Steep Gameplay: 10 Minutes of Snowboarding, Skiing & Wingsuiting

Tales of steammove steam games out of program files STEEP™ gameplay hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to azzaro I am Don Pepe it and this is rich walker hello everyone we recently had the opportunity to go and play a bit of steep at Ubisoft and I am absolutely in love with it really yeah Im going to be playing a lot of us I think come come release its been a while since weve had a kind of extreme sports game right in the wind chair and its just exactly what I want from that kind of thing its all the best bits of her its all the best bits of things like the SSX games yeah tricky in that and its just yes exactly what I know just planted on your face you can do amazing wipeouts even a button to rag doll yourself yeah yeah up on the d-pad and you can just go limp and smack into thin ice so I played this at e3 and gamescom earlier this year and it didnt look as pretty as it does now yes like its starting to come together like properly they were happy with this build they were saying that the ones that play before theyre a little bit kind of thought it was very restrictive right so this I have access to basically the entire mountain and yeah its amazing it really it looks nice thats all ya less its fun its responsive once you get used to kind of how it handles because it doesnt handle like it the older the second you dont hold X to go down and to jump you deal with the with the trigger yeah and then you use the triggers again to grab the front and back of your board to do tricks and such this is the very first race i did its just after the tutorial because we were cloud to capture that and so this is the very first kind of escape its so satisfying though yes this is the first kind like introduction to the mountain where mountains kind of tell you stories as you go down and it sounds a bit happy but I came off really nicely I think so um yeah I sweat clear- on some good stuff yeah for the first time through its intuitive you know it kind of makes sense oh I was gonna say that the control systems totally intuitive a little hard to get to grips with but its just yeah its an intense learning curve once you got it its been like this bit here they kind of be are pushing you hard because look at all the ice youve got to get rare cheese the first one but again its nice its just showing you exactly how we navigate things and how yeah and do it the skis are a lot harder i found that the snow odd but as it was like yeah that sucks kinda goes I found myself going back to snowboard pretty much all the time when I played it I was like yeah the skis are kind of cool think for the snowboard are you enter trophy nice work so yeah that was the first mission and after that you get to go to kind of the more Trixie area Ive done this bit yeah this pit yeah this is one of the sponsored things as a red bull ultra natural yeah done one eye and the gun about when I saw the branding and stuff I thought like its a bit craps if it wouldve advert in the game it comes off so totally natural though exactly yeah come out and its a real event isnt it the Red Bull natural that was also flip you already got a gold medal nice work yeah Im pretty Im pretty proud of it run as well yeah no no its in the top right there get things like freestyler & Bone Collector basic lab tomorrow PG system its a bit like Skyrim where I can get loads of points on freestyler or pro rider or school collectorate scum bone collector right and they all add to an overall level okay so depend on how you play thats what people are going to see you and identify you guys in game on the mountain but yeah you can do is what you like and youre always leveling up for every little thing you do even bailing ha oh I like that I use collected a couple GS and those Gs are gonna go towards my and some g-force as well yes yeah yeah I think later on I do want at 500 years and brilliance yeah Im saying the snow looks great as well carving through there down it looks pretty yes its got 30 frames as well and its really impact it does its the eyes absolutely what you look lovely I mean yeah that was my biggest concern not the sort of restricted any of the restrictions it seemed like youve got free reign as of mountain its kind of a visual aspect it was a little bit rough round the edges when I played it like I think you can still see a bit of tearing a bit of artifact stuff but for the most part and refine and theres become a draw distance in the camera yes theyve got as well its its all good and so on that note you can go on to things and otherwise your itemized youre riding Ill cool so again we were jumped in quite early on here so theres not an awful lot like my duvet there leaping back get some pockets but yeah as you can see here theres a lot of options for it and you get certain things for doing certain me getting coming gold and certain races will net you like you know special items okay later on youll see me in a basically a big woolly costume and of apps through my head nice because i did sean jones justice why not yeah exactly I on arent you know afraid to come out half of it was a deer head there nice um yeah I the Snowman head when I played amazing I think itll snowman head and there was a yeah the deer head and stuff yeah really cool little novelty hats and so when I was playing you know I kind of a lamb session and I saw people go around with a clown hat on and is doing all the other stuff so here he goes my skis is my first time doing a