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How long does broccoli take to steamsteam verify integrity of game files STAR TREK ONLINE game Howdy Folks Spencer here and today were going to be taking a look at some phasers and seeing which one of them performs the best with a beam array setup so I know that there are many many different flavors of phaser weapons out there however I am specifically going to be focusing on ones that I feel have a larger battle impact than most of the other ones out there theres a lot of phasers that just have a 2.5 percent proc on them and the proc basically has like no battle impact so were gonna be focusing on the ones that stand out a bit more that have a better proc than normal that have a higher proc chance or have simply replaced a proc with a fixed stat boost so Ill be focusing on the advanced phasers the agony crafted phasers obliviating pulse phasers and sensor linked phasers for the testing environment Im using the turbo test server with the exact same build on my rolled razor for each of these all of the weapons are rolled to crit D damage with damage times four and in the case of the pen weapons one of those damage modifiers is swapped over to the pen mod so if I hop over in game here I have my world Razer set up sitting right behind the test ship over on the triple test map and what I did for each of these tests is I would go in put the six beams on that I was testing with I would set all my weapons to Auto fire I would start up my sto combat meter have the real-time parser going so that I could see a timer of how long I was in combat and I would just right click on the Target and let the weapons Auto fire for 15 minutes and I did this with each of the different types that Im going through and testing when I saw on the real-time parser that the 15 minutes was about up I would go in game and turn the Auto fire off and manually fired last cycle or two if needed and by doing that I got all of the eight tests that I did to have about the same attacks number and wants an attack once I finish one test I just went in swapped to the beam arrays around to the next set that I wanted to test without moving my ship around without leaving the map so everything was in the same exact position head back to the PowerPoint and I hit no Buffs when I was doing this I literally just set the weapons to Auto fire I right clicked on the target to start firing and then I tabbed out of the game for 15 minutes so there was no damage boot damage boost being hit throughout this this was just Auto fire from the weapons and a quick note so as I said Im running six of each of these weapons and youll note that I am not running the Taran task force on the build in these tests the the Taran task force beam array is without a doubt the single best be Murray in the game you can only run one of them though and its a really good beam but the thing about it is that its main perk is that it scales up the damage it does as the target loses hit points Im sitting in this in a test map shooting a static Target thats blocked at 100 HP so this thing isnt going to perform well compared to the other beams that I have on and as such Ive just opted to completely remove it from the build for this test if I go back in game here you see that I have two empty slots I figure you know one of these on a normal build would be the Terran and then the other would be you know Like a Torpedo of some sort I think is what most people would do so um Im just testing each of these with just the six beam arrays of each type and that will give us a good idea of how each of them Stacks up against each other so I also put up a predictions poll the other day and the majority of you voted for Agony phasers as being the best followed by Advanced phasers pulse phasers and then for the fourth option the standard or Fleet phasers one out um no I did not include some options on here like sensor links just because I didnt have room I should have made the fifth option like listed as other and then said to specify in the comments but it is what it is but you guys voted as Agony as the best option so that is what Ill take a look at first now if you want to see if you want to take another prediction you know well drop down below what you think that the best phasers are going to be here before we get too far into the video because I think theres going to be uh some some surprises throughout this video and the first surprise is that Agony phasers are not as good as you think you see the agony phasers are by far the most overhyped weapons that probably exist in this entire game and the reason is because the tool tip for them is extremely extremely misleading a lot of people think that these have a DOT that goes off every time you fire one of these weapons when in fact it is just that cryptic made a typo and the tooltip which you know that what a surprise there but this dot is actually part of the 2.5 percent chance the 2.5 proc there so these Agony phasers are not as good as you think they are because that dot is part of the proc which does not go off that often so in the I ended up running the agony test twice because the numbers in the first test ended up being so much lower than the other tests that I thought something went wrong so I re-ran the test and got similar numbers and in both tests the agony phasers underperformed and the weapon proc there the the proc that gives you the disable and the Damage over time ended up going off about 33 to 34 times in both of the runs here so really really not as good of a performer as these things have been hyped to be and well take a look at the comparison like against the other types near the end of the video I just am including uh parse stuff here just to give some reference points next up we have advanced phasers these were the second place in the poll and for a very good reason these weapons are very expensive to get in order to unlock these weapons on your character you have to get either the promo or legendary version of the discovery uh Constitution Flight Deck carrier or the promo D7 the one that has the Rune of our enemies on it so you have to get one of those three