Star Trek Online in 2022 is Bonkers

Best porn game on steam redditline puzzle game steam STAR TREK ONLINE game star trek online a space themed free to play mmo released on pc in 2010 with its free to play relaunch following in 2012. with our last outing covering neverwinter i wanted to cover the other mmo offering from developers cryptic studios with their star trek based mmorpg as the galaxy shared the same fate as the high fantasy neverwinter today we take a look at the new player experience and just what star trek online has to offer its players in 2022 im mitch mannix and this is star trek online in 2022 Music as always our adventure starts at the character creation where cryptic showcases a highly in-depth toolset for customizing your character a wide variety of crazy looking races are available from the star trek universe from your typical humans to alien races sporting forehead testicles built-in harmonicas and ear brows this species looks kind of cool i wonder what his origin story is okay that makes sense now its time to shape ourselves and adventure a worthy of the epic dangerous and complex world of star trek introducing streisberg oh dear lord what have i done if you can believe it this monstrosity is the dire version compared to other versions but we dont talk about those so with our character created our faction selected we dive into our beginnings with starfleet our journey begins at the starfleet training academy as a soon-to-be graduating student catching up with our classmates discussing the upcoming assignment to ship duty there you are oh god and there you are exploring the first area as with neverwinter the game does show its over 10 year long lifespan with its visuals as well as its facial animations but it does well enough to set the scene with its environments along with its many inhabitants but ill honestly say that the mark ii is the superior of the uplinks as weve tested many of them after getting acclimatised with our surroundings were tasked with completing a set of training courses serving as tutorials for some of the games core mechanics and we are shown around the games ui it turns out that we are a star student and have been offered the job of first officer on our first deployment with starfleet only the ceremonial toast sits ahead of our journey to the stars so streisberg prepares himself and takes in the last moments of the academy hes not even banned wait wait wait what is that so off we set to the uss perm with streisberg literally hovering out of his seat in excitement as you may have guessed star trek online lets you give custom names to your ships which is proudly displayed for all others to see adding a nice bit of customization its only a few minutes into our services first officer when the ship is set upon by klingon invaders and its up to streisburg and code to fight them off its here where we see the first string in star trek onlines bow when it comes to its combat as would never winter im pleasantly surprised to see that its far more complex and intuitive than i expected round combat is either played in a typical mmo fashion or with more of a focus on the over-the-shoulder mass effect style with manual aiming for your weapons as opposed to simply clicking on the targets to engage crouching will grant a defensive bonus and cryptic studios mainstay flanking makes another appearance to further deepen the ground combat experience along with dodge rolling the early experience with the combat was good and it felt good to work my way through the ship taking on our enemies and showing the klingons what a real forehead looks like with the invaders dealt with we find out that the klingons have captured our captain who nobody falls in battle make me proud for gods sakes the state of that is the ultimate drama kill with the captain down for the count we take out the helm and give chase to the klingons and are introduced to the other side of combat within star trek online of course being space battles which again has a fair amount of nuance to it with positioning and prioritizing power allocation being a factor while blasting foes with an array of abilities and weaponry with the introductory quest complete we finally beam down to one of the larger hubs in the game for our opportunity for upgrades our next mission and with another chance to freak out the player base we grab our next mission and begin working our way through the games pve content to level up and get a look at whats on offer each larger section of pve content is split into episodes with their own story to tell these include a mix of ground and space combat coupled with taking off of objectives and solving puzzles the puzzles in particular were nice to see to break up the gameplay interweaving with the sci-fi setting solving code locks and managing ship systems during missions during my time playing through the missions i have to say that although a little hit and miss with the blunder missions putting out fires setting off alarms bree there were some standout experiences such as being captured and having to fight my way off a desert planet fighting in an alien coliseum and disguising myself as the enemy to go deep behind enemy lines that youre a klingon now try not to look too out of place lol the zones themselves and the planets vary quite a bit in size but never come close to the much larger expanses found in more recent games of the same type what is nice to see is the amount of alternative locations themselves switching things up enough to sell the idea of jumping from zone to zone in the wider universe the stories again are a little inconsistent with just how gripping they end up playing out but im sure that someone who is much more of a fan of star trek as opposed to me whose knowledge of star trek mostly consists of references made by eddie izzard would get a lot more out of them not to mention the fact that i suspect streisburg himself didnt really exactly help in this department understood the games characters feel a little like they were being directed by two rivaling siblings with some convincing performances sitting alongside performances from voice talent sounding like they were barely awake with even sounding moment to moment like they were voiced by two completely