Star Trek Online - Players Guide to Ships #1: The Raider-class Starship

Deep rock galactic steam game pass crossplaywhat time does elden ring release on steam STAR TREK ONLINE he tasks me he tasks me and i shall have him ill chase him round the moons of nibir and round the antares maelstrom and round perditions flames before i give him up hello welcome to another augmented dictator games video tonight we are going to go over quickly the raider class in star trek online this class kind of has like a bad um has a bad reputation they die easily the very low hit points theyre really hard to pilot for a lot of people because they are actually a little bit too fast a little bit too maneuverable but were going to jump through here because actually its become one of my favorite class to play because it is very challenging um so were going to start out with the pros because its always good to start out with a positive uh like i said raider class highly maneuverable its actually more maneuverable than most of the actual escort classes um youre going to see anywhere upwards like 60 to 70 percent uh turn rate extremely high traction and slash inertia so that they basically could stop on a dime and its easy to turn basically on a dime as well its its theyre actually really good if you can learn how to do it it is something that you have to practice because if youre going from a giant cruiser uh that turns like the moon uh to a raider youre gonna see youre gonna theres gonna be a little bit of a learning curve there because again fast and quick and maneuverable um and youre gonna have to get used to it basically one of the best things however about the raider class is the radar flanking basically as long as you stay on the butt of your enemy youre going to be doing improved damage versus that particular enemy uh there are some issues um like i said like i got listed here if a raider has a cloak its usually only about 33 bonus damage if it does not have a cloak it should have improved radar flanking there are some instances where that is not actually the case which is strange because im pretty sure i heard the developer say that ships without you know raiders without cloaking it should have the improved radar flanking which courses the benefits from the 40 bonus damage versus the flank versus the 33 of normal these are of course enhanced by the intel specialization which i would recommend you use as your primary if youre going to be doing any kind of uh raider issue like raider actual damage output um again the raider flanking is the big thing about raiders so were going to talk a little bit more about that a little bit they do have access to an experimental weapon depending on which one you pick it can actually be a very good powerful damage output again i would say the top three right now slow time wave impeller the protomatterly sheller from the shipment escort and probably the graviton implosion um i keep wanting to see the vice but its from the mirror striking escort because of the debuff and it actually has only four second recharge theres actually decent uh damage output on those uh good free-to-play stuff is like the voice of the prophets uh youve got the you know i would say the gatling emitter were gonna i got a little video that youre gonna see here at the end of this particular uh spreadsheet where im gonna go over that particular thing because it is allowing me to show you uh flanking versus the front uh for actual combat but theres not a whole lot of free ones the the raider not the raider the um the competitive uh one the artillery that ones fairly decent uh but really the best ones are of course ones usually its actually coming off a free event but a lot of people didnt get it um so yes it is available to buy in the mud store but its extremely expensive so if youre gonna do that wait for black friday so we put that away uh they do generally have good bonus power to weapons and engines because again theyre supposed to be fast strike ships and one of the really good things about raiders is theyre mostly universal seating so youre looking at generally if its a weaponship youre going to see usually a tactical command but everything else will be universal there are some instances like the um i believe the oroboros which is the temporal raider where you have everything is absolutely universal and then again you got stuff like certain other types like you got your scout ships which are the science version of a raider which theres are going to usually have command science on them uh so were gonna go ahead and jump into the cons of the raider class for one thing they have a low hit point shield modifiers they are easily destroyed youre not going to see a lot of raiders with above 100k uh health some of the um some of the heavy raiders can like the la serena the jovian intel raider those can get above 100k youve also got the tamir which is absolutely fantastic its my favorite raider in the game which is also the largest raider in the game visually which also has fairly decent hit points um and again uh sometimes a raider can be too fast if youre a less experienced pilot especially when it comes to using a raider ive noticed a lot of people will panic and overshoot a target which is not really that good because then you have to remaneuver thats again loss of damage output and also allows the enemy to basically get a beat on you and begin firing another what is basically the worst thing about the raider class of course is it only has six weapons plus the experimental uh this means that but basically you have to flank as often as possible to make up for that loss of a weapon i personally feel it was a bad way of balancing raider flanking but it also makes it makes high dps a challenge which for