NOBODY is Talking about This STEEP DLC?

Top ten steam deck gamessteam awards nominations 2022 STEEP™ game nobodys talking about this do you see these people do you see them now you dont because nobodys talking about Kenya not handle this well I guess you cant handle this either would you just take the hint that Im talking about the 90s dlc take if youre a big fan of around and this is the deal see for you gives you the access to spread your legs in three different way first off through cossacks Music second off iron crosses third of all through Daffys look at me look how much fun I am having now you dont look dont look at you youre not having fun because youre not playing the nineties deals look at me over here look how much fun Im having now youre not having fun because youre not playing the 90s deal I still see hes given little to no attention by the Steep community came out a few months back along with the x-games deal see release and I rarely see anybody posting clips with it boggles my mind man because this this dlc came with three of the best tricks to ever come to this game i guarantee you if you were to go and have a conversation with one of the steep designers on the 90s dlc their single best day on the job so far would be designing the unprecedented leg spread here like they removed all physical limitations of the human groin for goodness sakes Applause oh I get it trust me I know as a father of three children I understand the phobia of legs spreading a phobia caters to you mana I totally understand why you havent purchase this yet Ill leave a link to a 90s therapist in the description down below Im gonna stop acting like Im actually funny and Im just gonna get to the skin Music before you guys leave I got something that might it just might make you liked this video boys you know I love you no I want you to get on the 90s DLC and give me some of those juicy clips for the next top five I also know the good the good Lord man upstairs loves you too I cant scream it today Ive screamed so much in this video and my throat it hurts you Music halo 5 steam STEEP STEEP DISCORD: I POST STEEP CLIPS HERE: Come on man, just talk about the Steep 90s DLC, just please talk about it. We need to discuss the leg spreading today, we just do. Lets talk boys God bless you all! steam copy games to another computer booster pack steam can you play steam games on console best games 2019 steam how to get a steam game for free