable precaution yep it could be a trap I agree Floris ray shields number one get down to the transporter room youll oversee the rescue effort from there transport Nick uh-oh I guess it was a trap for something happening the breakeven should be in range give me an update oh no I heard heard a loud bang I thought we were exploding were not Im getting some weird readings I cant get a solid lock that may be interference trying to compensate I think I have it this is a lot different in the training scenarios beaming them over now owns this vessel is now property of Captain credit of the IKS shot well crap I guess hes gone alright come in what happened uh securities reporting disruptor fire in the transporter room and Klingon transporter signatures are showing up all over the ship theyre boarding us first of all how did they do that because the shields are up what can i graph the command codes to unlock an armory near your position arm yourself and any security team members you find what about the enemy ship we still have weapons Ill do what I can for now I need you to concentrate on getting those Klingons off my ship all right so I need to get some weaponry Im coming Im coming need to open the armory and interact with it interact with the armory room get a rifle Ive got to equip it so yeah it tells you how to go through this whole process of equipping stuff - Ive just hate you and you take you straight there here we go the enemies are very very easy in this its real doesnt take a lot to take them out oh hes having a bad day as a cute little scene they didnt have to do anything special like that but they press f to loot you have recovered you can use this to quickly heal any damage you may have suffered okay so much shaking going on it hard to do things Duncan Taggart double one were doing our best to  __  this Klingon Marauder but I need your help time to show off that Academy training okay because Im an engineer I can improve the ships structural integrity field if I was science I could do shields that our tactical I could improve weapons I really dont use the X feature a lot because its just not needed but you can use it to increase your damage were in engineering now I like how we really are traveling all over the ship were seeing a lot of the ship which is very cool we need to reinforce structural integrity field one more to go where are you one more must be upstairs or something no its right there I see it glowing I must have missed it back here this panel back here number wire here we go God ended up here and the Klingons could send a boarding party at any time I need you back on the bridge go see to the bridge we will secure this area thank you it wants me to go upstairs now yep go to bridge oh they took Taggart they took the captain nope theres a Klingon Klingon were just standing there hell cadet Im like literally the hero of this ship incoming transmission from the Klingons this is you may have forced my boarding parties off your depths but our ship remains corrupt you have no hope of fighting us or defeating us your choice is simple surrender or we will kill your captain and then destroy your ship never surrender captain will change your mind order your crew to surrender captain or I will blow them out of the sky its your choice captain do you want these children to die very well there it is thats how we become captain your orders also local to my combat and fire Oh he stabbed him he stabbed him yeah oh thats brutal this tutorial is pretty brutal I mean what gets right in there make me proud he doesnt want me to surrender he is its obvious no surrender this is the right thing so Im gonna have to get locked captain Im gonna have to fire Im gonna have to do it thats no choice yeah fire I have to Im the captain now Im in charge one torpedo and they see it coming Music oh they were cloaked right okay but still yeah cuz were locked on to us combat erect again shields shields fire our weapons when Nelson shields are off right then we hit them pretty good we got them weve lost their signal we got it now oh now Im in charge I got a lot of decisions to make here as captain all of a sudden I cant believe theres not any higher ranking officers on the ship though like he was the only officer this is a ship of Cadets literally you would think they would have a backup officer on the ship somebody who could take over in case of an emergency that would just seemed like the logical thing to do we we survived but the captain captain Taggart knew what would happen and he gave the order anyway ultimate sacrifice one that we all might be called to make someday he trusted you to take command all we can do now is survive and remember him I got to take my seat in the captains chair now were on the tutorial called training crews so were still in the tutorial but its kind of changed missions now were in a training crews resolved mission training crews we acquired take command ok so we finished the quote training crews tutorial now we have started a new tutorial called take command its still a tutorial but note that the mission name has changed Im in command this is it were starting the next chapter basically in the tutorial so a lots going on here we have Eliza Flores is now a new bridge officer she is part of our ground bridge officers if we go to the ground just part of my ship she has things she can do like fire high-yield torpedoes and shes attached in there Im gonna bring this down here but this the attack power always attack power I think it tells you to do that if it doesnt do it yourself anyway ok talk to first office all decks reporting in sir we took some casualties and sick bay is full all ship systems have taken some damage but some are worse than others life support is stable but anything else could be an issue Tyrell send out a distress call I have been trying to get a distress call out captain but something is jamming all frequencies keep trying whats the status of the Klingon ships she is still cloaked but I think she took some real damage were in rough shape too captain damage report still running Diagnostics sir took us some time to get the systems back online what about the break even hail them hailing the break even now captain break even this is Starfleet vessel now this this is gonna happen a lot when