Star Trek Online: Gagarin Class Battlecruiser | Official Breakdown

Good indie games steamfree steam games 2014 STAR TREK ONLINE game Music introduced in the waning months of the 24th century and based on the successful frame of the 23rd century shepard class the gagarin-class battlecruiser is a fast and aggressive tactical vessel designed to offer slightly more size and durability than a smaller escort while still being able to engage in tight turning battles with smaller ships the craft continues a developing trend of combat-oriented starfleet vessels that began in earnest in the mid-24th century as a defensive measure against the borg collective at a length of 492.2 meters and a width of 258.06 metres the frame of the gagarin class retains the general shape of its shepherd class forebear presenting an almost flat silhouette from the fore and aft that maintains a difficult targeting profile for hostile craft especially when the battlecruiser is engaged in complex maneuvers carrying a crew of 550 within a durable and versatile frame the gagarin is constructed using double redundancy layered geranium structures beneath sheets of neutronium alloy hull armor which collectively increase combat endurance dramatically with a surprisingly minimal cost to the ships agility the gagarin class is armed with 12 mark 14 phaser arrays distributed in an aggressive layout across the ships frame supported by two light and two heavy pulsed phaser cannons with four variable payload torpedo launchers providing heavier firepower against hard targets the gagarins deflector shields are formidable particularly coupled with the ships advanced hull plating and twin assemblies of kinser peg type 3 impulse engines which provide impressive acceleration and maneuverability in combat the gagarin class is uniquely designed with a heavy emphasis on modularity employing an adaptable eps power network inspired by ingenious modifications made to the standard power grid of the 23rd century shepard class that preceded it this template allows experimental technologies to be easily installed and integrated with the gagarin systems as well as facilitating on-the-fly optimization of the ships performance one particular piece of experimental technology often installed on the gagarin class was the refracting energy shunt a module that allows vast amounts of unfiltered energy to be released straight from the eps system through the ships deflector array and into a targeted blast directed towards a hostile vessel inflicting intense electrical damage and burning out internal hardware across the enemy ship like several of its contemporaries the design of the gagarin class and its clear parallels to early 23rd century starfleet designs was motivated by the rediscovery of yard 39 in the tele sector formerly one of the federations largest shipyards yard 39 had seen heavy activity during the federation klingon war of 2256 but was suddenly forced to shut down following an unexpected baryonic eruption from the shipyards local star this natural disaster flooded the area with deadly baryon radiation forcing the yard to be evacuated and stranding the intact frames of countless federation starships within the radiation field for centuries the radiation ultimately dissipated at a particularly opportune time for the federation as the famed utopia planeta shipyards of mars had recently been laid to waste in an attack by revolutionary synthetics yard 39 provided a timely source of facilities to maintain some level of starship production in utopia planitias absence and was quickly renovated to modern standards during the renovations much study was undertaken into the preserved 23rd century vessels now liberated from the baryon field and these ultimately served as a source of inspiration to starfleets design bureaus when the time came for yard 39 to develop new vessels though their creative aspirations were delayed for a number of years when the federation council insisted yard 39 devote all of its resources to constructing a huge wave of new inquiry-class vessels the yards design teams were eventually given the freedom to explore their ideas for modernized variants of mid-23rd century designs having already gained a reputation as one of starfleets most successful craft during the klingon war the venerable shepherd class was a logical choice for a 25th century successor and the resulting gagarin class would ultimately be named in honor of the uss gagarin a shepherd-class vessel which served with distinction in the klingon war under the command of captain teshen kovil until she was tragically lost with all hands in an ambush by six klingon warships despite the best efforts of the uss discovery to prevent her fate representing the peak of modern tactical starship design at the turn of the 25th century the gagarin class in some ways exceeds even the hyper-advanced inquiry class in combat potency and the vessel serves as a reliable protector for federation interests and territories in the politically unstable landscape left behind by the destruction of romulus an efficient and striking design already the envy of newly promoted starfleet captains the gagarin class is considered to be in the earliest days of what will no doubt prove to be a long and storied career Music Music you fun free steam games for mac Play Star Trek Online Free: #StarTrek #StarTrekOnline THE SOJOURN - AN ORIGINAL SCI-FI AUDIO DRAMA: BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER: SUPPORT SPACEDOCK: MERCHANDISE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Do not contact regarding network proposals. 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