different people the empire will prevail no one is allowed to use this console with actual leonard nimoy voicing some of the games core plot points and some good writing where it counts it overall does a good job at telling stories in the star trek universe as well as gifting a laugh or two even if unintentional ill never let those green pirates have the azura please take my crew well this is a little bit awkward you wouldnt find me making a blunder like that hes right here on the end apparently im here to give you free food and drink goddamn it must be my birthday there you are jesus yeah free food and drink and i probably have some xp buffs for you as well have fun oh nice one thanks vegeta you are an awesome dude and i love that ass its cool right while leveling through the game the player will get access to various upgrades in the form of personal gear for you and your ground crew as well as ship components to augment your mobility and combat skills these upgrades are coupled with a skill tree again for both ground and ship acting mostly to simply puff the players that progress through the game but also traits available for a far more in-depth focused on combat styles and other benefits other progression can be found in the games offices system which covers bridge offices which are more like companions and can be assigned as ground team members as well as providing buffs during space combat and duty offices which can be collected and sent out on missions for materials as well as servicing as the games crafting mechanics unlike with neverwinter this system feels like it fits a little bit more in the setting and i can imagine gives the game a fair amount of longevity leveling up and collecting all manner of staff for your adventures you can even customize and wander around your own ships interior to check out the staff and explore oh someone is the toilet or maybe hes just in hurry to drop a like on the video what a legend promote him immediately given the game is over a decade old i cant say that a huge amount of focus has been seen on bringing the game up to date with its more contemporary competition and some bugs can still be found highlights such as some highly confusing npc pathing Music npcs own clothes bugging out with hilarious results and streisberg getting stuck in the terrain on all of his npc companions deciding to jump 12 feet in the air to try and get him out or celebrate im not quite sure an mmo wouldnt be complete without group activities and although not the largest collection by any standards star trek online does have both ground-based and ship-based cooperative missions to play through in a group dungeon format very much on the short side and with the space encounters specifically i was more times than not completely at a loss of what to do or what was happening as can get a tad cluster okay for new players and i wouldnt imagine the dungeon content being something that would keep players coming back time and time again without some heavy reward incentive and a chance to get a look at other players imaginings of a star trek adventurer like streisberg here logging into the game you can just see him over there in the dark even the games ashamed of it on the pvp side of things i once again spent an age and a day in a queue with no dice and after speaking with a few veteran players it seems like the pvp died a bit of a death over the years with many not playing the game mode at all i dont want to sound too much like a broken record with the last video covering cryptic studios other mmo neverwinter but star trek online suffers from a lot of the same shortcomings but not all of them there is once again heavy monetization giving players with a fat wallet the ability to buy and boost their way all the way up to the end game with shiny upgrades levels and a planet cracking ship the jankiness of the game that feels like it could really do with some touching up does take away from the experience of someone looking to truly immerse themselves in the star trek universe as well as being a constant reminder of the games age i said last time that neverwinter ultimately paled in comparison to other more contemporary offerings and the same could definitely be applied here eve online for example makes the space exploration in this game look like a childs birthday party and if its group based action sci-fi combat youre after then theres a list as long as my arm for far more worthwhile experiences where star trek and line does do well though is pulling all of these elements into one place yes the individual arms arent as strong as its competition but in my time with the game at least i battled through a city on foot calling in airstrikes on groups of invaders went cross-eyed trying to save groups of survivors in a five-man co-op mission fully customized the uss ufo year and got chased around it a little later by a non-combat pet i had accidentally summoned and didnt realize ah what is that ah what is that what is that oh what im saying here is that the new player experience as a package is one that you wont see in many other places so if youre super into star trek could give you a lot of bang for your buck especially since its free to play grabbing a meter to and playing through the games episodes can provide some fun upgrading your ships and setting out together as long as its not taken too seriously as when you start to look at star trek online under the scope of a serious mmo pitching it up against the more popular offerings today it simply doesnt stack up in comparison sadly like its high fantasy younger sibling give this one a look if youre super rock hard on star trek or simply fancy a new experience with a friend or two but as the next great mmo experience to call home that one will most likely remain elsewhere out among the stars Music thank you so much for watching have you played star trek online im keen to get your thoughts down in the comments please drop the video a like if you enjoyed it and consider subscribing to the channel for all sorts of rpg greatness thanks again and ill see you guys in the next one Music Applause you can you hide games you own on steam A 2022 visit into the mmo world of Star Trek Online. 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