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Best games on steam salepowered by steam STEEP™ gameplay o Hello you, you connected here at Consoles and Games Brazil in gel that speaks to you and today you accompany me in my first video about the game step this time which means steep in English and it is more than obvious why this name everything is steep here you you can see were going to play in extremely steep situations Im playing here on Playstation 4 but the title is also available for XBOX ONE for Microsoft Windows for you to play on your PC and its also available for Nintendo Switch Amazingly, you can play also on your Nintendo Switch Its been a while since this game was released it was released in December 2016 and Im now bringing this game to you guys because this is one of the two free games this February on PSN Plus so you who pays the clan you get a free game you pay to get free its kind of a weird concept but everyone knows theres no such thing as a free lunch obviously im kidding you who are watching this video here at the launch of the video on the channel You have time go there you pay for the piece he plants go there you paid to have the free game thats more or less how it works obviously this game is inspired in zex games in the Extreme Games I already did everything wrong, right, I was supposed to activate the Nossa Senhora parachute there I crashed with a parachute I had to press the button, its an extreme game, right, extreme sports extreme sports and a lot of things appear something to read on the screen while Im playing it gets hard I made a mistake I had to stop up there parachute It doesnt matter if you make a mistake you press the triangle here hold the triangle and you go back to the origin you can jump again and lets go try to do it right this time Extreme Games all What are games sponsored by the class of orthopedists, right because there is no sport where people break more and break the SUS more so ort opedists love this type of games, so they watch them on ESPN or for cool, theres already been a cool fracture and the other fracture already has a job for me thats more or less how it works Its more than obvious that we are here we have a game inspired by extreme winter games because we have extreme games in summer and winter too I dont know which is the worst which is the most dangerous or honestly I dont know how to say did you notice that we can play here in several categories the extreme winter games You can see the equipment we have from Windows Create to snowboarding we have parachutes among other things This is my first contact with Jô and not having a gift is my first video Its the first contact with the game I hadnt played until then I dont know how to do anything until then Im going to learn here the game goes through the guidelines there we are here in a kind of introduction I entered the game then I started free avar for you will see what I have to do how do I do the maneuvers get some points and such and your objective always appears look its just appearing there in the lower left corner of the screen stupid going through the cool checkpoint so basically I would nt even need to do it maneuvers at nothing I m trying to acclimatize myself here understand the controls to be able to do the maneuvers you obviously are here in the video of course already leave your like click on the liked click on the thumbs up subscribe here on the channel Consoles and Games Brazil or cjbr Remembering that Im Leo in gel or Leonardo they call me here in three ways Dont forget to activate Tinkerbell leave Tinkerbell activated so you can stay on top of news every day the glasses glass here on the channel if you dont activate Tinkerbell you dont get to know about of a new one here on the channel and what is already kind of obvious Evident is that Im not very good for this winter thing or not well of course I have to get the hang of it, right? Its not very beautiful graphically the game is cool here go stop view from the mountain to view from the mountain its very cool the game gives some information without the narrator because he talks he gives some directions explaining a little bit of the story and goes talking about what you have to do here I have the view of the mountain and an orange arrow already appears there in the upper right corner of the screen there appears a certain orange indicating where I have that you will have these fast trips here in the mountain we lets play here in the region of the Alps and Alaska only a super safe region for you to practice the sport cool to use cool insurance for What is a sport is precisely in the highlands and in Alaska, can you imagine for you there an avalanche is a simple thing easy to happen, in fact, many people die in sports like this because of an avalanche, for example, you have layers of snow piling up, damn it I broke my head Literally the Avalon is happening because you have layers of Snow depending on the blizzard there is you have some blizzards as strong as rain right you have stronger rain and weaker rain But regardless if the rain is heavier or rain is weaker the water falls and goes away of course if you have a greater volume of water it goes away causing a lot of damage we see that a lot in Brazil but the snow it falls accumulates Snow is less dense than Snow and it is this accumulation of layers of Snow with different densities that causes a high probability of having one. intermittence of these layers if they are all layers of the same one city it is not so much problem if you have an alternation of densities it is dangerous for you and if you are left living in Aspen somewhere like this a nice thing to look at is the history of Neve right if you had Neves alternation of Neves its very intense and less intense be careful now you re going to explain to me how the business works so theres one ahead there that I have to press hold and release there is a right place to release the right place to release by the way its on these lines to leave your blue parallel lines get there I press I press the button and if it arrives and releases I think I press that yellow part right And then its just autumn Blue by the looks of it, theres a thorn there explaining the leaving And then I can use the l to the left or to the right for it to rotate there for it to make a single turn and with enough time to land safely I had once that was done I broke the other time it