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Let it die game steamepic games steam ark crossplay STEEP™ game and all of our gorgeous 777s today we are at the finish line of riders republic that we already brought to the channel but this time it is available completely free of charge until October 27 and also if you download it now that the link in the description tells you you can save all your progress for the final version of the game this is really crazy and with that said were off to the first test of the day but Im a professional a real professional because starting I dont know why you have different sports as I always tell you if you vote positively well keep bringing this and other variety group titles, yes sir, but I think they are stupid, well, the case, we are going to do the following, well, a small paragraph for those who do not know, the different sports that I currently have unlocked would be with a snowmobile, well, if at any time, catch your snowmobile snow and go like a real madman for any part of the stage because it is an open area with Take a look at the map, its gigantic, I also have skis and in fact were going to start doing some tests, so lets see if it seems interesting to you and see if I have one nearby that I want to have one and write here in handsome, it looks like Im saying it in Seriously, I always say that YouTube quality drops a lot. You can also walk but it looks incredible. You can also customize thats another player. There are a lot of players around here. to a test that I have already completed previously there is a super cool one here that is of this red bull style we could start in the snow but nothing we are not going to start with a descent come on lets see the loading time x minimum there is practically no change and we go in fact we change to a downhill bike look at what speed to change I say that the game is honestly super good to say it has There are a lot of customization options, you also get the bikes and accessories as you get stars, money, etc., and nothing is doing the tests, and a lot of them are still together and you discover them as you progress through the landscape itself. the active sight god is so poor they also have first-person vision what happens to and of course be careful it can make you dizzy because Im here and really as on a bike its okay first test lets go to the one player and well put it look These are the ones I have, so choose the type of bicycle in this case, the best one is supposed to be this one, but well, it also depends on other factors such as cushioning, grip, etc. It is not lame, it is and we are going to mess up the professional difficulty, modify, you can put more less help and this affects what the compensation is once this type of test is finished oh by the way small start if you dont listen to background music it is because I have to remove the music for the copy issue and think about that simply but look at a moment the stage is that we are seeing these are like desert canyons so you have to get in and be careful that although it seems easy I assure you that its not so hard so i said this the hard part is making it look so easy lets speed it up btw you can also change your characters outfit i m looking at i saw it in the previous beta based unit addicted based on trials or sport This is practicing. Let me explain if, for example, you are practicing skiing, you can have a different type of equipment than if you are practicing or cycling. I have everything the same but because I like to be without a shirt and with tight and marked pants, why do we accelerate first but be careful that By the way, in the difficulty that I am there, there is only one mistake and they will directly advance you, you will see it because surely we will comment on some failure, hopefully No, but were going to catch it, okay, look at all milk, were in the snowy area and soon were going to go to the desert area. You can get there because the players keep advancing, well, I explain this better. You know that many games, for example, have passed the horizon force, if Im not mistaken, okay, I think you had the possibility of turning backwards on the camera when you made a mistake, but when turning towards backwards the players the opponents of the machine also go backwards in this case it is not like that if I put the camera to go backwards because I made a mistake the opposing players of the machine ok hurry quickly the players of the machine keep advancing fast but nothing strong in measures of measure quickly, Im still the first one, it still hasnt come out completely. nja you have to slow down but too much but not that much sometimes its a middle ground and the landscape and I always say that on youtube the quality that we give the first ones that we go for incredible incredible crosses the line at 92 kilometers per hour or more is completed One more little star, nothing, how cool is this, look, look, mom, we said, we have gone from the bicycles to going through the snow, like practical brown beasts, lets go and now we change direction, tell me that this is not cool, you know how to say in the sensation, the sensation that it gives you and calmly because of the snow it is that all this is a free world and you see other people here enjoying this and it seems incredible also that if you look now I no longer have a helmet and I took off my helmet and lets say that I go with my hair in the wind you have a notary a life of this style and emilio titled and depending on how thick the snow is, the control is to tell the truth that they have done it especially well that is to say and okay lets c Heck if we have some kind of competition here, something in this area seems to be