you start a new game and Star Trek Online your start start getting these fleet invites its spam dont join the first one you see just dont do it then just hit the X and if it keeps bothering you you can turn off fleet invites in your options Ill show you later maybe but yeah that can get annoying because people do that it and they spam you on it so dont fall for it SS break even this is the Starfleet vessel of Berlin what is your status youre angry I can see that understandable before this gets too carried away hear me out I had to send that distress signal my options were limited while a Klingon was pointing a disruptor at my head so this is literally quark I mean hello more can you get more Star Trek than that the actual character and voice ocular and everything quark in the game Star Trek Online and so that really brings validity to the game and thats right here in the tutorial so thats a new addition I did not know is in the tutorial now because you didnt have used to have quark as a contact thats new to me so I see its been a while since Ive played a tutorial or played the beginning tutorial here the Klingons were thorough they even damaged my warp drive to make things look convincing Ill never make it to safety on impulse dont suppose you could lend me a hand here Id rather not be around if the Klingons come back lets see what I can do how to move around Ive stopped us this time sir but from now on youll be responsible for adjusting the speed of the ship got it scan the freighter looks like she just needs three or four warp induction coils we have plenty of those to spare prepare freighter thanks and good luck with the Klingons youll need it and hes out well looks like were on our own at least they said thank you I guess about that cloak ship full of Klingons sarva do you have that damage report almost done captain level two diagnostic shows that almost all of the plasma injectors are damaged beyond repair do you have replacements not enough plasma injectors are made to withstand quite a beating but I think the Klingons specifically sabotage them when they boarded us its an easy way to  __  a ship Im installing what spares we have but were short three injectors without them we cant go to warp any idea were not the first ship the Klingons have hit here theres wreckage all over this region I can scan the derelict and see if any of them have intact plasma injectors go for it scan for parts bingo I found some suitable debris in the boneyard nearby destroy three of those nacelles and we should get the parts we need please after looting taking through scraps with left behind yeah that guys getting annoying take these items these flattened injectors will do the trick sir gorgeous technology type-r if I had to guess 3.7 liter flow with shielded reservoirs and a drop flow induction coil converter and stay focused and work faster still the Klingon out there who wants to kill us you have your problems I have mine Ill need some time to get everything installed and run a level-1 diagnostic we dont want to blow up the moment we hit warp one give me a status report Tsar vis dealing with the warp core but until shes done were still stranded out here with no way to call for help oh dont forget the cloaked Klingon battle cruiser its probably making repairs faster than we are any chance we can determine whats jamming communications of course we can were the class of 2400 9 Tyrell has been working with the engineers and theyve pinpointed the locations of several Klingon signal jammers thats what blocked our communications during the ambush I recommend that we destroy the jamming satellites well be able to get a call out to Starfleet then okay you must be within 10 kilometers of an enemy to attack it phaser banks to weaken shielded targets yep so just got to get a little bit closer or you could just have it all on auto fire like I do and just hit the spacebar all of it Music nice shot two more jamming satellites left warning ship is under attack target shields have failed I havent forgotten about you think youre  __  yes I think I can actually long-range communications are operational sir shall I send the distress signal hes just playing with us at this point I mean he could have taken us out right there why didnt he that Klingon ship took some real damage Ill bet shes leaking plasma all over the place he might be able to use that to find them do it we need to find him before he ambushes us again understood Id rather not die to Klingons on my first day got it I can trace the plasma signature right to the source finally we have an advantage awesome the source of the plasma signature to navigation it will show up on the map its pretty far out sir we should use the ships full impulse power to reach it this will temporarily take power from other systems but vastly improve our speed once we drop out of full impulse the power will return to other systems so its telling us how and showing us how to do full impulse thats how we get there faster but notice all of our power levels draining go down so you kinda have to let it go multiple quarries get their coking to let your power levels get back that much I didnt do very well think you can catch me go ahead and try activate high-yield torpedo by clicking on the icon or pressing Alt + one high-yield torpedo will increase the power of your next torpedo attack yep it will will we need to get there first hes flying an egg var worship how were gonna take them out in a little miranda get my power levels back up here almost there sarva needs more time to get the plasma injectors installed try not to break anything else target geo cut fail got it incoming transmissions constantly on screen says captain nog of the USS credits nog do you require assistance again another communication I didnt expect that its been a long time since I played this specific tutorial so they brought captain nog in hes been a the voice I through the character everything hes been a part of some of the missions later in the game but yeah it brought him in on the tutorial so we actually see him now in the tutorial thats great yes sir we are ambushed by Klingon Marauders pretty bold move to come this far into Federation territory even for Klingons where is Captain Hager he was captured and taken to the Klingon ship