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How to pull up steam overlaybamboo steamer for dumplings STAR TREK ONLINE game he tasks me he tasks me and i shall have him ill chase him round the moons of nibir and round the antares maelstrom and round perditions flames before i give him up hello everybody welcome another augmented dictator games video tonight were talking about replacing the consoles that get nerfed last week and for starting off of course with the science build because the thorium whip spinner array and neutronic eddies uh were both considered at least by the top end to be science-based epg type of consoles so you dont know what epg means its right there on the screen starship exotic particle generator its a skill that boosts all your non-weapon damage from abilities uh which includes most of your science abilities gravity well resonance beam as well as you know several of these consoles that we got on here um first off what i replaced uh the neutronic 80s or the only spin array console with on this build was the micro dark matter anomaly and this is the one thats in the lobby store currently just got put out uh it does have like 20 epg on it which is great excuse me uh it also gives you plus three to all power if were basically every ship that is caught in it making this actually fairly decent probably for do sci as well especially if youre using something like beam overload uh with your science abilities uh so its actually really good ive seen parses from neojet angel and ive seen parsers from noel that have this doing anywhere from um 60 to 100k dps depending on the number of ships of course its going to get hit with uh the only problem i see with the ability is that it could sometimes drag like if your your control is not hot you know they could sometimes drag enemies out of your gravity well so that very similar to the way the neutronic 80s used to work where it used to grab and basically knock stuff around uh so you do have to mess with that you will have to look at it but the actual buff version is doing 11 000 kinetic damage per second now im gonna guess it last around anywhere from 20 to 30 seconds because its not actually listed anywhere in the information as to how long this actually lasts um which is kind of an oversight i think on there just the same thing on the more details i did not see anywhere where it says that you know how long it lasts it does have a 10 kilometer range but it will try to gather up all the ships within the 10 kilometer radius and basically deal damage to all of them during its run uh it is boosted by pretty much anything that will increase damage for exotic particle generator including bonus exotic damage bonus all damage yeah plus exotic particle generator skill etc so its actually very good for a science build you know where did it replace the tholian or the uh what did i replace my um electronic eddies with i replaced it with the cascading subatomic disruptions console from the mirror strike wing escort if you got the 12th anniversary taren bundle uh when it came out you have access to this console because it comes on the ship that is themed basically you got to have that bundle to get it thats the mirror triggering escort this has been a good science console for the entire time thats why its back on my build uh that i will be using because not only this deal considerable amounts of electrical damage its also a debuff so you get like an area of effect debuff and a massive amount of electrical damage so while its not providing 50 bonus damage to exotic abilities it is however providing a really kind of increase in debuff on those abilities on those enemies which is gorgeous going to increase the damage output all of your abilities afterwards so its a 10-second debuff thats actually a good thing okay um i kind of took this build and kind of moved it more toward radiation damage uh because of course we got the two piece here for the delta now but you get that 20 percent then we get a bunch of other stuff on here boost uh radiation damage so while we lost a little bit of damage from the thorny west fender range in front of kitties kind of increased our actual damage output with a secondary deflector uh so coming up next were going to look at a surgical strikes build on my fleet soyuz intel heavy frigates so stay tuned for that and well talk about what we changed on it to replace the um agony redistributor console all right everybody here we are with a energy based build the surgical strikes on the fleet soyuz until heavy frigate otherwise known as the bozeman as you can tell pretty much the same uh youll notice that my crit severity is absolutely ridiculous on this build now what i did to replace the um agony distributor on this build is i replaced it with the console from the terran trailblazer and the reason being is its another 11.3 percent crit severity crit severity on a ship that already has a hundred percent crit chance is additional bonus damage added in to all of your weapons okay so that 301.1 percent is automatic with this build because i have a 100 crit chance according to all parties that i had done with this ship uh including the one million plus run i did last night with meghala um it was megalith and mcstew and it was actually it did really well okay they really did 100 crit chance so youre looking at 300 percent plus the 80 you get from surgical strikes right so thats the 380 plus whatever you get from traits which in this case were getting another 50 from universal designs so youre getting quite a bit and its automatic that that bonus damage at 400 percent bonus damage is added into the damage automatically because you dont have to