didnt work Bel rotation cool huh Im remembering Star Fox now took L up or down look here crazy huh there software and quickly its ra Quickly what quickly for you, right, just press and they already let go, you cant even do more than one maneuver. its not thats its thats cool Im hard to do this this good grabber Were here at the Snow Park now that its the Snow Park Its clear in a free translation a Snow Park there we have here an easy medium difficult level that will be identified there by the coloring by the color that appears Alice is green and yellow or if it is red you know your business is easy If it is medium or if it is difficult Ana is I think this sexgames is very cool it has little popularity still in my opinion there is proof with popularity in Brazil but it is quite popular in the United States the business is becoming popular they call it ex game he called it kind of like the most extreme sports Olympics he won a gold medal What a beauty huh sincere Im going to edit this warm up to show the people at Red Bull what youre capable of they are going to do an event nearby called Ultra natural the guys really liked what they saw and want you at the event So come on you dont have to have that chance bus escape my brother and Music Andthere Andthere and Music Red Bull Its really at full steam organizing cool events like this where only the best have a turn and this is your chance use creativity and use your best maneuvers us show you guys so when youre good at tuning the Ultra natural are just a taste of whats to come Music Hey Music Hey Music what a tech Hey Hey Hey Applause Hey Hey oh I dont know Remember when I said it was to give an unforgettable show Well thats what you did the crowd went crazy cool you see that place I booked for you you can go there to see something Whats up Whats up Whats up there Music the time you its always doing what you do best if thats your journey you can do it however you want but whatever it is the thing is always to boost your reputation so that can the world to discover jump zones and open our paths to smiles Band some descents and stylish and once you have mastered the air and the ground, accept challenges from other athletes and learn about the stories of the mountains, there are also so many out there, I guarantee that soon you will see yourself from the best points of the mountains if you think you can handle the we can travel to Alaska but its better to prepare because the place is not for the weak cool because we dont see the challenges and stories of the mountains from here to start pumping your reputation and before going to the open world this tip know your big goal welcome to the Alps a vast European territory where momblan el-rei your goal is to level up to dominate these snow covered giants or one making your way to the king if you must reach level 23 to unlock the top of Blan hand and how to level up lets take a look at some regions on the map and here is a freestyle challenge the other pass the medal scores you gain XP and you will find different types of challenge spread across the regions and this one for example is one of the many challenges of a restlessness and the challenges are not the only type of activity in this forest and that is a mountain story Each mountain story is unique in this one you will participate from a shoot and by completing mountain stories you also earn XP to level up and each level you reach unlocks activities for example once you reach level 9 you will receive invitations to three amazing Red Bull events in Switzerland Hi and a much more along the way when you reach level 25 you will unlock your helicopter with it you can jump it anywhere ok lets recap all this then Ill put you in the best activity to start Music going on there are others like yesterday Im starting now so lets put your name on the parade and look this time Salomão put you in partnership with one of them there to go up to see the the route there is full of fascinating points, thats all And especially when Im going down through the ancient ruins and the Forest I dont even need to do some Thanks no the guys passed I love it mainly for videos like that I need to be a big name in the area of extreme sports So can believe people from all over the world lets watch this video I start the magazine and these are my stories lets start Andthen I am much older than a man so in real time as the earth in this summer I offer beautiful rooms to leave with rocky peaks full of flowers and clothes and dairy cattle starts here now its not a series of winters it has snow covered peaks and landscapes as possibilities yes ples Andthen and if you explored white forests on foot others passed quickly and running our foot sometimes on production other times health that pass by here I will offer our face And then Andthen in various control actions and Tiradentes of your time through a I was very forgetful of the daughters of legs that you call dying for the ones scattered around my ideas to hide our riches the measures and trails that reward those who are Courageous enough to accept new challenges and the challenge of being happy in fact but I I doubt if you get everything very much to live on the operational front known in my love you are memory of the most magnificent Nebulae is Music in some of you I mix up to what Because it will have child systems that you hold the pieces while others slipped through air I stay in one of the waters below and Yeah but dont forget to take one thing out of the way to take everything out then go through this es curious places without exploring the beauty that they offer next win Gasparetto you like it if you have a large of the infinity of Snow and touch one that more you can contemplate all the elements relating to the result and Im beautiful Andthen what you need to do in telling me that you really like me ill put you in the right direction i Music i could discover things from clay many stories of pioneers travelers and explorers who conquered the elements here in my exam and walk walk run more on what up and this was what you need to stay with you many saw little far but every time you were around Ill see my same ground to bring I just made reality Andthen Andthen and this footage will sell the episode in the good ones for sure recordings The night shows are always really good Im going to go after the guys, OK Salomão to see if I can even get a few more shows for you while he sees