me is a good thing could be a bad thing for you guys but again i do like those because again you guys have seen the way i build a lot of my ships and usually uh speed is one of the things i look at for damage output uh so we got here we got a little bit of a list i grabbed this list from the stow wiki again if you guys never been to the stowe wiki you go ahead and look that up on google a great resource for a lot of information this for instance is showing the radar flanking and the improved raider flanking who has it and what doesnt um again a lot of those ships based on what i heard from the developers like the alachi q lash uh the kid the case on the heavy raider uh the pilot quinjon pilot frigate those stuff i can understand frigates not having improved because they do have a 5 3 setup versus the you know the six plus one but some of the other ones that dont have a cloak in my opinion should have improved raider flanking on them but again some of the stuff wasnt done in order to do that you can see the bottom is a list of ones that do have improved radar flanking like the brain plush brake heavy raider the t6 version of that one the harold baltom uh the jim hadar vanguard raider which is a great uh budget raider if youre looking for one the jovian intel heavy raider which nobody ever uses uh the la serena heavy raider which is my favorite out of the lock box raiders and then my key raider which is absolutely insane um thats a lobby store if youre looking for a great raider for energy weapons the maki raider is definitely the one you want to pick because it does have is basically a full miracle workers ship so it has access to narrow sensor bands and um mixed tournament synergy 3 then you got the mirador theta heavy raider which has a really good console on it but it looks like uh a tick so a hard time uh playing but thats the one that was in the tng episode where riker and picard are basically acting like disgusting smugglers and stealing artifacts uh but that is the ship that they are in in that particular episode so again were going to jump into the game here after this goes off and im going to show you guys a little bit of work with the new gatling emitter gun which was fixed today so i can show you the difference and between flanking and not flanking because there is an issue in wanted where its actually allowing me to continue firing and magekalas flagship even though its technically not a valid target anymore so were going to go ahead and use this as a nice learning um thats learning experiment um but before we do that were gonna look at the little list i got here again the scout ship is a science vessel with raider flanking uh the best ones youve got the nova which is a 4-2 which is really good youve got the genora scout ship which of course takes a long time to get your fleet has to have completely ranked up uh colony world but with its temporal seating its actually one of the more powerful scout ships in the game you have frigates frigates are very rare theres not a whole lot of them in game in fact i think theres maybe three at this point you got the q lash the the cuisine and your um which is not actually even listed on here i dont see it actually im not seeing it on there its the uh the freedom class also a frigate um oh there it is there is a freedom exploration frigate um again very good ship um those are 53 they have a 5 3 weapon set up they have raider flanking and they have cruiser commands that said they dont have usually have a command tactical so youre looking at better being basically better beam overload versus cannon build setups they have light escorts which i just put this on here cause i thought its funny theyre just the same thing basically a raider uh but thats what the federations decide to call the raiders to avoid looking bad thats pretty much it uh you got the heavy raider which is basically a raider with a larger hole modifier theyre harder to kill they dont move quite as well but theyre still extremely fast uh probably the best one out of that i can think of is the la serena because that one is actually a really good ship and then of course i want to mention the klingon bird of prey because the klingon burger prey is the original star trek raider uh its most well known raider class in game and most klingon raiders are called birds of prey of some kind and you see over there on this particular uh these are all birds of prey you go all the way down these are all listed as bird of prey because that is basically what the kdf called their uh raiders in in the show and thats what they classified them at of course in game so were going to jump in the game now and were going to go over uh some of the stuff that i think you guys should know about raider class and uh stay tuned okay yall welcome to a little bit of a little bit of shenanigans with the gatling gun and better a little bit of a piloting um raiders specifically a piloting uh lesson as you can see we are currently facing the rear end the gatling gun is definitely uh continuing to fire on mage color here but as you can tell the back side i am getting flanking if you look down the little icon here you will see that it is currently pointing toward the rear end of the ship this is a good indication of whether youre or youre currently in a flanking position or not if you watch if i move to the left of him its now showing that i am on his side okay and i move to the front and its going to show that im down the front so this is your indicator of where you are versus the position of the ship youre currently attacking so in order to get the most out of your raider you always want your indicator on its butt on the butt of the ship because as you can see we got a little flanking going on i know its probably