The Terran Emperor | Star Trek Online Story Series E173

Sparkles steameasy steam activities STAR TREK ONLINE game last part we were working our way through the patrol missions of the beta quadrant but before that we were attempting to Halt the advance of the Mirror Universe entity known as the other that Dimensions version of Vega the emperor of the terens is attempting to gain control of it after learning about the instance of that joining that happened in our universe in 2272 between vija and Captain Decca the events depicted in the first Star Trek film this would Grant a Godlike level of power and the ability to explore other Realms and realities at will and I doubt the leader of such a xenophobic Empire would do so benevolently fact that this plan is so extreme and unhinged that even a good amount of Terrence disagreed like Marshall Janeway and Admiral Leto the latter of which has defected to the Federation for now to stop the emperor our last 4-H whos stopped him ended with us beating a hasty Retreat from the parvo system of the Mirror Universe when the other arrived answering the emperors summons and Elia failed to convince it to leave now only Victory really was that we managed to win back the ISS Enterprise from the Mira kumaki and it returns to our universe under the command of Lita once more now as well as a sizable amount of data gathered which will help with our next actions Commander De Soto and the Coalition are running interference in the Terran Empire while the Federation regroups behind the scenes we also saw Admiral Lee to retrieve something from the Enterprise a mysterious package with a role to play but finally a plan has been formulated and we get a call from Admiral Gerald Quinn to report in we are sending a fleet to the Mirror Universe to engage the terrans in the Pavo system it is Our intention to disrupt their operations there and prevent the Terran Emperor from subjugating The Entity known as the other Id like you to be a part of this operation report to Captain Sean on board the USS Enterprise once youve arrived in the Pavo system on our side of the mirror ah well you see Admiral we have patrols to do yeah no yeah yeah this is this is way more important we activate our slipstream drive to make best speed our povo system where the fleet is assembling to make its move our attempt is going to be to try to commute with the other once more in a more direct fashion but in order to do so were going to need to remove the Terran Emperor from the board and his Flagship reacoron according to Lita its a very powerful vessel more so than anything we have so yeah this is not going to be easy we beam over to the USS Enterprise to meet with Captain Sean and see what Starfleet has come up with to win the day and prepare for our assault on the Akron this is the bridge of the most renowned vessel in Starfleet and a fellow odyssey-class ship although the numerous refits and overhauls have rendered the bridge significantly different from our own the Armature Seans crew includes the occasion commander keona who served with Sean on the Belfast alongside the Bergeron science officer inasi Lieutenant Cav is a betazoid Ops officer who was caught up in the gemidar invasion of 2409 and worked from the bajoran city of harcon until Sean requested her the chief engineer is kirayoshi OBrien the 38 year old son of miles and Keiko OBrien who originally worked in Memory Alpha before this assignment and the first offset is Samuel Winters who used to be the aide to Admiral Quinn of course it is Captain Sean were here to speak to First it is his ship after all welcome aboard we can begin the briefing once Admiral Lita decides to Grace us with her presence wise she running late is there an issue captain unclear for some reason she wanted to go over things here rather than on a secure comms Channel so she didnt want to talk over view screens I mean I prefer an in-person briefing too but outcomes are pretty tight lets just hope its good old-fashioned Terran paranoia shall we true and the stakes dont get much higher than they are now incoming signal from the Enterprise but that is to say the ISS Enterprise Admiral Lita requests permission to beam aboard Captain ah well looks like our wait is over looks that way permission granted Kiona instruct them to beam her directly to the bridge ready to get to the bottom of this Taran Cloak and Dagger I mean usually its just more daggers but sure well this certainly is a clean Bridge captain no blast marks no blood stains on the carpet to remind people what happens to Traders Ill be sure to forward your feedback to Starfleet command in the meantime I suggest going over any last minute details we need to ensure a captain captain please Ive been in every tactical meeting you have I know the score here were going back to my Pavo to engage the Terran Fleet in battle before the emperor can pull off whatever mad scheme hes conjured up its a bold mad and extremely dangerous plan thats by why I like it so much I realize defeating the emperors Fleet is a tall order but were hoping a victory at Pavo will give ileah the opportunity to make contact with the other once more convince them that were not their enemy taking down the akaran isnt going to be easy captain we Terence have a saying if lay the m BM believe me when I get the shot I dont plan on missing when you get the shot not if youre awfully confident Admiral lets just say you dont get as far as I have in the Terran Empire without having a damn good backup