Star Trek Online - Kelvin Timeline Intel Dreadnought Cruiser Surgical Strikes Build

How to get nintendo switch games on steam deckwallpaper engine steam STAR TREK ONLINE game he tasks me he tasks me and i shall have him ill chase him round the moons of nibir and round the antares maelstrom and round perditions flames before i give him up hello everybody welcome to another augmented dictator games video tonight were doing a build video on the vengeance the first one ive actually done which is ironic because it is technically one of khans ships and i have not done one yet uh in my defense when i originally started this channel i was playing in kdf and i was not able to have access to the ship uh but ive had access to it for a while so were gonna do a surgical strikes build on it why because it kind of fits the theme and its an intel ship probably one of the still most impressive looking intel vessels next to the section 31 command heavy battle cruiser which is technically command ship but i like to think of it as intel as well um just an absolutely beautiful ship beautiful model recently remastered as well uh those you did not know some of you are flying around and ones that are like six times bigger than normal uh but were going to jump into this build so you guys can see how this does how this does work now that its been updated uh and were gonna look right into it there you go the iss openheimer and you guys knew openheimer is he was involved with the development of the nuclear bomb so yes i have become death destroyer worlds after all good name for the vengeance class uh otherwise known as the kelvin timeline intel dreadnought uh now this is going to be very similar to other builds of those you have watched my uh surgical strikes overall build youll notice that again certain things match on this versus that one except this is phaser instead of disruptor like it was on legendary d7 well were starting out with the weapons again we have the terran task force phaser dual heavy cans you will notice that i do not have these re-engineered to uh crit d for an obvious reasons addition doing actual testing to see what the difference between pretty and uh damages on surgical strikes and to tell you the truth the um the results are uh very very close very close and close enough that it doesnt really matter whether you change it or not to be honest with you although we have the terran task force here because again it does that nice little 200 damage increase once a an opponent gets low on on health and keep in mind again that as surgical strikes is a energy weapons uh firing mode so it does all energy weapons as cannons and turrets and omnis and everything it affects everything on your ship that is an energy weapon so you dont have to worry about you know mixing beams and cannons whatever when youre using surgical strikes however you do want to fit special weapons like the uh tearing weapons on your ship to make sure youre getting the most out of the ability because again surgical strikes does not have a extension trait uh so you do have a nice little five second dead zone there where youre basically just firing normal firing cycles which can its actually kind of annoying uh but then again we have the discovery phaser wide angle dual heavy beam bank as well again this is the one that ramps itself up to 20 bonus damage uh very good for the um surgical strikes and beam overload and weve got two covert phaser dual beam banks here uh again i picked the covert versus the kelvin because one kelvins are array only and arrays dont do as much damage as a dual beam bait does they dont come in dual beam bank or anything else uh they look cool but again uh this is also a section 31 weapon so i figured it actually kind of fit the theme additionally the proc on it if it was does happen which wont happen as much as it does on beam overload gives you flat speed and turn rate which uh this ship actually can actually use very well because its kind of slow and and you know turns very strangely uh then we have the dark matter quantum torpedo launcher its gonna be on every energy build i do uh the mixture of the dmq as we like to call it and keema salt lace weaponry along with torch free torque spread 3 which we do have down here uh will help make up for that five seconds of just playing basically playing shooting uh the the the combination of those three uh is more than basically an energy weapon and that spot would have done uh anyway so there you go uh our deflector we have the energy weapon spacecore meta which you guys may have seen in that video i did uh last week now weve got the complete elite fleet intervention protomatter deflector ray for the crit chance crit severity uh the prevailing innovative impulse engines for our speed boost whenever using uh surgical strikes or torque spread it does proc as you can see uh and then we also have um our elite fleet plasma integrated warp core for the power transfer rate and negative 10 weapon power costs luckily surgical strikes does not actually increase weapon power it does slow the firing rate down of your weapons but it does not actually increase the power consumption like beam overload does and then we have the tillys review pinning modified shield this is course given this whole capacity as well as a debuff we could place on our enemies that causes greater damage to their shields thats a good thing to have uh rear weapons we are using the the omni and the turret uh from the beyond the nexus mission the trilithium laced uh because they have a built-in 10 percent um paste proc on it with if and when its actually going to work uh then we actually have the omnidirectional covert phaser beam array i will say that the that phasors like turrets actually are very weak under uh surgical strikes so dont expect a lot of damage but output out of this particular weapon under surgical strikes but you can hopefully get a nice uh haste boost out of it because surgical strikes does slow down the this firing speed of your weapons just like beam overload does so haste is still important for devices and we got plenty of those weve got the reactive armor catalyst uh the tourium surplus