that killed him after he ordered us to fire on his position and did you follow his orders yes sir I see and youre the acting captain I am right well done cadet looks like your ship is in need of repairs set a course for Earth space dock well get you back in one piece what about the Klingon who killed Taggert sir panic is still out there believe me cadet if he comes back looking for a fight hell get one in the meantime set a course for our position chimera out okay lets head your way somethings happening uh-oh our Klingon friend is back we got him pretty good but I think hes gonna get away in oh wait hold on my comms officer informs me that were unable to contact the Khitomer not good Im going to the coordinates to see if they need help and I want you to accompany me consider this a field promotion canal so now we are ending we just ended the one mission and were starting another tutorial mission now called field promotions and look all these things I get experience expertise some things I can add to my ship and Zara is becoming a bridge officer too before I go to the next systems oh Im gonna go ahead and equip this stuff on my ship you know a better phaser better impulse humming I might as well write and then on ground a better phaser rifle thing split beam rifle so already I got better gear lets go to the  __  system so again were still in the tutorial but were like another chapter now of the tutorial communications breakdown were here captain the USS Khitomer is dead ahead our orders are to make contact with the Khitomer and find out why theyve not responded to our hails okay make sure those things up but theyre still there they are good to go okay meet up with the Khitomer static lets cut through the static lose the signal yes sir I will require approximately 15 seconds to make the necessary adjustments let captain nog explain it its probably best we werent able to contact you earlier we were escorting these cadets back to earth space dock after they were ambushed by Klingons under the circumstances I thought it wise to investigate your situation here Im relieved to see both of you the anomalies must be interfering with our communications where is captain Taggart for this one Ill explain thats quite the story cadet Im sorry to hear about captain Taggart he was one of the best officers in Starfleet Im sure this isnt easy for you and your crew dont worry well have you back at her space dock before you know it okay Im troubled by the anomalies in this system and if theyre affecting long-range communications and theyre doubly a cause for concern lets do this by the numbers weve already launched nine probes now that theyre active we can do an in-depth scan of the anomalies with all three ships collecting we should be able to complete this quickly and formulate a course of action any questions no no questions do this scan all these things basically thats where I was talking about now it talks about that and of course I like attack gives me more weapon power reports indicate traces of gamma radiation but theres something off in the readings over here are you seeing the same gamma radiation levels that we are Im not sure that a normal scan will be enough we might need to do a full multiphasic reading we saw the it the same issue how can we improve our findings my chief science officer commander Davis suggested performing a reverse tachyon pulse wave scan will solve our sensor issue perform your final scans and it report back sure Im gonna do that then reverse my tachyons deflector dish is realigned for reverse tachyon pulse wave sir picking up a transwarp signature its right on top of us the Borg simulated I wasnt prepared with my energy levels its the Borg like literally double or again right in the tutorial they starts you off with the board under attack use full impulse to reach her quickly what a way to start off the tutorial - Oh impulse by by introducing us to the Borg right at the beginning like one of the most powerful enemies in the game defend the USS Khitomer Applause target seals on this fire forward your culture will not have to so many stalls uh no I dont think so okay Hale the Khitomer this is the emergency medical hologram aboard the USS Khitomer I am requesting assistance from any Federation vessel in range Ive lost contact with the bridge I am unable to contact commander Davis for new instructions EMH give me a situation the Khitomer is being overwhelmed by Borg boarding parties these Borg are different than the ones in my history records they seem disconnected somehow theyre strange but still quite dangerous can you hold out on your own we have problems on our own to deal with I am an emergency medical hologram not a miracle worker I could do captain nog what should we do or engineering captain nog someone must have activated the image from the bridge well I am engineering so lets choose that option if the bridge was attacked in the Borg attack captain you might have activated the EMH to alert us the board havent been seen in this quadrant in decades this isnt a coincidence right we need more information collect data from all of the probes what do you need us to do all send teams to aid the Khitomer I want you to finish the scans we need to know the extent of the Borg presence here and cadet if you or your crew are unable to tackle this speak up now the board can rattle veteran Starfleet officers and youve already gone up against the Klingons today I trust my career will get the job linked the iota point to your map scan there while we see to the Khitomer okay were gonna do the Khitomer Im gonna keep scanning these thingies Music send us the data so we can begin our analysis we have your data and our science team is analyzing it down whats the status our tactical teams have eliminated the Borg board in parties on the Khitomer why do you ask can we use the Khitomer to help analyze the day there is an eighty eight point four seven percent chance that you will need my help agreed can you help the chimera analyze the data weve accumulated in this system I have 75 million Giga quads of computer memory and an extensive library of files and military tactics and command strategies I believe I can spare a few bits of processing power for you ok lets see what we can determine continued data recovery