not worth it, well, look, Im here because were going down, we re going to change completely and were not going to this place because its done more to discover this new one or if you dont know what I think it is also another descent and here we obviously change and go on the bike because we cannot continue in that way as very simple the controls set we have already set the next objective I will play 2 and accelerate until there the mass race is activated we set the destination As I have to see, set a destination like this, this is something that has just emerged right now and this can be shining to think that I am discovering many things as I play I found you at 5000 meters, this could be the race en masse, it could be this this same with other players we do not go to see the madness how can this be in our area yes yes yes it is this is this is this I play it by the way as you can see in the upper right part of the meeting point of a massive event, come on, there are eight hours for you to try the beta, okay, so its running out based on a match making, I hate all those players, all these are people who are playing up to 32 players now, olé olé olé ah ok well, dont expect something incredible because we are going to see people with very high levels so very surely propellers sports is by bicycle and then propellers and get ready to score plastics lets paint already super well that could be published god maximum concentration with To classify would be worth it to me to be someone who scores 20 minutes, not what the idiot has given me. Back you have seen that male disgusting color and he has already taken the son of his daughters from the town, the bald one, lets go and today he is very cool as players It is that there are 32 players here and on top of that it can shock you what it gives a little for a Paraguayan bag that there would be without impact and it also gives it its touch of realism impact you never notice it but we wanted to go Ill stay among the merits the optimal current sprint ballistics which also depends on the bikes that they have captive I have this bike 2 and now it changes this is okay again after asking wow its more difficult to control from what it seems Im serious dont think there we are I have it I have it I have it mastered god I got it I dont have it mastered he said give it perfect good good this is incredible this is incredible but Im feeling the emotion that I feel when careful here we go in the 17th position in the position that I wanted to enter not so bad that and again tell him that you are telling me this is incredible he the most exciting thing I have done in the week I tell you now I know pepper us pineapple and you are very smart and the winner there is a dance in cabo la leche that guy is that we have been playing for an hour and I got into competition with an hour of playing but well listen Right now we are ranked 10 out of 32 10 out of 32 well, it doesnt wait for you, but well, its going wrong guys, Im in charge, theres a little star, congratulations, youve done very well, listen on the 14th of 18 to 18 that have qualified, we were 32, but what this from round 1 of 3 to Im dying that this continues to enter the massive competition you know massive or without VAT nothing is a joke lets go to the next two of three ava from where I ended up in second place I go to the next test Im seeing what Even as Im seeing, let s think that this is also a beta and there may be bugs, for example, the biggest bug youve seen so far is that I havent won, if a bug in the game that will fix it in the final version is worth this, it will surely arise like this saying match waiting for players here it may be that I compete or is it the same competition several times to annex although now it is the 9 propellers and exploration my ass explodes but I am serious but what what is this there is the milk this is amazing get ready to rate whatever it is not please yes lets go so we are many we are many we are many I dont know how to stop this has never done this what happened here Im wearing thrusters now because this It has never been nothing can attract to see but expensive expensive when they cant with the propellers no never play with skis design good good good good there would be none your trip like that that tree with what is happening looking outburst the food for not staying the last one stays that we are the last six when adding but like that failed and going down yes I am going down but if it went down more than mathó there we are on 22 23 sorry and worse than me that more is being asked than me it is almost impossible these guys are I recommend them that you enter this test if you have done tests of no one before the valence with which I found that with the top of which tree with the top of which tree so that it will not come down or b ok well he was there and he died ok ok thank god I really mean it its very useful I practice here like theres no tomorrow I want to see it I like to go up for the next day to play again how happy I was against the machine it was a machine was a god a titan one of a kind you will see that these living people have removed these they will have played do you think that since the last play it is difficult for me to record it is that it is that yes silly beautiful and finished well again this is not very bad for me to fly his mother hasnt failed for two weeks really what a __ a father has said and were not so loud congratulate them if it costs me no trees oh lord and at the end several tribals classified finished that is to say to someone who has already finished congratulations thank you first nothing for post because of pity they have said look we are going to do to kids and why the first one