worry about not quitting on this bill because youre going to crit every single time you use an energy weapon uh so thats a good amount of damage on it im really hoping that they dont see these theyre kind of nerve surgical strikes the surgical strikes right now surgical strikes three in particular is very strong and it makes these intel ships especially those with a large amount of intel of engineering seating that have an intel primary specialization extremely potent and elite okay because you just really just absolutely trounce elite enemies with it because they just they melt like butter okay ive also added on this one i added the uh assimilated module from the omega rep again more quick severity because were trying to get as much crit severity as possible into the build uh and were also using the actual console from the bozeman the c store version which again is more quick severity and crit chance we all know how much i love the tacky all net drones anyway because of the damage this is debuff and the uh shield dam the knocking shields offline is especially good uh so this energy build is basically what im going to be running for surgical strike so you know different ships ill have to move stuff around uh but again extremely potent setup for the fleet so use until every frigate and now were going to look at a torque build because we did have to change out stuff on the torque belt as well because we were using aggie redistributor on my torpedo belt so lets stay tuned for that as well okay everyone here i know i am in my 60 31 command heavy battle cruiser uh this is lucifers flagship of these that dont know i have replaced on this particular build this is the meta version i would take in for a record run if you will uh replaced it with the console from the bozeman pacquiaonet drones with good subject right out thank you distributor right out for this and ive also for the meta have replaced the multi-targeting barrage from the lexington with the face space membrane from the um c-store version of the t-6 oberth right because the 400 bonus damage with beta weapons and then we have one of the better consoles in the game that will knock shields offline additionally adding quick chats crit severity which is always useful for torque builds because generally our crit chance and severity are generally lower for some reason on torpedo boats versus energy based weapons right energy-based builds uh this has been part of the torpedo meta for a very long time i am not a fan of it i know it does really great damage because its 400 bonus damage to torpedoes uh but it takes a lot of whats the word im looking for it takes a lot of prep to do right like you have to have your auxiliary power maxed out then you have to use uh either you know emergency powered auxiliary and auxiliary batteries etc in order to keep your auxiliary power high so that youre getting the maximum amount of bonus damage out of the consoles active and its very like if youre just doing something like advanced or something in your torque boat then by all means uh use the uh lets see if i can find it literally just had it there it is use the multi-target multi-directional killer garage i like this one it does have a cat one increase on projectile weapon damage which is good and it has course maximum hull which is also good but its got the launchers warheads in all direction which is just actually cool looking now i dont know if the bonus damage portion of this active is actually working because you should be getting a lot of damage out of this versus what is listed especially once you get a lot of stacks of ruin you should be getting a hell of a lot more damage its coming out of this console thats being shown on the parts all right uh because of that its one of the reasons i have not used it on record runs but i sure as hell will use it during just random tfos or missions or whatever because it looks just looks cool right uh so thats why what ive basically replaced on here with any distributor is with the face space membrane for my record runs if im doing just a advanced random tfos or whatever trying to get endeavors done i will use the multi-directional artillery barrage from lexington and the actual agony redistributor i have replaced the tachyon net drones which on this ship because of the swarm mode creating constantly is actually a little bit more effective than on other torque builds okay im not using entire tactical matrices on this build anymore because i wanted the two unconventional systems rocks versus you know have to use scatter volume one and fire wheel one to proc that trait and ill tell you what i really havent lost any damage output from doing it so its actually a very decent build and i absolutely love this ship so again tech internet drones are players tagging your distributor on this build and we replaced this particular console while on a record run with the face space membrane but otherwise this is the one i ended up using on this build during just regular advanced runs uh so were gonna look at a beam overload build now this is a little bit different than surgical strikes remember surgical strikes youre youre gearing toward print severity versus crit chance etcetera that youre going to be doing with beam overload so or scatter volley so stay tuned for that here we are with a beam overload build on the fleet saber miracle worker escort which is actually one of my favorite beam overload platforms because wow i can get neural sensor bands free and uh mixed dormant synergies three on the ship okay we got like 13 consoles on it which is also good so were looking at here and what we replaced of course we replaced the agony redistributor again