Free cozy games on steamcheap steam games site STEEP™ gameplay hello welcome back to steep this is steep this is a its a very snowy game as you can see if you guys havent seen this game before its a winter sports game you can do a lot of different sports I usually just stick to snowboarding and rock it wei-yin rocket winging yeah you can literally be like Iron Man in this game but I dont think Ive ever done skiing I completely forgot that skiing was an option but here we are thats me on skis I dont know if the controls are like kind of different than snowboarding but Im gonna Im gonna give it my all so lets do this lets try not to get too hurt totally gonna get hurt ooh starting off strong with a backflip Im just gonna go down this mountain and then Im gonna do some oh my gosh challenges I dont know how survive that but I did okay yep trying to not go this fast but it is going that fast okay I I did a 900 or 1260 something just saying numbers honestly okay well look at that Im a pro skier already and Im going backwards I dont know how to not go backwards there we go do it not still go backwards jump over the fence perfect yeah Wow my thing flew away Oh teleported back in my hand okay this is great skiing is fun Ive actually never skied in in real life Ive snowboarded numerous times and Ive gotten a concussion Ive had numerous concussions in this game okay Im gonna Im gonna Im gonna start doing challenges okay this this challenge is called burger jump I have no idea why its called burger jump their burgers maybe theres burgers I will be so hyped if theres burgers okay this is the steepest huh no pun intended Mountain ever look at this I dont know how I even got here okay here goes nothing okay so Im assuming I just go through these rings holy heck that is the biggest jump Ive ever Ive ever done that is the biggest jump Ive ever done i-ill aimed at it too and then I died but at least I landed it originally that was insane can I do that again I hit the a button and I think this is a completely different challenge Ill just go through the list okay heres another one I just threw my drone in the air for some reason alright lets do this here goes nothing am i racing this guy score only by doing tricks okay whoa oh I dont like this what what I just went in first person I had no idea how I did it okay skiing is cool but Im backwards 24/7 that is not the place to do a front-flip oh wow Im alive heck of my life I dont like it when goes all black and white and I also dont like it when my skis disappear and I land on a rock but at least they teleport back three hundred seventy eight points new personal record that was awful that was just chaos the entire time Im just gonna keep on clicking the a button because I think it keeps on teleporting me into new events so okay Im down oh its like its like gold now right now imagine if you could do this just change the time of day like Im doing right now well but it is an awful color I think thats my biggest complaint about this game is like only 1% of the time is it bright and beautiful outside the rest that looks like this whatever Ill go for it I dont care its like almost nighttime ok score the most I will Ill backflip thats gotta be worth something right I do now keep on hitting the first person button can i redo this i would like to redo this i dont know the redo button these are some wacky bumps Ill just keep backflipping I guess 360 no 540 - corkscrew guy I dont know what Im saying I know I dont know if these are actual tricks that Im saying pretty sure corkscrew guy is not an actual trick Oh yep - flip nope I was trying to flip there oh yeah that was almost stylish okay do a little Wally right here check this out oh I actually did what I meant to do that was a gold medal run that was the sloppiest thing that could ever happen Im pretty sure ooh new skins Im like lets check it out all about the skins are there emotes in this game I want to I want to be able to floss ooh got some new skis Ill take it heck yeah Im stylin all new hat unlocked wait I never wear a hat I dont need a hat did you hear that noise that was weird okay dont know what this is but Im going for it it says its easy so how bad can it be score the most Im pretty sure that is the goal of every single one I will ooh that was it that was a good jump all right oh this roofs theres roofs everywhere Im gonna go over this entire thing oh no oh my gosh I dont know how Im alive Im backwards 90% of the time see even when I try not to be backwards Im backwards Oh No still backwards you know what Ill just finish the whole thing backwards I guess there we go silver metal come on that was a gold medal run right there dude how do you not be backwards Im trying to just do a 180 finally good golly okay totally meant to do that can I do a double front flip oh I can my weight on this roof check it I I wasnt lying wow what Im like not really trying to do things I do things alright next challenge Im gonna do a hard challenge all of these are way too easy this is called junk jump okay it says its hard so lets lets see what happens alright three two one here we go Im not backwards I probably will end up being backwards thats okay all right jumping oh no oh oh this is bad thats a new personal record why oh Im dead Im super dead well was this the goal al I guarantee you I just get up from this somehow and my skis teleport to my feet yep still going that was that was great this is it it is great its still going on any day now you know you can stop rolling it any moment this is never gonna end that sounded so bad  __  oh you just now got knocked out like like just now okay sure can I change sport oh I can what about the wingsuit yeah well I think we need a wingsuit oh okay that wasnt good alright lets try it again go through this Im already dead I am already dead oh the challenge can only be played in ground sports oh okay I was trying to cheat the system it didnt work in my favor all right Ill try snowboarding maybe yall I maybe I have