SNOW SKILLZ | Steep #1

Best jump scare games on steamharry potter and the chamber of secrets game steam STEEP™ game *wapish!* Top of the morning to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye! And welcome to a game called: Steep I have a-I have people inside of me! Get out of me! Ya fuckers! Im trying to do a video here! Everyone all inside of me all the time So this is a- this is an all winter sports kinda game Well you can ski, you can snowboard and you can base jump and wing suit and parachute and all these different types of things at anytime! uh a lot of you have probably played this already cause a beta came out a while ago And I didnt get a chance to play the beta cause I wasnt even in Ireland at the time it came out And when I came back it finished two days right before that So I was sad cause I wanted to try it out! And I think- I can actually chance time of day There we go! Give me some fricken sunlight bro! So I dont know what to do- first Umm Actually! No not fuckin agh! I dont want to do that, I want to go back to my player You know what we can do, so you can just go into shift and you can skii snowboard or wing suit, right now I cant really- *laughing* I didnt know that happened! Heh! *continues laughing* Oh god! I thought he was just gonna start running up the hill I was going to say, okay lets run up the hill and base jump off that And then he just planted himself in the ground Oh my god that was amazing, that was the best! *spitting noise* *laughing* Right! Okay, hey dude! Hows it going? I-Im going up here! I actually Maybe I should snowboard down this How steep are you? Aha! Game title, right I wanna snowboard down this Dont worry! I will wing suit sooner or later cause thats my favourite thing to do in the game So you can do this at any moment! And then theres a bunch of different peaks that you can go to And just go into your little map And just go off of any of the peaks! And thats basically all the game is! Its a bunch of challenges and levels, and its fucking awesome! Its actually really fun to play! I havent played a decent snowboarding game since; SSX Tricky Oh! Sick twirls bro! Im gonna fucking wipe out on one of these rocks! Blegh! Fuck ow! Oh my ankles! My knees! Everything! Dont worry! Imma get up, Im fine! I love that you see the trail of snow, as well, I love it when games do that! I love making tracks in snow Annd Heugh! Sick! Heugh! Epic! Agh, god- I need to do cooler things Okay.. Its time to wing- *starts stuttering* *laughing* I was going to say its time to wing suit but the initial.. The initial push He just goes *spitting noise* I dont think- I think Im supposed to do that on a parachute? Im not sure- I dont know what the- I dont know why you put me in a wing suit but okay lets just fucking wing suit There we go! Thats what I was supposed to do! Oh god were getting very close to this ground Niice! The closer to the ground, the more I can feel the adrenalin in me! The more I can feel my- BALLS! Deh! The more I can feel my balls! *chuckles* Im not very good at this game Lets do an actual thing umm Play this challenge.. Have I done this? I dont know if Ive done these Some of them I have and some of them I havnt I dont think have Oh this is a jump one! I actually have to do tricks! I know how to do this! Shut up leave me alone! I did this already! Imma fucking do it again too, watch! Watch! Heuh! Sickness! Best tricks! Woo! Yeah! That guys better than me, I dont like it Why is that guy better than me? Oh you may fucking think you are bro, but have you SEEN THE SICKNESS, OF THE TRICKNESS?! That I can do?! That was a shit one! Did I do good? New personal best! Woo! Suck on that! Wherere you goin? Come back here! Right I need to- I need to go somewhere else I need to do one that I havent done! Please, ooh! These ones are new! Its night time! Am I going down here? Ohh shite balls This is not where Im, supposed to go! Dude Imma gonna die up here! The fuck you doing to me? I don- no that wasnt it! Where was I supposed to go from there?! I dont know! Now Im scared and alone and its dark! The wolves are gonna come out and eat me like Liam Neeson! Okay maybe I just go through this Ahh! Oh mother of god! Dude Im gonna fucking pass out! Heuh! Geugh! Fuck! Bleh! Ge-bleh! Ahh! My fucking ankles! Why do I start all the way up here in the fucking Himalayas? Kentabus you better get out of my fucking way! Cause Imma kenta-fuck-you in the face in a minute! AGH!! FUCK! *painful grunting noises* Just get up! Just get up and go! This is a great start to the race! Im going so fast! Okay you know what? Fuck the snowboard! Were doing this on skiis! I love me skiis! Pizza and French