slice nice fairy Yeti coat you got there isnt it amazing yeah its brilliant I shall I find this very backpack as well but unfortunately I couldnt find one very backpack sounds rude I dont know why it just does it helps him mr. kitty yeah so this is my first of the skis youll notice Im not as adventurous as I was with my snowboarding just because its its harder as much harder i think new tricks yeah and to kind of get out there and do more impressive things but theyre part of this anyway was to do the race into kya speed up really i think i get golden my first go here and these are all ghosts captured riders on again right for the times did you find yourself your skis ever drifting apart because I find Ive end up turning around by accident and stuff like that because if you use the stick you can like turn and do backwards tricks and things i do have any problems with that i did right so about half way through this race you gonna see me drift backwards by accident yeah i dont i dont write myself literally do you still know i still win oh wow wow but its again this its impressed to try and learn that and more you play with the skis it more easier it got especially down later on lets do more and more of it but yeah the time being it was pretty husky theyre drifting apart yeah oh yeah oh thats it the rotations if you land in the wrong direction its like no Im still trying to sort myself up I dont know whos time so I was kind of commit to it and so what I think you do is you can press both the sticks out words push them both out words and your night have you write yourself okay yeah but its still fun to do this as well and let you know in a good laugh at the session because some fair velocity going given that you going backwards yeah right I thought I know Im going to lose it im so close to winning but now no no no what the hell its impressive right yeah i mean are you trying to write yourself i guess im gonna resign yourself to fight Leah backwards occasion I try forgot a big enough turn but in the end well well done you may all right have you still got a gold medal I was not bad is it nice so Im also the difficulty spike in the game is interesting so we stopped playing theres a lot of simple kind of tasks yeah but then you get too much difficult more difficult areas tough on these are very tough well you get rewarded dont you for being close to the ground I dont get you basically dont score less in us closely and now on the right stick you can bump it and do things like that so the more risky you are see massive my points again there I I did actually fail this one a fair few times but I cut those out of his own its not as fun as watching a nice clean run very nice unfortunately I think the weakest part of all of them is the paragliding early its a fun but I think its just cuz it so shes gonna say I imagine its fairly slow Roy the rest the game is so rapid and intense and very skill-based this just feels we have a drifting in the right direction yeah and while you can do tricks they dont really seem to do much youre seeing on a choice going crazy I think this is for more for the kind of explosion aspected hirai from peak to peak okay see where that kind of check that the things like kind of grayed out there yeah the peak that is the stripes I know the directors like him a lot ok hit there so thats cool for things I dies is worthwhile did you do any bits with the GoPro camera I did it makes me feel SuperDuper sick did you try it with the wingsuit because I tried that and it was impossibly hard Nolan I did it with the snowboard not hard enough yeah in a wingsuit I cant imagine yeah I try I just switched to it for a bit and I was like nope cant do it so for context if you press l1 on the PlayStation yeah ill be on the xbox youll jump into like a gopro thing its trapped you just on the edge in which base gives you kind of a purpose person here and yeah its not successfully hes got head wobble and all sort yeah so I just imagine them doing that in VR yeah that would be crazy its worth noting as well i think that the wingsuit bits feel very much like far cry 4 swing to bits okay except you pulled out at the first person view yeah so yeah so its kind of remind me like quite a lot theres something like physics wise and stuffs yeah but yeah the physics engine this game is built on which of course for a winter sports game is kind of important i think is super solid yeah and everything in didnt feel I know people complained about the e3 bill that there was glitch eNOS and things yeah not in this not all I think everything that happened felt good every impacts every kind of suicidal smash into a mountain yeah it all felt very good i saw some guys flinging themselves into that Bell over and over again not as satisfied is it do they do the sort of a sort of screaming and stuff like they did in that first try it yes thats brilliant out good if you hurt yourself youre hearing which are like oh not again brilliant going all good it was crying but yeah and then once youve landed you have legal up around I was a meat cleaver in your head its going out through a bathroom I think its cuz i got like top marks on a bone-breaking alright gives you this kind of like you know violent thats nice so yes this is steep this is going into open beta in the next two weeks as everybody remember to eat yeah and then it will come out in December yeah so thank you very much for watching guys and well catch you see and dont forget to like and 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