My 1000 Hours Progression in Steep

San jose steam cleanse puede jugar ark entre steam y epic games STEEP™ review Music today is a day we can either celebrate or if youre an economist its probably one youre gonna ruin Aroo the day through Oh 1,000 hours on steep buddy the opportunity cost of that number I could have taken one steps each hour for a thousand hours thats a thousand steps and a thousand bits of exercise that could add but no I decided to play steep I decided to play steep instead to commemorate this monumental number I wanted to go out and curate a big bunch of clubs some of my favorites over the past couple years Ive played this game show them off to you in a linear fashion okay this way you can sort of get a sense of my progression in this game and maybe just maybe it will motivate you to progress a little bit further to there rubber ducky just before we get to the thousand hour edit I wanted to show you guys some of the new stuff happening in steep recently announced a new series called community challenges this is absolutely sick beat this challenge the community needs to complete at 20,000 times in aggregate he only got a week to do it deadlines March 29th everybody looks like theyre gonna be doing one each and every week so if you dont make it out to this one you guys have two more weeks to try out the next one really cool idea coming from a guy who doesnt really play this game for the challenges hopefully man hopefully that reward is a pair of own three Ps man and just one more thing one more thing I promise shut up already somehow managed to delete all my first clothes Ive ever gone in the game so I think the first one youre gonna see is from October 16 2018 got the game in April 2018 so its pretty close Music Applause Music I joined Gerald Kennedy do solemnly swear that you will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and well to the best of your ability and will to the best of my ability preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States so help you God so help me God Music Music Music I made this beat yeah so we go like this its like roulade and germs trying to get home so ima try and one take them off  __  song when you first start rapping everybody curious then you make it happen and everybody furious young kid courteous dont know what the worry is wanna be buried in my Pittsburgh Jersey  __  nobody certain if youre gonna make it life give you some hurting and youre gonna hate it sometimes that leave you cold and it leave make it but one thing for certain Im gonna leave it fade is still young but I wonder where my time go beat up my time come Im a smiling piece up shorty sit before Music Music was the profit aid and God in contact with me showed me the flick technique the thing that allowed you to do any single off-axis spin it was greater than the 720 duty to be honest like it was actually life-changing for the games clip youre gonna see was the first time I got three consecutive flicks off the three jumps at the time dude it was really hard for me man Im talking out somethings the first step to being kind of good at something Music Applause Music Ive been editing for a long time but was time for nutrition yes this would take me an hour max to put together we are now at the three hour mark and we just passed summer 2019 Ill be a little bit more selective now I promise you this Music to finish off the month of September Music its not necessarily difficult its not really from a secret spy its just clean nose bud 450 with the shifty to the nose press man it is just its appetizing to look at well it comes down to Im gonna go on around now but thats what it comes down to to the top five something you guys post some crazy trick so many guys post some really cool spots at the end of the day if it doesnt make your tummy a little bit hungry its not gonna get a place you shut up already Music hey its me again off October 2019 this is debatably the hardest thing most difficult thing Ive ever done in the game and that switched out 1440 disaster from that Boulder to that turbo tube in the X Music Music you guys go man theres some of my best clips Ive had throughout the thousand hours of spent on this game definitely a trip down memory lane man it was it was pretty nostalgic to say the least sit for me boys you know I love you and you know the good good good good lord upstairs loves you too okay he does see in the next one piece all my pieces steam trivia games multiplayer NEW COMMUNITY CHALLENGES: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch Me Ski Here: Official SS Discord: I played Steep for 1000 hours, heres my progression. 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