Lets Play Star Trek Online - KDF - Part 1 Intro and Tutorial

Can you download steam games on ps4dumpling steamer bamboo STAR TREK ONLINE game hello everybody and welcome to my new lets play Star Trek Online Series that is going to deal directly with the KDF dun dun dun KDF stands for the Klingon Defense Force so there are basically two factions in Star Trek Online you can play Federation or Klingon and under the klingon faction they have several different aliens that you can play that are different than Federation and in fact theyre all unique to KDF so in my last video I pretty much explained that Im going to replay all of the KDF missions in order on my already made KDF character well I decided after reading some comments and so forth why dont I go ahead and at least first show you starting a new KDF character and go through the whole you know customization of the character starting off choosing your career the aliens that you can be going through your you know your first ship that you get and showing you what level it starts you off at and then going through the tutorial and whatever else the KDF stuff has at the very beginning now I have to admit something before we start here real quick it has been an extremely long time since I have played on KDF I only have one character on the KDF side that Ive leveled up to max and it was a long time ago it was over a year ago so it has been a long time since I have created a new character and gone through the whole process of KDF now that the game has gone free-to-play a lot of stuff has changed about that and also it means Ive only been through the missions once Ive havent Ted I dont think theres one mission that Ive done twice I think Ive only done each mission once ktf side so Im pretty much gonna be doing this on the fly myself you can just consider me a noob because I dont remember the missions right I remember some of them vaguely theres like some really cool ones toward the end that I remember but all the beginning ones I dont remember them at all so pretty much is its gonna be almost as new for me as it is for you guys watching this but I figured in his first video lets start a new character and go through the tutorial process right then I can give you a tour of the first city and all that good stuff and then what Ill do is Ill switch characters to my main character on KDF and I will use her to play all the missions and the reasoning for that is because if I were to build a new character and actually play it and level it up on KDF like added Federation it would take me a lot longer because I have to I have to do a lot of stuff off screen whereas on the Federation side we could basically play all the main missions and get to max level cap but on ktf its a lot different or at least when I played that the last time I had to do a ton and having a ton of dailies and its just all kinds of crazy stuff just to get to that next grade or that next level that I need to get to because there are not a lot of missions theres not enough missions to level you to max level and whereas there was like 74 I mean well count them here but theres not gonna be a lot on the KDF so I think it will be easier he stopped my part to just use my main character and replay those missions in order but I can at least show you guys the tutorial and what it means to create a new character and as I go through each mission and do everything I will also show you how you can build a good KDF character and a good ship build and all that good stuff just like you can do on Federation so alright without much ado here we go you get to choose your career just like Federation and see their engineering science or tactical and first of all as you can see its all red and gloomy we got our empty bridge officer seat here and everything on KDF is red one thing I really like about the KDF side is the computer voice its pretty awesome alright so you get to choose engineering science or tactical when you click on one of these it tells you what that career does right you are an engineering officer and the Klingon Defense Force you support your ship and crew by blah blah blah blah blah you can read all that science officer basically the same thing you are science offers officer use your skills and knowledge just support your ship approval wha our tactical officer your tactical officer youre on the frontlines of every battle using your skills to defeat anyone who would oppose a Klingon Empire so if you want a melee alot if you want to just do the most DPS if youre a DPS fiend and all you want is bad DPS a nothing battle better than a Klingon tactical officer because we are familiar with engineering on the Federation side I figure lets start an engineering character on ktf side and so that way youll see some similarities between them and of course you can always choose science your time to go or whatever you want so choose next and then I have the joint trill purchase the joint trill is actually both Federation and Klingon so you could be a joint trill a lot of Federation or Klingon of course you can be a Klingon you can be a Gorn I dont even know ya going dont even have a gender going just have male but youre gonna have Klingon female or a Klingon male a Gorn male joined trill Olevia which looks like that and now you have his male the liberated board Camilla and remember I had that liberated Borg as for my Federation officer well thats also on KDF as well so I have that on Katie Ill sign it basically just being liberated Klingon liberated board Klingon but it has that Borgen a knight sufficient captain and it also gives you the option to have that neuroblast which I like we could be a nossa cant bail now ii and orion of course you can have in a beautiful and orion female classic green and they have