for transwarp signatures detected this is it get ready for combat theyre firing I need help Im ready Im here so these Borg are disconnected somehow already a mystery to solve somethings are going on with these Borg thats not normal target shell cut bail more board I dont know if were ready for this well it doesnt matter were in it now target shields have failed keep it together cadet we beat the board before we could do it again in the Miranda though you are Starfleet officers youre prepared whoa theres a big gate multiple Borg warp signatures detected dad not good its an impatient force it sure is and Im like right inside it were outnumbered theres no way we can get in under attack Music the Borg are leaving most likely primordium to Jakarta concentrate fire on the remaining sphere now we can do this yet those are just probes before this is a sphere direct hit remember to loot everything during the tutorial you can at least sell it you see the Borg are using the pollak system as a staging area our long-range sensors are picking up inbound transwarp signatures their most likely target is the Vega system in Vegas there is a civilian colony there and if the board take it by surprise theyll have a large population to turn into drones the Vega system has always been a part of these tutorials so they havent left that out all right whats our next course of action I want you to go to the Vega colony and warn them about the Borg what about you the Chimera is better equipped to hold off further Borg attacks and assist the Khitomer here well do what we can to delay the Borg but its gonna be up to you to warn the Vega colonists okay well do it we have to work our way to Vega as soon as we can captain I just hope were not too late to warn the colony are you ready to go Im ready no need to argue yeah invasion force Wow there they come its a lot of them now we are still in under communications breakdown but for in a different area where actually were in Sector space arent we yes we are were were actually in Sector space but its prob no it is its the full sector space I was gonna say its limited because were in the tutorial but I guess were really not we could probably like abandon the tutorial at this point and just go back to ESD but Im not going to I want to continue the tutorial as you would play it all the way to the end so to report you need to warn the Vega colony about the Borg well do what we can to hold off the board here and repair the Khitomer good luck so basically we are finishing this mission this is a mission were finishing up so we are we are we are past cadet we are even past insome now we just instantly launch - lieutenant level - so I mean holy crap the the leveling in this game is just super maximized it didnt used to happen that fast but it is now Id like you to level really fast so basically yeah at this point I could separate myself from the tutorial and just go back to ESD and just leave my character at this level forever or level up in other ways or level up by playing continuing the mission Im basically on my own but because I do want to show the full tutorial in these videos I will go ahead and continue it because its called assimilation of the innocent and it is automatically assigned to you as part of the tutorial even though it doesnt say quote tutorial in the box but before we go there I do want to add some new things Ive got here its add that that just console what did that do shield regeneration and lets add a better torpedo so at all I got yes it is oh no I got this what is this this is a this is also science this is starship shield restoration healing or regeneration rate and whatever it doesnt matter just keep that on there right now and I guess thats all I can have lets go to the Vega system so we literally have to fly there ourselves I think at the in the very first iteration of this tutorial it took us to the vagus system as part of the tutorial that we didnt have to fly there to it it just automatically was like click to go to the Vega system and boom you were there this one now you actually have to travel through sector space to get there to do it so theyre kind of showing you the mechanics of how sector space works now which is interesting but it does make it feel like youre separated from the tutorial at this point even though this is still part of the tutorial this Vega system pardon but were going to go ahead and do it and yeah well do that traveling at warp five not fast at all but I am officially lieutenant to now which is real interesting Ive got another power tachyon beam lets begin assimilation of the innocent playthrough that too he arrived before the Borg now my heart can start beating again what are your orders captain hell the colonies we have to work several manage to establish a comlink with will a post the administrator of Vega colony its not a great signal but its the best were gonna get putting her through now Music the Borg are on their way to this system you need to start evacuating the Borg are on their way you have to evacuate I have lost contact with Vega colony sir something is blocking all subspace signals in this area even our hails to the civilian ships are not getting through there is a communication satellite nearby it should boost our signal sufficiently to inform the freighters of the danger and warn the colony okay lets get to that our hails are still block sir the Borg may be attempting to isolate the planet before they land your order sir can we get transporter locks on the colonists or go jamming up any remote signals its not safe to beam through that I think I can boost the game though hurry I think the Borg will be here any transwarp conduits opening all over the system captain any the Borg are here yes they are so we got to protect the freighters space those civilian ships are right in the Borgs path we have to help them all right lets do I have failed much better now upgrading my weapons and I love laying up a little bit Im just a little bit more powerful now so I need to feed five of these invasion groups morning shift is under attack Music target shields have failed okay lets go over here and take care of these two warning ship in under attack target shields have failed thats our planetary assimilation probe kind of cool-looking target