if hes coming over here look good and you know what was the most difficult part of this mission followed that Athlete there because the athlete is slow as hell all the time I have to keep stopping to wait for the lazarento because every time he was left behind I had to follow he So he had to be in front of me I played nice I called nice I liked it Here we have here so for example these episodes there these competitions with the wingsuit we also have snowboard competitions there are these episodes of history of the mountain each episode history we have a history the only one on the mountain that is very cool another guy appeared and competing that I think was a person really so by the way the game has this online component there interesting I found it interesting to play in these extreme winter games it is more difficult for us than we are brazilian particularly for me because I dont follow these Extreme Games Oh my God in heaven you have to walk here close to the sun lo and this is very difficult well so I dont follow it so its like watching him artistic gymnastics beer you think its beautiful but what is it worth. What is not worth. I dont know the same thing here is you dont know it seems that I dont know it goes around like this or that its worth more or less points but since youre not used to the situation I at least dont follow you you dont know exactly what you have to do start to get hooked here Of course with the game Wow, how difficult it is to stay close to the ground staying close to the ground is not the easy thing as I said Extreme Games are considered the Olympics of extreme sports there is even much more money apparently involved Inês sports extremes what in the Olympics because there is a lot of Sponsorship So you just come to say that all the time at Red Bull, for example, there is not much Sponsorship different from the Olympics that in the cleaning you go there you train to participate, you win a gold medal, silver and bronze and here you also win a gold medal, silver or bronze or just get some money there is some money Invite me there for the athlete is that you have a medium shape the different the olympics is a business in quotes more classic in the olympics you want to see who is the strongest guy who is the fastest on land who is the fastest in the water Who jumps the farthest who jumps the highest so you want to see the extremes there for men, although its not that strange, right? But you want to see who is the strongest, the fastest, the furthest talk, etc. and here, not here, you already have a format, but for TV. coolest independent go down you get there at the extreme of being human or not despite the extreme name you have a format there more to see you there I thought I had to stop here with the with the with the parachute I hesitated damn it took me a while to understand what do I didnt have to I dont have to walk close to the ground I thought I had to walk close to the ground and thats not it. r a business for you is not as easy as it seems Look, I just want you to try to go up and you cant because I already got it wrong there delay So its not as easy as it seems no you have to get the hang of the game its a kind of complicated competition right, you think about doing a business following the tradition and trying to do a business that also calls sponsor and that calls for public example for example miss universe is something that I dont think its cool to watch Jesus stop stopped the world right in the past the Miss Universe championship stopped the world but today I think the women there are so fake only if she s saying that woman is fake here sexist that youre fake a whole sense of how they are sponsored by the beauty industry so they all have silicone theres a thousand plastic surgeries and such a little bit, damn, its really difficult, to the point that if you want to make a clone of her from Miss Universe, the clone will be totally different from the woman because the woman er has already gone through so many plastic surgeries, so much beauty treatment, so much silicone, silicone on the chest, then in France, silicone everywhere that women are very artificial. In my opinion, then, I dont like it. years that I dont like playboy because I dont like playboy that I dont like women not on the contrary because women are extremely artificial its so much Photoshop that its been so long that the real woman is practically not there its a drawing you better see it in videogames then in anything else because there is no reality anymore the extremely fake women so it didnt call my attention because I wasnt seeing that photo I wasnt seeing a single pixel well the gold medal in I wasnt seeing a single one Pixel of the real woman, that ends up displeasing me, so you also create a format to be very good for the very television audience, that ends up too one creating and the problems I dont know what made him like to watch the Olympics or extreme Gamer, right? I m starting to like it if Im not mistaken who broadcasts this is the ESPN channel I dont know if its on the other channel So who wants to watch it Take a look at the ESPN channel you have the opportunity to watch theres a Chalezinho here is there something to watch to do here at Chalezinho I do nt think so, but theres a lot to do in the game. The game is not that easy. You dont have to get the hang of it. It takes some time to get the hang of it. of these extreme sports and Even cooler than in February 2019, the game is there in free quotes for those who have PSN Plus Vitória, thats what I wanted to show you today, dont forget leave your like on the video leave your comment too that I read all the comments activate Tinkerbell if you dont activate Tinkerbell you dont and shared new one here on the channel you will miss a lot of cool stuff And today Im staying here wishing for one great day everyone and until the next video thanks so much I went linux games on steam deck ↓ Mais Informações ↓★VAMOS: Curtir ✔Comentar ✔Compartilhar ✔Inscrever-Se ✔★ Clique no link e seja um inscrito! Curta a Fanpage: Canal Primário: Twitter: Instagram: GAB: Steep é um jogo de esportes radicais em mundo aberto produzido pela Ubisoft Annecy e publicado pela Ubisoft. Steep foi lançado em dezembro de 2016 e você pode jogar Steep no Microsoft Windows (PC), PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One e Nintendo Switch. 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