this cool power called seductive which is a confused a placate resist or reduce the threat generation its pretty cool power they have or you can be an alien and customize your own whatever for the purpose of this tutorial just for this first couple of maybe this maybe one or two videos Im not quite sure but just for this little introduction lets just start a plain old Klingon male okay and well do that just to go through the tutorial all right so Klingon male next it comes automatically with accurate and this is well this is what it comes with it comes with honorable and warrior so you cant undo that and it suggests accurate and stubborn of course you can customize that and actually take accurate and stubborn off and choose something else like I might want warp theorists for space and then I might want lets see sure-footed is a good one sturdy is a good one probably do sturdy and so basically this will be our character and so lets go through the various options you can choose you know you can choose the predefined variants that he has or you can go to advanced and you know totally customize everything about them and the klingons they have details that the Federation does not have heres a Klingon eyepatch for example mouth accessory customize the body thats pretty much standard stuff customize the outfit they have default outfits you can go with of course you can go advanced and they have like wrist attachments like wrists attached left and right you have different gauntlet options you can see on his left hand there or his right hand if youre looking right at him so it changes things like that collar this has collar settings shoulder pad left and right so you can see theres more actors actually more costume options on the Klingon side and if you choose like an Orion or something like that like a one of the female or male or Ryans probably Id go with female or Ryan they have a lot of options for the collars and and the wrists and everything they have they really have a lot of options so basically lets just go with you know whatever he has default for right now just just to get this started and to show you guys tutorial so lets give him a name well lets call them captain fluffy and the Klingon side the ships are not USS obviously theyre IKS so that i KS for a wall white not right and of course you can fill in a bio and its formal name and all that good stuff but i want to get straight to the tutorial and go through all that alright so okay theres a ton of stuff going on in my screen right now a lot of this stuff our accolades and things that i have because of my time in the game like i have the 700 day vet and going and I got the 800 day vet telling me I can get him gato and all that good stuff so alright first of all this is basically where youll start out after all that this this a bulletin usually wont be here thats their spotlight on the foundry but this is basically where the Klingon side starts whereas on the Federation side you started in that tutorial and you got the fight Borg and you know deal with that threat over the Vega colony here on KDF youre pretty much at first prob not first prime its um whats it called youre at first city which is the city basically where you do everything at and thats basically where you start to game at this is just telling me I that have that 381 so this is where you start out you start out with a batleth you got a actually dead thats the thing to notice is right here you dont start out at incent or or even lieutenant anymore they start you out at commander 20 so you automatically start out a KDF character at level 20 so thats a huge boost right there thats like thats like 20 grades for free right there so a federation you know a lot more to build up but with KDF you already on level 20 and of course level max is 50 so youre only 30 away from the max level there so were coming were already a commander basically and they give us stuff for that of course you have our chat box here we have a block 5 batleth or we can switch to a mark 5 disruptor okay and it looks like weve already got a kit to and stuff so lets hit the first thing I want to do is hit you and see what weve gotten their inventory they actually put in our inventory a pretty good amount of stuff starting the game off with so look what you start off with you start off with a disruptor full auto rifle mark 5 and its green its a its uncommon so its got damage modifier so check that out pretty awesome and you get disruptor dual pistols mark 5 with CR th yet you get a and thats green and then with this one you get disruptor pulse wave assault mark 5 but thats just a common then you get a disruptor compression pull pistol mark 5 damage and then just under compression pistol on five common and you get a personal shield mark 5 another personal shield mark 5 this one has regeneration this one has disrupter resistance this one is just a regular person or shelfmark 5 personal front 5 you get an armor mark 5 4 that regenerates your health points and youve got a compensating armor bruik5 without that improves your health points and an energy harness mark 5 with phaser and destructor resistance and then just a regular energy dampening armor on 5 and the idea the goal of the reason why you have all this stuff starting out is so you can equip your bridge officers so right off the bat KDF gives you a lot of options here apparently starting off on your character and theyve already looked theyve already built my character up I have a mark 5 personal shield with capacity I have a energy dampening armor about 5 with hit points or health points so increases my maximum health points and I do have a kit so Engineering kit they give you the buckler fabrication mark five common kit which gives you forcefield dont one a