shields have failed okay we did it consult with your crew captain I have short range communications long range signals are still blocked I can contact the planet and have informed administrator post of the situation however the Borg have already landed and are moving toward the colony it may be more prudent to retreat back to the Chimera sir hmm were the only Starfleet vessel in the system well rescue as many colonists as we can or we make our stand here look for anymore Borg landing parties hmm I think this one we will rescue as many colonists as we can seems like the starboard landing craft detected nearby captain there are civilian ships engaging them I believe I can send a message to those ships lets also help them to civilian ships you are ordered to disengage and retreat we will cover you Roger that Starfleet all ships full back okay theyre escaping and were just gonna take on the Borg all civilian ships have safely warped out of the system captain shields have failed those planetary assimilation probes look very cool I havent seen that design before Id like to see that up close now were gonna beam down to the Vega colony and help them on the planet captain the Borg have landed and the colony wont be able to hold them off for long I recommend beaming down to Vega and getting as many people out as we can just go waiting here are waiting of course I only have two officers right now so take them both captain according to our readings over half the planet is already assimilated by the Borg at the rate theyre progressing the region werein will be overrun in roughly one hour and if that wasnt bad enough the interference is affecting the ships transporters understood we will manually tag any survivors we find for transport any questions no sir Ill follow your lead well this should be fun I dont have any way to remodulate my weapons so thats gonna be fun Tagg refugees for transport thats one of those Borg ships from orbit we too late Oh those landing ships dont just carry drones they can pop nanoprobes directly into the ground and the atmosphere I love the look of it as I gray need to hurry the board will be in this area soon hes got legs oh heres people right here tag them for female they sound sick they should be wearing a mask whoa whoa bro beams things are happening mmm hello guys Im supposed to like tag you or something thank you well you didnt know if anyone from Starfleet got our distress signal and we dont have many weapons but we do have some spare armor suits for you and your officer theyre in the crates next to the gate this code will open the gate please administrator post and some of the others are still there you have to save them is it Cardassian okay get some armor yes of course now it does your character see you I dont have a shield yet do I know I do have a shield I have a standard shield beam-out captured civilians defeat borg in Vega colony oh no were too late these Borger easy to take out so shes been assimilated can i beam you back no here we go lets beam you all back Applause well theyre gone tag for beam-out good thats two or three feet Morgan Colony 52% theres some more tag these ones yep that should be 3 or 3 on tagging people we have the civilians there is still no sign of the renown or the Khitomer sir but I need to take out more Bourget says talk to administrator I apologize sir Cola is putting a rifle in your face if it wasnt for him the Borg would have assimilated me by now whats the situation are you what happened she disappeared wait what she moved that was weird I apologize her Cola is putting a rifle in your face so theres no way for him the board would have assimilated me by now whats the situation are you bringing more Starfleet reinforcements were the only ones here the Berlin is in Oregon I see then its true Vega is doomed a single starship cannot hope to stop this still there is more to do many citizens are hiding in their homes we cannot abandon them to the Borg we can rescue them but somethings blocking our transporter colas and I have been trying to get around the interference field thank you for tagging the people you found and getting them safely transported to your ship sure no there are dozens more hiding out in the buildings but colas and I have a plan we think a pattern enhancer will do the trick with that we can transport the remaining citizens to your ship but first Id like to offer you some equipment Vega is was a trade colony and this gear was intended to go to Starbase 65 mm-hmm I think you need it more so Ill get a kit now KITT KITT frame all right you have my things Ill retrieve the equipment and then set up the pattern so thats cool more equipment theyre showing us how to really do ground combat and equip us on the ground so we did we didnt get a kick we have a Kip module so I have a new I have a new ability now what can I do mines Chroniton mind barrier okay set up a pattern enhancer where here we have lowered shields for the transporter sir I will need to race them at the first sign of Borg ships the pattern enhancers are working and not a moment too soon I can hear the board moving this way I need you to signal the citizens to come here for transit Ill do that how long do you think you can hold off the Borg I guess as long as we need to hold off of the Borg I dont know what direction theyll be coming from oh I can lay down mines I dont know what direction theyre come remember when we thought fighting acrobatics was the worst thing that could happen today yeah now were with fighting the board thats even worse than a Klingon concentrate fire on the board we need to keep them away from the civilians well thats what Im doing can I lay down more mines another group of civilian into the ship captain theyre not even getting close to the vines Oaks Im killing them before they get there here have some minds I love the mine explosion looks very colorful answer hail from your ship I guess we did it shields are back up sir but more Borg vessels are warping to our location we have detected a type of generator near your position there is a 94 point six percent chance it is the device affecting our transporters if you can destroy it we will transport as many people from the area as we are able hang in there Terrell well be there soon her eyes are huge here thank