Game list for steam deckhow to close a game on steam that isn't running STEEP™ gameplay Music Applause thank you Music all right this will be one of my hardest challenges yet this is like a oh I dont even think you could call this an Obby but uh steep steps you just try to climb up this mountain using a a ladder One ladder actually you have to keep the ladder down all right you climb up it it falls down pick it back up if you drop this ladder I think youre pretty much done and yeah look how high up that is each bonfire is a checkpoint if you uh lose your ladder I guess uh all right we begin that show the picture show the moving image of the firefighters doing this Music all right I got an idea oh wait I lost my ladder okay I I kept deleting it and then I kept respawning it goes no what do I do it fell down oh all right if youre lucky if youre lucky if it falls into the abyss but if it falls on the land uh you just gotta die I guess okay my arms my arms arent long enough to grab it all right I guess theres no shortcut I gotta go this way I guess all right easy oh Im playing oh guys sorry uh say Im playing easy Obby whoa what if I could just whoa it looked like I could uh get up there you know theres a part of me that feels like I could do this in real life uh you ever just watch someone do like an amazing trick that gets millions of views online and its just like yeah I feel like I could do that like uh skydiving youre just falling out of plane I would love I would love to fall out of a plane and this game feels so like I know its like a snow map on or anything but it feels so cold dude I cant grab it from there reach there is there a bonfire coming up can I save oh God I clicked in Time come on steady steady no I just got pushed back so far foreign Music I feel like the best after that one God wheres the save points how far does this go goes all the way up there am I actually expected to like uh complete this Fair what if it falls hopefully it falls into the void so I can Music oh God man foreign what the how am I supposed to do this oh wait if you like light it up its like a Lego piece drawing it worked all right try pushing your ladder pushing it where ah okay that was close Music stop oh my God thats I swear oh I see dude I think Im probably gonna screwed up ah theyre really theyre really gonna make me do stuff like that Music what the oh my what do I do now what do I I think I actually have to reset no my ladders just stuck there now yeah yeah yeah a lot of teamwork that went in to get it back over here uh theres like we I think we had like six people at one point or now the two what the no careful Music whoa look at that I think you might have done it Music whoa what the thats a crazy trick whoa all right I wouldnt have uh heres the hard thing dude I thought the other I thought the other thing was the the hard thing one careful we go out it and it does unfortunately yeah if I asked if we could go in the void yes but so do we you know is there a close bonfire once we clear this its easy to get to the fire my internet died when I got to it so its been a few days since I got back gonna try something real quick wish me luck Im literally praying for you right now please Ill die I need you I need you so bad oh oh my God oh my God I cant believe I just I cant believe I just saw that all right we have a much larger crew at the same spot so I love that safe all right lets see what they end up doing are they just gonna go for it no all right well hes dead a little careful man all right who wants to be the first penguin to jump into the pool I feel like you shouldnt have tried that first right Music I made it oh come on Mario you can do this oh dude butter help him oh God Marios gonna crash that information awful man that was horrible whoa all right Im thinking Im gonna just go up a little bit kind of explore while he gets over here the bonfire yeah I cant believe it your spawn point has been updated click it click it ow stop sir where are you leading me hey hello I could keep you here forever Music good thing I have that spawn point oh God okay it worked it worked it worked all right I have a new team look I know my boy mama mama Mario knows what to do hes actually the king of this though you gotta push it remember what you did earlier what you did earlier was amazing can always count on you Mama Mario what if I just not oh Im so sorry Mama Mario you can do this no all right all by my lonesome now what the oh man more of these why why add so many of these you know why is he man he saw that he started going backwards he he wants nothing to do with this little obstacle right here I feel like you gave up so fast dude Im going to rip my hair out and Music all right I made it up what you do is you step on there and you put the ladder there it was taking me so long theres my old teammate There She Goes you know what Im I have advanced past the need for you God man that took me that was that was really making me mad then uh some guy uh came back did it easily and then like did the E he did this at me and that made me really mad I dont trust that I dont trust it this is the guy that did this first try then laughed at me dude I would love to knock this guy off the cliff right now I love it I would love it I would love it I dont think he would let me up here though I think thats the thing all right dude we did it look were actually doing teamwork all right this is good dude once a sworn enemy now my greatest Ally how is Mama Mario up here I hate that guy mama mama Im too scared to go over there so I know Im gonna get great yes goodbye Mama Mario Music got to go now youre on her own sorry thank you for your help oh man this sucks I miss Mama Mario oh man one of these Music oh that looks like Civilization that looks like Civilization to me please please please I see a person I see a person in a fursuit if you see a fursuit thats not just any civilization thats a well-developed civilization Second Bonfire 200 meters oh no theres ice theyre telling me if I leave the game and come back that my uh bonfire will save I dont believe that for a second I think itll take me back to the beginning all right hey at least theres pretty much a checkpoint right there is a what the uh oh man oh no Im not gonna like this I know Im not gonna like whatevers next you gotta like lead it up against something oh I gotta I have to line up this ladder to this one oh no thats not so bad all right dude look 300. hes a little fella theres a castle somewhere up above its its really scary all right we crossed the broken bridge there we go although I I miss having my partners even the ones that had like love-hate relationships with Music okay oh there we go Music please fall into the void or I will have nothing in this world yabba dabba doo Im praying wheres my ladder are you serious my ladder all right were back to the drawing board this is more risky make me a little nervous sit over there buddy hello down there oh that was bad all right now Im back on this part that guy lost his ladder the same way I did oh Im a gaming God all right what do I do here Music oh give me my ladder back oh 22 more meters oh Im gonna throw up right now I think the last location is just basically right above my head I think I made it Im so scared of screwing up right now I see a bonfire right there oh civilization oh my God my spot Point has been updated I have never been so lightheaded due to like relief all right who are you clothes no entry hey little buddy bird get me out of here all right lets go inside this Castle then whoa look at all this man whoa it feels so weird to see like uh this feels like Civilization now well guys uh this game was really good I I think Ive been here a couple hours now uh I dont know this game after all this has left me feeling good I feel very capable now everyone here I think Im the only one at this part of the map unless theyre all the way up there but Im not Im not going up there Im Im staying at the castle where I belong steam cleaning car engine near me MERRY CHRISTMASPLAY I play Roblox Steep Steps which is a survival ladder game thing I love it you have to climb up a huge mountain only using a ladder with no jump, and if you drop your ladder you might have to restart! how long does it take steam support to respond how to play vr steam games on oculus quest games op steam steam eroge how to delete a steam game from pc