plan at all times so you your part captain and Ill land well send the emperor back to Tara with his tail between his legs and give your bald friend here shot at talking down the other before they digitize us all seems to me you know what youre doing good luck at home Applause shes definitely up to something I dont like it yeah sir I recommend assigning a team to monitor the actions of Litas vessel if she means to turn on us or quit the field well want to know as soon as possible under the circumstances I think an extra layer of security is a good idea make it happen keona I dont have a good feeling about this Leta might decide its in her best interest to side with the emperor old habits tend to die hard after all yeah I share your concern and I agree with your actions still I think whatever shes planning it doesnt involve switching sides if anything I think shell do whats in her best interests which for now still aligned without I hope youre right for all our sakes in the meantime we should make our final preparations before we set out for Pavel see you there agreed and good luck captain still are not insignificant amounts of our plan hinges on Aaliyahs ability to convince the other to back down which hopefully will be a lot easier to do without this mysterious Terran Emperor whispering in its ear or challenging it weve returned to the Armature and cross over to the Mirror Universe and the Terran Fleet is right where we left them amid our ships weve got a California class which is surprising to see theyre not exactly what Id call combat ready over the fleet looms the massive cloud of vija the energy formation we know shrouds a central artificial life form within but an angry red pulses throughout its blue Veil while a storm of clouds Royals within its core many of the other ships here we have assembled include the Gagarin a reliant Sutherland classes or similar to the anti-borg fleet assembled in 2401. and of course we have several Starfleet intelligence vessels such as the konshu here that are the ones that house the Mirror Universe portal devices and at the head of our Fleet are two Enterprises our one and the ISS Enterprise that Lexington class a mirror special attention Terran forces this is Captain baquel Shawn on behalf of the alliance I am asking you to stand down and disengage from The Entity known as the other any further attempts to subjugate this life form will be considered an act of aggression and will be dealt with accordingly tough talk for someone about to have their backside handed to them Captain check your sensors theres no way youre getting the win here today even with two Enterprises oh you still havent figured out Starfleet have you Sylvia let me break it down for you Seans little speech was the velvet glove you dont shut up and stand down youre about to meet the Iron Fist funny thing about iron Leta it melts and all of you idiots just flew into a crucible maybe well Forge whats left of your ships into something useful when its over or maybe well leave the debris field here as a monument to your complete and total failure Tilly out ah well good to see that coming so much for diplomacy looks like theyre going for our Intel ships naturally Terror captains will be looking for the big kill to impress the emperor right lets make sure we deny them that opportunity for them its go big or go home the battle is joined with phaser five are routing between our fleets the acheron for its part stays sitting back from the battlefield while several ships attempts to destroy our portal to carry the vessels our first move is to protect our way out of here weve done one of our Peter of what happened last time things are going okay until the emperor makes his move status report what just happened every ship in the fleet is trapped in chronoton stasis for lack of a better term we are stuck in a Time bubble captain were being hailed by the emperor on screen Music your majesty Captain Sean you fought well all of you but its over all good things must come to an end after all over this isnt over itll be over when we knock that smug look off your face well youre certainly welcome to try when I return that for now however my destiny awaits Music and with all of us momentarily Frozen in Time the Akron sails right past us all the minute its out of range time resumes a lot of Fire assistant Turing fall back to protect the Intel vessels technology Enterprise moving to defensive positions yes or west first Enterprise device to Shields well the app runs out of the picture for now but we still need to protect our Intel ships we managed to destroy the vessels that were harassing our ships but as soon so that we notice the ISS Enterprise crashing past us towards okay somethings happening Enterprise is breaking away from the battle current heading will take her into the other the hell hail them thanks for the assist everyone but Ive got business elsewhere with the emperor alone against the Akron and the other thats suicide stick with the plan leader we need you here now exactly get back here and return to formation ah Im flattered Captain but we both know the real fights inside the other The Big Cheese themselves all you need to do is keep them busy out here Enterprise is the least of our problems Im reading Terran reinforcements approaching the system at high Warp prepare to engage Applause at last the very core of the other their mind heart and soul all lie ahead there for the taking for the one with the strength to reach them the next part