fries! Pizza, French fries! Okay get up! I cant get up the frickin hill in these! Alrighty Im ready for you game! I am ready! To get steep! Out of my way fuckos! Its Jackaboy time! Oh get ready for it! WOOO! That was awesome dude! Nice! Okay I got this this time! I got this! You almost have legs of- steel! To be able to do this! To keep that composure! I cant-I cant do it very well on skis I cant turn very quickly Here we go! Here we go! Get that fucking speed! Feel the wind in your..arms! Oh god, oh god, I cant- I cant even see ohh Im going backwards! Why am I going backwards?! I did not ask for this! AGH!! I- I feel like Im doing it but very, very, fucking poorly Mmh SPEED! Come on Can I catch up again? Mind those trees though! Theres a lot of trees, and I dont want them to meet your face! Thats next week! Oh Christ! Yeah skis are supposed to go left, right, left, right. Not straight down! *uneasy shouting* fuckin- Stop going backwards ya bastard! WHY?! yea-okay! Thi- This is happening! Can we turn it around? heheh! Backwards is not good! Thats not the orientation I was born in! Or was I? eh I probably came out arse first It would explain a lot And fucking gold medal! Wh-who else got gold medals going backwards?! You? You? Theres nobody in here, I dont know who Im talking to That was awesome! Heh heh! Okay! Can I- can I get back to snowboarding? Cause I like that a lot more. Ahh Do I have a drone? Is- is that drone recording me? Am I Casey Neistat? Alright. Red Bulls watching me I know they say it gives you wings But Imma NEED them to get down this mountain Here we the board.. where am I going? Oh score the most! Well I didnt know that! I thought I just had to- okay! Okay! Imma do it Red Bull! Youre gonna be so impressed with my skillz with a z! Right, okay okay okay, hit this WOO! THAT WAS FUCKING AWFUL! BLAHG! FUCKING TREE! Okay! Lets try that again! Yes! Ohh That was shitty Kay we gotta get some fucking speed going! Breheh! Yehes! That was sexness! Good god! Tress! Trees! Where the fuck am I going? Im not getting any speed! Not getting any fucking ramps! Red Bull are watching me, and they have deemed my skills- NOTHING! Oh yes! Oh Im feeling it! Im feeling it in several bones! WAOO! OOH!! That was cool! Have I gotten gold yet? Of course I fucking have! I got gold all the time! Whoop-ya-bya! Ah dont you fear, little boy! NICE! That was really cool! HOH! Like everyones cheering! Wh-Wheres everyone cheering from? I cant- Hello? Im all alone I can do better I know I can I know I can do better! AGHH! Dont look mommy! Im a real sports hero! I unlocked a new point! Whats up here? *text read in game* Whos talking? Imma just skip you cause youre fucking weirding me out Okay, where-where am I going, from here? Is there supposed to be a challenger up here somewhere? Hello? Im looking for fucks to give Has anybody seen them? Get out! Dude! Get out of my face with your fucking snowboard! Ah, see? You dont have to snowboard everywhere! You can just hike! And have yourself a fun little time up in the mountains all alone! Ohh! Theres like a finish line thing down here I actually dont know what that is- what are you doing?! What is- I dont know this game well enough yet! Theres something down there. Should I- should I just go for it? Lets fucking do it bro, see you later suckers! That dude was level thirteen, Im only level four And Im doing awesome so he must be doing extra awesome! Woah I thought I had a trick going! I guess no. Dont die! Dont die! Its always a great day! In snowboarding land- when you dont die! Okay okay, easy, easy does her! I dont know where were going, but were gonna find out! Ohh Ohh! Go! OHH! Oh god! Oh what did I do? Oh fences! FUCK! OWW! Ah! Right through the tower! Theres a bunch of them! Okay! Oh god, how, how, how? Trees! Trees! Lots of trees! Lots of- oh fuck! We can make it, make it, make it! YEAAH! That was awesome! I wanna fucking wing suit thorough that one! Can I? Hup! Nice! What am I doing next? Right through the rock! You dont right through rocks! You right over them! Ohh this one you right through *gibberish shouting* AGH! Does that count? *chuckling* ow Aw man now I cant go back up! Also one of the downsides of snowboarding- well I can Now I have to hike all the way back up! This is lame! Thi-this does not give me the sense of speed that I want! Its like- Yeah! Flying through rocks and tunnels and everything and that! And then its like-! Eh- Imma getcha! Imma do it! Imma- Imma- Imma do it! Watch me!.. W-watch me do! Eh! OOH! YEAH! So speedy! Jump above big rock, okay! WOO! uh Who are you? *mockery* Yeah, okay, that pretty cool! Good for you Heugh! Sick! nic-ow! *chuckles* Kay we got a parachute