you for thank you for everything youve done even though it was impossible to save everyone those who did save will be forever in your debt lets see I can do Im not finished yet Cole as youre with me or thank you were doing all we can glad to do anything I can I was born on Vega theres no way Im sitting by and letting the board take it without a fight all right colas youre gonna see friends whove been assimilated I know the drill just never expected any more gear you know oh this gate let me set up a mind enemy targets on benders I knew that one we played poker last night yeah well now hes a Borg yeah theres that ship I love the looks of that ship we need to disable that force field yeah okay well the Borg are activating the transport inhibitor okay we need to disable that force field so well disable these drones first set up the border synching is the word effective systematic not real well Im gonna go with evil yeah those mines really did help okay lets disable the force field generator these ones maybe a little larger No maybe not okay actually rather easy to take down the ship is transporting anyone that can get a lock on captain but we dont have much time we need to get back as soon as possible okay that was a nice little ground combat for the Royal teaches us everything we need to know basically any basic stuff there were packed to the brim with civilians captain I dont think we could fit one more soul on this ship communications are still jammed the immediate problem is the civilian ships in this system Vega is a huge trading outpost there are always ships traveling here we need to warn them the Borg have taken over can we reconfigure the satellite in the system to send an automated possibly but what we need to do is hightail it out of here with these civilians of course the path to the satellites does lead away from the planet so we could remotely reconfigure them as we leave the message wont get very far but anyone who enters the system will get the signal and be able to turn around before its too late helm lay in of course for the satellite makes you wonder why the Borg dont just take the satellite out though but whatever multiple probes inbound I dont think we should like us hanging around its not over yet target Im already picking up accolades little - hosts that what okay not a huge problem oh theres a second beacon not just the one theres another one okay but bring in a couple of Meg bars and these satellites are gone so were just one Nick bar never thought I wish I was back at the Academy studying for the astrometrics final we gonna work sir there are several fast moving ships on sensors no way to contact them and I cant tell if their friend or foe maybe theres theres their fighters there are little fighter ships oh theres a third beacon up here Im thinking is first I thought it was just the first week and then just a second no theres a third beacon final beacon okay fine cube guess its our time to go out in a blaze of glory no the cavalry arrives Music exceptional effort now let us finish our shield yeah this cube is difficult look at all the firepower it takes to bring it down while we took out a cube we held off what we could in Polish and sent a signal out to Starfleet these were the closest ships others will be arriving as soon as they can okay glad to see you theres no way we could have defeated a cube by ourself doing a great job so far reconfiguring the satellites into warning beacons was excellent thinking by the way we received a signal as soon as we arrived in the system thats going to save a lot of lives are we going to attempt to retake Vega its an option for sure right now I need you to protect the civilians you have on board and ensure the safety of your crew the Khitomer will return to Earth space stock with you once you arrive report to Admiral Quinn youll have more information for you so basically thats the way of telling us its the end of the mission and Quinn will finish the mission for us so we can do the next one yes colas will make a fine addition to your senior staff and we get another bridge officer colas and some more consoles and a phaser or full auto rifle you can see were starting to build up stuff finally congratulations and I dont think I can handle any more excitement and weve leveled up yet again so just playing the tutorial took us from a cadet to a lieutenant three its warped earth space dock basically were at the end of the tutorial now but lets just do a few housekeeping things here and then all in all in the video with my summary we get a nice little beam in and its gonna tell us to go see Quinn I guess gonna show us how to get there its zooming of course weve never played the game and dont know where everything is or what or Spacedock is so you know its got to show us heres where you go because people dont realize theres things behind the transporter room on this side the way they put it all together so theres Quinn we need to talk to them so colas now part of my bridge officer team so at this point I am on my own I mean I could I dont have to do that welcome to our space talk meet Quinn thing but it is still part of the soil you might as well just go ahead and do it so we can like literally be on our own and do whatever we want from here on out full control of our character and our ship and everything else lets talk to Quinn greetings Admiral surly Asher a shear felon reporting have a lot to discuss get it its lieutenant sir I am a lieutenant now yes I see that here and the report transmitted by captain nog he granted you a field promotion to give you seniority over the rest of the active crew of your ship as a cadet you were assigned to an academy training crews under captain masks Taggart correct acting first officer yes correct Ive read the reports facing off against Klingon Raiders and a Borg invasion force within hours of leading Starfleet Academy very unusual new worlds tell me what happened out there so here goes the whole story captain or madhouse quite the story it is and its alts dont worry I have statements here from captains nog and yem and administrator post from Vega colony corroborating your story all three of them cite your bravery in command skills as well as you and your crews willingness to put yourselves in harms way to preserve