How to bend wood without steamdiablo like game steam STEEP™ game and for those of you who are connected here, sperandelli is speaking. Hey guys, how are you doing? Its just that Im laughing, right, like the gigantic similarity with Life Of His and some Souls experiences, yeah, Im playing directly at the Gogh store, the game if Im not mistaken there, its R$ 95 right and you can buy Aquino here in the description below and heres the thing, were going to play someone in the fully subtitled in Brazilian Portuguese, its just that the launch of this game, guys, it wasnt 100% fluid, the game urgently needs initial improvements, it needs an update to make it a little more fluid and a little more fear, not much more fluid Okay, but then after some settings I made, I believe we will give a very cool experience in the game, right, so lets go there, right ? ewear at home girls will stay between its not the thick grass beak to earth because we ll always be waiting to tell me the tabloid The Sun Is The First things first full-length Max Gabriel here in Santa Cecília a frame n childrens clothing for thats how it was involving us starting a truck then Ricardo is good so I go Gabriel Tecnologia AM I am jealous of audio Ramos Way I am just turn it up just like The River take good care of the naughty list with And then it was good to leave your car before him for having whose perfect games health delight that time is And today they have that I had Netflix ask her Ah okay who is just seed brand oil party serves the new one he let me know right and I can people this is what happens in if you already know what makes it slip and the caliber History of personnel in the afternoon I know that here how the FIA ​​ McQueen does it here are small obvious fields he does it automatically he already recorded the song I am the short turbay always good at my word Merci II and bye bye exit how do you do it on earth and the nail polish Gloss and a little bit of Pato bola other side of the crisis not whole World was gone can God of Us Ah ok guys come on we have here the type of material and of our Aids let me see there are some very cool types here I looked at this old one all adorned over there White very crazy and there is he has the color black too which is our cool huh its the golden color bronze and I think Ill go with the black color or who knows and its cool, right Wow, this white color is also very cool, right? Lets go with this white color here, we dont have the wig here. you want it and this is also the time Andthen I think this one right Another following sucks classes choose your starting class bodyguard heavy weapon special skill in the dark blueprint that mobilizes the enemy temporarily thanks to its durability resisting attacks well causes a lot of damage physicist nice enemy huh We have a giant line here so in the soldier we have a lapada Ah ok because I think the enemy flanks here login with vigorous door you want to account powerful powers attacks with heavy weapons armored fan dancer in addition to this very resilient wait for a quick sequence of enemy militia attack and cause critical damage that crazy huh Alchemist class specialized in food aromas that cause fire damage ice electricity in addition to persistent harm damn here from the hour old substance that neutralizes the elementals of the hour huh alchemir elemental dancer soldier bodyguard I I think I go with the dancer she offers a shield she has a quick attack on the mobility of Aids and its more calm lets go there x and train central and Box to speak on is region 1 the ISS to go the same as I say for the other subjects its the Whiskey Jack wall and the clip, look, sit down the ADF is making fun of the last game the audio saw like where do you have to move that one to dress Gabriella a And then it says madame Look at the time of mon and whos going to see which are the networks workshop mile salvage it is a Secret rare Ultimate é Oi babys regular Samsung of these more some is the smoothest boring like some Marani Candido white blouse and Andthen the boy beautiful scenery Old man was a brother because Im talking to you you can if you went to the doctor and you can change São Caetano on earth to live with São Andrew a Ah so its cool, lets do it Look the queens living room reaches the banks of the Seine river and Delphis memory investigates the death of the rooster it was cool we are here for us there says a lot of the time, look at that the scenery is also very beautiful despite having a certain instability in FPS me Im playing with you tabi in the setup right on time later we check the description there its ready to use I m going to get this skill its here movement before I was going to say that this here looks like a knife And thats it here no I attack a piece of work, you want to attack, attack pretty Oops, guys from Flamingo, heres the inventory menu. We have some items, that can of oil, and it says you received this metal container with the precious restorative oil on the day you became the queens bodyguard. Provence is that her life is given strong fell mechanoid doesnt take those they say in the game right the efficient ventilation module small reduction of internal damage caused by rapid cooling ah how cool bro understands daily map the game map paris 1789 in some skills statistics her here Hi and the armored fan equipment weapon b we dont have a hat hat either no jacket court costume its cool ok lets go look ah ah ok looks like she inserts an oil there in her spine see lets go damn the scenery of the game, its beautiful, guys, and its not, look, thats cool, huh, each weapon has a special attack or defense strength. the hour dark