race! This-These are fun I gotta balance out.. my-my lift with my forward trajectory! This mother fucker thinking that he can beat me Where do you think youre going breh? Following the line? Ha! Only idiots follow the line! Is it- am I supposed to follow the line? I feel like maybe, ohh Please dont tell me I can get tangled in trees! Cause that would be really bad for me! *chuckles* I got this! I guess, this is fine This is easy! Okay I cant really Okay, okay! Very close to mountain side, mountain top! That dude is so much faster than me! I don-! -like it! Oh maybe following the line is where you get the most lift Ohh that would make sense! But also, fuck you! Cause all I wanna do is flyy baby! Oh that is how that do! Oh Im an idiot! Thats how I get the most speed! Ohho! Okay! Sorry bro I thought you were being a bit silly! But really youre actually just doing this exactly like youre supposed to..fuck Im bad at this man! I think I can just go for the end I dont need your- your fucking boost Imma go- I have to beat that other dude! Hes fucking laughing at me! Thinks hes the best! Im going waay slower than I was before Noo! I almost got my gold! Lesson of the day is; always follow the line its there for a frickin reason! But I think Im above the law What?! I dont even get a silver medal?! New personal- I didnt even get a bronze medal! *tsk* Man, parachutings not my gig Okay Free style jumps Five-hundred points, score to beat, okay Okay I can do this I can do this You guys suck You guys suck! Suck my ass! Oh god! I-I-I landed a bit too far! Dude! I crushed it! on that one Oh nailing it! OHH Almost fucked it up! Ya thought I messed it up didnt ya? Im even skipping that jump because I dont fucking need it watch! WAOO! Yes! Whats that? Gold medal? Screw everybody else! Screw everybody else! Im the best! Im the one who deserves credit! Best snowboarder the world has ever seen! Suck my nuts! Im da best! H-How well did I do? How well did I do? Best? I know I may sound cocky and arrogant but its only cause my snowboarding skills are way better than yours *yelling* Oh yes Oh yes! Im in a hot air balloon! Oh-ho yes! Out we go! Woo!- Shut up talking to me! Im in my fucking zone right now! Did I- Did I? Did- Oh god! It didnt fucking *tsk* I was holding S but it wasnt registering, because the menu poped up How about you shut up and I have fun on my own because I dont care about you and Im.. ..awesome Here we go Here we go! Yes! Not really going to follow this line either unless that actually gives me a speed boost too. Does it? Does that give me a speed boost? I dont know, it doesnt feel like its giving me a speed boost Why are you guys ahead of me?! I should be way ahead! Because.. Oh now Im ahead! No Im not god damn it Really?! Gold is already almost off the table? Ohh shit GAH! FUCK! You dont put a finish line in a rocks! They dont seem to be following the line and theyre going way faster than I am Okay, okay, gotta make it to the finish line Gotta make it to the finish line! Last time I didnt even make it to the end so this time, tha-thats my goal. To actually finish the fricken race Okay, drop, drop, drop, not so fast Not so fast! Not so- Yes! Oh gold medal! I just got in there! Doesnt matter that Im dead and..lying in the snow *laughs* Lets do this! Its just a bunch of challenges all over the place 250 points to beat. Wh-What am I actually doing? Score the most okay Hep-hup I- I did it *chuckles* Wait theres no jumps or anything do I have to make my own jumps? ohh-hup Ohh god thats only eighty-five Agh god! Okay this is going to be a hard one to do Yes! Its not the big scorer like before on the other one The other one was like, Woah points! Points! Poi- oh there..was a thing right there Okay so there are ramps every now and then That I can go on if I want I just need to find them Where am I? Where am- Ohh were coming very hard into some frickin trees Ohh god! OHH god! OHH GOD! *screech* Fuck! This is too much! Ow! Oh! Crunch I still almost have the gold medal though and I havent even done any tricks How? Im getting points for doing nothin Of course, theyre just giving me points cause theyre like, you know what? hes gonna win anyway that was pretty cool! *chuckles* Ow! Ow! Im almost there! Two- less than 200 points to go! We can do this! I got this! There we go, did I do it? Am I da best? Ca- Am I the best yet? Common just tell me Im the best Im gonna do it on this, this is where I get all my points I mean I did it, I have gold but,*chuckle*, that was lame! I wanna do much better tricks! Oh kay Heuh! That was a..decent one at least I didnt fall off and break my ass this time Oh common I pressed the fuckin buttons! I did it