Best Leveling Starter Ship in Star Trek Online 2021

How do i gift a game on steamsteamed eggs time STAR TREK ONLINE game hey guys mcstu here and today were gonna look at one of the best ships for leveling characters uh that you can pick up from the c store uh before we jump into it and if you havent already id appreciate if you hit that sub button ring the bell give me a thumbs up if you find uh this video helpful to you i appreciate that and that helps me out quite a bit um so lets go ahead and jump into it here its gonna be just a quick video just talking about uh what in my opinion is the best leveling ship in the game now this ship will not be real valuable to you once you hit level 50. uh so do bear that in mind um now that the change has taken place and actually it took place quite a while ago where they made all tier six ships um usable at your once you finish the tutorial so in the past the way that it was is that you had to use the ships that were provided or purchase ships that were tier one tier two tier three tier four as you progressed up through the the different levels and um they made a change a while back where tier vi ships now would scale with you so you would you could start with a tier 6 ship but it would block out console slots bridge officer slots and weapon slots effectively making it the appropriate tier for whatever your level was so thats still a good option depending on you know if you plan on spending you know money on the game or you dont mind spending 30 you know 60 bucks by a couple ships once you start getting into it this option is is going to be half that price and the ship itself like i said once you get to that in game or level 50 a tier 6 ship is obviously going to be better although you can certainly build it to you know get through advanced content missions things like that if you know what youre doing or watch some of the beginner guides that ive put out you could certainly build the ship like that so lets go and take a look im on one of my alt accounts here just because i i have this pack purchased on my my other accounts and i wanted to be able to get a good look at what it cost and be able to actually see that and so if we go down to starter packs theres actually a couple pretty uh pretty decent deals in here so this isnt the one im gonna recommend but this is a very good deal here for twenty dollars um this is a tier six ship itll scale with you and this is actually a really good ship you can beam boat with it you can tank with it um there theres theres quite a bit you can do with this uh stu 1701 has a tanking build on this particular ship so i definitely recommend checking that out if you are interested theres a fleet version of it that you can get and it looks really really cool the skins that it unlocks this pack also provides you with some extra bank slots inventory slots uh borg duty officer two extra uh bridge officer slots that was a borg bridge officer not duty officer and some weapons that are not really worth much at all so thats definitely a good contender just in terms of bang for buck for a tier six ship that will scale with you uh although it will scale all the way down to you know the the the level that youre at what im going to recommend today is going to be the age of discovery starter pack and so this is not a tier 6 ship i believe it skill scales to tier 5 i want to say tier 4 or 5. well take a look when we actually jump into the ship but its 15 and if you wait for a sale you can get it even cheaper than that and what itll include is the ship itself youll get the tardigrade which is just a non-combat pet youll get some weapons that are okay nothing super special there inventory slots always great and some of this other stuff is kind of whatever i mean a lot of this you can get for next to free in-game but the main thing is is the ship and uh the inventory slots are probably the most valuable parts out of this and again if you get it on sale you could pay you know what eleven twelve dollars for it definitely a decent value uh for for what you get here um so lets uh lets go ahead and jump over to um my other account where i actually have this ship unlocked and lets just take a look at it and why im recommending this ship for leveling characters okay here we are on my free to play account i had got this um this pack from a giveaway code that i had won and i actually have an extra one um which were gonna be giving away and ill give you guys instruction for that at the end of the video here this can be a short one so uh well get to that here pretty quick uh lets go ahead and and pick up the ship i think i actually need to claim it from here all right here we go so we should have that now and that should have just equipped so lets go ahead and take a look here all right here we go so here is why this ship is excellent uh for leveling a character or if youre just new to the game and youre wanting to you know go through and um you know have something thats going to be a little bit better or a lot better really than anything else you can get and lets just take a look here so i have a tier six ship here and youll see the main differences between my leveling my scaling tier six ship is its blocking out weapon slots console slots and it blocks out bridge officer seating here is one that the game gives you this is a low level tier its the first ship you get and obviously you can see what youre provided with when you purchase and use this particular ship and this is the only one in the game that is like this the only thing that scales on this is the hull and the bridge officer seating thats available to you so lets go ahead and ready the ship and just take a look at that so if we take a look here at the bridge officer seating some of these should end up being blocked out when we go up into space now we should be able to pick whatever we want for it but its only going to let you have access to particular ones here so lets just go ahead and beam up so we can take a look at it here in in real time okay here we are beamed up into space and our ship its a its a great looking ship too i really enjoy this uh this design uh from discovery here and they did a great job in the the game the legendary version of this is just an excellent excellent ship the walker class uh definitely recommend that ship um if youre so inclined to purchase that with money um its obviously quite a bit more expensive but its an excellent excellent ship lets not get sidetracked so lets take a look here so i went ahead and we just equipped some engineering seating here and so you can see that we have all of these look like that theyre good to go right and so on the other ships what youll find is these will be either crossed out or just wont show up and thats what were seeing here so you can only you only have access to the ensign um as we were as we as we level this character up this is a level seven character im keeping it low level for other reasons which maybe ill make a video on later but once