medical generator one and turret fabrication - so there you go thats a really good kit starting off the game and then of course my weapons and then I even give you some Power Cells shield recharge and hypose so wow they they do give you a lot starting off so I mean I already have pianos stuff starting off I dont even have bridge officers yet but yet I have stuff to equip on them once I get them and Im equipped pretty decently starting off commander 20 lets see what weve done to my ship okay I start off with a bird of prey that is the first ship you apparently start off with now and I cut three weapon slots on the front and theyve put a photon torpedo mark five common a disrupter dual cannons mark five common and the dual disruptor beam bank mark five then theyve given me a mark five deflector engine and then they given me a mark five covariant uncommon so it has capacity shield so basically theyve given you a shield that has a lot of capacity at this level starting off the game and then on the back they have a turret one five damage and a photon torpedo on the aft as well that theyve given me just an auxilary battery as shield battery theyve even given me consoles Ive got a mark 5 Victoria Molloy so its a kinetic damage and all energy damage resistance and even another hole plating phaser damage resistance and disrupter damage since then theyve given me a flow capacitor for first starship flow capacitors and theyve given me a Mach 5 tactical warhead for torpedo damage and then this for disruptor damage so Wow but you dont even have to do anything to your ship youre ready to go now the one thing they did not do is they did not give you your skill points as you can see no skill points have been spent and I have 94,000 available because Im level 20 but none of my skill points have been spent so in order to be effective in the game you need to appropriately you know use these skill points so lets do what were supposed to do and start the tutorial for KDF here and its all different from what I remember so Im Im learning just as much as you are okay so Im guessing we need to do follow the path of the warrior that must be the tutorial yes tutorial honor bound qapla you have completed your training and are ready to command a ship in service well I didnt do any training but if it says I completed it then okay alright first you need a crew I need to speak to the sparring master to find brave and skilled officers willing to fight by my side I need to seek out be a loggia the sparring master at the Warriors hall and then I will get an engineering officer candidate a science officer candidate and a tactical officer and then I even get to choose another one so Im gonna get four bridge officers just from doing the tutorial holy crap not like totally you know does everything you need right here at the beginning so I need to seek out the a Spartan master PLO just accepted that and now we just have to fight her and shes actually right here you start out right in front of her so oh there you go smart master balagia talking to sparring master welcome to the ranks of Klingon warriors I know your heart burns to battle the enemies on the Empire but only a fool would come in to ship with no crew yeah some nice scars you got there I know a group of young warriors much like yourself who also yearn turn glory and honor in combat they seek a great leader to fight alongside tell me arent you that leader I am the best warrior youll ever see are you a child youre going to battle with the skills you need to win I wont allow that you need to train before youre ready to fight press K to open your skills window okay so shes not going to let you go any farther until you spend your skill points so lets do that thats good that they you know tell you you need to do that its starship attack patterns this is if youre going to use attack pattern alpha beta Delta or Omega and Im not a tactical officer and Im not probably not going to be using many of those attack patterns although I could but starship weapon training I definitely want thanks weapons driver coil and sure lets go ahead and max that for now starship batteries no hole repair yes flow capacitors to skilled leadership shield and energy drain abilities no but shield emitters yes yes demolitions the skill improves all ground explosive and related abilities Chroniton trans phasing or orbital strike eventually Ill be using a little strike weapon proficiency yeah definitely thats okay and the second tier opened up we still have 40,000 to spend starship energy weapons oh yeah and projectile weapons yep okay more efficiency definitely and then that maxes us out there we go all spent I dont want to spend any more on this column really Im good Im good with that alright now lets talk to her a quick learner I like that you could be a great leader but first you must prove yourself this is the hall of the warrior Hall of warriors the best fighters in the Klingon Empire come here to test their skills defeat some of the officers we have here and Ill consider assigning you a crew all right so basically were gonna have to fight some people here and of course its a Klingon way got a fight for your right to join my crew when youre ready to begin challenge any of the officers in the hall do not hold back when you are fighting use all of your heart and skill but remember an honorable warrior faces his enemies here with only his blade or his hands fighting with a batleth requires more skill than merely vaporizing your enemy with a disrupter all right energy weapons are disabled in the Warriors Hall use your fists or a bat left all right so we have to fight with a batleth so lets get our batleth outs and were good to go Im gonna go ahead and expand that all right all right now basically you see how