better like snowboarding I dont know didnt mean to front flip thats okay that was not Im already dead dude what are you supposed to do here some of the challenges I swear its just like oh you cant beat it Im life I got out I dont know the goal here should I go really slow set the goal oh I think that is the goal its like to make it to the bottom without dying too late this games too realistic like you you can land on your feet and you still didnt survive because the impact was too hard its a video game come on okay well thats what happens when I try hard challenges oh I like this its just called jumps lets do it Im going back to skis think Im best at being backwards alright this is a medium challenge score only by doing tricks I figured here we go double double backflip see even that hurt me that was a perfect landing okay yep oh man that was thats great how do you grab I dont remember how you grab the Im just doing the same stuff over and over again ooh 1080 I just did math in my head alright double front flip to add side winding flippy do I have no speed but thats okay dont eat it Oh barely barely made that I think thats a gold medal yeah come on you know who youre talking to here you have any idea who I think I am wow I am I am on ice Im straight upon ice level up thats how I do it I still dont think leveling up does anything but thats okay maybe Im wrong actually you know I think leveling up unlocks new challenges that Ill fail Im having a lot of fun on this ice though oh is that is this still yeah thats still ice okay I thought that was water and I was about to fall through the ice Im literally skiing sideways my skis are gone can I do a flat ground backflip no the answer is no lets do a race heres a race Im sick of doing flippy flippy Doozers I just want to beat everyone hey whats up guys wow I totally got a head start right there alright this is my kind of cup of tea what Ill still throw in a flip though you know me Oh like Im backwards doodoo who would have thought all right okay I would love to not be backwards but that thats not gonna happen when youre backwards you cant no no no no you cant you cant like go put yourself forward there we go right now I can oh man Im kicking tail other banana peels that I can throw backwards oh no yes yes never mind Im fine oh the races are intense okay okay oh good Im Im full speed knit oh my gosh I I would be so dead in real life right now but its a video game its okay I he goes backwards for no reason it is once - oh I dont know how that didnt break my legs everything else breaks my legs in this game well this like what I mean I know it said it was easy but this wasnt even a challenge the other people were nowhere in sight I mean gold medal though you know thats how I roll ski thats how I roll ski new new helmet and it does not look that cool well I have a furry hat when you guys tell me I have a furry head heck yeah I like it Im toasty dexterity drift I dont know what that means Im just Im just already starting backwards all right lets do this open um right facing facing the front now you guys are going down oh here we go this is this is already more of a challenge at least were next to each other maybe yeah youre going down Ironman or whatever your name is I dont know why I called him Ironman speed it up come on use your nose you have to go over that bridge nope okay this the ultimate like ski versus snowboarding battle which one is better Ill eat it were neck-and-neck oh hes going down yeah hes like carving and stuff Im just going straight down thats how you do it dad oh no that is not how might do it what broke my foot all good though he needs feet like the line says I should be zigzagging why would I ever do that when you can just go straight down oh now I see why you keep this exact a little bit oh gosh oh gosh you know what backflip for good measure just to show off the crowd goes wild stole crayon oh gosh oh no oh thats a rock that is a rock Dwayne the rock Johnsons here oh come on did he pass me no he didnt okay I saw an arrow in it it freaked me out thats Im the champion Im Michael Phelps wrong sport but I am him finish that oh gosh oh my gosh that would hurt how come every you award I give just says beginners luck Ive been playing this game for like nine hours now its like the sixth video of this game Ive done all right Im gonna finish it off with another hug I cant talk Im gonna finish it off with another hard challenge this is the GoPro catch me apparently its hard it says its hard usually when it says hard it just means oh wait you actually cant beat it at all ooh or should I do this one we just did two races lets do this one this is a hard freestyle challenge which I dont know what that means and it also it looks like lava is about to fall from the sky okay lets lets see what happens dont know what it is arm is supposed to follow the yellow brick road here Oh No wait - hiney Aron and thats a rock oh yeah all my life Im fine okay so yeah dont lean on the rock dont lean on the rock good job why does that hurt like I dont understand why things hurt me when I landed on my feet like I guarantee you that hurt yep what do you know bronze medal hey at least I completed it Im not really sure if that was a race or a freestyle competition with tricks I dont know some of these challenges I dont really understand if you guys are pros at this game unlike me let me know what what Im doing wrong because like maybe theres like a certain way to land where my knees dont break I dont know okay that was fun skiing is pretty cool in this game I hope you guys enjoyed this video I think the next time I play this Im gonna download some DLC and theres like a rule some some like flying suit that I dont have and it gets like crazy so I might get that let me know in a comment anything else I should try in this game I hope you guys enjoyed this video my characters just going by himself right now if you did like this give it a 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