the speed we got our energy amplifier which has been jumping off of my bar lately uh the kobayashi maru transponder from the event which i believe you can now buy in the mud store those you really really want it and the subsidies field modulator from the really old missions uh involving the davidians which you cant even find in the normal episode list anymore you have to go to available tab uh universal consoles of course weve got the lower cater uh the locals custom fire controls weapon power setting increase shield penetration and crit chance which we dont really need the crit chance on this one believe it or not but were using it because the two the set two and three piece are actually kind of useful uh for this particular build uh well go ahead and look at those now too uh if you look of course you get the 25 crit severity which is really good for surgical strikes uh whenever you crit so this is going to come up really quick under surgical strikes you have a 100 crit chance while this particular uh well it depends on what your base crit chance is but each rank of surgical strikes gives you 30 crit chance automatically so uh youre probably going to get this war discretion up fairly quick and then theres but thats just the beginning uh this is basically a turns your dark matter quantum torpedo into a 360 degree experimental weapon once enemies around you get below 50 percent in health if you have chemos at least weaponry up this torpedo does proc it the same as it does under normal firing modes so its actually a fairly decent thing to put on uh then we have our assimilated module this is here for basically the crit severity and weapon power setting uh everything else else crit chance everything else thats just secondary thats from your omega reputation one of the oldest consoles in the game uh dynamic power redistribute module from the prototype atlas dreadnought again there for the direct energy damage increase and the ridiculous buff if you do not have a prototype atlas dreadnought i would suggest uh some stuff that might be useful here like you have the troyes protocol this comes from the da vinci which is a sea store ship the da vinci um miracle worker escort i love that by the way it would actually be good on here as well uh you could also if you have the 10th anniversary bundle youll have access to the weaponized portion which is giving you phaser damage and crit severity which might be good depending on whether you have it if youre having trouble with maneuverability you can always throw in the computer assisted fight algorithms that gives you flanking damage flight speed and turn rate for having it on there and because of the way um surgical strikes uh tag especially with a good amount of haste of it youll actually get that you know that recharge on flanking fairly quickly and it does seem to work better under surgical strikes and it has been under with cannons and beam overload its kind of strange uh if you want to be a real cheese head you could always throw on the agony redistributor from the taren adamant um heavy raider again this is this console is absolutely ridiculous especially on elite level and youll actually borrow other peoples damage output for your own so its you know still there still useful uh just you know a little bit cheesy then we have um see what those the uh powers were elite set defense style if you have that from the event that is also good got a direct energy damage and weapon power cost reduction built in um and thats probably the ones that i would probably suggest because those are good if you if you if youre looking for something from the mission items you can always throw in your um the basically the console from the beyond the nexus as well thats the reinforced armaments but it does give you a good power transfer rate increase as well as giving you that speed tweaks two-piece bonus which is basically a built-in five percent crit chance going on okay so thats another good one you could use um so were gonna jump down here and that goes for all these other consoles as well that you cant get access to uh stuff like your domino from the bajorn interceptor and your emulating phaser lance from the demos pilot destroyer those are those are premium ships basically you can get this out of an with an epic token for the phoenix box so its a little bit easier i guess to get than emulating phaser lance because this ship here is going to cost you like 1.5 billion right now uh this will cost you a little bit of lithium you can sit there and try to farm it get that uh that token so you can get the jordan interceptor for this specific console uh because its really good that that that clickable is absolutely fantastic and if of course you get the emulating phaser lance you can do like i do just put it on your spam bar and then you just basically sit there and spam uh the hell out of the the phaser lance killing absolutely everything uh then you have your temporal trajectory shifter from the narendra or the legendary vorcha were using this not for the defense rating of the server ship scientific readiness but for the clickable which is basically a 50 weapon speed firing haste which is really good uh then we have the barrel neural infusion circuits from the lobby store that is there because it is the largest source of crit severity on the console uh 26.2 percent crit severity and then down here we have all phaser vulnerability exploiters for the extra crit severity which is why our vengeance has 242.7 percent crit severity at outside the combat and then as our pet we are using the elite alliance fighter squadrons from the the recent uh summer event for the rock alliance carrier again it has the focused assault 3 which will really help your single target damage out if your pets are putting it on your current target okay for skills were looking at our basically i did a whole video on this so i really shouldnt have to explain it like literally was the last video i did it is currently on the front page uh that will explain exactly everything i do and why i did it here uh our specializations are of course intel and temporal operative i really dont normally take this off