ships on your character in order to unlock these weapons and once you have them they have a special proc on them that is a five percent chance to go off so its its much better than your standard weapon procs and the proc is to give you a sixty percent or up to sixty percent Crystal Verity boost or 15 seconds and this is a Chris severity boost specifically for these these Advanced Beamers so this these Advanced phasers they scale up based on how many are slotted so if I go in game here let me slot some of these on the build if I slot just one and I hover over it you see that the proc says it only gives 10 great severity if I slot another that goes up to 20 and this caps out at six of these beams so if I put six of these on you will see that the proc on them is now at 60 crit severity so the more of these Advanced phasers you have on your build the more potent they are and especially if you have a really high crit chance number like if youre doing something like surgical strikes especially then the crit Chance is going to be or the the Chris severity from the proc is going to be fairly substantial so as such Ill tell you right now like I we dont even have to see the rest of the video to know that with the proc these things have if you have really high crit chance or if you are doing like surgical strikes these are without a doubt like the best option for phasers if youre doing beamerase because that proc is huge especially when you have you know 80 90 percent crit chance that thats a massive boost of severity there next up we have pulse phasers these were the third option or the third most selected option in the poll that I put out and these are popular for the debuff proc that they have so the issue here is that this is a 2.5 chance to go off and to the issue with the 2.5 chance proc here is that it can go off on a random Target you dont get to control when this you know when this proc goes off or what it goes off on so the issue is is that this debuff is actually potent while its active you know it helps but at the same time if it goes on to like a borg sphere thats at like five percent HP youre not really getting much out of the proc so its its these weapons did perform better than some of the other phasers that I tested but not that much better and one of the points I have here is that if you take anything away from this video it should be that for the most part weapon procs have a very minimal impact outside of a couple special ones like the advanced phasers next up we have the obliviating phasers these are the ones that just came out last week and these are meat in that they have a five percent proc rate on them and if that proc goes off the shot that it goes off on will have 100 Shield pen and 30 armor pen this is okay but these ended up being not that great performance wise in the test I did I I think they they look cool they have like the exact same visuals as the pulse phasers however which I can show you here in game real quick so Ill put an obliviating phaser up front and then in the rear Ill put a pulse phaser and lets fire them side by side to see how they look so the the sounded visual is basically the exact same I have sound turned off right now so you wont hear that but you can see that they they look basically the exact same I dont even think the the shade of like the the Orange is that much different maybe the pulse phaser is a little bit darker its hard to tell yeah I think the pulse phaser is just a smudge darker so its basically a copy paste of the uh the visuals and sounds there the pulse fizzers but you know with these things having a five percent proc rate I was really not impressed with their performance and uh the issue is just you know its its right again its just random um and its only impacting that one shot whenever this proc goes off its impacting that one single shot so these actually performed worse than the pulse phasers because the pulse phasers when the proc goes off on them its at least benefiting any other shots you have on the target for that duration next up we have sensor linked and these are popular because they have a different type of visual which I can show you right now I have a really neat blue animation so let me just put two of those on you see there its like a almost like a Canon type effect and they have a nice impact when they hit the target also so sensor linked are quite popular for the visuals and also because they get rid of the 2.5 chance proc on them for a static plus five to Starship weapon amplification so thats that ends up being plus two percent crit severity per sensor linked weapon slotted so pretty good buff but that crits variety boost is only boosting your weapons now for reference I also included standard phasers now these are also equivalent to the advanced Fleet phasers that you could get from your Starbase and for those of you that are not understanding why that is the case um you know Advanced Fleet phasers used to be the only way to get some like really nice ultra rare weapons back in the day uh way back the game did not have a crafting system like this it also didnt have a re-engineering system or upgrade system so Advanced Fleet weapons way back were the only way to to get like print Deeds who damaged two on weapons and things like that so nowadays we have the crafting system which can do all that for us so basically nowadays Advanced Fleet weapons are just character bound versions of crafted weapons that are also going to cost significantly more so youre always better off nowadays to just get craft weapons rather than the advanced Fleet ones and next up we have crafted phasers with pen and with these pen weapons youre trading off one modifier in this case damage for the pen mod and the thing about pen is that it causes all shots with that weapon to have 10 armor pen and that is really impactful especially in an environment where you dont have a ton of debuffs it is a huge boost if we go back and look at the damage from some of these other situations like look at the standard crafted or Fleet phasers here thats 38.45 million damage there and the the phasers with pen 40.6 million well well take a closer look at all