they all have eyes above their head we can talk to any of them and fight anybody we want so pick out somebody and fight them and the Gorn are probably the hardest so lets actually talk to the heavy Ranger prepare to defend yourself theres a combo move right there that was pretty easy actually so there you go thats one down how many did she say any oh I guess I was it just what I could do more than that now talk to her youre not showing me your best captain fluffy I wont let any officer here serve under a captain who is afraid used all of your force and skill this is battle we are not weak like the Federation we do not hesitate to shed blood return to the ring and defeat another fighter prove your award to your future British officers that will serve on our crew all right now I got to fight somebody else lets fight this dude here fight oh crap they dont really fight back too much quite easy actually alright now lets talk to her again I see the fire in your heart theres somebody else doing the tutorial I see the fire in your heart you are a strong warrior any officer in the Empire would be honored to serve at your side these three bridge officers are the best candidates and their respective fields of expertise tactical science and engineering they are warriors and they will serve you alright so I get an engineering a science tactical and then I get to pick something else well I already have a Im an engineer and then I already have an engineer it actually would be good to have another tactical because on the ships that you mainly fly and for KDF you have a lot of tactical spots all right there you go awesome now theres my bridge officers I can go ahead and tell them to join me theyre not the greatest bridge officers theyre like common you know theyre not theyre not that awesome but two of them theres two of them right now I can Commission my other ones as well there we go now I have all my officers commissioned I have a Klingon male engineering officer Klingon female science officer a nossek and male tactical and then a Gorn male tactical and obviously you see that they only come with like mark two weapons but thankfully with my great inventory theyve equipped me with I can now you know put all that stuff on there and give them better stuff also you want to look at their skills and yes yeah I have I have 44,000 British officer skills already available so what you want to do is make sure they have the powers that you want them to have and then go spend your skill points on them dont forget that thats very important alright now lets talk to her again alright now we have another tutorial called lighting the way be careful the first city can be tricky but it also has everything need report to lieutenant be Amara she will help you get your bearings here talk to lieutenant mammarra in the personnel area of Cronos course Chronos is the planet the world of the Klingons their homeworld thats where we are first city is like their biggest city its like basically where youre going to do everything at and were on first city on their planet right now so this next tutorial basically helps you find your way around first city because it can be confusing all you get is skill points for it no rewards just skill points but it will help you find your way around the city so go ahead and do it and then well exit the howl of warriors and then well be in first right in the first city all right so this is where it starts you out this is actually the barracks I think so personnel area yeah so before I talk to who I need to talk to Im just going to come out and show you guys what first city looks like I believe this is the barracks or something yeah that was the barracks I was correct yay okay so this is first city you can see theres the sky up there and its actually pretty big if you open the map its not circular like ESD on the Federation side basically on our space dock you just go in a circle and you can find everything but this place is laid out and squares and its all over the place so you can get lost and sometimes you know its hard to figure out where stuff is that but basically youve got like the main hall hall in there and thats where your main contact is going to be for your first missions I believe down this way youll find the exchange down that door there the transporter room right here will take you to the ship dock your ship docking area where you can do all your ships stuff at and also to the academy which is in a different place this way down here takes you to other areas like the markets and stuff where you can buy all your goodies and stuff like that and then through there its like crafting and theres other stuff through there so basically thats the area of the areas you need to explore but we need to find lieutenant Maura and the personnel area and I dont know where thats at I might be back in here lag there see this might be her oh yeah thats her okay so the personnel area is kind of like here this is where you can theyve changed I dont know that they havent oh this is where you can you change your fleet settings if youre in a fleet right here is where yeah you should be able to train your skills your captain respect basically which is this stuff right here if you wanted to respect your skills you need a token and right now I have four and I can respect my captain skill steam redeem game code browser Brent Justice a.k.a The Doctor here to play Star Trek Online (STO) paid version on the PC. I will playthrough the Klingon Faction in Star Trek Online and provide a walkthrough for the game leveling up a KDF character. Qapla!**STO is being played at maxed out graphics settings on the PC** -Brent is valorant on steam redeem a steam key steam deck ssd 2230 steam data breach best vr games on steam for oculus