because its a pain in the butt but if youre doing the min max you probably do want to use strategist as your secondary because of the show of force which of course is another 20 crit severity uh for traits were looking at uh mostly beam traits to be honest with you uh we got symbiotic ice this is the one that deals additional being additional coal damage based on the beam damage going out youre gonna be creating a lot with the surgical strikes uh surgical strikes does have a minor increase in beam damage if you want to look so as you hear it is at 479.2 we hit our thing and it goes up to 1500.54.3 so it does have somewhat of an increase in addition to all the crit severity et cetera thats built into it uh so again thats going to do anywhere from about 17 to 18k max one hits uh when surgical strikes is up uh then we have something here because im a lazy punk and i dont want to learn how to fly correctly you know slamming my fist on q e and r and whatever uh trying to get my sliding mix slide face here to stop moving when i want to actually get in position to fire so i got death cannon here on here and this actually does proc deficate in here if you look here uh which is a good thing because originally i thought well what im gonna have to put a dummy uh dummy um scatter volley on here to get it dude but no it does proc your death cannon here as well which is good and thats another plus 30 percent inertia which is going to help you slow down as well as additional flight turn rate uh we got a good day to die i i mean im a tactical captain if you know hunting a dps or im gonna have this turns my go down fighting into a reusable buff um you know that is then cooled down quicker by your intelligent agent attache so this is definitely something you want to use as a tactical captain uh we have our unconventional systems youre going to see this everywhere this ship is actually a ridiculously tremendous good a setup for unconventional systems i have eight unconventional systems products on the ship right now ive got my uh the jam sensors the scramble sensors got a gravity well one heisenberg amplifier one uh chronometric conversion one uh viral impulse burst one and i and electromagnetic pulse probe one which was just made into an unconventional systems proc and then we have tractor beam one so again youre gonna have these consoles here up constantly um with this particular trait on so i do recommend you get it if you dont currently have it ive probably given out like 40 copies of this uh within the last six months so ive been trying to get people to use it because it is really really good for most builds uh then we have our uh inspirational leader again plus 30 i did explain this in the skills building uh bill uh build video as well uh inspirational leader gives you up to plus 30 to all starship skills based on you know procking on any sort of bridge officer ability uh again intelligent agent attached weapon critical strikes restore a small amount of captain ability surgical strikes is going to proc this constantly every time it comes up because again 100 crit chance um so youre going to get your you know your tech team and or your engineering team or whatever your captain abilities are back up fairly quickly uh whereas otherwise they would have like a five minute long cooldown or something ridiculous uh then we have our self-modulating fire because getting through the enemy shields especially on the link to hit directly the hole is a good thing so outgoing critical hits which again surgical strikes is going to proc every time uh gains you 50 percent shield penetration for projectiles and weapons and then of course we have because most of our weapons are still beams uh we have a seven point their superior beam training for the seven point five percent bonus beam weapon damage uh crit severity from terran targeting systems fifty percent crit severity very good we are using adaptive offense this is crit chance but it turns into severity so about nine percent crit severity added on once you get into combat fairly quickly and then we have the boimer effect from the lobby store which is the major high-end cool down reduction method right now because 17.5 percent every time you use a bridge office ability to reduce all your other bridge officer abilities to their minimum cooldown i guess its 50 percent but it just completely knocks them down like you know 100 percent you know theyre gonna come back up quick uh i have been blind before so i like to call it where this doesnt proc so im also using a borg duty officer which i will show you guys here in a minute that actually reduces the cooldown uh or has a chance to reduce the cooldowns as well uh for starship traits were looking at uh some pretty decent uh easy to get stuff we got horse emergency weapon cycle this is gonna cancel out the 50 reduction speed that you get from using surgical strikes so its a good thing to have as well as reducing the power cost uh youre probably not going to be using much power at all when this is up and running then we have our supercharged weapons from the tactical dreadnoughts infection tactical dreadnoughts in my case uh this came off the kopesh its a its a cat one damage increase crit chance and crit severity which is really what were looking for the crit chance i can take it or leave it on this particular build uh one of the harder ones to get on here of course is universal designs universal designs is a basically a 10 crit chance 50 crit severity and thats one of the reasons we like to use the emulating phaser lance a lot because its up and every time you use it it does proc the trait um that said there are other things you could use uh instead uh for instance like the piercing projectiles uh its shield penetration and hole penetration its about plus 20 armor pin from the davinci america worker escort that is a c store ship as well i do like to use one big abbey fleet but again thats a let this legendary miranda so its not exactly easy to get uh there are other ones um for instance if you have improved critical systems you get this from the temporal uh recruit event i believe uh or actually its one of the um i think