with the tachyon net drones now youre thinking well thats uh thats weird because youre youre doing beam over well ive got two weapons on here that have an area of effect okay youve got the turret in the back this turret fritz while that is up guess what everything that is hitting under scatter volume one and i use that for perfect retarding it crits against those enemies within the attack internet drones its gonna knock your shields offline just like it would anything else uh the same thing with your dark matter quantum torpedo i got torque spread two on here hemocyte one so those torpedoes are going to hit those targets grit and then the lovely damage over time which can create is going to continually knock those shields offline and deal that damage or the extra kinetic damage from the actual console itself so again the tachionet drones in my opinion is probably one of the better replacements for agony redistributor on a build again it does have the issue to where its got like a one second activate time so its a little bit different on advanced you may end up wanting to change it out because again stuff dies fairly quick on advanced so if you were going to switch this out for and its something on advanced i would probably use the troyus protocol which is the actual console that came on the c-store version of this ship that can actually find it that would be great go ahead type in this there he is the choice protocol is really fairly decent for beam overload because youre looking at a really large weapon power cost reduction on an escort which does not have a um does not have weapon system efficiency its not a cruiser so this will actually help lower that down unlike the satellite the prior worlds elite satellite the actual active is fairly decent as well because that haste with energy weapons is absolutely insane but again you gotta remember the clickable on this is a kind of execute so youre going to want to use it on the big bosses get them down very quick like if you were doing harold spear advanced it warp into the last portion when youre going up against that dreadnought run over click troyes protocol once you get into fl get into flanking position on the dreadnought and just go to town because at 125 is gonna stack with all your other uh consoles on here that provide haste like your domino the apple trajectory shifter on your m6 computer and all of your actual uh traits that provide stuff as well like you got your overpowered nova gun and your emergency weapon cycle on here and that is going to all stack together to mean that your beam overload if it doesnt miss fire and thats a big if uh basically just be one long beam almost like a damage over time thats doing ridiculous amounts of damage because the haste is so high on the attacks so thats why we ended up using this this was actually very critical for my record run on the temporal operative escort that i did in isc where i think it was like 1.465 i think i did with the beam overload build on that ship and i was using this as part of the execute at the end versus the last tactical cube which is basically a giant hit point sponge to boost your damage output on so again guys hopefully this was very um hopefully this was educational keep in mind that these consoles may get buffed again uh they are looking into it uh the agony redistributor may get buffed up again hopefully this time in a more balanced fashion uh because going from supremely overpowered to absolutely useless was not cool uh with that particular console uh im not sure about the science consoles they they seem to think that theyre working fine which the only whispering array really isnt uh but this one again is still a good alternative to the agony redistributor even if it gets buffed because that haste is good you just gotta know how to time it so again thank you guys for watching and stay tuned uh for an elite bridge officer setup build uh setup video ive been planning on uh now that i got my my main ground people upgraded i know its not really all that important because ground missions you really its just basically you and your bridge officers they dont help you in ground tfos but a lot of people still want to know what the most optimum setup is what traits are affected by the upgrade which is going to be a large portion of that video im going to go through and say this is this is this has upgrade this one does that one doesnt you know generally if you look at something and it looks super um super unique like youve never seen anything before like if you look at marta here i cant believe im going into this target designator you can almost guarantee that does not have a superior version right but shes superior on everything else already target designator doesnt have a superior version okay because shes already been upgraded um things like that that like the the drone creation from janeway thats not going to have an upgrade either a assimilate foe or whatever thats not going to have thats not going to have a superior version because those are unique to that particular that particular duty officer over that bridge officer so again guys stay tuned for that here in a day or so and thanks for watching ive done far worse than kill you ive heard you and i wish to go on hurting you i shall leave you as you left me as you left her my room for all eternity in the center of a dead planet buried alive ddlc steam #StarTrekOnline #STO #StarTrekWhile we wait for certain consoles and traits to be repaired, we can use what we currently have to make up for the loss damage output from the consoles that were dropped straight into the proverbial lake of fire. 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