the lives of others Im a Starfleet officer sir its the job its in the job description and youre exactly the kind of officer Starfleet needs theres no less you might not be the enterprise but I think youve proven yourself capable of sitting in her captains chair what what sir under normal circumstances it would take you years of work to get your own command but these are not normal circumstance oh here it is were at war with the Klingon Empire at War we returned Im losing more trained officers and ships than I can spare ships we can build but leaders with courage and honor those are harder to find its time to try something different I need someone who can handle themselves in a crisis and get the best out of their crew even though youre young I think youre that person I hereby promote you to the rank of lieutenant and give you command of the ship dont disappoint me well so we were already a lieutenant but thank you anyway so I am a lieutenant now and Im in the command Im the captain at lieutenant level Im the captain of the ship that we had makes no sense whatsoever but there it is whats going to happen to Vega unfortunately Vega is lost so we flew to mega meat with Federation president Enoch oh keg and the Federation Council to determine our next steps for now Starfleet vessels will patrol the outskirts of the Vega system to ensure no Borg escape do you have any further questions so we ended up losing Vega I dont know if we ever get it back Im sorry for the loss of captain Taggart captain Taggart was a good man and a fine officer he knew what he was doing when he issued that order dont dwell on what happened your actions saved the lives of your crew not to mention the civilians you were able to evacuate from Vega colony now its up to you and your crew to honor Taggart sacrifice as you carve out your own legacy do you have any further questions I mean I guess thats it no sir what are your orders you will be assigned to the Klingon front but first you could use some new equipment for your ship I have some improved consoles developed by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers these consoles can be installed on your ship to improve its abilities as you improve in rank you will earn better consoles other ships you will command throughout your career will have space for many more when youre done here go cedars racks to customize your starships appearance so were gonna get a free starship modification were gonna get some more stuff for use to be more a mark 1 console tactical face or relay were done were not done I mean thats the tutorial were done with the tutorial accolade complete battlefield commission we are now officially in the game Star Trek online we can now do whatever we want we can play the missions in order we can customize our ship we can further customize our character which I recommend spending a lot of time on make your character your own you know work on your costume your look and all that make sure to upgrade your rank pips and all that in the tailor because obviously youre a lieutenant now and so you need the proper rank insignia and all that jazz so make sure to do that you can put on the right rank pips and all that you can change your uniform out use different uniform if you dont like this one all that kind of stuff and of course customize your starship spend a lot of time there too because its all about you know you in this game customizing your character hit you to see your inventory and what you have in your inventory so that you can customize what you have currently to put on your character and your ship and then sell the rest for energy credits that will help you build up your energy credits because yeah you start out with like none so you want to work on that stuff thats kind of the first things that I would do and then if you look at the mission journal click more here you will see that we just did welcome to earth space talk its done that means we can actually start the next mission which is called diplomatic orders interesting theyve reversed it used to be stranded in space was the first mission now diplomatic orders is the first mission and stranded in space is the second mission very odd I did know that but its switched there they switched that so anyway looks like now diplomatic orders is your first quote mission of the game as a lieutenant level so that basically you cant go back and play like that Vega with the Borg and all that you can see theres no way to go back and replay that tutorial we just did you would have to create a whole new character to replay the tutorial so theres no way to replay it that means we are done with the tutorial but one thing Im curious about lets see what ship we actually do end up with is it the same Miranda wheres it something different because I dont know what ship its gonna leave you with now got to find out lieutenant level lets see what ship we get what do we have on us oh yeah okay we got the you we got the same ship we were flying so we start out as an engineer you start out with the light cruiser is what they call it they call it a light cruiser and thats your starter ship thats what youre going to start out with to forward weapons one aft like one console slot for everything you only have three active ship slots here so not a lot of room until you level up more and youll get your first ship to upgrade to after this at level 10 so once you hit level 10 you can upgrade to a new ship so you will have to fly this ship for a little bit unless youve purchased another ship instead you can purchase auto leveling ships now in tier 6 and you can purchase other ships and all that but if you were not purchasing a ship and you just went with what the game gave you by default this will be your starter ship right here the light cruiser which very very cool looking and nostalgic so you have all that you can go and I did not mean to do that you can go and stop doing that what is going on here you can go to customize ship and customize it you know if you have different skins and stuff you can put on it and and do different things to it so that is what you got there again we want to go to the tailor holster that weapon Im gonna go to the tailor real quick to show you where you do all your dress-up and everything to your costume and ranks and