it may be this one thats unconventional tactics i cant i thought it was one of these but it probably is not um i think its from the temple recruit this ive had it for so long i cant even remember to be honest with you uh just search it on the the wiki itll tell you where it is uh but again its also a good one because it is again crit chance chris very built in youre already running your um emergency powered weapons for mercy weapon cycle anyway so every time you use it youre gonna get mercy weapon cycle and the improved critical systems trait running at the same time uh carrier wave shield hacking uh this is a try xander i love to try xander loves this trade uses pretty much all the time but it does have very good applications for this particular ship because of the massive amount of intel abilities we have and the fact that i have tracker beam as well so it does knock the ships uh an enemys shields offline for five seconds which you get quite a bit of shots in the surgical strike steering that bypassing shields directly the hole is always a good thing it does have a little bit of increase to tractor beam damage but really thats if that was like 3 000 then it might actually do something but that 30 is not going to do anything uh really to help your tractor beam damage out um not sure why they they added that in there they should have had it done like 300 bonus damage or something uh or bonus damage to energy weapons while their shields are offline or something like that would have been a lot better but this is a fairly cheap trait right now as of the video its only about 1.5 million on the exchange and its very useful for both this type of build as well as support builds and if youre doing like uh high-end torpedo runs and supporting a torpedo dps by knocking shields offline this is definitely a trait you want to look into then we have come before the storm this is from the cardassian intel flight deck carrier otherwise i like to call the battle axe it gives you a stacking damage resistance increase and then after 20 seconds its going to give you a 33 farting cycle haste for energy weapons again good for this particular build uh and bridge officer abilities recharge 33 percent faster so even if boiler doesnt proc youre probably going to get your stuff up much quicker while this is running uh and then finally we have uh overpowered and over gun uh this is from the legendary pilot defiant warship again another premium trait uh for this i would actually probably uh choose to use um if i could find out where it went uh i heard i needed help nope i need to go and unlock a lot of the other traits that i have on this character anything basically that would give you weapon haze tear machinations um if you have the inquiry the inquiry trait would work as well uh but again the weapon haste is super important for these type of builds thats why this one is actually on your on the ship like if you want to go super cheap you could do um pilfered power which im not sure if i even have on here here it is but youre using tractor beam anyway okay theres plenty of control abilities on here um but the actual weapon uh power and firing cycle has only lasts for 20 seconds and then it has a 30 second cooldown uh so you was gonna be 20 seconds between using this and actually you know getting the benefit from it so theres a theres a nice hefty cooldown between actually getting access to it but it could still help uh twenty percent firing circulation energy weapons is still pretty good as well as boosting aux and uh weapon power this ones been in the game for quite some time so it would definitely work on uh as more of a uh budget version of this particular trait okay uh for space reputation weve got our advanced targeting systems for crit severity the aconian or the dyson rep advanced engines from the i think this ones actually the iconium rep uh we have the precision which one thats delta lines thats right because its red uh precision for crit chance you could technically put something else in here for this build uh if you wanted to because really its not really all that useful for this uh control counter measures however is very useful because of nine you have like eight controls on this particular build this is going to stay up quite a bit often so youre going to enjoy that 90.4 percent bonus energy and projectile damage pretty much almost 100 of the time and then tylers duality again something that you could probably possibly replace uh especially stuff with um you know theres really not a whole lot like magnified firepower would work because thats just basic bonus damage um energy refrequencer if youre having a hard time living staying alive uh counter controlled uh counter stroke because it does give you crit severity when you control and things do like throwing um throwing up a um throwing up tractor beams and and you know grab wells on you and stuff like that anyway so theres definitely a case for counter stroke as well but were going gonna go ahead and look at the stations again most of this is our controls because of the controlled uh unconventional system straight our tractor beam um our electromagnetic pulse probe our viral impulse burst the chronometric conversion field heisenberg amplifier gravity well scramble sensors and jam targeting sisters is all to proc unconventional systems to get these haste consoles back up as quickly as possible of course the main firing mechanism main basis of this particular just is energy weapons surgical strikes three again you get 330 percent of the normal damage increase as well as additional accuracy rating 30 additional crit crit chance and 80 additional crit severity while this is running mercury power to weapons three that is there for the power weapon weapon power setting and the bonus damage into proc emergency weapon cycle uh and of course were using torque spread 3 and keyboard set lace weaponry 3 because those two together along the dark matter quantum torpedo is absolutely ridiculous and distributed targeting one thats there to help move some of that single target damage to nearby enemies so that is the bridge officer setup were going to look at the duty