has been good this second city amen tablet I have not arrived well from 24 to which you can continue downloading no no no the position ge neral buoy of 15 and it is that they have only classified and look at what levels 58 stars one has, you will see that you are counting 58 crashed I have 12 stars and one of them has gotten live here so 58 if you are taking this guy away from me, the beta is running out Boy, the beta is running out, go home, the beta is running out, if I can play here at 8 oclock Applause we focus on what I have to prepare for, this is the last one, no Music and they say traditionally I am one with the world the snow and I are one the snow I pay attention here the bighead is pushing it is that they were playing me a disgusting bighead so far we are we are still within the possibilities here this is my archenemy in the jeepeta snatched in the jeepeta he is going of perfect now bicycle this violates a year riding at the beginning what we did that will produce although do neither stunts himself but if he does not want to do stunts because he does stunts and do not touch me The possibility of winning this game infinitely costs ground. It must also be said that the game that I am super focused on is beautiful, sorry that other times he commented on other things but it is that I got involved in this competition that gave us an ice cream with the water, it does not burn, it is but it is not its for my hair Music great for the victim Im dominating kids Im dominating lets go not behind things a good wait no were not going so bad oysters perfect center well listen to me the fifth to the fifth of 32 players the fifth is incredible to be the next to succeed grandpa already triumphed kid is this is this it says fifth you say this to see in the classification this is the stars that I have achieved 14 still the first 58 that you can not compete against a guy with 58 stars not even today that is If you knew about the map, if you knew about the map, dont worry, I think there is also a multi cross platform Im seeing, so I dont think its play, so what and its opening is super so far Im liking it a lot and marketing yes hello I say that when you change from one thing to another like you go with a bike it changes your ski and then it changes you and your mind explodes final position of the entire championship the 13 out of 32 and well its that nothing manga because for a little look these are the total points every time there was one that didnt know how it worked 723 lets say out of 32 there are these they get stars well well this is what I get we go up to level 7 and they give us a purple bike or what a pretty one is pretty we take it off after a new equipment effectively give me everything and give it to me I have to live well nothing like that I imagine that if you are the first the compensation will be even better you know at any time walk and look at everything this area where you have the store to equip your characters clothes you can buy different packs look come here me 9 store and here you have different options you also have what you see It is being expected there we are here you have the equipment and outfits depending on the type of competition we have bike tricks that have not unlocked you also race level who is blocked this is this Music ok ok thank you very much thank you snow race snow trick aerial snow that I dont have unlocked either as a test to lets say customize it and then here you choose everything you have expensive head of all guys around here I am not going to leave the truth that I did not have a cinematic friend the truth is that I did not plan to do this competition also khan and atlante with missteps to this test super ok ok ok yes complete all the challenges of the week it will have the exclusive rewards you have to complete also as weekly challenges it has a lot of things guys for now Ill leave it here if you feel like it Lets keep playing that I unlock other sports and others let me know in the comments leaving a good like and There you can see a little above the main features of the game, something also super cool, Im going to teach it when you say goodbye in the following, for example, you go here, we give it here that the loading time is completely null, say there is no time of loading and here you can put being and themes there was a little photo excavation of these tools this photo mode there you take it and you can take the typical little photo to share it to use it as a thumbnail that the same as you saw thumbnail and others the truth is that the game is very Cool, lets say a little bit, what do you think, and now Ill say goodbye here, you can download it and below the description youve seen the information to download it and until the 27th its free and you can also save the progress for the final version of this game, having said this for hours and here I say goodbye the music is very cool what you already know is that I cant play it and the next day well see each other in another one that places 6 supporting the variety and I second I will bring it to the channel, having said this, our favorite cyclist says goodbye and he catches me steam link alternatives ¡Descarga y juega ya GRATIS a Riders Republic!: Hoy vereis lo bien o mal que se me dan los deportes de riesgo! o montar en bicicleta! aun asi espero que lo paseis genial en este video de RIDERS REPUBLIC 🦄 Hazte miembro del canal aquí 🦄 - 💜 Unete a mi Discord aquí 💜 ____________________________ INFORMACIÓN DEL CANAL : ____________________________ Soy Samuel De Luque y básicamente lo que hago en mi canal es hacer de mi afición, los videojuegos, un modo de entretenimiento para todo el mundo. 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