old man very cool huh Its hmm hmm we squeeze there held we get a furious attack he calm down hes enjoying this here old man lets go there and we have to leave the Palace Whats up Whats up Whats up Whats up three huh Whats up The pizza is Whats up our old RO Oops overheating or rapid cooling actions Gastão force when Igor finishes he said overheats and is unable to perform the following actions attack jump this that will fire during overheating you can triggering rapid cool so the y that was part of the stamina and selling your reflexes or deploying does a certain amount of ice damage as stated below if you trigger immediately after overheating they ended up over heated longer G1 is cool here is good people use it in an emergency right the immobilization Edis light weapons cause mobilization damage as indicated on the immobilization bar when the bar ra fills up the enemy is temporarily immobilized vulnerable a critical hit Thats cool, right, so here I really liked what I saw. You understand so much that its beautiful, old man Ah, its beautiful I stayed here look And then theres the guy who cant see me And then how crazy Is it time to attack them because this here is the essence of a lesser spirit oh okay come on I forgot I thought we just started talking about it let me see that it is the essence of the Minor Spirit balm with artificial essence that confers a tiny amount of soul essence and part 1 Andthen And then And then and the cones dont destroy the man but Im really surprised by the games visuals, its beautiful guys, its very beautiful, and despite the instability, its all the time to hell bottle of common oil that this here is the source of the Gods is not one Andthen Im going to leave here and activate official active vestals to create a save point where it says It will be repaired if it is destroyed in the see if it was possible to spend soul essence to improve attributes spend materials to improve equipment spend soul essence UPA tropicaliente lets draw a look, these vestals here must probably be voice that the bonfires right and check it out Andthen and check it out Dark Souls II Christmas here we have improvements Boutique and power equipment engineering resilience Essence never has to have a thousand people, it has 491l and actually are we going to leave it here wait there I think we can consume this one here the amount you want to use and we have to use this here we dont go there no and the neighbor here can stay, so because it looks like she uses a lot of money, right ? play Paralympics from other names to attract their attention hmm hm ice resistance bottle and theres a way we can sell it too that at the time man its very cool the materials and it sticks I think and I think Ill go for the time being thats enough for us buy these flasks here and you cant buy much but not the cool equipment and the Boutique and improvements thats it lets get out of here because I was kind of like this it was raining here oh oh and we oh wow we got more old Essence so I thought it would cost us to use the theory, we get that one, a Boutique and this module here too, materials or takes away the soul essence of the type of each defeated enemy, it increases a little Ah okay, I dont think Im going to spend it For now, no Lets go save the and look to get him over there he will be the Music oh wow he was supposed to be attacked from above he got the rascal let s get out of here What up What up Hey opa What up What up? race is taking damage and Andthen I thought he fell down while taking a bath, everyone tell everyone to use an oil here because Im changing it old and what this here is one that I showed Marinho I go to the machine and from the year there old and Patatá that I was like leaving something slowly approached the enemy and the Andthen and we can do a sneak attack like we did there just now and old man Hi Lu the guy I liked that one behind her I thought it was really crazy G1 costume and I think hes already seen me huh Whatsthere Whats there The mental capsule parallelepiped and he picks up a parallelepiped theres a chest over there look and lets see that theres the chest Andthen the longevity module what is this the longevity module small increase in life a little bit, right? use this the guy the game that its really beautiful bottle of common oil its because were having here nine bottles of common oils or we dont have them and we have a can of oil that also right and leave can of oil that we need I think that this is Boss 1 the damn old now Switzerland is and died a lot huh what this here and the governor Deivid free confirmed that there was no order to replace his unit with a detachment of automatons Therefore the book that keeps these marks at a distance informative any sign of hostility does not have to face but unless the queen is in danger reinforcements are on the way lieutenant colonel backing under command of saint-cloud ok please the Serrote back keep stable to activate the vestal Caraca it will be similar there with Dark Souls 1 the stable support and it gave me a bit of an old bug Andthen Andthere and go, man, there are times when the game gets really old, it gets really good and Music Andthen And Music oh mano d oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh And then theres nothing coming oh its an outsider its And there Music andthere and there and there and then guys here, the only thing that the automatic was protecting was that it appeared I didnt see it wow, it was fine, all of it, this one Forbidden game is nice to play in our the key so you got a module key and it says there are several spaces for modules that improve their attributes and change