Steam status twittercan you use a steam mop on laminate floors STEEP™ game whats up guys and welcome back to steep so uh its been a while since we played this game i definitely do miss it and uh today we are going to be checking out a brand new update an add-on that they made it to this game so it was a free update it wasnt dlc or you didnt need any season pass or anything like that and it actually adds in an entirely new region and a brand new mountain for you to snowboard and ski and wing suit down and all kinds of stuff like that and its one of the gnarliest mountains here on planet earth so uh lets see what theyve got for us this beast dwarfs anything youve ever tackled before and its extreme as it gets but dont let it scare you because thats what it wants it likes to play games with your head one minute youre trekking across glaciers thousands of years old and the next youre trying to make it down 60-degree spike lines in one piece i want you to get out there tear up the powder fields all those crest lines rule the skies and claim that throne on mount denali the regions home to some extreme slopes and theres a sawmill in a small town perfect for freestyling so hit those places up out here the only way to make a name for yourself and to increase your reputation is to push things to the edge and beyond but be careful because this beast has been known to break even the best of the best welcome to alaska partner we are here in alaska baby holy cow this is so exciting so i actually visited alaska way back in the day when i was a wee little lad i really really enjoyed it from at least what i can remember and ive always wanted to go back i just i feel like alaska is so beautiful its the last frontier and now we have access to the largest and most deadly mountain in continental north america here we go guys check this out this my friends is mount denali look at this peak it just keeps on going keeps on going keeps on going there she is right there that is the peak of denali and this is the new area that we have access to which is incredibly exciting all right guys so i think i know what we should do right off the bat right we are just going to climb all the way to the very tippity tip top all the way at the top of the mountain weve got to go to the very very very peak look at this thing up here and this is the view from the very top of mount denali holy cow this is a winter wonderland man so many different types of challenges and races and stuff to partake in but i think first things first we are just going to uh were going to take a leisurely ride down dude we got to check this thing out all right here we go were gonna go with our snowboard and lets get a voice oh my gosh this would be anything but leisurely holy cow were gonna get so much speed here nice all right did a little back flip lets keep going down i dont even know i dont even know what line we want to take here man were going down the side of the biggest mountain in north america the world is our oyster nice still looking pretty good i guess well you guys see like all the little um icebergs and ice down in the water down there we may try to go check that out oh you are crazy bro went for the double thats what i like to see theres a slalom challenge over here and were just gonna carve this is my favorite part of this game man i just i like just chilling i like just carving down the side of a mountain i gotta go snowboarding up in uh michigan recently it was a lot of fun i missed it a lot living in florida unfortunately you dont get too many chances to snowboard actually none oh this guy is so crazy im not even telling him to go to the double he just keeps doing it so it looks like we may end up losing a little bit of our speed here rocks were good we kind of uh we flattened out this like little bowl down here i dont know if were gonna have enough speed to keep going well see what happens i havent been doing any grabs should probably do some grabs when we get the chance a little while since we played man i missed it i dont know ive thought about bringing it back um we just got a little little challenge there thats good to see lets cut into the trees here but yeah i thought about bringing it back um its just a chill game i dont know maybe its something we can do like once a week or something just to kind of hang out i dont think its i dont think theres enough to it to warrant like entertaining videos for a daily series but maybe like once a week just hop on here and just cool it for a little bit this dude is a maniac bro just cutting through these winter trees though this is not good oh no who puts a rock ledge there i forgot about first person view we cant even get out of this thing dude okay lets get off of it so we can switch i want to switch back to walk okay well that concludes our run down mount denali dude we cant even whoa no way we got out of it i cant believe it all right here we go bro lets lets keep throwing going i ill just say that concludes our run from the beak lets go ahead and move on to a challenge but somehow we ended up getting out of that all right ill take it well keep it rolling were gonna watch out for rock formations i guess were good i think i might have landed on my hand there i dont know why it keeps uh acting like were almost gonna fall over i let go of the grip there dude so much steez baby i love it all right dude this is insane all right lets go ahead and lets go into first person see what this is like i like the idea of first person in this game but its just dude i can barely see it winter wonderland here boys oh my gosh dude this is insane this is so sick right here the trees are the same color as the ground i cant see anything down the rock ledge baby good stuff all right lets cut through here dont want to get stuck again we still have so far to go were coming out of the high uh high altitude though because you guys can see the trees are actually becoming trees down here weve got some green rather than just dead sticks that dont get oxygen and carry a lot of snow yeah dude i dont know ive always been just kind of obsessed with like everest and denali and stuff like that ever since i was a kid i love it read all the books like in the thin air and stuff like that just i think itd be so cool man maybe thatd be a cool vlog because like the the trek from im pretty sure the trek from like ground zero or what like just the normal ground over in tibet up to the the base camp is like i think you have to go at least like a week because you get altitude sickness if you go too fast so you stop over time and i think thatd be that might even be a cool vlog maybe chelsea can do that one day itll be pretty awesome all right so we are down here amongst the living breathing things now kind of exciting a little wall here this is so sick bro all right so we have almost made it down to the base this has been one of the longest runs of all time hit the tree hit the other tree why not hit both of them right uninterrupted ride of six minutes getting explorer trophies here what is this my gosh what was that quadruple front flip whoa are these bones what are these bones up holy powder a little ramp over there oh oh no i wouldnt hit that jump we missed it its all right got another one coming up here oh its like bone ramps to grind rails what are these