Steep Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - PLAY TIME IN THE SNOW (Full Game)

What is a steam gift cardbleach game steam STEEP™ hello guys and welcome to a brand new IP from Ubisoft I dont say that often new IP well thats good anyway this game is called steep and its a snowboarding skiing squirrel suits paragliding game open weld lots of mountains and lots of snow I think Ive described it very well sort of do is do a first part test that if you guys want to see more in the videos with enough I would definitely do some more parts I promise YouTubes quite weird at the moment Im not sure whats quite going on so please leave your likes your Twitter shares your shares on Facebook on Instagram whatever you can do for this video Id appreciate it so much also as I thank you for supporting the video if you leave a like if you leave a comment and you subscribed youll be entered automatically to win a copy of the game just a ps4 Xbox one or PC anyway lets begin part number one of steep John here here meal unclear partner alright Ill be straight up I see what you can do and Im impressed but my job is to push you as hard as I can to really see what youre capable of so lets just start with a little wingsuit jump warm up just like we talked about the exit points not far from here so make your way over there since Becca sort of mini-tutorial but there it is the open world of steep lots and lots of snow lots of it like tons of it I mean needs December its around Christmas time so it goes quite well dont jump off just yet so this is the sports will we can select what sport we want to do you do it whenever you fancy ski and snowboarding power glide in and also the wings as well so lets pick that one win suit remembering so you can throw your squirrel suit oh oh my gosh the street crying for a good jump you sure doesnt look very safe Ive seen lots like Red Bull because of the people doing this in real life in it and its absolutely terrifying theyre like inches away from rocks moments away from life or theyre millimeters away from life like oh you really didnt hold back up there no yank youre shooting in for that area weve got it earlier were diving straight into a snowboarding session I want to see how quick learned is we disciplines which is something youll be doing a lot of I switched to snowboarding we have a snowball magic lets see what you get I will impress you weird man on the radio than a who you are but I will try my baby Ill just use the left stick to control my character so whats that brief as welcome break slow down with the right stick Im found the peaceful pro I dont know if theres any like benefit to that fool yeah thats one panel just 1080p gameplay not like before credit craziness Im fine with 1080p at the moment huh hit the breeze wouldnt wanna noise now lets win by bass gap dat Olivia map its next to a Pete call tech dudes on a shouldnt be too hard to fine these injuries shuttle out here use them to explore surrounding areas and discover new lines look how big the Smurf is for the mountains its just a big mountainous map lots and lots of mountains welcome to base camp I chose here because its one of the most central feets in the RV just take a look around and youll see what I mean from here you can go anywhere you want but we do need to expand out to other locations to open up some new lines I scouted a few areas earlier we should go see lets do that then connect it down there in one piece is that jumper doing it whoa that couldve gone wrong I got I got very wrong that gee folks all those dying is he fine its dangling these dangling OH pretty sure Hudson bones maybe his backs gone hes recovered hes fine hes Superman or spider-man or something just keep going this time you bro you the smile and the pain will go maybe open right now I never weve done a skateboarding my set my skateboarding snowboarding myself or skiing but no really never have I should try out you know lets go check out the other place I scouted hold a triangle back to base camp again and lets do a place behind us down there okay do it good these are like Scout hat locations we can then go over there and do challenges and events oh oh youre gonna put a lot worse Christmas time mistletoe and one where does a few games coming out that have like very but strong Christmas bulbs to this game lots of snow and did rosin actually thats both logged links like Mills all over the region when you find them use the terrain to mix it up to show everyone just how good you are and moving between the different sports just like you showed me a few of the other riders tell me theres some stunning lines off the beaten track out here so lets try and find them remember just because its not on a map doesnt mean its not there Oh mysterious places which havent been found yet you can explore them ride snowboard and glads my way to the heavens like I found this right now thats where me to go first right to give up we should stop in the staffing destination which the rink youve over here to our place duh binoculars so I scout that location just over there using my binoculars like an ideal donut dough make your way over so we can take a better look right I think were ready to go down a new tender locked wildlands so theres the time score to beat 2 minutes and 34 seconds is my volume early yes no borden go they can to switch sports so you can do on skis I did not know that thats the gold middle company get away oh its my pit a tree just a bit but the bronze is this fire go a bit cold right there since it and see it oh one tips if I put my ways with the skier man move out the locker sort of hologram will be actually there dont know but this game is very much about sort of find your friends in exploring open world will put your friends in challenges times and yes thats all sort of social game Ill jump and still go play right now but I might incorporate some people at some point its just half the plans people that on the ps4 they have this game I want to play at the exact right moment I have Im actually free it can be but Ricky feels like up for everyone but hey Im now in the gold position I am being very very speedy very very quick hopefully that I can sense theyre behind me they quite close lets checkpoint number 17 Ill just keep going down put my head down Ill get speed can be nice and quick crash crashing burn to finish lime fill they go gold 133 mmm that ride was all about showcasing your free right skills and showing me just how fluently you can navigate the lines out here and you nailed it nailed it yeah well next so we go to that last challenge someones got a 117 the things just come out how that is crazy thats a crazy time I thought was quite quick as well I guess is like quick the lines you can take I dont anyway this is the next one ice packs flying so were gonna be colliding or dont know oh the school suit or the wing suit all right Vicky oh my god my knees are so close to the ground its unreal oh this is a bit mental no ones 10/15 a little bit what is it thought Id quickly close onto the grounds go just in front of me again the flimsiness gives all the points like the finish line everyone do this first time Ill see you the right stick to dodge I need to dodge I will use up okay once coming in the twenties somehow get through the finish line whoo gold medal smashed it were talking about that one already yes gold medals this is very much the castle tutorial at the moment more spikes just like the ones you took on in the area but to find those lines we need to