were playing is our mirror counterparts The Inquisitor loyal servant to the Terran Emperor Wesley Crusher a very different version of the character we know from the prime reality his Terran counterpart is still a genius but more than that he has inherited the temporal and reality bending perception of a traveler this is how the mirror Crusher ascended to the seat of Emperor he literally has the bows to control time shifts dimensions and travel great distances bending space-time to his will not like our universe is Wesley but this one is a ruthless and unhinged megalomaniac nobody dares telling this one to shut up depths of the other were here to make sure the emperor reaches its core and can commune with its intelligence from there he will assert its will over it and it will Ascend to a new level of power Majesty with your power we cannot fail this weapon will be ours to command and all of our enemies will fall before it hours captain I think you overestimate your role in this operation simply put this is a game of chess between myself and the other we are the Kings you all of you are Pawns do I make myself clear as Crystal Majesty we await your orders its good to see at least one of you has sense Inquisitor prepare to move out I need to reach the central core and the other wont make it easy for me jobs and we wont have a problem and the other will be the least of your dial command emperor Im picking up an energy signature nearby its repeating like a signal someone wants our attention check it out Inquisitor as you command Majesty okay as we approach your console makes itself visible from the broken hexagon floor almost inviting dont trust it is it making the bridge for us interesting and so it doesnt vanish beneath our feet they could dematerialize a lot of things the bridge the air us I hate to say it but Tilly makes a good point why would the other our opponent our enemy create an environment suitable for our existence there is not an atmosphere here at least not one that should be able to support humanoid life but we have gravity air and pressure its all too inviting expect to trap interesting Gambit wouldnt you say Inquisitor my opponent is welcoming me with open arms may I remind you Majesty that a successful Gap that involves an initial sacrifice in order to gain the advantage later in the game thats a good point Im looking forward to seeing what our host has in store for us lets not keep on waiting that Central structure looks important Deli analysis its loaded with energy hard to get a clear reading we need to get closer and scan it the structure that has our attention is a single Spire with an elevated orb energy crackling between them a test some sort of power regulation device the other has centralized the Islands power within this Matrix well need to disperse it in order to advance and I assume his majesty has already worked out how there are six exterior power nodes surrounding the central Matrix we need to energize them and initiate a power transfer from The Matrix I suspect the other will reverse the polarity in active nodes once it becomes aware of our actions if it does re-initiate the transfer as soon as possible once all six nodes have been energized well be able to move to the next item keep your eyes open for any defense system the other might have more tricks up their sleeve after all who knows you might get to shoot something and show off some more for the emperor goody goody gum drops hey try not to get fried by those power nodes Inquisitor that would be just terrible save your spite for the enemy captain we set about following the emperors instructions ah countermeasures destroy that drone before it Untouchables basically we run to one Tower and activate it spawning in a wave of automated Defenders strong there we have to activate the next one and the next and so on fending off the drones as those four however at times drones will attempt to undo our progress by shutting down the ones we have already activated so we have to take those threats out too eventually after waiting for a break in the attacks to activate the next one I learn its just easier to just rush the activations of all of them and then deal with the drones afterwards just one more left well done youre with the remaining drone so we can move on were on it throughout the entire battle the emperor does not lift your finger to help but nor is he targeted by the drones if I didnt know better Id say the other was curious as I predicted once the power was dispersed from the central Matrix to the power nodes the Islands operations returned to normal track order is picking up another one of those command consoles nearby its online and ready for access see it the control pillar right over there Inquisitor the distant red Haze marks our destination but between us and newts there are a myriad of other trials the successfully restore power in this section after the other attempted to shut itself off but this still feels like a test deal with the new arrivals quickly defending drones are materialized into existence in our path so got to blast through them we arrive at the next platform where the floor is now listed in circuitry and unknown technology there aspires but these look different from the others the ray used a dice in the center probably holds answers Im reminded of how much this probe has seen scanning local systems now from its original launch to now how many centuries of knowledge has it accumulated the other has locked down access to