things the whales path of these whale bones maybe like the water used to be up here and now its not anymore i dont know here we go thats gonna be a good one oh my gosh oh we can make a snow angel while were down there here we go baby another jump over here hey what is are you supposed to land on those or what im so confused i ride regular i dont ride goofy baby all right well it was a good ride it was super smooth and great all the way until the whale bone section i dont know what we were supposed to do here nice landed that and here we are at the very bottom of our run we made it out holy cow just think about think about all the ground we crossed right there look at we we came from all the way up at the very peak of that and we rode that entire line that was insane all right well now that weve discovered a half of mountain denali lets go ahead and check out some of the challenges alrighty guys here we go so uh we have the north face rising sun challenge 5 320 points is gonna be the score to be here and i have no clue how were gonna do that i dont see a lot of opportunities for jumps here i mean i guess we can get down in this thing right its not too bad got 108 there we can carve it up a little bit do a little 360 into this i guess we could kind of use this as like a half pipe couldnt we a little 84 for that oh whats up here here we go boys oh my gosh all right 1 000 118 right there solid oh my gosh dude we were killing it so far that 1000 one was oh we went for the extra rotation there and we shouldnt have im not gonna lie challenge but oh no we are going to make it man oh 4075 new personal record dang it we almost had it there we lost our momentum in that one spot but i think that was a pretty sick run im happy with how that run went right there all right lets um lets check out another challenge all right guys so this one should be a little bit more chill we have a uh just kind of a get the objective type thing here sense of direction so we better get down to our goal line in five minutes and 20 seconds obviously we dont want to hit trees or anything dude we are going so fast right now this is insane were gonna quickly pick our line oh no were good were good oh gosh were still all right as long as you tell yourself youre good youre going to be all right trev oh man you kind of have to get over to the left a little bit to the left here i want to make sure we make it to our checkpoint dude are you kidding me i could swear that its true so many rocks and trees and everything to avoid this section is actually not so bad oh my god were good were good were good boys oh its getting sketchy its getting sketchy right here i knew that was coming holy cow all right i see a little line for the trees right here we probably i cant see anything the musics like so the musics slowing down and stuff dude we should probably ive been holding r2 which gives you a speed boost we should probably kind of chill out on that a little bit right Music i think were the camera angle is making it so i cant really even see our checkpoint our checkpoints all the way down here i think were go down this side of the mountain i dont know whats happening dude why is this camera angle like this why isnt it back behind me i literally cannot see anything in front of me right now we could go into first person oh my god no that was a bad idea its so blurry in first person like our checkpoints over there somewhere but we cant see it anymore i think we messed this up yeah we passed the checkpoint so were just dude were gonna roll with it whatever lets go back to full speed and lets go all the way down this mountain baby were gonna make our own pass cut our own line lets get down do it take a right ah no we cant even make it we were there in 5 20. we just didnt go the direction it wanted us to go all right lets try one more beautiful i love this spot already somewhere new to explore all right looks like we found a new peak here thats good stuff i dont see a challenge here we dont have any other challenges unlocked here on denali so i say uh lets just uh lets take a ski ride down we havent used the skis yet in this episode and well well kind of kind of finish it off here with the skis so lets get it boys here we go stylines with the skis baby all right dude look at this write it i dont know if this is sunrise or sunset oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no okay not not good not good not good okay so we want to go down this way it seems weve discovered the other way is a little bit too crazy so lets just lets go out here carve through the trees make our way down baby here we go oh there are more rocks over here though all right were gonna have to be careful we are gonna have to be careful take a right take a right oh we made it were good were good dude this is a really sketchy part of the mountain were gonna hit this rock ouch dude this speak was insane why would you ever want to okay well here we go i feel like were playing happy wheels now or something just oh man oh that that really hurts that hurts a lot ouch yep just still going still still going why would you ever want to drop in on this peak we went right side and it was even worse than this side and this side was bad ill just shake it off bro rub some dirt in it were good to go make sure the gopros still recording and we are off have another one of these little path things coming up i dont like these things they really break up your run im gonna see if we can jump over it didnt launch herself off the side nope not quite i dont know the point of those things i dont i dont its like i know its like a pat down the side of the mountain its like a little bit more chill for the average rider but it really messes up our runs here oh gosh you guys see this big jump over here whoa this things pretty solid bro that was good 548 its a nice little jump i just cant really pick up speed this is a bad peak dude i dont i dont like that drop in point that was awful oh well your rep just keeps going from strength to strength we just snagged an invite to another red bull get together called cold rush youll be going up against the worlds best gears at the ultimate free ski competition so lets go win ourselves some respect and show them what you got all right so level 9 comes with some perks baby but uh there you guys have it thats the new denali alaska update here in steep i think its pretty fun um we are a bit of a low level so i mean there are theres still things that we just like we dont have unlocked like disappear the red bull line catcher queens line thats unlocked level 28 theres another one up here on the side of the mountain theres some over here we dont have access to yet so uh we kind of uh we have to level up a little bit to be able to unlock all these things and theres more stuff we havent checked out in the main game so if you guys enjoyed you guys would like to see this every once in a while maybe once a week or so let me know by dropping a like on the video and leave me a comment down below i always love you guys feedback and im going to catch you guys later thank you guys so much for watching peace out best selling indie games on steam Mount Denali (aka McKinley) is the worlds third tallest mountain, and the highest mountain in North America! 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