all that stuff right over here so we can take this one and we can modify it and if we go to uniform we can drill down and really do a lot here so like for example rank we are lieutenant so theres our is that the right rate pips Operations insignia thats our badge huh I guess for this uniform there are two little lines because its the odyssey uniform could put on a different type of uniform got all kinds of stuff whatever youve purchased in the game but anyway you see how it can be done you come here and edit everything there for your character and once you get everything done beam up to your ship and do further customers eye customizations up on your ship here and lets just take a look at it real quick in space cuz this is the starter ship so youll know what youre starting with sometimes it can take a little bit long to load which is doing for me now here we go this is our ship so this is what we start off with as an engineer I guess as an as a tactical or as a science you would start off with a different ship so this is because Im engineering Im getting the light cruiser in the Starfleet 2409 faction so thats the ship right there beautiful isnt it though so there you go that has now been a full playthrough of the 2409 Starfleet faction in Star Trek online as of summer of 2020 you now see what the tutorial is like from start to finish it introduces you to both space and ground combat and the controls and how to operate that and I think its a good mix and balance of that the enemies are not difficult for obvious reason you are very young as a character so you dont have a lot of firepower so thats good it doesnt really challenge you in that way its just basically a learning experience you start out at the academy you are being assigned to a training crew you get assigned to the bridge as the senior staff and the first officer you get all of that you take off and then you meet a Klingon a very angry Klingon and we are at war with the Klingon in this faction so it makes sense he kills the captain you take over the captains seat you have to find a way out of the situation by doing some exploration its great you do all that you meet up with the Starfleet reinforcements and then theres another problem developing theres these anomalies and the Borg are coming through so you have to now fight off the Borg but theyre disconnected and different from the collective somehow which is not really answered in the tutorial why theyre disconnected and different from the collective I think that gets answered later on but its not answered in this tutorial so youre left with that mystery so keep that in mind think about that mystery that as its being solved throughout the storyline we lose Vega we lose a whole world but we are thrust into being the captain of our own ship at lieutenant level just straight-out hours out of the Academy it is a situation that would never happen in real life or I say real life in the real life of the show it would never happen that way they try to give an explanation for why you are thrust into being a captain at this level I think its a little weird and maybe they could have done that a little more smoothly or differently but it is what it is that has always been the reason for why you become captain so fast in this game but they dont give us a state-of-the-art ship at least at least were starting with a low-level ship a warp five capable very low level ship so were not being entrusted to the Starfleets greatest ships out there so that does give it some kind of realistic than something to it and then from this point this is where you would now start diplomatic orders and then stranded in space and begin your actual missioning and storyline of the game under the Klingon war thats where you start out but that has been an entire playthrough of the tutorial and I hope you enjoyed that this did take quite a long time to go through doing all the dialogue and spending the time in it like I did you can see it easily can take an hour and a half to play but if you go through it really fast and just hit the dialogue really fast and dont really listen or pay attention or read the dialogue you could finish this in under an hour no problem I mean who finishes probably in 30 minutes you know but doing it the long way around like I did actually listening to the storyline and focusing on it yes the tutorial is about an hour and a half long tutorial so thats what you can expect if you play this game and thats what it looks like in the Star Trek Online so I hope that you got something out of that and enjoyed that playthrough and now we know what it looks like and how it plays here in the summer of 2020 in my next playthrough Im gonna hit up the KDF faction so that should be a lot different thank you for watching if you like what you saw here consider subscribing to my channel and hit the bell notification to get notifications on new videos and give this video a like it really does help the algorithm and I would also greatly appreciate if you like and subscribe so thank you for watching and stay tuned for the next one check out Twitter at Brent underscore just as for updates you can follow me there also check out my patreon page Music view all achievements steam Greetings Captains! This is Star Trek Online, an MMORPG that was released in 2010 and has existed now for 10 years. Over that time a lot has changed in the game, including the intro tutorials for each faction. This game now has six factions you can play, and each one with a unique introduction tutorial. I am going to play all six of these faction tutorials here in the summer of 2020 to see what they look like in their current iterations. In this way, you can see all the updates made to them and what they look like now in 2020. In this first video, I will play the Starfleet 2409 faction, which is the first faction this game ever had. It is the default faction that stood as the primer for this game. This faction is sometimes also called the federation faction, but technically it is the Starfleet faction or Starfleet 2409 faction in its whole name. I will do a playthrough of this faction and slowly walkthrough the entire tutorial process for you. Join me in my Let’s Play of the Star Trek Online tutorials! 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