i hit level 10 well have additional ranks of our bridge officer seating open up and well get more usage out of that but that is the only part of this ship that scales besides for the hull which is fine because the content is is scaling with with that as well so thats not a very big deal but the rest of the ship now it equipped a bunch of crap that i did not want on here the rest of the ship is completely unlocked for the tier that it is and it has one two three four five six seven so this is uh what a tier four ship is what it takes you up to um now i have my settings set on auto equip whatever was on there i dont know why it replaced stuff because it already had weapons on it which is a little bit strange but in any case i am also going to leave the weapons on the ship that come with it now theyre not like the best weapons in the game or anything like that theyre not upgradable theyre white but theyre scaling so as long as youre building your ship out correctly so youre using you know phaser amplifiers here youre using resistance anything else that you can do to boost phasers these weapons are just going to scale with your level now again once you get to level 50 level 60 and youre going in to do advanced tfos and things like that these weapons are not going to get it done but they are more than capable to pace with the progression through the storylines and the content that youre doing while youre leveling a character so it makes it nice where you have basically a fully unlocked tier four ship that the only part that scales is your bridge officer abilities and the weapons that it comes equipped with you can just leave on there now i probably i personally like using like beam overload for leveling and i most likely would drop these torpedoes maybe i would put one on the front once i had enough tactical unlocked in order to get a torpedo spread so id probably run like torpedo spread and beam overload is what i would do and i you can get extremely inexpensive you know cheap torpedoes that are going to be a little bit better than what come on it but as for the phaser beams theyre going to do just fine and theres no reason to you know go out and get like you know a purple quality level 2 beam array for a ship like this i mean within playing you know one night youre going to be another 10 levels up and youll be able to upgrade that and you dont want to have to keep upgrading and putting all these resources in if youve just gotten the game and youre pumped and youre grinding through it youre going to youre going to be leveling up very very quickly and continually having to upgrade your gear and all that kind of stuff is not only annoying and expensive on your resources but its just not really needed for playing through the story missions now again once you get to that level 55 65 things are going to become a lot harder and youre going to want to start sourcing good gear to build your ship out with and at that point its worth it because thats gear youre going to keep you can upgrade it and do all that stuff that youre using and getting a hold of early in game youre going to be throwing away very quickly so it doesnt really make sense in my opinion to start switching this stuff out especially as a new player to the game now if you already know what youre doing you know and youve rolled a new character and you know that im going to do a uh disrupter overload build on my you know my in-game setup thats the whole point of why im you know putting this character together then maybe it makes sense to pick up you know a bunch of weapons that are gonna be what youre going to use at a low level maybe use some of your phoenix pack upgrades and then just continually upgrade them as you move and progress through the game that might make sense youre kind of developing your build from the beginning but for new players or maybe you dont know what youre going to do you know once you get to end game with this particular character at least through level 50 just leave the stock weaponry on this and just use it its gonna get the job done and at level seven which im at here i have a fully unlocked tier four ship with the exception of my bridge officer abilities so pretty straightforward um short video but i just wanted to get that out there theres a lot of you know i really focus on you know the beginners guide and the newer players and and you know players that may be coming back to the game this was something that was added a year or two back and um this was the first ship to actually scale with your level um and then they added or adjusted all the current tier six ships to do that but they made it they made all the current tier six do that in a different way to where it scales every bit of the ship with your level this one does not it only scales your bridge officer abilities um so definitely consider grabbing that you know if youre liking the game and you know youre level 15 20 and you know you feel like youre going to be playing this would definitely be a decent buy um if youre not you know if thats not as big of a deal look at one of the tier vi ships the other elite federation starter pack ship is an excellent ship for five dollars more i dont want to sound like a salesman but if youre going to spend money on the game you know do it as smartly as you can you know so whats inexpensive or pick up something like the arbiter which would be my go-to number one tier six ship to have its gonna fit most of all your builds except for basically science and torpedo builds and it will scale but its going to scale just like you know a tier 3 4 and 5 ship its going to take the whole thing up through those different levels as opposed to this particular ship where the entire thing is unlocked the moment you get it with the exception again of the bridge officer seating um all right guys well i think thats it let me know how you guys level characters if youre new to the game what kind of things youre looking at liking if you have questions put those in the comments um i do have a code for this starter pack im going to go ahead and get that started in the discord im going to do it the day that i put this video live which is most likely going to be tomorrow which is the 18th my time i guess it doesnt really matter at this point whenever you see the video go live the giveaway will be live in the discord server so just hit up the discord server therell be a link down below and go to the giveaway tab and go ahead and jump in on it if you do already have this pack i i dont think itll even let you use the code so uh please dont enter if you have it uh let somebody that doesnt um have the opportunity to win and get this starter pack here for free um all right guys i think that does it have a great one thank you as always for watching and again if you havent subbed um to the channel yet please go ahead and do so give me a thumbs up and ring that bell until next time guys stay safe and have a good one Music you 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