a little hard to read i dont know why it did not increase um in size when i increased the actual thing but uh as you can tell this is flanking get a little bit more damage out of it a little bit more print chance uh then again this is remember this is the strand light escort so it has regular raider flanking uh when it should have improved but some reason it only has uh only apparently only has a regular raider according to the uh wiki so youre looking at quite a bit of damage output uh with the gatling gun here ive seen it do 10k i see 20k which really depends on the run and how well its set up but again this is also a good chance to show you guys the actual effect because why not space barbie is important im not really sure where its emitting from on the ship because it sure takes shouldnt be coming out of the deflector i guess its coming from this little dot right here um but yes in order to get rid of this and to stop actually firing you have to move out of combat uh but then again as you can tell this is right here flank flank this is all important right here okay youre also seeing but thats a beginning cooldown so its the i think the torpedoes still firing at it too but if youre not seeing flank when youre firing you are not flying at your escort properly so there you go so much debt less damage that is okay thats without any buffs other than the war discretion okay so you go back to the back youll see that it is definitely increased because we have raider flanking and we have intel spec now its back up into the thousands sometimes a little bit more when it crits uh but again that is it for this particular video uh thank you guys for watching uh hopefully this will encourage some of you guys to try out the raider class again very fun to fly uh it does have a little bit of learning curve as i sit there pounding just magekalas butt like aint nobodys business uh but again if youre used to cruisers buying a raider is going to be a learning curve but youll get youll youll get used to it as a content creator who has to do reviews and dps builds and stuff on pretty much every um ship thats put in the game ive got a lot of practice flying all sorts of uh basically all types of classes in the game so thats actually a benefit for me so again thank you guys for watching and hopefully this was useful to you guys okay everybody just for a little bit of a uh to show you guys those of you that are using scm as a raider again flaking super important and you can actually file your find your flank percentage per weapon or per attack you want to go all the way over here and its right next to your crit chance okay um keep in mind that area of effect abilities will often change this particular thing depending but you kind of want to get as many of this stuff above i would say 40 as possible sometimes ive seen 70 100 uh very fast runs hard to uh get into good flanking position before something is dead uh of course you got stuff like spheres which are really hard to figure out where the backside of a sphere is i dont think they technically exist but again this is super important for your damage output i also want to point out that the gatling emitter actually did better damage than i thought it was going to do i thought that was going to be like 2 or k so thats this was actually in an isc run uh channel run that we did earlier um and it actually was hitting max one hits are actually fairly high okay even though in the game by yourself youre only seeing like 900 or maybe a thousand whenever per shot but i guess with a good group with a little bit of debuff going on i actually had you know a considerable amount of damage for it if they could just like lower that recharge time because technically right now it has a recharge time of 11 seconds which is absolutely ridiculous um i know that theyre trying to do some weird old west gatling gun thing that theyre trying to do but its actually affecting its performance versus other experimental weapons and i would really like this to be a good weapon so this is actually the that particular run this run was a minute and 54 seconds long so it was fairly quick uh this of course was in a run that i did in the strand light escort again this here is important the flank percentage is what youre looking at as a raider to basically see okay how good a damage am i gonna do because that raider flanking uh bonus to your damage is extremely important to offset the loss of a weapon slot okay ive done far worse than kill you ive heard you and i wish to go on hurting you i shall leave you as you left me as you left her my room for all eternity in the center of the dead buried alive delete game on steam #StarTrekOnline #STO #StarTrekThe first in this series of videos, I go over the pros and cons of the Raider-class Starship in Star Trek Online. Such notable ships such as the Alliance Temer Raider, Shran Light Escort, Klingon Bird of Prey, La Sirena Heavy Raider, and the Freedom-class Exploration Frigate all fall under this starship type. Known as fast attack strike ships, a raider is design to rush in, attack the flank of the enemy and hopefully get out of range before the enemy can take a shot at them. Nimble, fast (sometimes too fast) the raider can be a challenge to fly since it relies on the use of its built in Raider Flanking (or Improved Raider Flanking) to adjust for the loss of a weapon slot. Join this channel to get access to perks: Check out my friends and students: We are Stronger Together than Apart Stu1701: MC Stu: Sarcasm Detector: Pirate Scum Gaming: KyuuContinuum: Chabee StGeorge: Sphynx STO: 1800BrokenSoul: Join me on Social Media! Twitter: Facebook: game awards mk11 steam damned steam game what are the most played games on steam fun multiplayer games steam free