the behavior certain mechanics the spaces have levels that allow for increasingly powerful modules okay Theres water I liked it a lot Its very good In the end we finished with a voice there And then And theres a great old machine cut elemental capsule okay we released an agent released the mode right I think we have to go vertically for you ico will increase just one life will increase a little bit more a beautiful physique and mobilization I think it will improve and text Andthen the module spaces requires three recharging keys key to unlock the beauty we release another armored range ah ah it needs 1,500 old but it stays longer, right, it is different there, lets do the following, lets take a look at the abundance and determination modules, okay, lets leave here and lets equip the other module, right, the longevity module, which now they will have a little more life and that cooling ability she had an eye man Im finding this game really cool the idea of ​​ the game is very good complains that its a chest and several chests we can absolutely notebook mosquito shield Charlie Boyle and saying that it houses a weapon here through the empty weapon space here from the old time the Hi Mosquito and G1 theinventory and during the creation of the Royal US Army Arsenal the weapons c with electricity he mental that the most challenging process elemental hand cannon and elemental spells behind he chose can probably offer elemental damage like ice fire and electricity i its cool on top we change the hello uh whats up whats that old man andthen and I thought it was strange that like let me try something here again yeah And then she said old owner shes not ready to use this special one yet its ah ah ah and lets go yeah Yeah And then And then ah ah its tessellation here you see, you re going to improve it, change some things Yeah, but the real game is beautiful the idea of ​​ the game Im thinking Its too late, its making fun right E ai ai Ethen Andthen oh beauty let s go flask food can attack And that one he comes if they give Andthen the beach is And then a great months what crazy huh they just got a compass team to look for there in the center of ace sso fast and at any time to see the path there is in the karate of the hour bro let me see here the compass one and even she got a new stop, right Nemesis claw in the shield mosquito Andthere it is but its different see lets see how this charge of Nemesis and you can give it to Keri, okay ? this view and the creator is very cool You can go up more it seems that you can go up more and and get something up there this way here you can go up and no it doesnt use it now to go up Andthere it is it o and that day that is that over there Andthen and probably This here will be related to some skill Michele is sticking she doesnt even need a stick clothes Hi love today you have here oh oh a month campaigns for the nation and promotion we will die interrupt our work and threatens send your foreign troops the capital lets keep building a Tula lantern while our brothers are attacked four leagues from saint-cloud the time has come to lay down the tools include the weapons lets hope for paris equal equality or death freedom is ours by right ah cool good guys I think that we had an incredible idea about and what it is I still Rising man youre too old but youre very good Andthen the improvements Look guys, theres more. For life power Impact or raining resilience force I dont think that force is good for her I need to make a mistake at the start that gives a quick attack right Beauty was more Rigor at the time there the pizza commands a lot here old man I do E then it didnt give rack 1 Andthen And then And then And then And then yes man of the hour is And then you if the Nemesis claws here is top huh, but she will only give Perry, right, depending on and how the enemy attacks no we can defend ourselves no if its not at the last minute no Music the game thats optimized and its going to be delicious to play old delicious I can do worse than one Andthen the game doesnt stop son Andthen Hey guys, lets criticize the when from behind like this, you could of the time is if youre crazy. that had a subject Ok guys I think we lived Im better than this catalyst laugh Th and Last Race you have enough battery to improve the oil can Open the menu there improve the and I forgot the goal Dark Souls Life Winston gets better from stress right and lets see here the equipment hat beret hat got it right man but Im thinking very cool this old thing the game is very nice to play and like its too beautiful bro I particularly think the game is very beautiful I believe that an update will make the game even more fluid more cool but the idea of ​​ this game is sensational ok me I really believe that its an RPG considered an RPG of the world, wow, Im going to get in front of it, it was on fire, I m listening a lot behind me here, talking rascals. Like your like, it continues to be extremely important for the growth of the channel for the reach of this video as well and thank you very much for those who checked until the end and if you are playing very well time huh I really liked what I saw ok guaranteed that its an improvement in terms of fluidity after the guy but its great time were together a big hug all the best I always talk to you is untitled goose game on steam → O seu LIKE ajuda muito na divulgação e no crescimento do canal !► GAMEPLAYS SEM FACECAM EM 4K ( MEU OUTRO CANAL) - * MOLETONS E CAMISETAS PERSONALIZADAS HELPFULL ↓ * COMPRE AQUI ► * USANDO O CUPOM SPL10, VOCÊ GANHA NA HORA 10% DE DESCONTO EM QUALQUER PRODUTO DO SITE! 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