officers now i didnt mess with these earlier uh weve got 27 to 47 youre probably not going to be able to afford this if you dont have it already but this is basically like the perfect duty officer for the ship because theres a lot of tactical and a lot of intel going on here so youre looking at crit chance of crits rarity from using 2747 you got two um you got the zovar hes there for crit severity uh on firing the dark matter quantum or torque spread youre going to get these up to this is the crit chance probably not needed but theres not really anything else you could put up there not a lot of support for duty officers traits for surgical strikes at the moment uh 24-47 shes there just for the 15 chance at power levels the maximum for five seconds and then we have our uh 32-47 which is science improves critical chance by 20 we do have you know four science abilities so this is going to happen a lot and then intel improves exotic damage because might as well improve some extra damage for all these you know various controls that have damage on them so again guys were going to look at this isa i ran earlier you know i wanted to do a pug run for this particular run to show you guys how it is im going to show you both in advanced in an elite run that we did uh in this with this particular build so stay tuned yes stop them Music Music foreign Music okay everybody here is the elite run that we did a while back uh dawn stream this is the same ship you know this is um this is the vengeance as we look here again again when i tell you that chemosat lace weaponry goes really well with the dark matter quantum torpedo i mean it if you look kimo sallys weaponry 2 on this run was 65k it was number two on the pars with the amount excuse me the amount of damage it did along with the actual spread three right here did another 40k by itself um so yes this is definitely helpful in getting out uh your helping basically make up for that loss of surgical strikes time uh this was a competitive run that we did uh and we did a lets see if we can find it here it was a 591k run so again almost 600k with surgical strikes not using any form of weird consoles like the agony redistributor or anything like that on this run this still did nearly 600k in elite so it is definitely a viable build for your vengeance if you want to use it so hopefully guys again uh were going to look at an advanced one here coming up so stay tuned for that particular partial explanation as well okay here we are with the partial explanation for the surgical strikes build on the kelvin intel dreadnought otherwise known as the vengeance uh this was a pug isa that i did earlier and i gotta say especially with the issues at the beginning with somebody using um the late overload cascade to knock the spheres around uh somehow ended up with a sphere completely behind me so its really kind of hard to do any damage to it cause i couldnt find it and unlike beam overload surgical strikes does not like to do auto targeting so thats an issue that youre gonna have to you learn how to basically tab target to do really um to really use uh surgical strikes properly because again its its you know that is actually a benefit for pvp uh but its not a benefit for pve so youre definitely gonna have to learn how to click or youre gonna have to learn how to uh tab quite easily to be able to do this but as you can see it did fairly well it probably would have been over 300k at that sphere not somehow gotten behind me and slowed down the progression to the next area uh i did go right because again im trying not trying to uh afk people on these runs uh luckily they everybody was two percent or higher on damage so nothing that happened but as you can see the uh the dual the the phaser dual banks of course is the most 47k uh the phaser wide angle doing 33. if you look at my crit chance again my crit chance is uh see here crit chance 100 on all the surgical strikes i cannot lower my crit chance anymore on this build so thats kind of a kind of an issue and unlike on the disrupter build i did earlier none of my weapons were crit d they were all damaged uh so i was getting damaged but at the same time uh theres some kind of issues with um you know trying to get that crit chance down which is just i cant believe i even have to say that because youre you really want to get the crit chance down in the crit severity up on the surgical strikes build uh but again the chemosateles weaponry 2 and the dark matter quantum spread torpedo kind of make up for that five seconds you dont have anything going for your energy weapons again thats why i did chemo site 2 and torque spray 3 on this build so hopefully guys this was useful to yall again i do like this surgical strikes build i do like the surgical strikes in general thats been upgraded its actually a viable uh in-game firing mode which im hoping to get a little bit more uh trait support in uh later on but it is useful in both elite and in your um advanced level things and the the vengeance just looks cool with it anyway so again guys thanks for watching and stay tuned for more videos this week ive done far worse than kill you ive heard you and i wish to go on hurting you i shall leave you as you left me as you left her my marooned for all eternity in the center of a dead planet buried alive samsung vrt steam washing machine #StarTrekOnline #STO #StarTrekWe take the updated Intel bridge officer abilities on a romp in the Kelvin Timeline Intel Dreadnought Cruiser, affectionally known as the Vengeance or U.S.S. Vengeance from Star Trek: Into Darkness. As built by Khan Noonien Singh, the Vengeance was built purely for combat in what Admiral Marcus of Section 31 said was an inevitable war against the Klingons. Meant to be maintained by a minimum crew, it could catch another ship at warp and attack as evidenced by the near destruction of the Kelvin Enterprise. This build utilized Surgical Strikes III as the main firing mode as the Vengeance is a full Intel ship and with a secondary Temporal seat, it has plenty of room for Unconventional Systems procs, making it a great energy base DPS ship. 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