Im back after 10 months !! (Steep gameplay)

Steam siege gamestar wars obi wan game steam STEEP™ yo whats going on guys its your boy umair AKA mist and Im back with another video after how many months let me check hold on I think its been like six months yeah its been its been 10 months actually 10 months Ive been going for 10 months off of YouTube honestly when I first started YouTube you can go back on my channel you can see I started off with uh what is it called gaming videos so off with gaming videos fortnite montages was pretty cringy and now that I look back on it but fortnite montages and then I was like yo I can keep doing this but after a bit but every time it should every time with YouTube every time its like youre like oh Im gonna pursue so Im gonna continue this and then you just kind of just fall off like you stop posting for like four months but this time it wasnt four months this time was 10 months so um first I started from uh gaming videos then I went to Story Time videos I thought that was a pretty cool thing I might still continue that um because well its been 10 months Ive had great great new story times um another story time coming out I got suspended that would be a thatd be a cool story time for my post after this but this video is just a catch-up video whats been going on whats been happening in life how Ive been and honestly life is great like life is life life you gotta live life its fun its entertaining its experiences experiences is what makes you so people that have recently met great people Everyone that Ive met new new people that Ive met everyones great I love everyone that Ive met um shout out to my boy Dylan you better be watching this video Dylan or youre just an elephant honestly you better be watching this video but everyone that Ive met has been really nice to me every great people and a lot of people are learning experience you know have had some people that came back in my life but it just didnt work out some people just dont deserve to be in your life but you know the great thing about that is is theyre all learning experiences you learn from your experiences thats how you thats how you become a better person you learn from them you better yourself from your experiences and you move on life life is about moving on its not about standing at one spot thinking about the same person again and again you just gotta keep moving on but thats enough of Life talk honestly Ive been great um schools been messing me over you know I had a mass last semester and English in the same semester so that was a lot of work honestly cant do that much work at once like bro math was so annoying bro Matts Math was horrible my teacher was bad too like okay she wasnt horrible my teacher was a horrible but its like the math was math is just not my thing and then English was I had a good teacher in English I just did ass in English I got a 68. dont tell my parents I got a 68. dont share this video with my parents I got a 68 in English but yeah that was pretty bad and uh recently I tried a lot of different business tactics honestly it started day trading day trading is actually really good its actually pretty profitable for people who want to start day trading its actually pretty good but yeah thats just life honestly you gotta keep living on gotta keep having fun and book my drivers license test and Im gonna get that in the summer thats gonna be fun Summers the finally but yeah some of thats gonna be fun honestly finally somebody thats gonna be entertaining I can do something I can take my car I can I can actually do something I can go to the gym without like having to tell my siblings or parents to drive me so its like you know its way better you get I get to hang out with my friends way more and um you know shout out to Tony shout out to Tony powder Im Gonna Leave a link of his YouTube channel in the description it was a 17th birthday today my guy I couldnt go to his birthday party because I was pretty busy Im sorry Tony I couldnt come to your birthday party but Ill try my best next year um 18th birthday because 18th birthdays are the coolest and yeah youre gonna be an adult so if you touch me youre that thats assault but shout out to Tony he recorded trains fantastic videographer photographer everything everything you wish Tonys got Tonys hes got the looks Tonys got the babes Tonys got the videography skills photography skills Tonys got everything and then yeah Im gonna leave his um YouTube in the uh in my description Im gonna leave his Instagram in my description too if I can I dont know if I can Tony uh if I said that if I said Instagram and your Instagrams not down there Im sorry about that but yeah thats kind of it for this video I dont know what else to say honestly with girls though one thing I want to say with girls is every single time when you come to the talking stage it it fails it honestly fails for me at least it does because maybe I have ever is but every time they just self-sabotage sabotage how do you say that sabotage there you go but yeah thats been your boy umer AKA Miss Im back on YouTube Baby Back on YouTube Im gonna post more videos or try posting more videos and yeah stay tuned for those have a great day guys peace steam.exe Im finally back after not uploading for 10 months, sorry guys its been a minute but ima try to upload way more, Enjoy!! 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