Star Trek Online (PC) | Universe Class Enterprise J (Ship Preview)

How to reheat steamed shrimphow many steam decks have been sold STAR TREK ONLINE game can't remove game from steam library Hello Captains! In this video I will preview the Universe Class also called the Universe Temporal Heavy Dreadnought Cruiser or the Enterprise-J as seen in Star Trek Enterprise in Star Trek Online. I got the ship, woohoo, now let me show it to you, go over some of its features, and go into combat with it as a preview. This is not a full review, that is to come later! 00:00 - Intro 01:37 - Ship Preview 16:03 - Ship Combat 30:12 - Summary ----------------------------------------- Brent Justice Justice Gaming - Twitter - Patreon - My KIT Computer Builds - TheFPSReview - #startrekonline #enterprisej #universeclass how long are the steam game awards how to bring up the keyboard on steam deck japanese steamed dumplings steam trade hold steam trends