Star Trek Online - The Doomsday Device (KValk suicide run into the mouth of the beast)

Steam without steameramong us vr steam STAR TREK ONLINE game stay where you are captain Ill handle this Kivar turned that shuttle around youll be killed my life is of no consequence but my honor no I must do this destroying this abomination is the only way to redeem myself farewell captain koi que les baux blood koi puck Beppo young mother Jesu wee same a tomb a mushroom man aha its become true nabela mahjongg love go bobba fett mention Kingston Vasu Maddie cooperate faster come on Ava you hot wheels steam One of the most epic cutscenes from Star Trek Online. KValk performing a Klingon War Song originally heard in an episode of Deep Space 9.NeonBerZerKer provided an english translation of the lyrics. Special thanks for doing so! Hear! Sons of Kahless Hear! Daughters too. The blood of battle washes clean. The Warrior brave and true. We fight, we love, and then we kill. Our lives burn short and bright. Then we die with honor and join our fathers in the Black Fleet where we battle forever, battling on through the Eternal fight. Enjoy! gmod on steam steamed asparagus microwave how to steam broccoli in rice cooker 2 player 1 keyboard games steam easy steam activities