but.. Okay, last challenge of the day! Salamon... challenge Score to beat seven minutes? Did that really just say seven minutes? Reach the finish line, oh god this is gonna be a fuckin- ...long one *laughs* Okay try that again, sir If you frickin can Okay, its just saying reach the finish line Its not really giving you a rout or anything its just like hey, reach the finish line what ever freaking way you want man! Oh how did I dodge those trees? I couldnt even see where I was! Okay I can do this Waoh! And I can fucking look great as I do it Ha ha ha! If you pull too many Gs you fuck yourself up So dont do that! Awe yeah this is awesome! God! Ive never been snowboarding or skiing in real life, but Id always like to try it It looks super cool! I imagin its really frickin hard though! Like most extreme sports Dude that was pretty sick! That was- Thats pretty nice! I like that! This finish line looks like its a lot closer than it is but its not! And so I keep going in a straight line instead of getting some speed going! Niice! You hear the woosh of the trees? Ohh its time to woosher! Its time to woosher!! Gee! Nope! Where am I? Im passing a bunch of runes! heugh! eugh! ehh! Im not gonna make it! Agh I made it! Ohh Jesus! Kay I need to- I need to stay on the top of the hill! I need my speed! Its five minutes for the gold And I feel like Im doing pretty well! I feel like I got this gold in the bag! *quiet* oh yes Get your gold bag ready! Ma! Oh shit! Shit! And the really annoying part is that I cant control the camera as Im snowboarding And you can only control the camera when youre stopped Which gets really- annoying! Ow! I had to hit right into the fucking tree didnt I? Oh god the finish line is miles away! Dont hit the tree! AGH! Oh! God! Ow! Crunch Crunch and smush! I can still do it! If you just stop and get back up on your board! There you go! I like how you have like several broken bones but he just stays going anyways! What a fuckin trooper! *quietly* oh god, oh god, oh god Its fast! Oh its so fast! Oh its awesome! WAAOOH! OW! OH! Nipped me right at the end but that was so fucking cool! Common I want to turn the camera, I need to see where the fucking finish line is! See I couldve just been going down hill all this time! But instead I tried to follow like a straight line to the finish line Which is not the best idea Cause thats cost me several minutes When the finish line was down hill all this time. This is cool! Yeah!! This feels awesome! It controls really well, the whole game It gets- Its very arcadey . Its kinda like a SSX kinda thing Which, SSX Tricky, like best snowboarding game ever! That or Cool Boarders 2. I love that game too Ahh gold is out of reach! At this rate Im not even going to get bronze Common! Common! I know I dont have the speed and youre gonna have to shimmy shame but by jaysus if you love me, youll do it for me! Yeah! Man I wasnt far off the gold! Ho yes! Umm how about no? I dont see you up here fucking breaking all your bones! No! Its me! Its Jack thats up here, sacrificing himself, for the greater good! Oh kay Stop! Stop! Slow, slow! Okay! Well Im going to leave this video of Steep here! Such a fun game! I mean, I-I think Id get board of it pretty quick Because its just challenger after challenge after challenge after challenge And theres nothing really else to it But that the type, its a sports game so Theyre not usually my type of thing, but its been so long since I played a good snowboarding game And the fact that is has wing suits in it as well Just kinda keeps things fresh And Im not into the skiing! I mean- I like the trail in the snow as well, thats so awesome Im not really into the skiing because, I-Im more of a snowboarder dude And I dont really see the benefit of skis over snowboards Umm I mean, Im sure there is for the games sake, but for me Im not really seeing it but anyway! Thank you guys, So much for watching this video! If you liked it! Punch that like button in the face! Like a BOSS! And, highfives all around! Wapish! Wapish! But thank you guys! And I will see all you dudes! In the next video! Outro music plays One of these days Im gonna high five so hard the head phones are gonna fall off my face steam best party games Steep lets you live out your dreams of snowboarding and wingsuiting! Watch these sick skillz!Planet Coaster ► ►Twitter : ►Instagram: ►Facebook : ►Merchandise: Game Link ► Outro animation created by Cranbersher: Outro Song created by Teknoaxe. Its called Im everywhere and you can listen to it here steam play together battle for middle earth on steam fortnight game steam top 10 free zombie games on steam can you download a game on steam while playing another