command systems on this island we need to destabilize local data security in order to advance and as usual the Empire has already worked out how there are three data security logs here introduce intrusion programs into them to disrupt them youll have to do this one lock at a time disrupting one will open the next two attack and so on this level of hacking will take time considering what weve experienced so far its a sure bet the other will send more drones to stop us so you know keep your guns handy get started Inquisitor everyone else get ready to fight the other wont take kindly to our intrusion and sure enough as soon as we start take out that Defender it will reverse our work as long as system as before the drones will attempt to undo our work if we dont keep them away from the towers when they turn entirely blue theyre under our control the first block is down get started on the next one Inquisitor second breach is underway take out the Defender as soon as you can Music lock two without a commission the only one to go the last lock has been taken out that did it local data security has been utterly disrupted and the command systems of this island belong to us confirmed Majesty the access pillar is operational and open for business get to the next Island before the other to regroup their forces deal with them as you command Majesty we take out the drones in our path and move up to the next Island only to find a single monolithic computer terminal I am rather unsures what to do with this one this is an unexpected move okay your majesty this access Tower is keyed into my genetic profile if anyone other than me attempts to use it a self-destruct sequence will be triggered they want to test me personally a battle of wits between I see your orders this is probably an attempt to Checkmate means so while I play this little game I need you to deal with any defenses the other sends our way until I turn the tables on them dares to attack you Majesty you can count on us farewell fan out and defend our improv you heard the emperor protect him at all foreign Music Music defend the Imperial presence to your last breath failure is not an option while the emperor tries to combat the other how Lions begin to break the drones are endless theyre making another push fire as well oh hes busy Majesty were in trouble here hurry Telly did you just order the emperor to hurry we may need to withdrawn yeah things do not look good youre gonna have to no unacceptable we will not withdraw all right listen up Im only going to say this once I would expect Terran officers of your caliber to be capable of fending off a few combat drones but sadly that was not the case instead I had to intervene and do some of my personal power to eliminate the threat power I could have used in the upcoming conflict with the other I apologize it will not happen again if you do it will be for the last time Inquisitor nothing else matters but my conquest of the other do you understand not you not Tilly not the Empire nothing we we will see this through to the end Matt and your inevitable victory for the empire for the empire is it though well work what make it quick we dont have all day here I have concerns about the Empire State of Mind he seems erratic unstable it is condition deteriorates our mission and the Empire itself will be in jeopardy very close to treason here Inquisitor because we need you to pull this Mission off Im willing to ignore it once but but if I hear anything like that from you again Ill drop you like a very bad habit I wont let your weakness get in the way of my future so are we clear good to know where we stand lets get moving find the next Bridge control and activate it dont keep the emperor waiting Inquisitor youre in enough trouble as it is were in the same boat captain dont forget that we will see about that wont we I suppose we will but clearly The Inquisitor here has his doubts is he loyal to the emperor or the Empire because I think he no longer believes theyre one of the same Meanwhile were fending off the Terran reinforcements outside the cloud while the emperor makes his way ever closer to his prize until the next part thank you for joining us on this continuing mission in the Star Trek Online series and Ill see you again for the next part thanks again Ive been Rick and goodbye Music foreign Music free steam games with badges EYE OF THE STORM Part 1The play against the Other VGer has begun, with the Terran Emperor making his way into its core, pursued by the USS Enterprise, ISS Enterprise and our fleet. Will we be in time to stop him from merging with the artificial intelligence inside it? #stoss Star Trek Online is full of stories and call-backs to the TV series of days gone and to come. Set in the Star Trek universes 25th century it places you in the center of these events in an ever expanding series of tales. Join me as I fulfill the role of a Starfleet Captain, Mark Hale from the 23rd century as we explore the 25th century! If you liked this theres always these to try out: Star Trek Online Chapters: Klingon War: Romulan Mystery: Cardassian Struggle: Borg Advance: New Romulus: Solanae Dyson Sphere: Lost Chapters: Iconian War: Temporal War: New Horizons: The Gamma Quadrant: Music from, and Star Trek Online developed by Cryptic Studios and Perfect World. Star Trek Enterprise/Voyager/Deep Space Nine/Discovery and The Next Generation are all owned by Paramount Pictures/CBS and distributed by CBS. 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