these numbers side by side here in a minute but I just wanted to show and point out that these pen weapons had a fairly substantial performance increase over the other the other phasers and I have some notes here about debuffs um in the high debuff environment these pen weapons may not be as impactful pen or damage resistance debuffs do have diminishing returns basically and there is going to be a point where if you are in a very debuff saturated run where the pen modifier may not be as good but most people are not in environments like that most people dont focus on debuffs much at all I mean look at how many people still run things like attack pattern Delta attack pattern Delta is just clearly worse than attack pattern beta because beta is debuffing everything that your weapons hit Delta is only debuffing things that shoot you so theres already a lot of people that dont take advantage of the debuff potential out there by slotting things like Delta and in environments like that these pen weapons are going to be more useful for them now here is everything side by side and I have went through you see that the crit chance does vary slightly for each of these Ive went through and normalized that and what you see here is that the advanced phasers came out as the top option however be crafted razors with the pen modifier are right there next to them like I would say that these two the advanced phasers and the crafted pen weapons are basically tied with how close they are and for everything else you can see that everything else is about four to five percent behind which doesnt really surprise me that much the the one thing that did surprise me was that sensorlinked was not ahead of things like pulse phasers I was really surprised by those results there and the agony stuff like I mentioned at the start um I expected Agony to do better but I ended up retesting it halfway through the test because the numbers were just so much lower from it that I was worried that something went wrong but you can see here its not the case the agonies just did not do that good and we see that these weapons that have debuff on them of some sort typically do better with the exception of the obliviating which just the issue is again like I said its the when the proc does go off even though its five percent its only impacting a single shot so it just doesnt have that much punch to it so if I was ranking these here the the ranking would be Advanced then crafted with pen then pulse sensor linked agony obliviating and standard or the advanced Fleet would be would be the order and as Ive already said the advanced and crafted pen weapons were basically tied but if you are in a build where you are near 100 crit chance the advanced should should really take the lead if youre on a build where your current chance is substantially lower then crafted pen would probably be a better option and the great thing about crafted pen is how easy they are to get like if youre a brand new player to this game and youre watching this video if you want to craft any of these pen weapons theyre some of the easiest things you can possibly get you go and get them at a Mark II level and you just Spam craft them until you get like a full set of these pen beams like right there I just did a couple of these and spent just a thousand DC or like a couple thousand EC worth of materials at most and I got two pen weapons right there so like that thats super easy to to obtain and then once you have that you can go through and upgrade it up to uh Mark 15 and if you follow my upgrade guides that I did about a year and a half back youll have an easy way to try and get the the beams epic along the way to 15. but you can go through and just Spam spam craft a ton of these pen beams and get them up to 15 really cheap so thats a really really great great find there I feel is the the crafted pen a lot of people have been sleeping on those or just have felt that they have fallen out of the meta but I think that this test shows that crafted pen is still good and it is so easily accessible for a brand new free-to-play player that it just its crazy that one of the best options is still those crafted pen weapons and as I mentioned on the pulse phaser slide you know the one of the big takeaways here is that theres not much of a difference between most of the phaser types or most most damage types you know where its just 2.5 chance Brock so if you dont want to go with crafted pen phasers or the advanced phasers then you basically just pick whatever color or phasers you like the most because the differences are going to be that big and I already mentioned if youre doing like surgical strikes or you have really high crit chance then Advanced phasers are going to be the winner if you dont have really high crit chance if youre if youre under 50 career chance Id probably just go with crafted pen but that is pretty much it you know is this is this what you guys expected did you guys expect like I think the advanced phasers isnt really that much of a surprise to people but did you expect crafted pen weapons to be this competitive I I certainly did not Ill be honest like I knew pen was still good but I just I didnt expect it to be holding up this well in this test now like I said this was a very low debuff environment and Pen would not be as impactful in a very high debuff environment but like I also said the reality is is that most of you dont play in a high debuff environment so pen is going to be very beneficial but that is going to be it for today let me know what you guys think you know were your predictions accurate or are you surprised by the results and are you disappointed that Agony is not as good as its been hyped up to be but thats going to be it for today thank you for watching and see you guys next time steam game on mobile Today Ill be going through and taking a look at some of the more popular Phaser types in the game to see which performs the best.▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Builds Discord: My Discord: Twitter: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Become a Channel Member! 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