search for the best possible location so we can reach him Harlan thats the mountain view all the way over to here start here see yet use your binoculars to look for it theres no part through here its the perfect place to showcase those trick skills of yours on theres an amazing paragliding line youll need to navigate a few riders have been telling me to check it out for a while now so I worked it into the warmup go ahead and take a crack at him Ill give it a go why not surprise Huggle I didnt hair we collide in whats that butterfly cross-country flying in all right sounds easy not us were going that way alright do it spin round and go literally floating Ranil whoo trapping three go up and in down suck at a decent speed dangling in the sky that is that bronze on the left of me there so I somehow get 54 seconds try that most direct angle which is quite slow we hold l2 stabilized break and slowly fall down lipstick topsy move around as well we can do stunts SWAT paragliding stunts when to endow it right now its more about the speed but still thats thats cool I like man unless closed to the mountain without hitting it of course finished lines just there come on a bit windy Oh silver few athletes out here oh good you are mixing things oh boy this is like a rag doll button say going there like a massive mountain you see a ramp go up it and you can just unleash rag doll mode which were pretty do eventually up from a guarantee actually let that be a lot of fun score to beat source at snow park free stallion phew jump hold r2 to get ready for the jump release okay release it jump okay rotations dont you want your job soon to release the jump ok and then press ok so lease r2 then press the left stick to learn I feel the spinny look at that I kind of a dream within that never dream good do barrel rolls so press up or down Ill look at that the technique the defection and those jumps and a grab as well so again do the same with jump and you hold on both down she grabs his balls yeah man yeah dudes that drawing whoa Casey nice that love it are we going down this might be fun my second hole get ready and release there we go whoa boobs again hold it and oh better rock lends it just about speed up again on to I missed that one screwed up which might as easy as it looks Aziz it looks at all there we go Hollister back gold apparently oh stop today that was great well go well eat or the pyrolysis ooh evolved URIs there Im a brat and so was everyone else from the sound of it yes Im going down then okay 300 points show my skills Ill find a good where do I record do some decent jumps my  __  up I flew some jobs here we go so theres quite a good place but it works dont jump again that was too slow oh my god the pain but this could be a jump balcony as a slowest of all time the slowest jump Ive ever done in my polo thats what I call a good days work so I want to watch the replay is that want me to do I think so so parent outcome I can replay track and go back and watch the replay what I just did I dont want to do that but fine um great right yeah because yesterday anytime you want play around with the different camera angles and replay mode to jazz it up its real skis fancy okay cool one last thing to show you gonna die mark it on your map show me show me show me over there so this what is that out here its not just other riders challenges waiting for you the mountains are loaded with uncharted lines right for shreds so use the drop zone to discover I spotted one earlier that looks perfect lets check it out the partys down here went on the skis by the way see that right there there are hidden gems just like that one all over the mountain explore little and you find and when you do well go crazy and have fun finder so I run the boaters points of interest okay thank you for the info so Im gonna pop up just here you did exactly learn it just do it make that line your own did I think its too good not to share so I say we make the other riders out here aware of your feet and set up a challenge for them I want to make it a checkpoint race do it and I made a race that people can actually do themselves Music time for you to do your thing remember this is your journey he could do it any way you want but no matter what Joeys about driving that rep forward so explore the world to discover new drop zones and open new life take rest go for the stylish ride names the big feet in the air and on the ground seek out challenges set by other eyes look around the mountain story - theres so many of them do all of that and I guarantee youll find yourself in some epic spots here on the mountain I had the crew Scout the region and set up some more base gaps theyve already spotted a ton of lines right for building your rep so get out there and start working on it all right  __  out scheme you chump so what next guys what next there should be some new events for us to do I hope attempt number 10 hundred and three thats my first attempt but squeeze fer let me let me through please I want the carbs every wanna go definitely tougher hit the side of the fence there slow me down a little bit keep going young man Oh dirty tricks no time for showing off dont nail this nail it nail it nail it um arent snowboarders in front of me embarrassing dont want that do we Oh hamed you see that oh that fence what the hell whats out there sorry convenient Im getting gold I think so anyway actually actually my one silver I take a silver as fire damn you bastard this on there actually in my game no ah new ones up here look boo apparently I see hot-air balloons as well yeah seriously Powerglide from them whats this one thats an easy one winter fool since I sank from a day my friends ski so Im maximum potential go go go Im getting gold I dont care what anyone says and getting me a gold I love the color gold it was difficult or platinum almost broke my my little needs there my legs almost fell off hows this glow front of me screw you  __  I just feed off the night good I didnt realize that miso well this is country checkpoint number three coming up I thought income currently in gold position believe sir Im given under give my all thats all I can do using this game go nobody expressed anything so came up this were just a bunch of bunch of snow so two minutes 21 lets beat the time shell kick in any seconds boom smash it boys love it neck people County doing this race right now in the real world in tow but youre on them bloody quick though wahoo feel the wind in my hair Im smashing it go oh and for the right way coming lost if you can boot together Ibaka can square and do like a bent spur gear oh yes pair time be buddy competitive you want to you can sweat them if you want to well were sexy theres like excitement stuff Check Point close were their gold I want me a god come on for a goal come on this is so quick ah I dont I dont know I survived come on grasshopper yeah grasshopper the bent is real the vent is serious one more tear point can you fly it is upper heads close family whats the food domination yeah baby I got medal done it nailed it how you do it oh wow different cameras I didnt know this oldest is crazy I dont like this feels like almost like a VR than it lets go pro sponsored oh my god this is crazy so bouncy oh I think I mightve hit a tree the brink you guys watch this episode hope you guys enjoyed it well see more leave a like on it leave a comment let me know and Ill see you guys soon see you in the snow free drift game on steam Steep 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